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This has been a long time coming....
darktower6726 May 2009
Over the past twenty years we have seen an absolute invasion of cop shows and crime dramas on the small screen. Some have been highly acclaimed, like "NYPD Blue", and others have been long running, like "Law and Order". But all those shows developed notoriety based on strong characters and overly developed drama, a combination that seemed to be a necessary formula for prime time. The end result was entertainment at the cost of realism and integrity, as show plots became as convoluted as the characters. Think "The Shield", except that show had a very narrow focus. Now there's "Southland", and after the first few episodes it becomes immediately apparent that it is a show that will not be well received because it is vastly different than what has appeared before. Simply put, it will not live up to mass market expectations of what should constitute a crime drama. This is unfortunate. "Southland" offers a different perspective. It is simplistic without sacrificing depth, an effect achieved by cutting out unnecessary interactions and plot developments. The scope of coverage is revolutionary as well, with the portrayal of several different divisions--patrol, homicide, organized crime. The characters are developed and highlighted by both their strengths and flaws, making their statements through the performance of their duty without becoming preachy or pathetic. They are not all perfect and selfless, but instead are presented as basically moral and slightly jaded. It is not a testament as a whole of the LAPD, therefore it does not require the presentation of issues that are unnecessary to the purpose of the show--racism, sexism, corruption. The continuity is beneficial, and unusual enough to be revolutionary. The acting is solid. The greatest surprise is Regina King, who appears as a socially struggling homicide detective, a drastic change from the often overbearing or domineering African-American female roles she has been stuck in. Her portrayal of a heartfelt but complex detective is spot on. C. Thomas Howell delivers an absurdly believable rendition of an alcoholic, barrel-driven patrolman. Michael Cudlitz and Ben McKenzie are the most intriguing, as they are the rookie/veteran partnership who have common integrity and incredibly different backgrounds, yet manage to work together without the clichéd buddy-buddy relationship. And the subject matter? Raw, gritty, realistic, without fanciful or violent action scenes. From the mundane, to the absurd, to the disturbing. The difficulties of police work are highlighted, and obstacles are not always overcome. It has been many years since a television show has delivered a straightforward, pulse-pounding episode, as evidenced by number seven, "Derailed". If you dislike crime dramas or cop shows, you obviously won't like Southland. For the rest, it will probably be a toss-up. Stop looking at what the show doesn't present, and focus instead on what it does offer, and you will discover how exceptional it is.
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vertigo-afterglow17 April 2009
I've been on IMDb for quite sometime now, but have yet to feel compelled to write a comment. I suppose my biggest concern is that one of my favorite shows (i.e. Freaks & Geeks, The Class, Undeclared, etc.) will again meet its' demise if not for full and utter fan support.

Right out of the gate, this show grabs you with not necessarily likable characters, but real characters. It makes no excuses for the way people act or the situations life inevitably holds for us on a daily basis. It is not over-dramatized, watered-down or needlessly careful. It's appeal is rather than being presented as a miniseries, it is shot more in the tradition of a motion picture or cable series (not unlike The Wire -- best show EVER) where measures are taken after the shoot to make it prime time friendly without being corny or sappy.

Though it's too early in the game to give this a 10, I can say that if you haven't checked this out yet, do yourself a favor -- you won't be disappointed.
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Simply the most accurate depiction of policing in television
ryan-hedrick30 May 2009
To start I have to say that the pilot episode was amazing and the show only got better until the season finale.

I have been policing for some time now and have yet to find a show that depicts policing as accurate as Southland. Sure there are some scenes in this series that are a bit over dramatized, as in any show; however, the attitudes, behaviours and problems officers face are very real.

Many of the messages Cst. COOPER says to his "rookie" Cst. SHERMAN are very valid in policing today and are often utilized. SHERMAN's responses to things that he has to see and experience are spot on.

The fact that many of the terms used in Southland are not sugar coated, as in other TV series, blows my mind and is what keeps me watching. I see far too much in other series where the characters actually seem awkward as their language doesn't reflect what their behaviour is showing or the producers want to appease the censors and use softer language.

Having two separate views of cases may distract some people, but this is exactly what it is like in reality. There are detectives in the same division as the front line officers and although they may work together on some incidents, often go about their day on different paths.

