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Starts Out Well -- But Ultimately Disappoints
henri sauvage20 February 2014
Warning: Spoilers
For about the first forty minutes or so, this wasn't a bad movie at all. Neve McIntosh plays the distraught mother convincingly and Shaun Dooley does a fine job as a one-night stand who winds up really regretting that impulse. Despite a few minor stumbles, the film develops an engrossingly claustrophobic atmosphere of terror and paranoia.

Which then crumbles under the weight of its muddled storyline and pedestrian plotting. For example, one particularly annoying "twist" occurs when they have Dooley attacked and pulled out of sight by the (still-unseen) monster while he's trying to climb into the attic, only to pop back up outside a few minutes later with no visible injuries and only a slight limp to show for the encounter.

I guess mutant hell-beasts are like bears: play dead and maybe they'll leave you alone.

The director was certainly smart not to show us much of the creature -- because what you do see isn't particularly frightening. (In fact, it reminded me of nothing so much as one of the boogeymen in the old Laurel and Hardy film, "March of the Wooden Soldiers".) But that's forgivable, so long as you don't climax your story by having your fearsome super-fast, super-strong monster -- which in the last hour and ten minutes has offed several of her neighbors and made mincemeat out of some heavily-armed special forces dunderheads -- summarily dispatched by a fireplace poker!

I get the "frantic mom protecting her cub" angle, but it has to make you wonder what all the fuss was about. Maybe they should have equipped those SAS guys with sticks with a nail in them instead of assault rifles.

And I know people don't always act reasonably when they're under extreme stress, but a daughter who looks her mother square in the face while deliberately locking her outside -- when she knows a savage, murderous creature is lurking about -- then just turns and walks away, all on account of some abandonment issues? That's cold. It completely destroyed any sympathy I might have had for the selfish, spiteful little drama queen.

This was a good try. I'd have no hesitation about checking out another film by this director. It's not so bad that I'd urge people to give it a miss entirely, but it's disappointing to see a movie which initially had so much going for it end up missing the mark so badly.
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incredibly mediocre
Coventry18 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
"Salvage" is an adequate enough horror flick, but it's unmemorable and you promptly get the impression there are easily thirteen of derivative movies like this in a dozen. It can depend on a fair share of goodwill and enthusiasm from the entire cast and crew, but there undeniably are more flaws than trumps, including an incoherent and clichéd script as well as bland character drawings. The latter element really bothered me, in fact, because it makes the whole (already grotesque) script become completely implausible. In the very beginning of the film, a teenage girl talks about her mother like she's a careless and irresponsible tramp that has forsaken her poor and helpless little daughter. That image appears to be confirmed when we first see the mother, banging a random guy whose name she can't even remember, but then immediately after – and for the rest of the film – it turns out she's actually a very intelligent and courageous woman that risks her life multiple times in order to rescue her estranged daughter. What? That doesn't make any sense at all, and then I haven't mentioned the loud-mouthed chauvinist one-night-stand guy yet, who actually turns out to be a remorseful family man. But anyways, in the middle of their dispute, their street and pretty much the whole sleepy little coastal town, is brutally disturbed by heavily armed soldiers on a violent manhunt for something (or someone) terrifying. That same morning, a container washed ashore nearby and whatever creature or force that escaped from it is out on a bloody rampage. "Salvage" is quite similar to George A. Romero's classic "The Crazies", except that it has camouflaged soldiers instead of eerie men in white laboratory coats and a whole lot of redundant talking going on. There is a small handful of decent gore and blood-splattering moments to detect, but definitely not enough to satisfy the true gorehounds. Some of the footage is obviously meant to shock, but doesn't manage to do so (like the intro sequence, for example). There are most definitely worse ways to spend 80 minutes of your life, but I wouldn't immediately recommend "Salvage", neither. Always be wary of DVD-covers that shout out words like "instant cult classic" etc.
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Cracking little British horror
declanio17 March 2010
I'm rather perplexed by the fact most of the reviews on here go on about the lack of budget, albeit in a positive way. Yes it's not exactly Avatar in terms of spending on effects etc but the cost isn't something that's terribly relevant with this movie. The limited setting - most of the action takes place in a cul de sac - adds to the claustrophobic feeling. And the gore when it comes has the claret flowing with gusto and looks pretty convincing.

