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Sex & Nudity

  • A man asks two female twins if they have threesomes. The words "fuck" and "cunt" are used in a sexual way.
  • There are multiple scenes showing explicit female genitalia in graphic medical contexts. Crowning and delivery with female genitalia fully displayed is shown with c-sections in a 2 minute montage early in the series. Other scenes displaying fully nude females, inclusive of bare breast nudity and genitalia, are shown similarly.
  • A woman has sex with a man in a public bathroom. Only faces are shown. No nudity, only thrusting and moaning while kissing is seen.
  • A woman asks a man to show her "something" and the man pulls out his erected penis, which is shown as fleeting visual. He then shoves it back in his pants quickly when someone comes in the room.
  • A woman kisses another woman in a bar
  • One of the sisters talks about having sex with another woman pretending to be her sister as a favor, since her sister has a crush on the woman. The word "fuck" is used
  • A woman and a man have sex on a bed. Only faces are shown. No nudity.
  • Two women kiss passionately and one goes down on the other and performs oral sex while they both moan. No nudity. They're later shown in bed together but no nudity shown.
  • One of the sisters hears loud sex moans from the other room. Nothing is shown
  • One of the sisters imitates sex sounds in an ongoing car mocking someone else who had sex
  • A woman has sex with a man while his translator watches. She is seen on fours while the man thrusts behind her. The translator has a visible erection while watching. Only nudity shown is the man behind, but only his upper body is shown. We hear the man moaning loudly while thrusting behind her.
  • A woman has a vaginal birth while on the floor. She's aided by doctors without being touched, and we see the baby come out her vulva displaying full female genitalia.
  • Two women kiss passionately while coming into an apartment. They kiss while walking until they see someone on a couch sleeping. They move to another room and continue kissing. They're then shown post sex nude (blankets on) in bed together but no nudity is shown.
  • A man is awkwardly pushed to masturbate standing up to produce sperm for the facility he works for. It's not violent nor rape, but he's not comfortable with the situation. He has blindfolds on to keep him from seeing the room he's in. No nudity, but we see him masturbating from the side.
  • A woman is seen on the floor of her job/lab falling asleep while drunk. She then puts her hand down her pants to masturbate. No nudity
  • A woman and a man kiss at a bar while intoxicated. She invites the man to have sex with her at her house, but also invites everyone at the bar to have a party at her house. We see her and the man kissing in the hall then go have sex in her room. They kiss while she's on top, then we see her riding him slowly for a few seconds before she decides to stop and leaves the room. No nudity, only some nude shoulders (man's) and his legs.
  • Both sisters are in the bathroom. One is dealing with medication bottles by the sink. She's bra-less so we can see her nipples through her shirt a bit. The other sister is naked in the shower sitting on the shower floor and we see her naked body, yet no sexual parts are seen. Just the side and legs.
  • A man and a woman talk about their lives and the man mentions he had cheated on his late wife. Later we see them kissing and go to the woman's apartment to have sex. We see him the next day leaving. No nudity
  • During a dinner party, a closeup picture of a female's genitalia is framed on the wall at the head of the table. This large picture is seen for most of the episode and also talked about in the context of who's genitalia it is.
  • A woman is fully nude seating in a man-made set up mimicking nature during labor. Breasts are fully seen at first, then she leans back and some pubic area is seen, but not in detail.
  • A woman has sex with a man in a bathroom, seating on him. Both are fully clothed, no nudity. The man seems very uncomfortable and somehow forced to do it. She gets up and tells him to get on his knees to perform oral sex on her. We see his head from the back while she moves his head with her hands. More disturbing than sensual