The finale is and what will make me a dedicated viewer because of how close it hits to home. As an officer you tend not to try and get involved in your neighbours business, this is a reality in today's world where anything can happen if you choose to do so.

All in all amazing acting, real characters, real settings and scenarios. I recommended this show to all my co-workers and anyone else interested in television shows depicting policing as it really is.

9/10 (Only reason I didn't give a 10 is because I don't believe anything is ever perfect).
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A Pleasant Surprise
ryan-28512 April 2009
Southland turned out to be better than the ads for it made me believe. The ads seemed a little over the top, heavy handed even, but the show itself worked very well.

Michael Cudlitz's Officer Cooper has that nice combo of jaded and cynical but still obviously caring. His character seemed most likely to be over the top from the commercials, but in the context of the show came across about as close to perfect for the moment as you could ask. Looking forward to more with this character.

Benjamin McKenzie as Officer Ben Sherman also did very good. We didn't learn a whole lot about the character in the Pilot, but that makes sense in the debut as we will most certainly be learning more about him. Well acted by Mckenzie and has a nice rapport with Officer Cooper, that will by nice to watch develop.

Everything else in the show worked, and apart from a couple of moments that didn't quite jibe with the reality of the rest of the episode, makes me optimistic for the rest of the series.
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Well done!
derrelynnp12 April 2009
I work in the field, and I was genuinely impressed. Based on the pilot this show looks like it could be excellent. What strikes me is the focus on the very real impact of the job on the officers. In the real world, an officer doesn't fire his or her weapon at another person and then respond in a cavalier way or crack one liners (as you might believe from watching other cop dramas). The normal reaction is actually shock, and a massive adrenaline dump. and it takes time to process and deal with it. And as for language, I agree that I would rather see this show on cable where the realistic language wouldn't have to be bleeped out. Real officers and real bad guys don't say 'shucks and darn'... But bravo for NBC for putting something like this together. Can't wait to see more!
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strong show with uber-talented regina king.
spundog13 August 2009
i am impressed with this show. most of all i'm impressed with regina king. she is a standout talent in whatever role she takes on, and to say she is believable in this role is an understatement. not once do i stop believing i am actually watching a detective in the LAPD who is totally emotionally invested in her work. with her eyes she can convey more emotion than most actors can with the finest dialog Hollywood has to offer. ben mckenzie as "ben" is believable in this role. he seems to find roles that suit him well (stoic, troubled, mysterious, ready to throw down) and although he isn't quite a great actor he has great moments. michael cudlitz as his partner plays the role of the bully veteran patrolman to a T. anyone who hangs around with enough big city cops has met someone just like this guy (if not a dozen). his performance is a treat. with the heavy use of hand-held cameras and the documentary style of filming, at times it all combines to give the feel of a live-action reality show, and i can see why some onlookers were reportedly duped into thinking ben mckenzie had traded professions for real. there are some flaws in the show, and some of the story lines involving lesser characters seem contrived and unconvincing at times. but with a few adjustments and a whole lot more of miss regina king this show could find a place of its own amongst a crowded field of cop shows.
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Very well-acted, superbly crafted, suspenseful drama with a point of view
LeonardOsborneKael13 April 2009
At first this looked to be a kind of watered-down version of "The Shield" but the first-rate production work and the quality of the acting kept me interested. As the characters interacted and events unfolded I detected an intention to present a realistic -- if condensed -- version of life on the streets for LAPD. More importantly, I could sense that, unlike so many of today's TV dramas, this program seems to have something to say. Generally speaking, only TV producers Dick Wolf and David E. Kelley can be counted on to deliver on that score -- at least for the first ten years or so! For me, the jury is still out on "Southland". So far, so good ... Just watched the second episode -- better than the first -- solid! This really IS turning out to be a cop version of "ER" ... grounded in realistic detail ... focused on the minute by minute challenges of realistically portrayed characters. This one could be a keeper!
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I love this show
triplet-33318 October 2009
It was perfect. I loved the gritty look, the hand-held camera work was awesome (it was very fluid and gave the show a reality show feel, almost like an episode of Cops) and the locations all so well chosen...

The stories were all terrific and I felt very true to life.

Ben McKenzie is terrific as the earnest rookie and Regina King shone, it's probably her best role. The other cast is all so good too.

