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Can't Get Over the Physics
dmc10127 May 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Never mind the horrible acting and gratuitous gushing about how hot Vin Diesel is (at age 50 with sagging arms.. or whatever), how all the girls want to have sex with him and he's happy to oblige because he's Xander Cage who wears a fur coat in the summertime, the plot of this movie is about a device that can decode anything (seems to be a frequent theme these days, this has to be the 4th or 5th movie I've seen that has a device that decodes anything) and it's being used to crash satellites into the Earth with pinpoint accuracy. Now I don't work at NASA or Space-X and I don't have a degree in aerospace engineering, but I am pretty sure you cannot guide a satellite through re-entry to a pinpoint location on the Earth. Even if you could, it's not like it would be a hydrogen bomb like this movie portrays. It would disintegrate and land all over the map in pieces. But no, it gets sent to earth like it's being fired from a rail gun. The orbital decay would take forever even with assistance.

Then you have the stunt where Xander has jumped, sans parachute (because parachutes are for wimps) from a plane that he was able to get positive thrust to weight ratio on (basically a C5 sized plane full of cargo and electronics) to accurately intercept a falling satellite and yet was still able to run out of the plane somehow and freefall, and somehow catch up with a cargo container of which had a fouled chute. He freed the chute just seconds before it hit the ground, and it created an explosion, yet out he walks like a boss.

Then of course Ice Cube has pinpoint accuracy with a grenade launcher with grenades that have a very small blast radius.

Rewind back to the highway battle where Donnie and Xander are fighting and suddenly the guy who jumped 200 meters (distance between buildings IRL)through a glass ceiling, and took out a room full of spec ops guys with ease, has trouble fighting an old broken down Xander Cage. This is the same Donnie Yen who couldn't be shot by a dozen security specialists in a small room but could be shot by one old woman who he knew full well was pointing a gun at him.

The bad guy... wait, what? Who was he? Did it matter?

The beach/island where the super duper secret assassins go seems to be in South Beach Miami, all the bars and live music and such.. and so hard for them to find.

What was the crazy guy's role, to crash a car? Really?

I almost vomited in my mouth when Vin kissed the Indian girl. He's like old enough to be her grandpa.

So now you can drop a fully automatic weapon and it just discharges a full magazine and doesn't even spin around?

So you can rip out a high voltage electrical conduit and plug it into a device to power it up, like it's a USB phone charger?

So motorcycle tires have enough tread to act as propellers? Wouldn't it have been easier to just have wet bikes?

So a motorcycle with a combustion engine and normal intake can run underwater?

So a group of Delta Force soldiers can be hooked up to a cargo block without any of them knowing it, while Xander is walking around them?

So you can jump from 100+ feet to the ground and as long as you have skis you'll be OK?

So 3rd world countries have skateboards that use bearings that can survive 50mph rides down winding paved roads?

So they have an airplane that can circle the globe x number of times without needing to refuel but they land it every few minutes?

So somehow a mechanical device that attaches to your forearm increases the strength in your upper arm and chest to create stronger punches?

So a 90lb woman can scale a tree with a 20lb sniper rifle and hold it steady with her off hand for 30 minutes while using the scope to watch the crowd, as she's hanging by sheets from the tree?

What was up with DJ guy? Oh look, a talented night club DJ who people just like, he'll be an asset.

Movie sucked, really really really hard. I think they knew it, and laughed after they made it wonder who was stupid enough to watch it. This guy..
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Puts the S in Stupid......
s32761697 February 2017
I'm not quite sure why Xander Cage returned, I just wish he hadn't.

This movie is so low brow, you might mistake it for a caterpillar. It's devoid of anything that looks like a plot or decent character development.

Instead its cheesy show off time with lots of tat's, juvenile bravado, sparkly overstated jewelry and guns from "da hood". This is a film that feels, in my opinion, like it was made by a 15 year old nick-named "flipper" (as in hamburger flipper) and his gormless, pimply friends. We all know thats not true but you get the idea.

In short a genuinely excruciating experience that puts the S in out of ten from me.
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Complete waste of time - too much glorification of Xander Cage
layda76 May 2017
There is no story build up in this movie - and the action scenes are unbelievable ~ aka too many bulls#it and impossible unrealistic sequence. The "glorification of Xander Cage" is way too arrogant to a point that your passion and interest for the character simply fades away.

