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Second Season Sci-Fi Hit ‘Continuum’ Now Available On SciFiRiot

The new SciFiRiot channel, run by Digiriot, has added a Streamy-winning director to its list of talent. The second season of Blake Calhoun's Continuum has been released for free on the recently minted science fiction hub, which has filled out a full weekly schedule of new shows. Continuum is Calhoun's most recent project, following up his Streamy winner, Pink. It stars LonelyGirl15's Melanie Merkosky as an intergalactic Jason Bourne of sorts who must spacewalk around her haunting, sterile ship looking for answers. After season one arrived in full back in early 2012, Calhoun released season two in April on pay-to-view platform More than three months later, all nine episodes are now under SciFiRiot's control, and it has now released the first one. Continuum joins five other new shows on SciFiRiot; some, like Neubauer, a futuristic neo-noir, are classic, hard sci-fi. Others, such as Sci-Fine Dining, whimsically fuse together multiple genres (cooking,
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‘Continuum’ Season 2 Returns To Sterile, Haunting Sci-Fi World

It took Blake Calhoun more than two years to turn Continuum from an original idea into a full-fledged web series. Luckily for fans of the series, the gap between seasons one and two is not nearly as broad. Calhoun has released nine new episodes of Continuum through pay-to-view platform Jts.TV, where they can be seen by purchasing a monthly pass for $3.99 The entire first season is available for free viewing on Jts.TV; more conveniently, it also has a home on YouTube, where the second season will end up during the summer. The original run features sterile, 2001-esque sci-fi visuals and solid acting from web series notables such as lonelygirl15's Melanie Merkosky and industry vet Taryn O'Neill. If that sounds like your kind of show, expect season two--which begins at the cliffhanger that ended episode nine--to provide more of the same. Calhoun is best known as the creator of Pink,
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‘Continuum’ Teases Out with Facebook-Only Release

Continuum is one of those anticipated independent series on our list long due to a check-in. It was after all, announced back in February of 2010 as Streamy-winning Pink director Blake Calhoun’s next project. Now the series is finally teasing out on the interwebs with a special Facebook-only exclusive release of the first three episodes. Continuum is a move into the more heady sci-fi realm for Calhoun and co., in what they are billing as “a futuristic thriller in the noir-ish tradition of 2001: A Space Odyssey and Alien.” Melanie Merkosky (Harper’s Globe, lonelygirl15) stars as a Reagan, a woman waking up inside a space ship without any memory whatsoever of why she is there. Taryn O’Neill voices the ship’s computer—or at least eventually does about midway through the first episode. Related News:‘Contiuum’ Next Up For ‘Pink’ Director, Taps Melanie Merkosky, Taryn O’Neill ‘Pink
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[Casting] - "Phobia" Starring Erica Leerhsen

Erica Leerhsen ("Texas Chainsaw Massacre", "Wrong Turn 2") will star in "Phobia", a horror/murder-mystery to be directed by Jon Keeyes ("American Nightmare", "Living Dying") and produced by Blake Calhoun ("Killing Down", "Pink") from a screenplay by Anne Gibson. Victorian era Paris 1885... The city is on edge as an elusive serial killer drains victims of their blood. Upon finishing her studies at a revolutionary French medical school teaching hypnosis, Dr. Lesley Parker (Leerhsen), prepares for her long journey home to San Francisco to open her own psychiatric practice. But her plans are interrupted when she meets Val Drakul, a young Romanian man traumatized by his family's tragic and mysterious past. He needs help, and so at the urging of her new-found colleague, Dr. Sigmund Freud,...
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Erica Leerhsen to Face Her Phobia

Erica Leerhsen (Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Wrong Turn 2) is set to star in Phobia, a horror/murder mystery to be directed by Jon Keeyes (American Nightmare, Living & Dying) and produced by Blake Calhoun (Killing Down, Pink) from a screenplay by Anne Gibson. Read on for the gory details!

Rounding out the cast are Chase Jeffery (Exposed, American Virgin) as Val Drakul, a man tormented by a family curse; Matthew Tompkins (Killing Down, Missionary Man) as I.M. Casey, a mysterious stranger tracking Val; Jonathan Brooks (The Next Door Neighbor, Seasons of Gray) and Nicole Leigh (Small Timers, Karma Police) as Guy and Marcia Krusek, Val’s cousins and owners of the Theatre du Macabres; and Matt Moore (Super, Premonition) as a young Sigmund Freud.

