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GREAT Love Story...
missj-black0722 April 2010
I have to say that it came as a shock that Waiting For Forever was an ACTUAL, REAL LIFE, love story. The movie itself kept me hanging on to the tail end of every scene, waiting to see what would happen next. All in one sitting, I smiled with heartfelt happiness, I became filled with anger, and I cried uncontrollably with feeling of deep sorrow. This is what TRUE LOVE does to us as people, and I must say that this movie captured the very essence of it...

If I could, I would take a group of my closest friends to see this movie. It's definitely a great conversation piece. The vivid imagination of the director is clearly represented throughout, capturing not only your attention, but focus on detail as well. I would see this movie ten times again...

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Really enjoyed it!
CPF10121 April 2010
Now let me start off by saying that I am not into romantic movies whatsoever. They are always the same clichéd sappy crap with an overly dramatic lead that becomes more annoying than anything by the end of them. THIS WAS NOT THE CASE WITH "WAITING FOR FOREVER"

I was lucky enough to attend Gen Art film festival this year in New York and was able to see this movie. I honestly had no idea what I was getting into or what it was about and it really surprised me! I honestly can say that at no point in the movie was I ever bored; from the get going of the flashback train sequences until the ending scenes I was enthralled with the movie. I was right there with Will and his struggles to show his enduring love to Emma.

The acting was fresh and superb. Tom Sturridge had so much on screen charisma and a believable carefree attitude that I found myself rooting for him the entire time. It is nice when you ACTUALLY like to watch the protagonist of a film! He is surrounded by an incredible supporting cast where I really think that Blythe Danner gives the performance of a lifetime (I smell Oscar nod). The always lovable Richard Jenkins has the best moments in the movie and a surprisingly strong performance by Scott Mechlowicz. At first glance I was like "why is the kid from EuroTrip in this" and after the movie I felt like a putz for ever thinking that statement. He is the voice of everyone in the audience in the movie.

This is also a movie that doesn't have cheap entertainment of constant swearing, blood and guts, gratuitous nudity, etc. It solely focuses on telling the story and making us like the characters for themselves. I think that is a rare statement made by films today and this one should be applauded for it.
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Overall, feel good movie.
oswalt_taylor19 February 2010
I recently saw the first public screening of this movie at the Santa Barbara Film Festival in February, 2010.

The beginning of the movie was a bit slow and a little misleading, but I think that is what made the movie so great at the end. It is totally unpredictable. Tom Sturridge was the main character and he is absolutely going to be a new up and coming star after the film is released. Rachel Bilson did a wonderful job as well and the rest of the cast was quite good. It definitely was a tear jerker, you will find yourself blubbering by the end of the film. Overall, feel good movie that will leave you wondering about the little things in life.

Go see it. :)
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Great little film this, was really surprised!
coecoe28 April 2011
Great little film this, was really surprised. judging by the quality and negativity of some reviews I think you need to have reached a certain maturity level to really appreciate the film.

The branding of Tom Sturridge's character(will Donner) being a creepy stalker really is misleading, I urge people to watch the film instead of jumping on the bandwagon! The pace of the film started a little too slow, potentially causing some later scenes to be rushed that had potential to really add to the film.

Despite this, the supporting cast had enough character building(all be it light) to support the lead of the film that ultimately, has enough to deliver the story and bring a tear anyone's eye! Providing your not going into the film having predetermined the lead as a creepy stalker, you will enjoy this film! :)
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It has got a Soul...!
ditej_garg23 April 2011
It is very unfortunate to know that this movie is hated by critics. I have been living in India and I know what kind of a movie should be called a bad movie. I never heard much about the movie because there is no promotion of this movie what so ever in my part of the world....But it surely came to me as a surprise.

Both the actors worked pretty well. Tom Sturridge has a potential to be a very good actor. He played his role very well and his expressions were outstanding. There was no point in the movie where i could find his skills go blunt.

Rachel Bilson--We always knew a bit of her after she appeared in How I met your Mother for a couple of episodes and she seemed pretty and cute. She carried her pretty smile and nice acting in this movie too. At some places, her acting suffered but I won't blame her for that as her co-actor was wonderful. She played her part brilliantly and 95 minutes passed away.

The only reason I didn't give a 10 to this movie is that it didn't show too much of the couple. They had their share of scenes separately but they should have been together in more scenes as their chemistry was blossoming.