After the movie, I have less respect for the character that Vin Diesel plays. If you are the type that likes to watch the action sequences; you might enjoy this.
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Lots of Plusses and Minuses
A_Different_Drummer21 February 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Sometimes an hour and 40 minutes of non-stop action is not as much fun as it sounds like. On the other hand, films are supposed to entertain and there is more entertainment here than meets the eye.

This reviewer's scorecard, humbly submitted:


* Toni Collette completes her mission to distance herself as far as humanly possible from Muriels Wedding 1994. Wish she hadn't even tried.

* I thought these sort of goofy semi-spoof spy films (where even the writers are not 100% sure whether to play it straight or for laughs) ended with OUR MAN FLINT in 1966. Oops. I was wrong.

* writing, editing, directing all could have been turned up a notch. Looks like a big rush to get it out there so it could start spinning off cash.


* Sam Jackson, an actor who film historians of the future will designate the "most overexposed" actor of our generation, gets only a walkon and then is blown up. Finally someone got the memo!

* stars Vin Diesel, one of the most reliable action figures of our era. This is not in the class of Riddick or Pitch Black, but Vin commits to every role and does not hold back.

* some really nice stunts. You will think of them fondly when you leave the theatre.

* introduces Canadian Nina Dobrev to a wider audience. The line to join the fan club starts at the back of the room. And when membership closes, we can start a brand new one for Deepika Padukone.

* any movie -- repeat, ANY -- that advances Donnie Yen's English language career is a plus. And worthy of our support. (Donnie's English is way better than Jet Li's was, and I wish him many more western roles.)

* the final action sequence, the climax, runs about 20 minutes and is sort of engaging.

BOTTOM LINE: Not as bad as the reviews suggest. Not in line for an Oscar either.
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Mindless VFX, dull acting and no screenplay and story
aphale-mayuresh13 January 2017
Been cursing myself to have watched such mindless video game movie.

Deepika Padukone is completely misfit and she looks awkward for most of the screen time. Vin Diesel should stick to Fast and Furious franchise, 2002 XXX was much better. Rest of the star cast is assembled to just please the producers "Shanghai Movies".

There is no story, no screenplay, improper acting, it seems like director has wasted his most of the time in VFX labs than on actual story and screenplay.

Disgraceful start to 2017, if you want to watch mindless graphical action, better play video game. Disappointed to the core, save your time, money and if you still want to see then be ready to curse yourself...backed by big production house, critics and fake reviews will start floating soon appreciating the movie, beware.
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Awful Crap That You Can't Unsee
prabhatrayal13 January 2017
How do you make a hit film? It's simple. Cast some of the biggest stars in the industry and you are halfway through, add a lot of mindless action, do some promotional stunts (like Vin wearing a Lungi and dancing on a Hindi song) and you are done. Audiences are bound to go crazy.

I have never been a fan of any of the XXX films but this one I watched for Deepika. But Oh My God, what was I thinking? This film is awful beyond measure. There is nothing to watch. I mean it's the same thing you must have seen at least a hundred times by now. Same clichéd story, same mindless action sequences and people reading their lines like they are mannequins who have been brought to life my some magic. Even the origami did a way better job in Kubo and the two strings and they are made out of paper, mind you.

People are saying Deepika was good and I completely disagree. I can say that she did a good job with action sequences but her acting was pathetic. In fact there were only one or two people who actually tried to act.

So, don't waste your money on this awful experience. If you are watching it for Deepika then drop your plans. The screen time she gets is longer than I anticipated but nothing good comes out of it. It is another of those meaningless action films that you forget the moment you walk out of the Cinema. There are better movies playing in theaters that deserve your money instead of this crap. Do something meaningful with your money.
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Its a shame Vin Diesel is so hard up......
english_artist6 May 2017
I watched the other XXX films and really enjoyed them. Yes you know its going to be a 'daft' movie and not something to take seriously.. a bit of fun. Something to turn your brain off to watch.

With this movie you would need to remove your brain to watch. Its just to stupid for words. I have not seen this silly kind of kung-fu action in ages and its so dated now. Its something you would have watched back in the 80's and even then it was laughable.

We all know these action figures do the impossible and survive but these people can put super heroes to shame just like in the latest fast and the furious its gone to far and we now have superheros instead of just heroes. I think if this trend continues instead of Tom Cruise dangling from ropes in mission impossible he could just hover there instead.

Also what is with all the scantly dresses women all over the place and some parts I thought I was watching some soft porn movie rather than an action movie. I am a red blooded male and love women as much as any man but come on do we need it rammed down our throats all the time its cheesy, sleazy and not needed and getting very boring.

