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  • In order to explain Xander's absense from XXX: State of the Union, a special feature on the SOTU DVD featured a short film that had Xander killed by a minor villan featured in the sequel. However, XXX 1 director Rob Cohen was not involved in any way with the sequel; nor was Vin Diesel. It is assumed that XXX 3 will ignore his death or come up with an excuse (Xander faked it for whatever reason). It's likely that they will simply explain that they faked his death because his original mission was too public and too many people knew he was involved for him to continue as a 'secret agent'. Killing him off keeps him out of the public eye for a while, so he can continue his work. This wasn't an issue for the second XXX, since no one really saw him in action specifically, so the same ruse isn't necessary. Edit (Coming Soon)


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