On and all...its a 9/10 for sure and it is a mice cute love story with meaningful dialogues.
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Don't even bother.
Rikki Lacarsky16 January 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I never review but I need to get this out there. This was the most wasted two hours of my life by far. It makes zero sense. I went into it, being a huge indie romance fan, and coming out thinking this movie was a disgrace to the genre. There is not one bit of romance besides the last 30 seconds of the movie. The whole thing is so slow and goes no where. And it was complete and utter nonsense to throw a murder randomly in the middle of it. I mean, subplots are nice sometimes but really? You have to make it relate. That had no place being in a movie like this. The guy was creepy for being such a stalker and honest to god he made it really seem that he had a mental problem. He was a good actor, just a terrible character. And the girl was just an awful actress, I don't even want to talk about that. This was definitely the worst movie I've ever seen. None of it makes any sense. Like I said, there's not romance in it. DON'T EVEN WASTE YOUR TIME.
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A film with mass appeal that's original and quirky? Yes. Here it is.
larry-41129 April 2010
This quirky and original story features a brilliantly talented multi-generational cast including Tom Sturridge, Rachel Bilson, Blythe Danner, Richard Jenkins, Scott Mechlowicz, Nikki Blonsky, Jaime King, and Matthew Davis. Known primarily for his exhaustive acting credits, director/producer James Keach steps behind the lens in this stunning tour-de-force.

Will Donner and Emma Twist are neighbors and best friends. Separated at the age of 10, Emma (Rachel Bilson) grows into a beautiful, bright young woman while Will (Tom Sturridge) never quite advances emotionally. Now a young adult, he remains a sweet, innocent boy trapped in a man's body. Will needs to reconnect with Emma and continue the "relationship" that was never allowed to bloom into their teenage years. She increasingly becomes the object of his desire as he matures. Stuck in childhood, Will is determined to track her down and profess the love that he's held inside for so many years.

"Waiting for Forever" is a true work of cinematic art, a rarity even in the creative world of independent film.
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This was a surprise of a movie...
"Waiting for Forever" is actually a good movie, just don't expect it to be yet another teenage romantic love comedy movie, because it is far from it.

This movie is quite deep on an emotional level, and the movie really works out so well because of the talent of Tom Sturridge (playing Will Donner). This is actually high-class drama.

I found "Waiting for Forever" to be rather surprising, because it appeals to your more humanly nature and your sense of hope. The story reaches in and touches your heart. If not the story of Will, then the story of Emma's parents. But of course, there are many aspects to this movie aside from Will's obsession with Emma. There is also the childhood trauma, the strained brother relationship, not fitting into the world, and so forth. And all these small plots work well and come together for a greater end result.

The cast in "Waiting for Forever" was quite nice. There is no doubt that the entire movie is riding on the shoulders of Tom Sturridge. He does an amazing job in portraying Will. His acting is emotional and sweeps you up for a ride. This guy has a bright future in movies, in my opinion. Richard Jenkins made a nice appearance as Emma's father, Richard Twist, who is bedridden and ill. Rachel Bilson also did a good job with the role of Emma Twist.

All in all, then "Waiting for Forever" is a fantastic movie that is full of emotion, rich in love and a movie that will stick with you for a long, long time. I was pleasantly surprised by the movie, and if you haven't seen this movie yet, get yourself in gear and watch it. You owe it to yourself, because this drama is fantastic.
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Surprising breath of fresh air...
HannahR1120 April 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Waiting For Forever is a surprising breath of fresh air from the usual Hollywood romance. Set in a small town outside of Los Angeles, Emma Twist (Rachel Bilson), a jaded television actress, is returning to her hometown to visit her dying father. Upset about her rocky relationship with an angry boyfriend and embarrassed by the terrible TV show that she stars in, she is stressed out and disappointed by life. Enter Will Donner (Tom Sturridge), the eternal optimist who lives his life as a pajama-sporting traveling magician with a one-track mind: to follow Emma, his childhood best friend, around the country, staying just out of reach of her awareness. Having lost his parents to a train accident as a ten-year-old, he was whisked away from Emma's town never to interact with her again, but not before she told him the words that would remain with him forever: "they will always be there with you."