I did struggle a couple of times to understand the dialogue - a combination of muffled voices and regional accents - and although on one occasion this seemed to be a pretty key piece of information, in all it was fine.

Definitely worth checking out and I shall be following the director's work with interest
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Dredged up
sebpopcorn13 May 2010
Warning: Spoilers
The easiest way to explain this movie is you know that film The Crazies? Yeah well it's that with a shipping container instead of a crashed plane. That's not a terrible thing though, I liked the original The Crazies but the remake was pretty poor and so is this.

Lost your secret evil experiment? Bad luck! What you want to do is send in half the army to cordon the area off, extract the survivors and determine which of them is infected. What you don't want to do, as shown in this movie, is send five guys in with flashlights in the pitch dark so they can scamper around the set of Brookside aimlessly shooting at the four people who live there and getting killed.

The action kicks off at about the 70 minute mark which is unfortunate as the film is 75 minutes long. There's a few good bits and the acting is quite good but there is very little actual story. The worst bit of the film is the explanation they give you for the container which is just outright ridiculous. The message you are supposed to get from it is "hey you think terrorists are bad just because they blew up a bunch of people and would like to see you enslaved? Well surprise - the government/you are the bad guys!" Yeah good one, really deep. Your film studies teacher gives you a gold star but I give you 5/10 and that's probably a bit generous.

In short I wasn't that impressed even for a low budget effort.
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Low-budget wasn't the problem here.
innocuous19 October 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I have to disagree with some other reviewers about the low-budget look of this film. In my opinion, the budget was more than adequate for the story and I gave the film at least one additional star because they did so well on a small budget. I think it looks great.

On the other hand, I had some issues with certain aspects of the finished film. One of the most frustrating is that the director, in an attempt to capture maximum realism, often permits the dialogue to drop to very low levels or has the actors speak the lines in a frenzied/excited state. I'm a Yank and, between the sound levels and the accents (to me), it can be difficult for me to hear and understand some of the best and most critical dialogue. Since the DVD version has no subtitles, I had to stop and replay scenes several times to appreciate what was being said. And replaying scenes two or three times is not a good way to get the feel of a movie.

Every single plot element in this film has been seen before, too. But I don't think that this is necessarily fatal, since the same thing can be said about virtually every other horror film.

Another problem I had with the film was the behavior and composition of the military force addressing the "problem." I've worked a lot with the military and with law enforcement and I am constantly amazed at how often screenwriters write in scenes in which soldiers or officers operate independently. You soldier is sent here to check a house, a single detective is sent to arrest someone dangerous, and so forth. I can tell you with certainty that one thing the military and law enforcement do NOT do is send single people here and there, especially with nobody overlooking the situation or backing them up. Overwhelming force is the rule, especially when the operation is not intended to be covert, as is the case in this movie. (Oh, it IS intended to be covert? Well then, why are the soldiers going door to door giving instructions to the residents? And why are they engaging in free-fire with unsuppressed weapons in the middle of a town?)

I also believe that the director showed the "creature" too often. In fact, this would have been a lot better film if they hadn't shown it at all. There still would have been lots of gore and action, but it would have maintained the mystery.

So, what's the final verdict? Pretty good acting, good script (in general), not too long, lots of action, and a bit of mystery. I say it's worth your while.
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A small and scary gem
glennondaniel30 August 2009
I caught this little gem at FrightFest and absolutely loved it, one of the absolute highlights of the festival.

Working on what was apparently a limited budget, director Lawrence Gough and his team have done a tremendous job delivering a well acted and shot little suspenser that firmly places strong characterisations and performances ahead of cheap shocks. That said, it does deliver its fair share of scares and is almost unbearably tense in places.