I could only think Vin Diesel who I enjoy watching in movies such as the first fast and furious movies (before they got silly) and stuff live pitch black has got desperate for some money to be in this.
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This movie made no sense
sauradeep-paul16 January 2017
This movie was awful and a massive waste of time. Physics is apparently non existent. The NSA guards are worse than storm-troopers at shooting. A huge cast but no character development at all and you get no idea of their names as well. The plot makes no sense at all. The acting is all over the place as well. Flying planes, flying cars, flying people and even a goddamn flying boat. Then there are people who definitely should have been killed but still they stay alive and then there are people who died and I don't know how. Overall, one word that perfectly describes this movie is 'pretentious'. It tries to define what's cool and what's not but fails miserably. I wanted to write a sarcastic post about this one, but this stupid movie doesn't deserve that. I hope everyone sues the crap out of the producers for creating such a godawful movie.
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Poor Screenplay
soonyoongkit2 February 2017
With foreign investments, it did not indicate that the production house had to add in so many unnecessary foreign elements into the movie. Is it even necessary to start off the story in a Chinese restaurant? Where was the link? Foreign elements should be added if they were needed to tell the story and not simply just to please the foreign investors. They only make the story weaker. The story line of the movie was ridiculously unbelievable, and the screenplay was absolutely disappointing. The lines were so pale and redundant. It lacked what a big blockbuster movie should have. No explanation was given for many scenes, and it became very puzzling and exaggerating. This was not a small budget movie, but it turned out to be one brainless movie.
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Once again the action sports hero is recruited to destroy a weapon known as Pandora's Box.
ma-cortes11 October 2018
Mediocre following about one army man incarnated by Vin Diesel and with guns, girls, global domination and intense action scenes . It is packed with action sports , thrills and guns that look like willies . Cage once again is recruited by the government on a special mission . While NSA Agent August Gibbons (Samuel L Jackson with a comedy scar) is missing , agent Jane Marke (Toni Collette) forces him to cooperate with the government along with a motley group . Betting Marke can succeed where other conventional agents have failed . Marke sends Cage to investigate and to foil some enemies who plan to plunge the free world into anarchy , as Xander using his natural abilities and a whole lot of position attempts to destroy the Pandora Box . He's helped by an expert team , an all-new outfit of thrill-seeking cohorts and taking on a dangerous band led Xan (Donnie Yen) . Cage must combat an intelligent organization and a powerful enemy far beyond his possibilities . Kick some ass, get the girl, and try to look dope while you're doing it. There are no more patriots, just rebels and tyrants.

It's a standard actioner with no much sense where there is suspense, thriller, pursuits , action sports , struggles , explosions and minimum characterization. The film is plenty of macho man incarnated by Vin Diesel , a peculiar hero who often has problems with authority and full of tattoos , attitude , noggins cueball as well as muscles and giving an embarrassing acting .The picture contains fights, gun-play ,chases , firepower and frenetic pursuits with leaps as when a water-motorcycle runs afoul . Like James Bond's old action franchise , it has blow-up and gadgets and one-liners and sex with women who don't talk but kill . Jaw-dropping action set pieces , where Vin's head is superimposed in to things that look a bit like sky , water and snow in a series of death-defying stunts . It's tense and exciting at times , though also a routine unstopped action film , less than memorable . Decent support cast such as Toni Collette , Samuel L. Jackson , Donnie Yen ,Deepika Padukone ,Kris Wu , Tony Jaa , Nina Dobrev, Rory McCann , Al Sapienza , Hermione Corfield , Nigel Bennett and cameo by Ice Cube .

Colorful cinematography by Russell Carpenter and appropriate music adjusted to the action by Brian Tyler .The film is lavishly produced by the great producer of action genre Neal Moritz who has produced Prison break,Torque,Swat,Stealth,Skulls,Fast and furious I,II... The motion picture was regularly directed by D. J. Caruso . Heis a good craftsman whose films often have intense car crashes such as Disturbia (2007), and The Eagle eye (2008) , Taking lives (2004) and this XXX Return of Xander Cage .Rating : Average