This movie may sound cheezy, but the surprising part is it's really not. Rachel Bilson plays the role of Emma elegantly: she is remarkably genuine and likable, and we are hoping to see her life turn around. Emma's parents, Miranda and Richard Twist, are played by the talented Blythe Danner and Richard Jenkins, who play off each other perfectly in a complex, realistic marriage preparing for the death of Richard. Miranda's optimistic outlook clashes with Richard's realism, who becomes edgy and impatient around his sugar-coated wife. We notice immediately as Emma steps in the door the need to tell her mother everything is okay as the world is crumbling around her. Her mother is too fragile to hear anything but good news. Her father, on the other hand, although dying, is the toughest character in the movie, ready for anything. In one of the most moving scenes of the movie, Miranda and Richard get into a terrible fight while Richard is in the bathtub. Richard is biting, sarcastic, and mean, and for the first time, we see Miranda shed her gentleness and become engulfed in rage, shouting and crying. He then tells her, "you have to be strong when I'm gone."

In a question and answer session with the director, he mentioned the theme of realism vs. optimism throughout the movie. Emma is worn out and battered by life, reminiscing fondly back to childhood, when things seemed so easy. She is almost always dressed in dark colors and blues. Will, on the other hand, is childlike and innocent, truly believing that the world is a happy place full of fun; his is. He is often dressed in lighter colors and golds. His joyful attitude angers his older brother, who sees him as a joke and a loser, a child who needs to grow up. This dynamic is also played out masterfully between Emma's parents. Emma's mother can't go on living with a permanent smile on her face as her husband gets closer and closer to death. Pain and hurt are a part of life, and although they can't be denied, we can learn to accept what comes gracefully.

By the time we reach the scene in which Will is going to talk to Emma for the first time since they were ten, admitting his lifetime love for her, we want to see him get the reaction that he wants. However, the true darkness of the world is never far away, and Will finds himself blamed for murder, among other things, as he realizes the world is not always a playground. -Nicole Muhlethaler
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Pretty Compelling Above Average Romantic Movie.
supadude200424 April 2011
Oddball Juggler lusts after (FHM's 77th hottest) gal next door (...or close enough), with whom he shared a childhood. Alas, this movie takes off where childhood is no more - so what will become of our pair, for whom time has moved on? In some ways this is an enjoyable, flirty little number; in others, it is the tale of unrequited 'what if's'. Yet, when all's said and done, this movie is not perfect. It's still a reasonably engaging, very human tale. Acting and direction are pretty good.

The protagonist is (just as the poster shows) an unlikely, pyjama loving, bowler hatted someone who can barely afford to live. Such is American cinema that if he should choose to escape his plight, in the usual manner, he'd routinely be found bereft of life, a few scenes later. Instead, he overdoses on dreams of his childhood sweetheart, thus to escape the uncertain pains which life besets upon a man of his standing. Yet we must be prepared to accept that a certain Miss foxy 'hot-thang' would possibly give him more than the time of day/evensong/etc. Or, will she? Indeed, I found it hard to stomach the movie's very premise: that here we have arguably one of the hottest women in America who might even talk with a man whose preoccupation is profitlessly offbeat, to say the least. In his defence, as the marketing blurb will tell you, they shared a childhood. But will that be enough? Again, this is primarily a romance movie, and why should any realities have any potential to ruin the possibilities? Or, do they? Watch and see: I give nothing away.

If you're between 16 & 24, female, or in a relationship, or just romantically inclined, then this movie is for you.

Its rating, currently 6.8/10, is surprisingly on the ball. Most people here have got this one right. And as such it is a movie worth watching. You might even consider it as being like a less garrulous, 'home baked' alternative to Linklater's superior 'Before Sunrise'.

Lastly, I hope that they make a sequel to this movie, by the way, as this reviewer personally felt that its ending left some curious questions open. Will you agree... Please watch and see!
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Waiting for Forever is wonderful!
klafonta22 April 2010
I got a chance to see Waiting for Forever at the Nashville Film Festival last weekend and it was amazing! A truly original love story that was both heartwarming and heartbreaking. The whole cast are charming in their roles and everyone picked seemed perfect for their parts. Tom Sturridge and Rachel Bilson had wonderful chemistry as the two lead characters and Sturridge's performance as the eccentric and lovable Will Donner would make any girl alright with being followed around the country :)Richard Jenkins and Blythe Danner are hilarious as Emma's (Bilson's) parents, along with many other wonderful supporting characters. Great soundtrack as well! One of my favorites at the festival this year; I highly recommend this film! Go see it!
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ehh, not the best.
seera_durr9 November 2011
This is one of those movies you watch all the way through because you think it's going to get better. When the characters cry or feel any sort of emotion, you just wonder why because they are so underdeveloped and you are not able to empathize whatsoever. Rachel Bilson isn't great, neither is the main character actor. Also, the guy who plays her boyfriend Aaron is lacking skills as well. He play the character of Alaric on Vampire Diaries, and I actually like him there, but here naahhht so much.