I don't want to say anything about the plot as you will enjoy the film more going in with little prior knowledge. Suffice to say, the script cleverly (though without being heavy handed) works in some Romero-style prescient social commentary and compelling political debate. In fact, in the early stages it resembles a UK-set Crazies remake, before the plot takes a late and effective change in direction.

If you like intelligent horror films, I recommend seeking this out, particularly if you can find a cinema screening.
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Small but perfectly formed (or nicely nasty!)
MikeZonk22 June 2009
A great addition to the flavour-du-jour domestic danger sub-genre (cf. Right At Your Door, The Strangers, Ils) as a small Scouse (that's Liverpool, non-UKers) neighbourhood finds themselves besieged by a mysterious murderous malcontent.

This features all one could hope for from such a movie - flawed (jut like us) yet likable (er, just like us) characters (take note Eli Roth), suburban slaughter, a threat more hinted at than seen, with a side-order of allusions to domestic terrorism and sinister soldiers skulking to add some spice.

I caught this flick a sweltering screening at the Edinburgh International Film Fest but if there's any justice in this bad old world then it'll be at a cinema near you in the not too distant!
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A great effort - manages to keep the suspense going.
mike_brunton24 June 2010
It's never easy working with a low budget, especially in the horror genre what we often end up with is dreck, poor actors, poor scripts, poor special effects. Fortunately with this Brit thriller, the director managed to avoid the usual pitfalls, the cast was small, but acting was great, the special effects were convincing, and used sparingly. The characters were convincing, and the mother who had to find her daughter at any costs was really well played. The suspense in the movie was the best aspect, the mother and her recent pick up really have a hard time of it in this small cul-de-sac near the beach. Just what was in that trailer washed up on the beach? Overall, I recommend this to all horror fans, another good thing about the movie is it actually keeps you guessing as to just what is going on for quite a while - good job!
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Can't decide what it wants to be.
poolandrews17 April 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Salvage is set in Liverpool in England & starts on Christmas Eve as the fourteen year old Jodie (Linzey Cocker) is dropped off at her mother Beth's (Neve McIntosh) place in a peaceful little cul-de-sac to spend Chritmas there with her. However after a big argument Jodie storms out & disappears insides a neighbors house, Beth is annoyed & things get even worse when fully armed special ops from the army surround the close & cut it off, they prevent any communications from getting in or out & warn the residents to stay inside or risk being shot. Scared & confused Beth just wants to get to her daughter Jodie but soon realises that something big is going on, something that the special ops will do anything to keep quiet...

This British production was directed by Lawrence Gough & was produced to celebrate Liverpool's title as EU City of Culture in 2008 which just sounds bizarre to me, anyway what we have here is a horror thriller that tries to pile on the tension & suspense but never ends up being anything particularly special. The script starts off like a typical thriller as everyone thinks terrorists are on the loose & the events seen are very vague with no explanation behind them other than guesswork from the character's but then it shifts into monster film mode for the final twenty minutes or so. Salvage has quite a few similarities with Aliens (1986) actually, the base under siege setting, the mother daughter relationship that drives the character's & the presence of a slimy monster who wants to kill everyone as well as the special ops army unit sent there to kill it. The first hour or so is fairly forgettable actually, I mean the script does an effective enough job of building tension & suspicion & keeping you guessing but it never really goes anywhere & I personally didn't like the character's or the setting that much which obviously didn't help. There are a few problems with the script, it's never explained why these heavily armed special ops unit couldn't kill one single mutant monster when a badly injured woman with a poker can or why Sharma was covered in blood when threatening the army unit with that meat cleaver & I just felt there wasn't enough explanation behind what was going on. The script manages to capture the character's quite well & they end up feeling like proper people & the downbeat ending (taken from The Night of the Living Dead (1968)) may not satisfy everyone. The script was partly inspired by an actual real life incident when the container ship MSC Napoli was beached on Branscombe Beach in Devon during 2007 & local residents flocked to the scene to steal whatever they could find! I remember it being widely reported back then in the media although having said that the actual container on the beach has little relevance in Salvage & doesn't play a great part in proceedings.