The first entry was XXX (2000) by Rob Cohen with Vin Diesel , Marton Csokas , Asia Argento, Danny Trejo , Samuel L Jackson . Followed by xXx: State of the Union (2005) by Lee Tamahori with Ice Cube as Darius Stone , Willem Defoe , Scott Speedman and Samuel L Jackson . All of them lavishly produced by Neal Moritz . And announced XXX 4 by Director: D.J. Caruso , Writer: Rich Wilkes , Stars: Vin Diesel, Deepika Padukone, Roy Wang
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stuartboyd-9210819 January 2017
I cannot believe I actually paid to watch this utter tripe. It is possibly the worst film I have ever seen in my life. If you've any sense do not waste your money like I did. Some of the scenes are just ridiculous. Donne Yen must have been totally desperate for the money considering some of the great films he has made in the past. The female characters are as you would expect very attractive but do not make up for the awfulness of this film. Vin must be sat at home thinking OMG why on earth did I actually make that film as he probably doesn't need the money. The only good part of the film was near the end. The best part of the film was when it had finished and I could get out of the cinema. Honestly I repeat DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY.
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jackwarchibald21 July 2017
This is by far the worst movie of 2017 so far.Nothing in this movie makes any sense.No spoilers,but the first scene and the last scene infuriated me.

The only remotely entertaining thing in this movie was if you saw it in IMAX.Otherwise,this movie is a mess and I hated every second of this movie.You might be saying that I just hate silly fun guilty pleasures and I'm not fun.Actually,I love those kinds of movies.

This just wasn't one of them.
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The Worst Movie. Ever.
Aveek_Ganguly14 January 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I and two friends of mine spent a lot of money between us to watch this movie today on the day of its release. Apart from wanting to watch Deepika, I had enjoyed the original XXX movie (this one is a sequel), plus I am a huge fan of Vin Diesel.

However I came out of the theatre in a state of total shock! In my life I have watched thousands of movies, be it from Hollywood or Bollywood or from other parts of the country and the world. But today, and I am putting this down in writing, I got to see the worst movie of my entire life so far!! Yes really, I know what I am saying! So please please please ... try not to watch this movie ... it is so bad that it will make you want to cry. Or it will actually put you to sleep, like with the guy behind us in the theatre who was actually snoring within the first half hour itself!

The movie has no story. It is not exciting as action films are meant to be, because the action itself is very cartoonish and very boring. It does not even have a proper climax, because it doesn't actually have a real villain who can pose a bit of a challenge to the hero! Yes it has several stunts, but you get to see most of them in the various trailers of this movie on YouTube. Let me put it another way: the best action scenes in this film are very very bad copies of scenes from the Matrix movies, and the two James Bond movies GoldenEye and Die Another Day. Plus the direction too is horrible, which results in many dialogues not being properly audible, poorly lit scenes, extremely erratic editing, poor acting ... or no acting, cos a lot of guys simply standing around doing nothing is not really acting ... this list is endless!

Last but not the least: Deepika Padukone! Though I have always liked her until now, I still say it is not worth spending money to go and see her in this movie. Firstly her English sounds terrible over here. I have earlier heard Deepika speak English on TV and she sounds smart enough. So why is she speaking with a distinct South Indian accent in this movie ... when her name here is Serena Unger and not Meenamma from Chennai Express ... I mean could she not point out to the director that it would sound ridiculously out of place? Also her role is pretty small and her character is poorly etched out ... and so she doesn't really get a chance to act. And as for her looks in this movie, well, she easily looks much more prettier or glamorous in most of the Hindi films that she has starred in.

So is this a movie review? Naw, it is more of a warning! Because XXX: Return of Xander Cage is so bad that it is not even a time pass movie. I score it a 1 ... out of 1000!
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Not much
dziemke12 February 2017
This movie was pretty awful on so many levels. First, Diesel seems to sleep walk through his lines and scenes. The slight tilt of the head and cute smirk got old after the first 5 minutes. Donnie Yen's fight scenes were really good, and that's about the best this film brings. The writing was atrocious. The snarky, too-cute and cliché lines at every turn. I didn't know if I was watching a movie or reading the one-liner comebacks from a comedy show. It's too bad because this movie had a good cast. Toni Colette needs to stick to heavier roles; she looked out of place in this role. And more Samuel Jackson. I've been hoping for better films to come out of the new China-owned studios, but so many have disappointed lately. Maybe Jet Li could have saved this film, I'm not sure.
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Dumb and Fun!
bryank-0484423 January 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Has it really been 15 years since we last saw Vin Diesel as Xander Cage, jumping off mountains and beating up the bad guys across the globe? Why yes it has. Only a few years later, we got a 'xXx' sequel with Ice Cube in the spotlight, rather than Vin Diesel. It was stated in the sequel that Vin Diesel's character was killed off, leaving Ice Cube to pick up the pieces and become the action star in the early 2000s. Now, it's 2017 and Vin Diesel makes $1 billion dollar 'Fast and Furious' movies, so Hollywood finally gave the greenlight to another 'xXx' film that has Diesel returning as Xander Cage, despite the fact that he's already dead. These things don't matter with this third installment, titled 'xXx: Return of Xander Cage'.

