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A junior high recital gone bad!
M1racl3sHapp3n22 September 2021
I only watched this movie for ten minutes while keeping repeating to myself - give it a chance, it will get better! It only got worse. The acting really looks like acting, nothing natural about it. The camera job is also done by some aspiring amateurs not to mention the music. I've seen plenty of low budget movies which were great but this looks like the product of someone who didn't do their homework before shooting.
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A good attempt but overall a poor film!
p1u930 July 2009
This is not a very well made film. I know what the message is that the director is trying to portray in the movie. But he just did not deliver it very well. It's almost like he tried to hard and this is what happened. All in all it's about a boy and his mother's relationship. The boy is a top notch student and does very well in school. Anyway he is bored I guess with life and wants to start a summer job. His mom does not think it's a good idea at first because of his age, but she lets him get the job anyway. So this boy and his mom are real close in the beginning of the film or so you would think so. The boy gets the summer job and meets new friends and starts to behave differently. His mom does not like this. To me it's more of a film for mothers! It's pretty much about the mother losing her beloved boy due to the growing up process of being a teenager. So all in all it's about the struggling relationship between a mother and a teenage son growing up to find himself. He meet's this girl about halfway through the movie.Not "Ashley" the one he works with but another girl he meets later on in the movie because she was out of town in Paris or something I believe. The girl he comes across helps him get his mind back on track and that is pretty much the end of the movie. He's happy his mother is happy; boy is walking away with girl and the end! I will admit I watched this movie but I just did not like it. I have seen much better well written and directed stories then this one. Nice try but no go for me. 3 out of 10 stars!
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