Salvage was filmed on the disused sets from the old soap opera Brookside (1982-2003) which finished a few years ago but is still well remembered over here. The setting was instantly recognisable even though much of the film takes place in a house which to be honest could have been anywhere. There's a bit of gore but not too much, there's a slashed throat & some blood splatter but not much else. The monster looks alright even if it's only seen very briefly. The film is well made with quite frantic camera movement when needed & there are a couple of nice jump scenes here especially the first time you see the monster as someone unexpectedly shines a torch in it's face.

Filmed on Merseyside in Liverpool here in the UK this obviously had a low budget but it doesn't really show expect for the intimacy & claustrophobic nature which both work in the films favour to be honest. The acting is good, there aren't many people in it but the performances are good.

Salvage is a watchable British horror thriller that tries to keep you guessing & tries to crank up the tension but with little in the way of a pay-off expect standard monster film clichés it perhaps doesn't make the most of the careful build-up. Not a bad film I suppose but I wouldn't call it a great one either, worth a watch but don't expect a classic.
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A solid independent effort
detour194511 July 2010
SALVAGE is a solid, independent effort

Definitely worth the view for horror/suspense fans.

The film keeps the protagonists and the viewer guessing as to what is going on, which adds to the tension for all.

I would have to disagree with other reviewers, who have called the film and/or acting low-budget.

The production values and acting are well within Hollywood-type expectations.

Though not the most original story, this film keeps you interested and entertained for its entire 70+ minute running time.
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Very good
coleman-761-12338710 June 2010
I agree with who thinks this movie is very good done. The lack of money is pretty obvious in the poor locations and effects, but the acting of the two key players is great, though they are not well known. And the rhythm, after the first 15 minutes, get fast and claustrophobic.

The atmosphere and the situation basically is deeply disturbing, just from the beginning, when it occurs a the transition in perspective of the film, through the change of character after the first few scenes (very good and original idea).

From a certain moment, I kept jumping on the armchair every ten seconds for the scares I got. Even if I don't understand English at 100% (for ex. I didn't get the quick but vital explanation of the whole thing, given by the soldier, because he was talking too convulsively), nevertheless I enjoyed this movie very much.
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Unbelievable dribble
bodil-644-47435624 October 2015
Warning: Spoilers
For a modern horror this film is the pits. Poor acting, poor script, poor plot and little suspense. The ending is especially golden. The film presents a modified human on the rampage that takes out well armed soldiers and civilians alike with single blow. A whole attachment of special soldiers who have to kill it (oh, they also have to kill the civilians who are witnesses) cannot kill this fast killing beastie. They hunt the beastie for several days with no success (although their success would have been better if they were equipped with night vision goggles but perhaps they weren't special enough for such hardware). This beastie knocks off soldiers and civilians with quick ease yet in the finale it seems unable to instantly kill a 14 year old girl who fends it off with her bare hands for several seconds until her mother is able to kill it with a mere fire poker. As if..... I give it 2 stars for the fact this movie was apparently done on a low budget but have to admit the results reflect the budget.
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lacks in suspense all the time
trashgang28 October 2010
Salvage do has his pro and contra's. I would like to choose in between. it takes a while before it starts (20 minutes) and due it's short time that's a bit too long. The first 20 minutes we start to know the personalities then suddenly things go from wrong to worse. A container washes ashore with some hidden secrets. The army is supposed to solve the problem but they can't do it. It's the twist in the story that makes the first 20 minutes a bit of a waist of time. Even the part were they are telling each other why they are cheating is a bit too long. Luckily, the blood is in tact and the slaughtering is sometimes brutal and even gory. A good effort to try to make a weird story but lacks sometimes of suspense.
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towy414 November 2012
If no one else wants to mention it? I will. To anyone outside the UK who doesn't know were this movie is shot, you might deem some entertainment value from this lower than B-movie horror. Unfortunately, to anyone inside the UK, once you realise its shot on the old set of the now cancelled liverpudlian soap 'Brookside' any atmosphere is instantly lost. Then you try to pinpoint which house was 'the one were Trevor Jordache was buried under the patio'. The location finder should have known that this street is etched into the memories of any self respecting British soap fan. Brookside. Brookside. Brookside. Brookside.
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Small little thriller
kosmasp25 October 2009
I watched this one at the Fright Fest in London and after the screening was over the director came "on stage" (it was a small screen, there wasn't actually a stage) and was apologizing for the small budget he had and some minor flaws in the movie. I don't think it was necessary to do that, but it made him even more sympathetic. Not having much money, but making a movie like that? Priceless (to quote a very popular ad)!