Directed by D.J. Caruso ('Disturbia', 'Eagle Eye'), this third sequel takes its cues from the over-the-top action moves of the late 80s and nineties and never looks back. None of the film makes any sense, but then again it's not supposed to. This is a very dumb film, yet it's highly entertaining and very fun from start to finish. Luckily, the film knows exactly what it is and even pokes fun at itself, which makes 'Return of Xander Cage' very tolerable and will even have you laughing out loud throughout. Yes, Xander Cage is very much alive and jumping off towers with no parachutes and skiing down rocky mountains with ease. He is brought in by the CIA to track down a device called 'Pandora's Box' that can spy on anyone at anytime, and even bring down space satellites like missiles and kill people.

Xander teams up with a group of other xXx's and come across yet another group of xXx's, including Donnie Yen (I'm one with the force, the force is with me) and Thai master Tony Jaa, who might as well be Michael Jackson in this role. Every other character has there special trait and skill, including being a deejay, crashing vehicles and telling social media about it, and even a tech guru who makes Lincoln jokes and has a safe word. It's all silly, dumb, and so much fun. Luckily, the film never slows down or tries to be serious at any point in time. Every action beat and fight scene would have any superhero die a horrible death in an instant, but this is 'xXx' with Vin Diesel, and nobody dies, let alone get a scratch on their face, even when there is a fist fight in the middle of a highway with tons of on coming traffic.

There are for sure some funny performances, but I want to talk about Vin Diesel. I don't understand how this guy gets work. He is literally the worst actor in the world. He is good as a voice actor who can say a few lines, but good God. It's literally painful to watch him on screen, and every time he's on screen here (mind you, he's shirtless most of the time), he is just wretched and awkward. I don't get it. Every time he's on screen, you just wish one of the other characters had screen time instead. Other than that, this film is quite fun, action-packed and ridiculous, which in this day and age, it's good sometimes to turn off your brain and enjoy the grand spectacle. Will there be more 'xXx' films in the future? It looks like it and that's not a bad thing.

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The movie that is the insane, the crazy, and the enjoyable
darryl-4206921 January 2017
Warning: Spoilers
DISCLAIMER: I haven't seen the first movie, but did watch the second movie.

Who doesn't love the VIN-TASTIC Vin Diesel. From Fast and Furious, to Riddick, Vin Diesel became a household name for action movies in these recent years. Most of Vin Diesel's movies are great, and this was no exception.

The plot follows Xander Cage, long thought to be dead, was brought back in action as he and his group tries to retrieve the Pandora's Box, a dangerous device that can take down any satellites in the world. From the very first scene, you know this would be a wild adventure filled with insane action and one liners. The characters are great and all were memorable. Vin Diesel is back as the great Xander Cage, and basically he's good at everything. Donnie Yen is also great as Xiang. Deepika Padukone, the currently number one actress in India is also memorable as the female lead. Others such as Ruby Rose, Kris Wu (Yes, it's former member of EXO, Kris!),Tony Jaa (It's a surprise, I don't know he's also in this movie!), Nina Dobrev, and many others are also memorable. Although appearing for a short time, Hermione Corfield, the 90th Most Beautiful Face in 2016 (If you know TC Candler's list, then you know what I'm talking about) makes a well done performance as well. Sam L. Jackson, as always gave a great performance though I want to see more of him. Also, a shout-out for one great cameo from Neymar Jr. himself. Ice Cube also makes a surprise appearance as Darius Stone, the Triple X from xXx: The Next Level/State of the Union, making the second movie not so neglected. The action is some of the most insane stunts I've seen. There was also a few funny bits in the movie, making the movie not so serious.