NBC was stupid for canceling this show and keeping Jay Leno on the air. I like Jay, but his show doesn't need to be on five nights a week. Maybe they'll move it to once or twice a week and bring back the solid dramas NBC used to be known for.

As for Southland, I really hope this show gets a chance with another network.

If it does, I'll watch this show wherever it ends up.
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This show is my favorite show ever
rbaurain14 April 2009
I am going to school to be a police officer in WI. The pilot was so REALISTIC. Awesome. This show is probably going to let a lot of people know that being a police officer, Detective, or any job within the police is really just a job, an awesome one, like the FTO said "this is a front row show the greatest show on the earth..

I am a big 24 nut and I actually prefer watching southland.. cuts out all the bullshit.

I would have to say.. Really good acting especially on the FTO's behalf.. he did a great job at letting everyone watching what it is like to be a rookie police officer, and how hard it is to complete the training guidelines and pretty much be a prick to your trainee.

Keep it up... That pilot was amazing.

2009 Best Series...
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jjnoahjames30 December 2009
To me this is one of the best new shows. After Lost ends I think I will be looking forward to this the most along with 24. I love V but fear for it to get worst, I've seen almost every Law and Order SVU and I'm getting sick of it, and Flash Forward is good but not as good as this. This show has a "fresh" feel which makes it stands out. There is nothing like it. The first season was amazing. I'm not sure why I like it exactly but one of the reasons is that it takes CSI style cop drama and takes it a step further. Some times the subject matter and the way it is shot make it seem almost too realistic. It almost has a horror movie effect on me. I grip the edge of my seat.
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Most authentic cop show since the original Dragnet
filmaker20021 April 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I am a fan of the "The Shield". By that I mean a really huge fan of "The Shield". When I got "The Shield" seasons 1 through 4 on DVD, I watched one disc a night, every night until all discs had been viewed. I lost an average of 5 hours of sleep every night for at least two weeks. So when "The Shield" wrapped up, I truly believed that I would never watch another police drama as long as I lived, because I couldn't imagine another police drama rising to the level of greatness that "The Shield" maintained for 7 seasons. And then came "SouthLAnd".

Though not as emotionally gripping as "The Shield", "SouthLAnd" succeeds because of how authentic the show is. Notice I said "is" and not "feels". Any one familiar with gang culture in Los Angeles has to really appreciate the research that the crew of "SouthLAnd" does from one episode to the next. They seem to really understand the structure of Mexican gangs and they way they relate to the Mexican Mafia. The episodes in which they break down the power structure of the Avenues gang, one of the most notorious gangs in LA, is pretty accurate, down to the portrayal of the matriarch of the gang, whose sons are among the most powerful gangsters on the street, and, according to reports in the LA Times and Daily News, are closely associated with the Mexican Mafia.

In another episode, we see the kidnapping of an elderly man by a recently paroled drug user who walks away from a halfway house and forces his victim to withdrawal funds from an ATM machine before he attempts to kill him. This story line is a modified version of the Lily Burke case, where a 17 year old girl (Burke) was kidnapped by a recently paroled drug user (Charlie Samuel) who escaped from a halfway house and attempted to make her withdrawal money from an ATM machine before killing her in the backseat of her car.

There is also the season long case of the Bentley shooting in which two unknown individuals shoot the driver of a Bentley on the 3rd street bridge in an apparent mob or cartel assassination. This mirrors a similar shooting with the same kind of car that took place on the 101 freeway just a few months prior.

Now these aren't the normal "ripped from the headlines" type of plot lines that appear on "Law & Order" and other police procedurals. Rather, they are cases that have been specifically selected because they represent the type of crime that is uniquely associated with the city of Los Angeles, which is home to the largest county jail system in the world, the birthplace of some of the most notorious gangs in the world (MS-13, 18th Street, Mexican Mafia, Bloods, Crips, et al), and the largest recipient of cartel drugs in the United States.