The low budget is very apparent on screen (even a relatively small one), but what really works here, is the script and the actors. All that mixed together (with some fine editing) and you get one great little horror movie, that is similar to some other recent great efforts (i.e. Right at your door). I can only recommend this one strongly!
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A good horror short
mwezzi11 April 2010
Warning: Spoilers
For a movie just over an hour long, with some clear budget restraints, this is one of the better horror shorts I've seen. It's fairly solidly acted and, where makeup and other effects were limited, this was compensated for with camera-work that left people guessing, adding to the overall atmosphere. Highly suspenseful at times and with an appropriately minimalist approach to incidental noise and music, the overall film is well-made.

My main issues are more character-related, particularly with regard to the the daughter - to me she came out as a thoroughly dis-likable character and I didn't actually care about whether she survived or not by the end. The soldiers' abilities also seemed questionable, one moment ambushing anything that moves even slightly and, next minute, incapable of spotting a woman staggering none-too-stealthily all over the street whilst sobbing, calling people, rattling doors and so on. However, if you are able to overlook these odd character traits, this is well worth a watch.
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Awful film.
pircher-efc23 March 2010
This is one of the worst films I have ever seen. I can't remember the last time I watched a film as bad as this. I reckon I could make a better film with my mobile phone if I was given the set of Brookside for the day and a few bottles of ketchup. Its as about as scary and shocking as lady and the tramp, so if you are a big horror fan I would give this one a miss. The acting is awful to. I had never heard of this film before it came on sky box office and after watching it I realised why. When you sit there watching a horror film and laugh out loud, somethings definitely not right, either with the film or yourself and as far as I'm aware I'm all gravy.
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Low budget British nonsense
Leofwine_draca17 November 2012
SALVAGE comes across as an ultra-low budget variant on the whole 28 DAYS LATER theme, with terrified residents struggling to protect themselves from a rampaging killer whose identity is only revealed in snippets. Sadly, though, it's not much of a film at all, and certainly nothing we haven't already seen time and again, plot-wise. The whole 'container on the beach' aspect of the storyline (and title) is ridiculous and unconnected with the central story, which I imagined would be about thieving residents finding themselves affected by pollution.

Instead, it's the usual home invasion style antics, with a little excitement raised through some shenanigans in the loft, but not a lot. Inevitably, given the lack of money behind the production, much of the (short) running time is spent on people sitting around and chatting despite the air of pervading menace. A shame, then, that the characters are so lacklustre and unbelievable, particularly Neve McIntosh's ridiculous lead, Beth, who spends her entire time running around after an obnoxious daughter who clearly hates her guts.

Shaun Dooley, as McIntosh's comedic love interest, is better, but his character is purely there to give the lead somebody to talk to, so he doesn't get much to work with. The film squanders its money on some cheaply-staged gore effects (already done so many times, would have been better utilised if put towards more scenes of menace) while the regional accents of the Liverpudlian cast members render dialogue completely incomprehensible.

Part of the fun from watching comes from the realisation that this was filmed on the left-over sets from TV's BROOKSIDE, although the film's in serious trouble when the most interest it can muster involves recognising the bloody buildings it takes place in! Throw in a few silly plot twists and you have an entirely superfluous fluff piece that's surely going to be forgotten by all but the most ardent fans of modern British horror. If you want a decent film in this sub-genre, you could do worse than check out Isolation, about genetic experiments on cows at a remote farm.
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It Could Have Been Much Better...
Maxelle21 August 2010
Let me say how desperate, I've been searching for a good movie lately. I've been keeping my hopes up and I thought Salvage, due to it's pretty interesting plot summary, could do the trick. I was halfway right.