Even with an all star cast, a great load of action, and a few good jokes, there were some issues. One, the first part of the movie has some uncomfortable scene, which, as the name implies, makes me uncomfortable. Two, There were some plot holes in the movie, like: *SPOILER ALERT* HOW THE HECK SAM L. JACKSON AND NEYMAR STILL ALIVE AFTER BEING HIT BY A FALLING SATELLITE + EXPLOSION?!. *END OF SPOILER* Three, some of the CGI's are clearly noticeable. And four, is the writers running out of ideas? I mean it's okay having this movie a few twists and turns, but *SPOILER ALERT* making the government a bad guy is an idea gone old. The last stunt is clearly a rip-off from Uncharted 3 (DISCLAIMER: I don't play any of the Uncharted main series, I know it because I see the playthroughs). And making Sam L. Jackson fake his own death? Again? He's done it already in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, why he had to do it again? *END OF SPOILER*

Even with all the issues in the movie, the good has overcome the bad. Overall, this is the movie perfect for action movie lovers, absolutely Vin-tastic, and definitely enjoyable.
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Just Why?
inboxflux13 January 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I admit, I am a movie aficionado. I watch at-least 1 movie every weekend in the theaters. I have generously contributed to the well being of the industry regardless of how taxing it has been on my yearly budget. But I have never regretted spending my money until now.

Hands down, this is the most worthless movie I have watched in the last decade and I want my money back.

To stoop this low in terms of a story-line. Sorry, my mistake, there is no story. I have seen school plays better written than this movie. Make no mistake, this entire ensemble has been cast to just mint money. The dismal acting by some very bright stars of the movie industry makes you wonder as to why they would agree to a movie like this.

The movie starts with an attempt at Neymar Jr. being recruited into the XXX program by Samuel L Jackson eating noodles for breakfast, then he is supposedly killed by a falling satellite. A gang of assumed super villains (which includes Deepika Padukone) then steal a box that can control satellites and crash them into the earth like kamikaze bombs only to find out, its not the actual box! Omg, surprise!

Need I say more? Do you see where this stupid plot is going?

My question to DJ Caruso. WHY? JUST WHY?

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Perfect Friday night movie (ignore the haters!)
borislav-sabotinov20 January 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The score on IMDb is ridiculously inaccurate. This is not a metaphysical interpretation of life in a drama. This is XXX. This is Xander Cage at his best!

The action is well shot and over the top as expected. The jokes are cheesy and perfectly timed. Minor spoilers, there are some cameos and they nailed them!

The support cast in a movie like this sometimes ends up being annoying or getting in the way. Not so in this one. Every character is unique, fun, has the right amount of screen-time, and does not annoy. There is no drama or tension, nor does there need to be. This is not meant to be "The Departed." This is a super fun action flick where you can just smile and watch Vin Diesel nail another awesome flick out of the park.

Some people complained about the new cast feeling out of place. Not so, they did an amazing job. I feel this movie revived the XXX franchise and am already hungry for another one!

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This is what The Fast and the Furious wants to be.
Southerndeth24 January 2017
I do not know why everyone hates this movie. No one goes to see Vin Diesel and thinks, "Citizen Kane caliber performance coming up." This is a great Saturday afternoon action film. There is not too much CGI and no stupid comic book characters. This is not Sicario, but it's not Transformers either. I have seen much worse. They say, "January is where movies go to die." The distributors of this movie knew it had enough strength to survive. Do not listen to the Hatters. Donny Yen is great, Tony Jaa's part is too small, but good. Deepika and Ruby look delicious, and Vin looks real good for being nearly 50! Give XXX a shot, you will have fun.
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Explosive Popcorn Flick with Diverse Cast and Lots of Laughs
dreamtakers28 January 2017
Vin Diesel is back in his old shoes once again as Xander Cage in the second installment of xXx: Return of Xander Cage. The last time Diesel appeared in a xXx show was over a decade ago - way back in 2002. The main question that is playing on everyone's minds since the trailer release: Can this new movie surpass the original?