The acting is sub par, the plot is lacking, and it kind of feels like a waste of what seemed to be a good idea in the beginning. Definitely not the worst movie I've seen, but definitely not that great either.
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I will Wait for Forever to EVER see this again.
twilliams763 July 2011
Uhm ... cringe. This is some treacly BS (bull-something)... and that is me being kind.

While the film, Waiting for Forever, tries to act as if it has an original and new concept -- uber-innocent love of an uber-innocent mind -- the truth is that it doesn't. It is about a guy (Tom Sturridge - Pirate Radio) who likes a girl (Rachel Bilson - Jumper, "The OC") ... and has secretly followed her around the country (Pennsylvania, Oregon, San Francisco to LA) for YEARS because "he'd rather wake-up in the morning with a possibility of seeing her than not seeing her". ALL while NOT letting her know he watches for her EVERY day ... you, know, like a NICE stalker!

If you decide to watch this, I'd recommend Kleenex and a vomit pan. The film's purported message might be a bit sweet; but the film as presented is NOT -- it is cloying and manipulative.

It is a poorly-made film as the movie's scenes were written with just enough dialogue to "open scene" and "end scene". The characters are poorly written and paper thin who don't even know what-it-is they speak of -- as our main character's older brother talks about things not being "peachy" while he sits poolside near his lovely wife, surrounded by their healthy kids in the backyard of his suburban mansion(!). An out-of-place sentence like this -- "a ridiculous murder sub-plot is one of the furthest-reaches I have ever come across in cinema" -- is even more out of place in a film like this!!!

I'm not sure what made Blythe Danner (Meet the Parents, Sylvia) or Richard Jenkins (The Visitor, Eat Pray Love) sign up for this maudlin sham of a film -- but it is truly something when neither of their presences can even marginally-salvage a film production.

Avoid this ... I can most definitely wait for forever to ever watch it again.
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Sweet little story
BernardoLima24 April 2011
A unique love story about friendship and a view of the world from different perspectives, Waiting for Forever explores the connections people make in the face of life's changes. Best friends while they were growing up, Emma (Rachel Bilson) and Will (Tom Sturridge) lost touch a long time ago-as far as she knows. To Will, Emma never stopped being the most important person in his life. Believing them to be forever linked, he goes wherever she goes. Will doesn't have a home, a car, or a "real" job. He survives on his talent as a juggler and entertainer-talents honed through years of showing off for Emma. When her father gets sick, Emma returns to their hometown, trying to leave behind her complicated love life and failing career as a TV actress. Will follows her and decides to once and for all talk with Emma about his feelings.

Waiting for forever is a sweet little independent film. Perfect to watch with your girlfriend or boyfriend, it's probably a great choice for a first date but it's not much more then that. I kept waiting for the story to took off, for the film to get real and deep, profound but it never happened. It's a very simplistic story and although it is entertaining and moves at a good pace there's never real insight into the characters. In fact, most characters are two-dimensional.

As for the acting, nothing outstanding here but overall satisfactory. Rachel Bilson's acting skills are very limited but she always does an OK job. On the other hand,Tom Sturridge was great. His character was not an easy one but he played it very well. Again, the script is to blame for the character's flaws because as far as the way the role was played, it couldn't have been better. Richard Jenkins and Blythe Danner did the best they could with what they were given. I should also mention the soundtrack which was very good and fitting. Overall, it's a sweet little love story but you shouldn't watch this film with high expectations.

