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A refreshingly pure, honest and original love story, Waiting For Forever is one from the heart with superb performances from a talented cast.
All the improbable, oddball and endless love in the world can't rescue Waiting for Forever from a premise that's irresponsible at worst and an example of profoundly bad timing at best.
Village Voice
Strangely unaware of its overt creepiness.
I felt tentative stirrings of admiration for an indie movie that so aggressively flouts the hard-shelled conventions of romantic comedy. But more often than not, I felt suffocated by the gaseous sentimentality and lightheadedness of a story that drops in subplots that it can't begin to develop.
I'm not sure what went wrong with this picture. It could just be bad judgment on the part of screenwriter Steve Adams, who for all we know finds stalking adorable.
It takes too long for the story to come around to the fact that Will is just plain nuts - and even then, he gets over it in a heartbeat.
Mistaking arrested development for enlightened innocence, Waiting for Forever is an indigestible hash of whimsy, drama, romance and, for good measure, crime.
An indistinct romantic-dramedy-ish something or other about the rekindled romance of an actress (Rachel Bilson) and her childhood best friend (Tom Sturridge).
Maybe it's this soapy saga's cocktail of the worst of both the Lifetime network and self-consciously quirky indie cinema, but the strong supporting cast (including Jenkins and Blythe Danner) looks downright queasy in every frame.
It's rare to find a movie protagonist who singularly fails on every count to be a compelling, sympathetic or even understandable figure.

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