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14 Oct. 2006
Trouble in Big Town
The Pichu Brothers get into a tiff and end up separated. Regretting it, they and their friends scramble to reunite.
24 Jun. 2006
Takeshi! Save Nibi Gym!
After separating from Ash and Misty, Brock returns home to Pewter City and finds that his mother has turned the gym into a water Pokemon gym.
24 Jun. 2006
Revenge Match at Hanada Gym!
After splitting up from Ash and Brock, Misty returns to Cerulean City to discover that PIA investigators might shut the gym down because of an out of control Gyarados.
1 Jul. 2006
Persevere! Look Forward, Rocket-dan
Team Rocket lands in a village where they are believed to be superheros.
8 Jul. 2006
Showdown at the Oak Corral
Team Rocket members Cassidy and Butch try to steal poke-balls from Prof. Oak's lab.
8 Jul. 2006
Kasumi! Get the Blue Badge!!
Misty is out of gym badges, so she can't challenge Sakura. Along with Tracy, the girls head to Refurry Village to find the badge maker.
7 Oct. 2006
Big Meowth, Little Dreams/Piece'a Pizza Peace Pizzazz
Meowth and the Pichu Brothers and company plan a picnic, but it goes awry. Then Meowth sees a Skitty and proceeds to court her.
7 Oct. 2006
Of Meowth and Pokémon/A Little Skitty
Meowth has rented an apartment all of his own for some peaceful vacation time in Big Town. He befriends the Pichu Brothers and company and they try to help him with his part-time jobs.
29 Jul. 2006
A Pokémon Dragnet! Search for Dr. Okido!!
Cassidy and Butch kidnap Professor Oak because Professor Namba needs some information from him. Tracey, Ritchie, and DJ Mary set out to find him.
29 Jul. 2006
Kasumi's Earnest Struggle! She's Risking Her Life!?
Professor Namba sends Cassidy and Butch out to steal a Delcatty. They know there's one near Cerulean Gym, but what they don't know is that not only is Misty there, but Tracey is an employee at Cerulean Gym and Casey is visiting.
19 Aug. 2006
Rocket-dan: The Origin of Love and Youth
The story of how Jessie and James ran into each other again as adults, after having gone their separate ways for about a decade.
12 Aug. 2006
Yet Another Legend of Celebi
Marion Town has lost its way ever since the citizens stopped worshiping Celebi. Thus, when Ritchie passes through town, a Celebi transports him to the 1920s to keep the town from modernizing.
26 Aug. 2006
Masara Town, Pokémon Trainer's Journey Begins
Professor Oak and Tracey struggle with a problematic new Trainer.
2 Sep. 2006
Pokémon Researcher Shigeru and Revival of Ptera
Cassidy and Butch plan on stealing an Aerodactyl from Sayda Lab for Professor Namba. Little do they know that Gary is an employee there and Tracey is visiting.
23 Sep. 2006
Kasumi and Lovecus! Love Battle!
Professor Namba sends Cassidy and Butch to steal Luvdisc so that he can research how to make people fall out of love. In the process, Cassidy and Butch become reacquainted with their romantic side. Misty and Tracey team up against them.
23 Sep. 2006
Nanako and Lizardon! Super Hard Training of Flame!
Casey's favorite baseball team hasn't been doing well since their pitcher was benched for a shoulder injury. The pitcher has been depressed from his injury and it has made his Charizard depressed. Casey decides to motivate them both.
30 Sep. 2006
The Heavenly Legend, Hiroshi and Fire!
Professor Namba sends Cassidy and Butch S.S. Anne tickets so that they can catch a Moltres at one of the stops. Their plans gets derailed when they run into Ritchie on board.

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