In an era of television that is saturated with "CSI", "NCIS", and "Law & Order" spin-offs, it is refreshing to see a police drama that is grounded in reality, finely acted, and extremely well researched. Sadly, this show was a casualty of the Leno-Obrien Late Night War, and was canceled after its first season to make room for the doomed "Jay Leno Show". The series was eventually rescued by TNT, and is about to conclude its second season. As of this posting, it has yet to be renewed for a third one. If there is any justice in the world of prime-time television, "SouthLAnd" should be pushing for a lengthy run.
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Best show on U.S.A Network
vidsnob12 April 2009
In general I don't like the shows on U.S.A. because they are so superficial. The plots lack any creativity and the characters are so one dimensional that I find them boring. Even the shows that look good in the previews tend not to be.

You can imagine my surprise when I watched "Southland" and liked it! The acting was great, the story was intriguing and I enjoyed the gritty reality of the show.

If you are a fan of "Band of Brothers" you might like this show because of the heavy use of steadicam shots and the character of Sgt. Bull, played by Michael Cudlitz, also plays the lead cop in "Southland".

The only negative thing that I could say about the show was that it bleeps out the mature language. Swear without the beeps or don't swear at all! Masking the mature language with bleeps was distracting and didn't add to the dialog at all.
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Don't let this GREAT series die!
tiger_fan6930 March 2010
As another reviewer mentioned already, you are missing out if you have yet to give Southland a chance on your TV screen. One of the realest, most intense shows I have ever watched. I am no expert as it pertains to anything producers, actors, directors, etc do to make a great story, but whatever these folks are doing is truly incredible.

I know I will sound overly gushing, but the show literally brings you into the conflict of the officers and detectives on patrol each episode. Your adrenaline will pump when a mob gathers after a young perp is arrested. You will care about the characters. You will watch again. Just give it a try.
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Los Angeles Plays Itself
chaos-rampant12 November 2014
Okay so the idea is to remain alert in our viewing, neither merely react nor let ourselves be numbed by what's on the screen. In this way all the cinematic elements fall into place and we can discard what gets in the way of seeing clearly.

This for example, it's about a day in the life of Los Angeles cops patrolling the streets. The whole thing is held at a distance the makers would probably describe as unsentimental and real, it's shot in a docu style, they don't go out of their way to idealize cops and victims. We get all this in a diaristic format that no feature film could afford that lets us just tangle with life.

For a while it's powerful stuff. All of that power for me comes from the abstract way we are lowered into this world (in the shoes of a rookie cop on his first day) and left to swim. It's a meaningless world that has been already spinning off by itself as we enter. We know little about the characters and learn little for a long time except what we see of them during the job. Their job is our viewing as well, having to face damaged life in every corner.

All of this plays not just against a Los Angeles backdrop, the city is the protagonist. I came into this as part of a cinematic project about LA and I found one of the most vibrant depictions of it, the camera hurls itself everywhere, from fancy Bel Air mansions to ghetto backalleys. Some of the most evocative shots frame desperate characters on the rooftops of buildings with clear skies in the back.

So to see clearly into this is to get this blueprint of a transient world of suffering with people tracing aimless orbits through the city. Very little is meaningfully changed or redeemed and each day is only another opportunity to go in and out of suffering, stay alert and present. Nothing builds, everything dissolves back into the smoggy air come nightfall.

Like most TV this is eventually diluted the more it goes on, life becomes plot, the dilemmas become habit. By that point we are as numbed as the weary cops of 20 years we met on that first day. But for a while it offers a glimpse no other work I know of at this point does; imagine, in another 20 years time people are going to look back and find it tame.
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One of the Best Cop shows ever
fireblazer66618 December 2011
Previous to watching Southland, The Shield and The Wire were my two favorite cop shows. I officially have three favorites now, Southland among them. So, WHY IS IT SO GOOD? Well, it's got convincing characters, believable acting, and furthermore good acting to top it off. I enjoy how at the beginning of episodes it give you a glimpse of what is to happen later, then goes back to show how things came to be that way. What's also really great is the character development. You see characters gradually evolve as the show progresses. You're presented with real world realistic, believable scenarios of what can happen to cops, mentally, in the field, and in their lives, and how they deal with it, sometimes good, others badly. If you enjoy cop shows, AT ALL.... WATCH THIS
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tajan0922 June 2011
I have seen heaps of similar series, The Wire which was fantastic, The Shield also very good, but Southland is something different, it's gritty, well written and well acted.