Xander Cage is basically a copy of Dominic Toretto. They are both adrenaline addicted thrill seekers who are recruited by the government to hunt down dangerous weapons stolen by a group of bad guys. Cage is enlisted by a ruthless official agent (Toni Colette) to retrieve Pandora's box, a mysterious device that is responsible for knocking satellites out of skies into populated areas, causing serious deaths and destructions. A huge assignment like this certainly cannot be achieved with a one-man show. Cage seeks out his old friends and forms his eccentric team: Adele Wolff (Ruby Rose), the crazy lesbian sniper, Tennyson Torch (Rory McCann), the outrageous driver and Nicks (Kris Wu), the cool music DJ. Although the crew is made up of different interesting pieces, they lack the personality and family bond as explored by Furious films. Action takes up most of the screen time, leaving little to no time for characters to develop. The stunts in this movie are over-the top and borderline insane; another similarity with the Furious series. Leaping across rooftops? Check. Dropping from the sky (sans parachute)? Check. Fighting in zero gravity? Check. My favourite scenes include Cage skiing down the hills of the jungle. You read that right. Skiing. Also, the motorcycle chase scene with Xiang takes a turn all of a sudden to a boat chase by sprouting jet skis. I whistled internally; it is impressive! In addition, the hot potato game with a grenade between Cage, Xiang and Serena is ridiculous but is definitely one of the most memorable scenes. Despite the solid action and fun, this movie still comes off weak with its predictable plot, underdeveloped characters, corny dialogues and dull acting. Vin Diesel is…Vin Diesel. He pulls of the action man persona with a pass, though this time around he smiles a lot because Cage is supposedly a cheeky character. Ruby Rose, Nina Dobrev and Toni Colette played their roles to perfection. Donnie Yen's fights (especially his lightning fast iron fists) are magnificent as always, but his acting is stiff. Deepika Podukone, who plays his partner, did a decent job. She also lacked chemistry with Diesel's character so the final scene came off as slightly awkward.

xXx: Return of Xander Cage is a movie that has no intention to be taken seriously. The film tries too hard to appear lighthearted with cheesy one-liners thrown out by almost every character, which gets overbearing as the show drags on. There are also funny cameos by Ice Cube (Darius Stone, xXx: State of the Union) and Neymar Jr, the hot, up-and- coming Brazilian footballer. This is the perfect movie for audiences who likes mindless shoot/beat-em-up. Action stunts of every pattern dominate the scenes, and the plot is cliché and overdone like most modern action movies. All in all, this film is a good comic and stress relief, but ultimately, nothing special worth remembering.
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waste of time and money
jaghorima21 January 2017
just out of cinema, such a waste of time and money. there is literally nothing right in this movie. all casts are acting the worst, no connection, no action, extremely over exaggerated.

most characters tried to be funny but they really acted bad, although they are good actors, specially Donnie yen and Tony Jaa. fan of xxx series will definitely get disappointed, it is not even one/tenth as good as previous ones.

I do not recommend it to anyone. I think they put so many famous movie stars for the cash only. don't waste your money, more importantly your time on this one.
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Refreshing and fun .Dont expect it to be something its not.
abhiwltya24 January 2017
I was visiting Mumbai and had time to kill so stumbled upon this on.I have seen the reviews and so went in the theater with little expectation.But I was not disappoint at all.First I ll tell you what this movie is not about.This movie is not for people expecting an intelligent plot or having loads of 007 type cool gadgets.This movie is fun and refreshing.Lots of cool and catchy dialogues.good action.Acting is good overall. Deepika is adorable,Vin diesel is as always smooth and kicking . Humour is in plenty. I don't understand why all the average reviews.Probably because people these days expect every to have a Nolan type of fell to it. This movie is fun and you will find your sell happily spending the two or so hours.Go for it.
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Haters Gonna Hate, But Don't Listen
collegedude-3702821 January 2017
Physics be damned. Vin Diesel proves that natural science has no hold over Xander Cage (Vin Diesel), an NSA agent who was previously thought to be dead but is found and brought back out of hiding in order to save the world from falling satellites. Someone within the NSA stole a device known as Pandora's Box that controls every satellite orbiting Earth and uses it to cause them to fall one by one to Earth. The government is obviously freaking out about it. Xiang, played by Donnie Yen, and his gorgeous partner Serena, played by Deepika Padukone, are out to stop it from falling in government hands. Xander is caught between the NSA and the blacklisted agents and must choose who he trusts if he's going to obtain Pandora's Box before all the satellites are destroyed.

The plot wasn't bad. It was actually very entertaining. One thing I loved about the film was that governmental wasteful spending was poked fun at numerous times. Jane, played by Toni Collette, was the agent that recruited Xander. At one point, Xander scoffs at the technology and says to Jane, "No wonder America's in debt trillions of dollars. Do you really need all the gadgets to catch this guy?" Jane replies by saying, "Oh, we don't need them. But it makes the catching more fun." I wonder just how true that statement is.