First off I'll start with the pros about Salvage. The opening 20 minutes was very well done. It was interesting and by the time the carnage started it was very suspenseful. The actors were all average at the very worst a little over the top sometimes (Especially the lead) but nonetheless they were good at what they do. The creature effects were great, as were the gore effects.

Now here are the cons. Nothing really interesting happens during the next hour of the movie. Other than 2 Extremely well done scenes that were actually scary and suspenseful (An attic scene and a tense shootout), the rest just was there. I couldn't follow what was going on because I was drifting in and out of consciousness during the whole movie. It never really felt like anyone was in any real danger; and it tried to be several different movies at once. (Think 28 Days Later, The Descent, and any creature feature, and you pretty much have Salvage, of course you can do this with most movies but Salvage didn't really try anything differently). I'm not saying that the over the top gore was comical it just felt really out of place at times and kinda took any realism this could have had to build suspense (By this point I had stopped caring).

I really don't want to give it a 6 or give it a 5 because it was pretty much dead center to me. But, I'll be generous and give it a 6 for trying. The effort put into it alone made it a 5/10 but as for the script it just didn't do it for me.

And by the way I really love British Cinema... I'd recommend to those who liked Salvage to check out The Descent and 28 Days Later if they want other good British horror flicks (Odds are if you have seen Salvage you've seen the other two)
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The Salvage Savage.
hitchcockthelegend29 October 2013
Salvage is directed by Lawrence Gough and written by Colin O'Donnell and Alan Patterson. It stars Neve McIntosh, Shaun Dooley and Linzey Cocker.

It's Christmas Eve, The Wirral, Merseyside, and 14 year old Jodie is reluctantly spending Christmas with her estranged mother, Beth. But family strife is to be the last of their worries, for soon this small cul-de-sac in the North West of England will become a battle for survival as something is loose and on the kill, and the army has got itchy trigger fingers…

It's perfectly understandable that some horror lovers come out of watching Salvage immensely disappointed at getting yet another spin on the "creature/infected human/zombie on the loose" formula. There's nothing exactly fresh here in terms of plotting, but considering the minimalist budget and sparsity of production aids, first time director Lawrence Gough has done a bang up job with this picture. The suspense factor is high, where McIntosh's (excellent) frantic mother tries to stay alive long enough to rescue her daughter from a house just across the road. Something which sounds simple in premise, but as the film unfolds, this proves to be a tense, fraught and nail biting mission. While the fact that the two main characters have been humanised, deep flaws and all, puts added spice to the survivalist horror.

As Mcintosh and Dooley (very good), the latter a one night stand liaison forced into the battle for survival along with some self examination, prowl around with fear and stoic bravado, themes of paranoia, prejudice and military over-kill slide easily alongside the jolts and blood. Nothing is crowbarred in here, the gore is kept in check and the politico rumblings remain just that, rumblings and not vociferous lectures over the loud speakers. The mystery element remains strong as well, where it's so nice to see a fledgling director not playing the hand too early. Once the "reveal" comes we are in frantic territory as we literally hurtle through stalk the prey land and finish with a finale that is bleak and deserves credit for having the audacity.

It's badly under valued on the big internet movie sites, which is a crying shame, because it is damned by familiarity of other genre pieces, where the low budget skill in the film making process doesn't appear to be taken into consideration. No this is not a terrifying and breakneck paced picture, but it has its moments without doubt and certainly deserves better appraisal notices than those afforded the likes of Creep and the recently awful Storage 24. 7/10
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It's okay. Not great but has it's moments!
daggersineyes5 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I found this by accident. I was actually trying for another movie of the same name and got this by mistake. So you can imagine how confused I was for the first half hour or so. Eventually I realised it was a completely different flick but I didn't mind at all.