The first episode had me thinking it was a bit simple, but something told me to stick with it. I'm glad I did because it's not run of the mill.Like other series, I got to feel something for the characters and unlike say Dexter or the Shield, I didn't feel like I was left hanging.

Trust me, if you haven't seen Southland or thought it was same old, same old, give it a go and stick with the first few episodes, you will be pleasantly surprised.

I hope they continue with the series, because I think there is a whole lot more than can cover. I will always love the Wire or Prime Suspect but this little gem is right up there.
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Pilot wasn't a complete letdown, Give this one a chance and it may become the next NYPD Blue.
Kris486810 April 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Note: This will not contain spoilers. So I just finished watching the pilot episode and I actually was very intrigued to keep watching. This show has a lot of potential to go in a successful direction as long as the writing doesn't go to crap too quickly, like many shows have. Granted if it's top-notch writing (in terms of dialogue) that you're looking for then you may not be a fan of this show at all right off the bat, but I would definitely recommend giving this one a shot. I'm not saying it was a mind-blowing experience, but I am still left wanting to see more of how the plot develops. I won't talk about the characters and plot because you all can check the episode out for yourselves. Though one thing in particular which caught me off-guard was how gritty this show is compared to all others on NBC. The bleeped profanity and some disturbing plot reminded me of NYPD Blue. Granted this show has nothing on NYPD Blue, but I'll say it again.. keep an eye out for potential. A lot of shows go overlooked when they start out on an okay note.. but most shows get cancelled just when they're getting great.
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The Best Cop Show Out There
johndanieljoyce-531-66963917 November 2012
Forget shows like 'The Mentalist', 'Glades', 'Blue Blood' and any other cop dramas you can think of 'The Shield' excluded, 'Southland' is the business.

From the off I was hooked by 'Southland', but immensely disappointed that the episodes in the first couple of seasons were so short. However this has been remedied and what a show.

Filmed in a fly on the wall documentary style it surely must be as realistic a cop drama as you can get. When I first got into 'Southland' I read a review on IMDb and it said something like after 'The Shield' who would think of making a cop drama, and I thought yeah they're right. Who could follow in the footsteps of Vick Mackey, Shane Van Drell, Lem and co on the mean streets of downtown LA. Well, and some of you may find this hard to believe 'Southland' redefines the cop genre and offers something unique a new take on what some would consider an exhausted genre. 'Southland' has it all: an awesome cast, shot in real life downtown LA locations, it's well made, well produced, what more could one want, BUT MORE... roll on February 2013.
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One of the most exciting and realistic TV series I've seen...
haris-ali7 October 2012
I've gone through all the typical cop/crime drama's....the ones that appeal me a lot are 'WHITECOLLAR', 'CASTLE', 'THE MENTALIST', etc...all of them had quite a monotonous tone...a case comes into light...they show a lot of suspects and then the a person amongst the team rises to the occasion and figures out the the real suspect....even NCIS, SHARK, BONES, etc...have the same sort of theme

This show is so much more than a typical plot...there's a very deep story line going on in the background while a number of real life cases go on....there's a gradual development of characters...some characters have that charm and spunk everyone wants to see...especially BEN SHERMAN (BEN MCKENZIE) & JOHN COPPER (MICHAEL CUDLITZ)....the acting is definitely top notch

The thing about this show is that it seems to go at a slower pace but thats what makes it gives time for the story line to develop in each episode and after a couple of episodes u'll know that this series is way beyond all the other typical stuff you see on TV

