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Solid if flawed pinku/ghost film
kannibalcorpsegrinder5 September 2017
Attempting to follow through her line of work, a high-end hooker finds that her ability to see ghosts is starting to manifest more frequently to the detriment of her job and sets out to help a ghost that reaches out for her help in order to put him at peace and stop the visions.

This one certainly offers a fine mixture of different influences. Among the more engaging elements here is that as an erotic retelling of the particular film this one comes remarkably close to being a full-on remake. The ability to see ghosts is weaved throughout the storyline quite nicely, making for a scattered series of scenes that make her uneasy with this ability. The quick flashes and their overall unexpected appearances make for some nice jump-scares and the stress this puts on her is quite evident. Since she is the only one around with this ability, her genuine concern for her ability gives this a different taste as these scenes are somewhat frightening which counteract the rather intriguing scenes of her investigating the crimes. Given that they tend to appear at the most unexpected times such as the chilling hotel bathroom, the sequence of her confronting the ghosts outside her apartment or the finale where it manages to work in how she's helping them with moving on are all quite nice as they manage to feature the bloodied and deformed ghosts with devilish grins and plenty of traditional long- hair ghost clichés to accompany their appearance. This creates an admittedly creepy feel for a supposedly erotic entry being filled with the fine nudity and plenty of hard sexual encounters. However, where the film falls is with the surprisingly unsteamy sex scenes. Shot in a bland documentarian style, these are completely unsexy and come off with a disinterested air. Nearly all the scenes here are depicted in straightforward, matter-of-fact shots that really lose the focus of the scene. They are genuinely unerotic or arousing despite all the naked flesh on display, and while it's commendable so much of the screen time revolves around performers who are comfortable being naked that's not nearly enough. One set-up that features her in bed with another prostitute before turning into a threesome is somewhat charged due to the lesbianism yet that doesn't last very long. All told, the nudity here isn't enough to make this one feel all that erotic which takes all the air out of the frequent couplings.

Rated X: Graphic Sex Scene, Continuous Full Nudity, Language and Mild Violence.
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