The acting was much better than the previous films, however, there's still room for improvement. Donnie Yen was by far my favorite out of all of them. His martial arts were astounding. I'd love to see him face off with Jackie Chan sometime. The next best was Ruby Rose, who played super sniper Adele Wolff. She loved, lived, and breathed weaponry. Ruby was insanely badass and I can't wait to see her in her next two action films this year (Resident Evil: The Final Chapter and John Wick: Chapter 2). Last, but certainly not least, there's the bubbly and funny Nina Dobrev who took a complete 180 degree turn from her more serious role in The Vampire Diaries. She was an absolute delight and I look forward to seeing what she does next.

Overall, I was more than impressed with the film. It wasn't perfect but at least it had a coherent plot unlike the other two. The action was impressive. There were some stunts that I had never seen before. There were times when you couldn't tell what was CGI and what was real which just added to the intensity and fun. The film gets a 3.5 out of 4.
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An awesome action film with plenty of eye candy but cheesy!!!
cruise0119 January 2017
Xander Cage is back and better than ever in the third installment to xXx. xXx: Return of Xander Cage is an all popcorn fun action film that the audience by now should not expect any more from it. xXx sole purpose is to entertain with its pumping cgi filled action, with plenty of eye candy, and have a decent plot to give reasoning for the characters to chase and fight each other in every sequence.

A simple plot that follows a gang of villains led by Xiang (Donnie Yen), Serena (Deepika Padukone), and two others that steal a device "Pandora Box." They steal the device from the CIA Jane (Toni Collette). Which the device can control the satellites and cause destruction. Jane recruits the exile extreme athlete Xander Cage (Vin Diesel) to become like them and to retrieve Pandora box. Cage will need the help of his own people from Nicks (Kris Wu), Adele (Ruby Rose), and Tennyson (Rory McCann) to travel to the Philippines and to save the world from further destruction.

xXx is a brainless action film that can get ridiculous from messing with the laws of physics during a fight scene in a military plane. But the film does well in delivering the big loud action sequences. Sure, the filmmakers are not focused on a strong story or character development. As long as the action can top the previous scene and get insane and entertaining. There is plenty of exciting action sequences from an intense motorcycle chase that takes place riding above the water and into the waves. Or the fight sequence with Vin and Donnie running on top of moving semi's and into a high-speed traffic. Or the zero gravity of a military plane falling was insane. The visual effects were decent though.

Vin Diesel is awesome as Xander Cage and sure, the eye candy newcomers like Deepika Padukone, Ruby Rose, and the geeky Nina Dobrev are all stunning and made their characters fun. Donnie Yen was also a fierce fighter, and let his fighting skills do most of his acting. Samuel L. Jackson makes his appearance as Gibson again. It is not going to be the top notch acting, but these actors worked well as action stars. The audience cannot expect any more than that.

It is a movie with fun action set pieces, eye candy, and some cheesy humor. The script is not going to be the best writing. Containing some cheesy dialogue and one-liners. Which it could have worked without or have better humor. The close to action alone makes the film worth the price of admission. I feel like the first movie was superior cause it had more of a serious approach. The third film tried to have more characters that tried working as a team. Every one of the casts does have their moment to shine when it came to the action. I recommend xXx if you enjoyed the previous films or wanting to see an adrenaline pumping action movie that does not take itself seriously.
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Adrenaline Pumping Popcorn Entertainment! Once again, Donnie Yen steals the show!
tiger-lion_eternalenemie19 January 2017
Warning: Spoilers
To be honest, my expectations was really low entering the cinema because of some of the reviews I read here. Only to realize many bad reviews where fake..what they said did not even happen in the movie, many Vin Diesel haters putting 1 star ratings to drag the scores down.

I will keep this spoiler free.

The movie is action-packed from start to end, an incredible action scene happens within the first 10 minutes. The dialogues was also really funny, and my whole cinema roared with laughter several times. It is definitely a good popcorn entertainment, just like the Fast & Furious series.

Donnie Yen stole the movie with his role, his screen presence is extraordinary, and audience cannot wait for the next scene with him. His acting is on point, his action scenes are so fast....that it is as fast as 8 years ago when he was in Ip Man/Flashpoint/SPL. It doesn't take much time before you start cheering for the villain - which is him.

Deepika's accent was a little out of place, but her performance was okay.

Of all the female characters, Nina Dobrev & Ruby Rose performed the best, and overshadowed Deepika. Just like how Donnie Yen overshadows Vin Diesel every time both of them were on screen together.

Overall a good movie, with interesting dynamics and a story-line that does not have much flaw.

It is better than the Expendables in my opinion.

My only regret? I did not watch it in IMAX 3D so probably going to re-watch it.
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