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Wasn't that great
SMALLWHEELS1014 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I don't understand why it was given such great reviews. It could have been a really good movie. You know a jobless guy trying to reconnect with a childhood sweetheart who is now an actress. Sounds Like a cute story, but no, it just gets weird. I mean the main character sound like a sweetheart in the beginning but then starts turning crazy, which I really thought he was mental in the head and thats where it was going. and the girl was just gonna accept him, but i guess he wasn't crazy and it was OK that he was stalking her? I dunno, I do agree with some reviewers about the random murder..lol really, what was that all about. but there you go. was just hoping for something better.
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in my hard drive forever.
benareameya17 September 2012
i would have never seen this movie because of its ratings here. but the lead actress has the face very similar to girl i liked secretly for last 19 months. i searched for Rachael Bronson movies after i saw her in jumper. and waiting for forever seemed perfect.

it really moved me in spite of having similar character as me having his own reasons for the similar situation he had in movie as me. maybe because its the magical touch of the director to the character that he is so likable even if haven't really achieved anything in (traditional sense) in life to tell others. its similar to the our idiot brother feel but in most romantic way so more likable.

even people in the small roles are likable. i am keeping this movie in my hard drive forever for you know what occasion ;)

watch it with you loved once and don't miss it if you have an awesome love story of your own with your partner.
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on cynicism and critics
rvoneyp12 February 2011
Oh Dear. So here we have a patently harmless, naive, romantic young man "stalking" his love. That is a bit tragic, but hardly as disturbing as the critics would have us believe. Anybody with common sense can tell so much. Will as a real-life person would be annoying at the most. If anybody, including Emma, finds Will threatening, then it is their problem.

In dealing with this film many critics harp on this notion of common sense to deride the main character Will and his behaviour. We readers don't need to reminded by some of these grudge-bearing critics that Will's feelings for Emma should probably lead to great disappointment for him. It is obvious. Whether Will is immature in his love is also not entirely clear, despite what many critics say, because love does not belong in the world of the rational to begin with. Will might be unrealistic to pursue the matter, but literature is full of examples like him and they do not always enjoy the wrath of critics.

So where does all this ill-feeling towards Will come from? Perhaps critics feel mocked by the struggling artist Will over the precariousness of their own existence. Here's another theory: Essentially Will stands for a less materialistic way of life. Will is someone who might well adapt better in a more simple society than most critics would. If more people would live like him, the result would be lower levels of industry, especially in the media area, which might then become a craft again. This might actually not be a bad thing, though we'd miss out on a lot of soap operas. But these ideas are politically incorrect. Most critics would quickly have to change in such an environment, perhaps to their detriment. They are all too aware of this. They should stand by their shallow interests openly, rather than trash a nice idea from behind the veil of culture.
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Ob444417 November 2012
This movie was so horrible i couldn't help but watch it in its entirety. A story about two childhood friends who later in life reunite. One a Hollywood actress and the other an unemployed juggler who lives life on a whim. What seemed to be a novel idea and two characters destined for romance had some how gotten lost along the way. Its as if someone took a perfectly good script and removed all of the wind from its sails. The actors themselves looked lost in this one and the characters all lacked identify. The lead actor appears to be suffering from extreme psychosis and you wonder all along when the intervention is going to happen. How this film is dubbed romantic is news to me. To me, this was a film on based on the human psyche and how those with deeply rooted, traumatic, and emotional pasts socially interact with others. They struggle to find themselves any sort of help and never really gain a full grasp on reality. I wish the film taken to the cutting room floor, because I think it could have been salvaged. On a final note, the character Rachel Bilson's father in the film seemed unexplained. Heh says he's dying all along the way with his family convinced he's fine. I've seen this before in a production called "the room" a cult classic best known for how horrible and explained the movie was. Rachel Bilson's character is only shining light in this movie and deserves a second chance after this one.
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"Waiting for Forever" attempts to be original and different but it's dull storyline doesn't allow for that to happen.
MovieManMenzel14 April 2010
"Waiting for Forever" held it's World Premiere at the Santa Barbara International film festival in February and since then it as been at a host of festivals. I just attended a premiere screening at the Gen Art Film Festival on Thursday April 8, 2010 in New York City. In the audience sat the director James Keach, writer Steve Adams and several actors and actresses from the film including Rachel Bilson, Tom Sturridge, and Blythe Danner. Below is what I thought of the film and how it ranked compared to films similar to its own genre.

The basic premise of "Waiting for Forever" is about a guy named Will (Tom Sturridge) who has been in love with his best friend Emma (Rachel Bilson) ever since they were little. This is his story about confronting the woman he loves and what it took for him to finally do that. Why he has fallen head over heels for this woman is discussed in the film, as well as the battle of how hard it is sometimes to be honest with the people you love. A somewhat touching yet average film ensues...