I recommend it to anyone who wants to break the monotony while keeping the element of drama and action alive
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Love this show
gar2132014 February 2011
This is my new favourite and most watched show. I first seen an episode while in NYC and ever since I'm obsessed with it. I can't miss an episode. In my opinion, this is the best cop show on TV, ever! I like how the camera is not stuck in one position and moves around like a cameraman on cops! Some of the things that happen are shocking and the cast deals with it in their own ways makes me realize how bad/sad/good the job of a cop really is. I just hope they keep making Southland for as long as possible. Just one thing: I hope they don't keep beeping out all the swears words. Come on, the show is on at 10pm. It's not like people haven't heard those words before!
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Gritty great police drama that you cannot stop watching !
shunkele-220 September 2013
I absolutely loved this drama . I was so disappointed it was canceled The characters were so real. It was gritty in your face drama you never knew what to expect. I watched from the beginning I will certainly miss it one the highlights of weekly viewing. So much garbage on today ! I guess the network's decision is final. The ensemble cast was excellent each actor so talented and convincing. I would have liked an ending that would have wrapped up all the story lines. Maybe they could do a TV movie later. It was the best police drama I have seen on TV. I guess it was too raw for prime time that is why NBC got rid of it. Thank goodness for cable alternatives or there would be so many shows that would not air. Just wish the network would reconsider and bring it back ! Actors have probably moved on to other projects.
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Gritty cop drama.Great acting,all round.
matthewbrackett19512 July 2013
This was one of the best cop TV shows ever.It was gritty,and edgy,but there was always that dark cop humour that would make you laugh out loud.They are doing a tough job,and they'd make a crack at each other,that some people would find racist or offencive,but they are cops,so it's how real cops would act.If someone was Hispanic,they'd make a crack,or if someone was black or white,they'd make a crack,or if someone was gay they'd make a crack.It was like real cop,terms of endearment stuff.The acting was brilliant,and shows that there are some excellent American actors out there.The good thing with this show,was there was no main character to focus on,as they were all given deep,interesting characters.I got tired of waiting for the fifth season to air on British TV,so I watched it online.What surprised me,though,was the swearing was bleeped out.On British TV,the profanities were kept in,and while having the swearing bleeped out was just a minor annoyance,I found it a bit daft.If a perp got out of a car and started shooting at me,or I'd found a dead child's body,I'd be swearing too! Also,I found the lack of any background music a really good thing.Some say music adds tension,but in this series,it would of detracted.Of course,It's been cancelled.All the best shows get cancelled! Anyway,I really enjoyed this series.Superiour to The Wire,and The Shield.(although I enjoyed both those shows)Great acting.Highly recommended.
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What has happened to this show??
kylepratt8 February 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Southland for me is appointment viewing. I have loved this show but something has gone wrong this season. Southland's center was the rich stories about the cast's lives and how these story lines spilled over into how they did their jobs.

Cooper had drug problems, he was injured, he was dealing with his homosexuality in an environment that was not conducive to that, and now? We had a 25 second workout scene and now it's all better. Moving on.

Regina King - sleeping with her female partners kid, now? Partner (who was great) gone, and the guy? Gone. Only recently is her life creeping back into the plot.

Ben Sherman - father and mother issues. Why did he join the force? Now he's looking for a house in Simi Valley?

Sammy - Crazy wife, dog, divorce, restraining order, partner killed, seeking revenge! Now? I guess we have moved on from that.

I just don't understand why this has happened. I still love the style in which the show is shot and produced but the whole thing feels smaller and seems to be retreating to a safer place. I am going to keep watching but this season has been a troubling departure to a known quantity.
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No words for it, it's simply a PERFECT SHOW!
vladimiro-viana16 August 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I'm from Portugal, and i know Ben's work from a long time, and i decided to give it a shot. It was one of my best ideas ever.

This show is simply amazing. Always full of surprises, very well written from the script writers, an amazing cast, great photography, and i just don't understand why they didn't received a lot of awards for this job! I'm watching the third season, and i just saw the death of one of the characters. Just like that, when anyone were predicting. But it made completely sense, that's the best part.

Well, i'm so happy that the American TV can bring amazing shows to the rest of the world. Congrats to Ann Biderman. It really worked! To rest my case, the scripts are always getting better, the drama and the suspense is breath taking, the actors deserve all the best in their careers, because they do an AMAZING job. My only wish is for you to give the best attention to this piece of work. It's worth it.
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Why did NBC not keep this show?
Matt21227 June 2010
Out of all the intolerable crime show drivel that is out there I found this one was the only one that is not only watchable but actually very good. The acting is excellent and there is a gritty reality to it that could be compared with the hit reality TV show COPS. I find it hard to believe that this show is having such trouble getting picked up and even dropped by NBC. I hope this show continues for many seasons because it really is the only crime TV show that has actual talent. As for the other crime shows out there I can't speak to much on them because I could never get into watching them religiously, weather they were just lacking in story, or the massive and overwhelming barrage of them just seemed to be a turn off for me, SouthLand is in a league of its own even though to many it is just another crime television show.
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