Combining Gothic horror and an Agatha Christie style murder mystery, Phobia will be produced by a seasoned genre crew including Director of Photography Richard Clabaugh (The Prophecy,
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‘Pink’ Goes International with Fireworks

Generate announced today that it inked a deal with Fireworks International, the television and digital distribution arm of ContentFilm plc, to distribute internationally last year's inaugural Streamy for Best Director for a Dramatic Web Series winner, Pink. Created in 2007 by Mike Maden and Blake Calhoun, over its first three seasons, Pink has garnered a collective ten million views in the U.S. with runs on Hulu,, YouTube, Vuze and others. "The international market has always presented meaningful opportunities for distributing and monetizing high-quality, story-driven content, regardless of whether originally-produced for film, television or broadband," said Jordan Levin, CEO of Generate, in a press release. "We continue to admire the approach Fireworks is taking in growing domestic digital properties globally, and we look forward to international audiences discovering and embracing Pink with the same loyalty and passion as they have in the U.S." Fireworks International is the same
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‘Contiuum’ Next Up For ‘Pink’ Director, Taps Melanie Merkosky, Taryn O’Neill

Streamy-winning director Blake Calhoun (Pink) has announced his latest web series project today, a sci-fi drama set in space called Continuum. The series will star Harper's Globe and loneylgirl15 star Melanie Merkosky (left) as Reagen, a young woman who awakes on a space ship without any memory of what she is doing there. Her only companion on board is the ship's computer, a female spin on 2001's "Hal," voiced by Taryn O'Neill (Compulsions, After Judgment). Also announced for the cast is Brad Hawkins (Pink) as Tipton. Calhoun and co. are calling the project "a futuristic thriller in the noir-ish tradition of 2001: A Space Odyssey and Alien." Loud Pictures, Calhoun's production company is producing along with Alternative Fuel, a multiplatform company he co-founded with Pink producer Mike Maden. Also producing is Cjp Digital Media, with Wilson Cleveland involved on distribution and marketing of the series, as it does for The Fall of Kaden,
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‘Bannen Way’ Trailer Launch Fuels Web TV Meetup Buzz

It's funny how The Bannen Way has come full circle, so to speak. The long-awaited action series after all started its buzz-filled journey from spec indie to Sony-backed studio project with just a flashy trailer over a year ago. Of course the full series wasn't actually shot back then, so the release of the actual HD trailer on this week is getting quite a stir going. As Streamy-winning Pink director Blake Calhoun joked today on Twitter, "I didn't realize Guy Ritchie was now directing web series ;)" For La-based folks, or those heading to the city, they will get an exclusive first hand look at the new series with never-before-seen footage. That, and we have The Bannen Way creators Jesse Warren and Mark Gantt (who also stars as con-man Neal Bannen) dishing on what "Going Pro" really means. Also speaking is the man who signs the deals over at Crackle,
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Friday Rewind: Tubefilter News of the Week – September 11, 2009

Encoding and uploading problems? Seems even the pros have their share of them. Back on Tuesday we ran the news that Lindsay Campbell is back in the web series world with her new series out of Next New Networks called Small Business Rules. the show was supposed to go live that day but a set of uploading issues with the Amex Open Forum site, where the show is exclusively distributed for now, caused the release to be delayed until late last night. So today people are finally getting a look at the series, though for some reason there are no embeddable versions of it. Um, just a hunch, but there are probably more people that would dig this show than the handful that hang out on Amex site. Their sponsor branding, after all, is built into the episodes. Kind of a launch fail if you ask us. In other web
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‘Exposed’ On Deck, Interview With Streamy-Winning Director Blake Calhoun (Part 2)

This is the second part of our interview with Streamy-winning creator-director Blake Calhoun (Pink, 88 Hits, Exposed). Be sure to read Part 1 of the interview first, it's that good. Tubefilter: What can you tell us about your next web series project, Exposed? What has it been like working with McG? Calhoun: Pink really opened a lot of doors for Mike and I. We sold the show to Generate and subsequently got to produce 25 more episodes (Seasons 2 and 3) and right now we're in talks to do a new Season 4. We'll hopefully have news about this soon. We also got to go around town and pitch several other ideas and sold one to Warner Bros. and We've had the great opportunity to work with the studio along with McG's company Wonderland Sound and Vision on this new project (McG is the Exec Producer). We're currently finishing it up right now
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‘Pink’ Anniversary, Interview With Streamy-Winning Director Blake Calhoun (Part 1)

Today marks the two-year anniversary of the premiere of Streamy Award-winning series Pink and what better way to celebrate than to hear from series creator-director Blake Calhoun? I had the pleasure of interviewing Blake via e-mail to get the lowdown on his past and future projects, his directing process, and insight for those hoping to break into the New Media industry. Tubefilter: You were one of the early creator-directors on the web series scene with Pink in '07. What inspired you to go into the field? Blake Calhoun: I had recently finished directing my third indie feature (an action/thriller called Killing Down) and was developing a new feature - a project in the vein of Boogie Nights about the early 1980s professional wrestling scene - and had hired Mike Maden to write it. We finished that script in spring 2007 and were playing the "finding money" game to make that film (btw,
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Guns And Girls Are Back With ‘Pink’ Season 3 Debut

Those of you who think that your life would be much better with the addition of a few female contract killers must wait no longer: Webby-nominated dark action comedy web series Pink is back in action today with the first episode of its third season, titled "Speed Dating Kills 2." If you haven't watched Pink before, now is as good a time as any to get started - just make sure to start at the beginning. Directed by Blake Calhoun and written by Mike Maden, Pink tells the story of one Natalie "Nate" Cross (Natalie Raitano), a government-employed contract killer and ex-con who still wants to enjoy a normal love life on her days off. The show also stars Matthew Tompkins and Sheree J. Wilson. We last covered Pink during the September 2008 premiere of Season 2, only a few months ago—looks like the recent partnership with Generate has been good for business.
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