Reading the premise above you're probably thinking to yourself, I have seen this film a million times before so why in gods name should I devote 2 hours of my life to this film? I wish I could honestly tell you a good reason because just as it attempts to be different, its dull storyline tends to get in its way. The reason why Will loves Emma is definitely interesting and unique, however, the rest of the film is not. The movie comes off as your typical friend loves friend storyline. The film even tries to throw in sub relationship story lines such as the parents relationship played by the talented Blythe Danner and Richard Jenkins but that subplot just bored me. The storyline doesn't really cash in on how unique the film could be but instead takes the easy way out and therefore just leaves you saying been there, done that.

Tom Sturridge puts on his best "Benny & Joon" impression and does it well. He is probably the most likable character in the film. Sadly about half way through the film his character seems to stop growing so even Will becomes dull but he definitely did a good job with the material he had to work with. Rachel Bilson, who is definitely a good looking woman, does alright here. I hate to say it but I just don't think she has real star power, at least not yet. She does a good enough job for Emma at least for a film of this caliber. Richard Jenkins and Blythe Danner are OK but since they are more established actors both of them have done better films in the past. Like I said they do OK here. As I said even the acting was average.

In conclusion there isn't really much to say about this film...it's your typical love story with a little bit of an interesting story mixed in. The story wears off quickly as the viewer is hoping to see something more out of the ordinary but just gets what would be expected from a film like this. This movie isn't worth a trip to the multiplex, probably not even worth a DVD rental to be fair. I would say this is one of those films that you catch on cable one day and just don't expect much from it and you should be OK.

MovieManMenzel's final rating for "Waiting for Forever" is an 5 out of 10.
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Very underrated!
melmartins5 May 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I just watched Waiting for forever. I was really looking forward to this film as a Rachel Bilson fan. She was outstanding. I shed many tears through this movie. Perhaps that's why many are ragging on this film. Most films today that are truly heartfelt get the automatic thumbs down. Maybe because it is not cool or not full of mind numbing action. This film may lack the action packed shoot em up scenes but it makes it up by injecting the most heartfelt story line that you will remember for many days to come. It sticks with you. Do yourself a favor. Ignore the bad reviews. Please see and decide for yourself. You may find a real gem.
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The fakest indie movie I've ever seen.
Saad Khan20 August 2011
WAITING FOR FOREVER – TRASH IT ( C- ) Even though Rachel Bilson stars in this movie, I still had high hopes for this movie as it introducing British actor Tom Sturridge into Hollywood. Considering most indie movies are not that bad I thought it would be something new, fresh and interesting. Well, it was something new that a guy separated from his childhood friend/love eventually decides to follow her around the USA as creepy stalker and now she has come back to her hometown. First of all, Tom aka. Willy's character is really unrealistic and unbelievable that even if he doesn't have the courage after years to talk to her why his friends and family doesn't tell her that he is following you around the USA, wherever you go and he is in love with etc. besides this and murder in the movie makes everything utterly unrealistic. It won't be wrong to say that it's the most fakest indie movie I've ever seen. Tom Sturridge is adorable but his role is so unrealistic that you want to slap him so hard that he snap out of this silliness. Rachel Bilson is Rachel Bilson, I have not seen O.C, so, don't know why people love her but so far what I've seen of her in different movies is not that impressive. Hopefully her new series "Hart Of Dixie" will change my opinion about her though it doesn't seems like because she looks like Rachel Bilson in it nor Dixie at all. Scott Mechlowicz, the Eurotrip guy is a good comedian and actor, it's sad to see him not doing lots of movies or mainstream rolls. Jaime King is good. Overall, Waiting for Forever is huge disappointment for me because I really thought it's going to be good after watching the promos and all. OS, you guys didn't have any hopes so just Trash it, it's not worth giving time.
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danielspc2225 April 2011
Warning: Spoilers
The movie started interesting enough. Predictable plot, yet, being a romantic comedy, that's not necessarily a bad thing. Boy grows up with a girl, they're best friends, he moves away due to some tragic events (parental death), she always stayed in his mind and he decides its time to return and confess his feelings. The problems arise when we discover that the boy is not only in love, but he is obsessed with this girl, more specific, he is a stoker. Not in the worst way, but he follows her to the places she goes in the hopes of meeting and seeing her. Not only that but at some point I wondered if he was a bit handicap or not.. and I still don't know the answer. Just to subtract some more from this kid, he possesses no skills (apart from juggling) and no assets. In the girl side, we see a, once driven women who went away (California) pursuing a career, though she's unhappy. A poor poor developed character that represents a writers attempt to make us believe she misses something in her life, something that comes in the shape and form of a modern day clown who wears pajamas to walk around in town (don't buy it!). In the middle of everything a dysfunctional couple, girl's parents (crazy relationship) and some sorts of a ex-boyfriend.