This movie was well paced and suspenseful - keeping my interest all the way through, with the exception of some rather redundant and pointless chatting between the two main leads about family life (it was a shame they put that in because it killed a very good suspense session just when it needed to be amped up). The acting is mostly very good and I had no problem understanding what people were saying (and I'm not British) so I'm not sure why others did. I thought the Director did a great job of capturing that sense of panic & bewilderment in the main characters as their neighbourhood suddenly transforms into something completely alien and terrifying for no apparent reason. There were some great scares, some nice action pieces (tho probably not enough) and a some slightly gory bits.

The ending was a bit odd to me and I hated the very final scene - it was too over the top and came across as a bit silly. This unfortunately brought the whole movie down a bit. But in general I think this is a decent little thriller and well worth watching despite some flaws in it's execution.

Don't be put off by it's low rating on IMDb. This isn't a "classic" or the best horror/thriller movie around but it's one of the better low budget ones and has a lot going for it.
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Interesting plot, high energy, something got loose thriller horror
robertemerald29 June 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Salvage is low budget, but watchable. It doesn't scale any heights as movie-making, but there's enough drama (and blood) at all points of the compass to keep you motivated. Technically there are problems. Some people like the hand held camera technique, and there would be a case that this 'ordinary homesteads under attack' scenario would suit. The Director has the actors over-reacting quite a lot, including excessive panting from shots of adrenaline and terror. Again, to taste. The story is another one of those where you have to concede that everyone around the heroine is going to be very unlucky, but her luck will hold, again and again. OK, it is the heroine though, and we have to root for her. Can you see where I'm going? The story has a few hiccups too, if you stop to think about it. The heroine does, however, put in a fine performance, as do her immediate partners. Alas, my main problem with Salvage is to do with the portrait arriving from the mystery itself, and that's why it's only a 6 for me.
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Not that bad, good movie
atinder24 April 2013
This was low British horror, with a short cast and short running time only 79 minutes

Movie start off with paper boy, who ends up getting caught for peeking for window, soon we had run for life after that, something should have not seen, that person is after him.

Then movie on Father and Daughter, father is telling is daughter to see her mother for Christmas holidays , Daughter is not happy with her mother but as come home, they could of worse start of off, Which end arguing on street and end up staying with neighbours.

As mother is trying to get her daughter a swat to seem come out of now where and force back in doors, looked thought the house.

For most of time, No knows what really happing and there some brief news on TV for fews seconds but I wasn't to sure what their were saying on news but powers goes out.

Thought the movie, she tries to get her daughter and she goes thought a lot to their, their was decent bloody moment in this movie, not gory but can gurgling at times .

The acting was great from the very Small cast and ending up movie good but I kinda of knew that was going to happen.

There were dull moment in the movie, What bugged me at times was, This place the movie was set looked so familiar and then hit, this was same set of Brookside the Axed soap from UK!

6 out of 10 Good movie
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diggler30226 April 2011
I had heard about this film some time ago, and was quite excited to finally get a hold of it. Based on a single street, a woman has a falling out with her semi estranged Daughter. Not long after all hell breaks loose.

While the film has a relatively low budget, the movie is quite well filmed. The downside is this is far from being an action flick, with little in the way of violence. So it really relies on dialogue to push the film along... This is where things fall apart.

The two gripes I had with this film was inconsistent acting and not being able to hear them! I was constantly having to juggle the volume control, cranking the volume up for talking then having to quickly get it down before the speakers threatened to explode during loud scenes (which this movie loved using low end bass).

Overall i give this a 5 and that is really stretching it.
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Looks Good, But Nothing Really Special
gavin694225 October 2012
When a container washes ashore the residents of a sleepy cul-de-sac are plunged into violence, terror and paranoia. Fenced in by the military, a single mother must overcome all the odds to save her daughter.

I really have little to say about this film. From the description on Netflix, I figured it would be something like "The Host". Maybe I should be glad it was not (unlike many horror fans, I was not a big fan of that Korean attempt at monster movie fun). But this was no prize, either.

While I did not find the story all that interesting, and really not even worth commenting on, I will make one observation: it looks good. Knowing what I know about how the film was shot and edited, I am impressed with just how professional it looks. Sure, I have seen other films look great, too (John Pata's "Dead Weight"), but I hardly expected it here.
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