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Rena Riffel Returns in 'Showgirls 2'

To put it mildly, Showgirls is a movie with a history.

Due to its salacious content, Paul Verhoven's big-budget paean to boobs and backstage betrayal was notorious even before it hit theaters bearing an Nc-17 rating back in 1995. And after it was released to bad reviews and worse box office, well let's just say it earned a whole other type of notoriety.

Thanks to the wonders of home video, Showgirls eventually morphed into one of the most beloved cult flicks around. Over the years, it has gone on to have a second life full of rabid fans, midnight screenings and multiple DVD releases.

Most of the film's stars have distanced themselves from Showgirls, but one woman has proudly stood behind it, so much so that she's now considered the unofficial Showgirls ambassador. That woman is Rena Riffel.

Riffel is a multi-talented performer who's probably best known for her appearance as Penny in Showgirls,
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Exactly what the world needs: ‘Showgirls 2′

Apparently there’s a sequel to Showgirls in the works and the man behind the next round of gyrating breastisis is writer/director Marc Vorlander.

Entitled Showgirls: Story of Hope <snicker>, the story will revolve around model/actress Rena Riffel (Trasharella, small role in Showgirls, I think she’s the one doing the “lesbian dance” with Berkley) whose brother dies from a bad dose of cocaine. The stripper goes to Frankfurt to exact revenge on those dealers responsible. <snicker>

The film currently has a $25 million budget with two unnamed big shot Hollywood producers already on board.

The original Showgirls from hornball Paul Verhoeven was released in 1995 and make a lackluster $20 million. (It cost them $45 million to make it.) The film is easily the most popular Nc-17 release ever, ever. Partly because people (not me, I’m classy) wanted to see Jesse Spano (Elizabeth Berkley) work the pole. It also starred Gina Gershon.
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"Trasharella" Review - Written by Anthony T

TrasharellaYear: 2009Director: Rene RiffelStudio: Rene Riffel FilmsStars: Rene Riffel, Count Smokula, Mary CareyMPAA Rating: Not RatedRunning Time: 101 MinsThere are a lot of films that I review on the site, where it feels like your seeing the same film, as you seen two weeks ago. But there are films that you have to admire the filmmakers for doing something different. This is the case with this
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The Vampire Convention!

  • Fangoria
Hey, if plumbers and dentists can have conventions, why not vampires?

On Sunday, Augist 16th, Hollywood appeared to be invaded by the combined residents of Sunnydale, Santa Cruz and 'Salem's Lot, as bloodsuckers gathered at the Music Box Theater for the first ever Vampire Convention and came back that night for Vampirella's Ball.

It was an appropriate date, as it marked the 53rd anniversary of the death of Dracula himself, Bela Lugosi--the inspiration for Bauhaus' biggest hit. Because of the Hollywood setting, attendees could literally walk down the Boulevard and pay respect at Bela Lugosi's star (Many did.).

There was a celebration of the 40th anniversary of Vampirella, as well as round-table discussions on 'Vampires And Sexuality', and 'Why we love vampires.'

Well-dressed theatergoers on intermission from the "Legally Blonde" at The Pantages Theater did double takes as hordes of fanged, pale Goths slouched silently past them,
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Trasharella (2009)

Written, directed, and produced by Rena Riffel

Starring Rena Riffel, Count Smokula, Stefan Lysenko, Mary Carey, Jade Paris


Rena Riffel (Showgirls, Candyman 3, Dark Reel, and Mulholland Drive) has made a truly terrible movie. I use the term ‘movie’ lightly here. If you ever wanted to see Rena Riffel fuck around for two hours with her drunken friends and obsessive compulsively change wigs with one another with barely audible dialogue while someone holds a shaky handy cam in a badly lit living room, this is the movie for you...

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