I've read some reviews about the acting, saying how great it was, but I'm not so sure, tough I agree that most of the faults in the acting come from the poorly developed characters. Rachel Bilson, plays that part perfectly, a love believer kind of gullible sweet and cute woman. Tom sturridge, manages to be, sometimes, really charming in an innocent pure way. I guess that represents the character pretty well, but I'm not totally sold on him being able to do anything different.

On a last note, I consider this a Sunday afternoon type of film that I would recommend, only, and I mean only, if you don't have anything better to do.
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Great for the Hopeless Romantic
JaniceNicole14 January 2012
Waiting For Forever is a cute, quirky movie with a lot of heart. It does a great job at making you feel happy, with its high contrast lighting and fun soundtrack. The cast does a great job at pulling you in, especially Tom Sturridge. He does a wonderful job portraying the carefree traveling street performer, but also brings on the strong emotion when it's needed. The use of flashbacks and the way Tom's character describes his young love really have you rooting for their love to blossom once again. The story gets a little confusing and slow towards the middle but the strong beginning and ending definitely make up for it.
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Who would put up good money to make this movie?
gilbertguenzo14 September 2011
What a load of crap!!! Seriously, I've had bowel movements more entertaining than this. If I were on death row and I had a choice between watching this movie and going straight to the electric chair... I live where this was filmed and am ashamed for my city and state. Please oh please write more reviews to warn others. Is the bottom of the barrel so dry in Hollywood that this project was green-lighted? It would be a disservice to the community to allow unsuspecting individuals to hit the play button on this movie. It would be a waste of bandwidth to download this travesty of cinema. Anyway, do yourself a favor and get a frontal lobotomy before watching this. You have been warned!!
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Sat in shocked silence. Atrocious film
anthony_ballis8 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I wish I could give a 0.

This film was unbelievably poor. I am able to sit through absolute trash; but this I could barely finish. They even had a somewhat decent cast to work with, but the plot, pacing and themes were shocking. I am sincerely surprised this was even released, let alone given any sort of positive reviews. Even if people were OK with the disgraceful messages in this film, the film itself is an extremely poor production.

It is about a struggling young adult who is obsessed with a girl he was friends with and hasn't seen since he was 10. He suffers from trauma from the death of his parents and as a result has been following this girl around the country (stalking) for the last few years and watching her from a distance in pajamas, a vest and a bowler hat (wow, so unique and quirky!). All of his friends and everyone he tells about his stalking for some reason thinks its sweet and tears up in the romantic vibes. I'm not joking. This is considered sweet in the movie.

The character of his brother makes some sense, and suggests that his bro in mentally ill and requires help as result of his behaviour. His own wife apparently says the same thing behind the protagonists back; but enables him to his face. When the brother outs his wife for being a hypocrite, after the protagonists decides to show everyone how comfy his pajamas were by having a violent seizure on the ground, we as the audience are supposed to think he is terrible. I did not. Instead of treating this like a much needed intervention, the film depicts the brother in a negative light and tries to have us think of the protagonist as misunderstood and victimised. The actor playing the protagonists actually comes across as mentally retarded, Forrest Gump level. Was clearly supposed to be lovable and quirky.

I'm not sure what world the writers live in where they form the impression that any themes in this film are normal, or any dialogue is representative of actual human beings conversing with each other.

In dot form: - Main character was supposed to be quirky and lovable, came across as creepy and clearly mentally retarded to some extent. - Main love interest is wooden and unable to display emotion. It was clear that the writer/director was not aware of what genuine emotional reactions are. - Random murder that has no bearing on the plot in any way; what!? - Stalking is a great way to romance someone; they will eventually fall for you if you do it for long enough. Its not creepy at all, and apparently legal. - Everyone is OK with stalking, if they are not then they are just nasty people who do not understand love who should be derided. - Mental health issues that are potentially dangerous to others are to be enabled by those around you, instead of addressed. - If someone is being stalked, don't tell them, just tear up and say "awwww..."

Don't normally leave reviews, but like the protagonist, this one was special...
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