Violence & Gore

  • After urinating, a woman finds a bloody fetus in the toilet and picks it up. Could be triggering and disturbing to some viewers.
  • Several birthing shots, very graphic. Bloody babies are pulled out from vaginas and c-sections. Lots of blood in beds, floors, people, etc throughout the scenes
  • A woman watches a show on her phone. It shows a scene with a zombie who bites a woman's arm. Not graphic and fairly quick.
  • A woman picks a bloody tampon and what seems like a bloody fetus wrapped in toilet paper from the trash and puts both things in plastic bags.
  • A woman bleeds through her pants.
  • A woman has a c-section performed. We can see her belly being cut and bleed. Somehow graphic. Baby not shown, assumed born safely.
  • A protester throws a bucket of animal blood and organs to a doctor. The protester gets tackled and pinned down to the floor by a security guard.
  • A family watches a movie/tv show where a woman and a man fight and both struggle violently. The woman gets pulled by the man onto a kitchen island and the woman grabs something to hit the man with. We hear screaming and blows from the TV/scene while the family talks about it. We then see the scene again, and the woman hits the man and it's assumed she kills him. They pause the movie with a still of the woman over the man, and she has blood and cuts on her face.
  • Someone tells a story about an enslaved teenager who was forced to give birth to a stillborn and had multiple operations and surgeries done without anesthesia (on purpose and having anestesia available) as an experiment in repetitive detail. No imagery but the spoken details might upset some viewers
  • A woman is about to have a section done. We see the big belly being cut open and the doctor puts her hands inside the belly to pull out the babies (there are four) in a very realistic detail. Near the end, there's an incident where blood splashes out the belly and the doctor gets pulled away violently from the operation onto a wall.
  • During a "natural birth" procedure in a facility where they have an area mimicking nature, a woman moans in pain during labor. We see flashbacks of someone else holding a bloody fetus after a miscarriage.
  • Flashbacks of a bloody fetus after a miscarriage are seen randomly throughout the series.
  • There's an art show at a gallery that depicts several items involving used tampons, bloody clothes, pictures and paintings of a deceased mother, newborn babies, fetuses, miscarriage simulations, and an actual fetus from a miscarriage.
  • A woman cuts her own abdomen with a scalpel. Very detailed and bloody. She then sews it back by hand.


  • The word "shit" is used many times in different ways. Several ways using the word "fuck" are used in both sexual and non sexual ways. The word "cunt" is used as well as "twat" and "dick"

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Two women are in a hospital bathroom and one snorts a pulverized substance that she prepares on a sink
  • A woman prepares substance on her desk which she snorts during a conversation
  • A woman casually snorts drug/substance from the back of her hand while talking to another woman in the back of an ongoing taxi.
  • A close up of a woman snorting up a substance on a table
  • Ongoing talk about opioid crisis and profits being made over drug abuse
  • A woman/doctor is seen drinking clear alcohol from the bottle in her lab/job
  • A man and a woman snort drugs at a bar together openly while surrounded by people.
  • A woman drinks hard liquor on her kitchen island while surrounded by many guests at her house party. She lies down on the island drunk. We then see her snorting drugs from a table, still surrounded by people partying. Everyone is drinking and smoking
  • A presumably pregnant woman is seen smoking a cigarette outside a clinic
  • A woman prepares a substance and snorts it up from a table during a conversation

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • After urinating, a woman finds a bloody fetus in the toilet and picks it up. Could be triggering and disturbing to some viewers.
  • There's an intense scene where multiple mothers give birth in different ways, and the babies are pulled out from vaginas and through c-sections. Bloody and graphic
  • Several and ongoing conversations and cases involving miscarriages, infertility, deformities, pain, extreme symptoms and childbirth death throughout the series.
  • A woman has a still birth. She screams and cries holding her dead baby.
  • A father sobs holding his baby after his wife dies from childbirth. Might be triggering to some audiences. The mother is then shown dead on the bed with lots of blood on her clothes and bed.
  • Artificial wombs carrying and sustaining lamb babies/fetuses on a huge wall is seen at a building.
  • An intense conversation about a gory and disfiguring childbirth is taken place at a fancy dinner, while they eat what seems to be some sort of special bird dinner. While the details are told, we can see hands cutting through the dinner and the bird that might mimic the gory details of the story. Might be upsetting to some viewers
  • The last episode has suicide and self harm themes that might upset some viewers


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • A woman throws hers and her sister's belonging out the balcony and hits an older woman down the street. The woman comes up and smashes the sisters apartment. The woman and the older woman are later seen on the balcony treating the older woman's bloody leg wound. After an intense conversation the woman gets angry and pushes the older woman down the balcony. She then runs down to find her screaming and throwing garbage around but we don't see the older woman
  • A woman is about to have a section done. We see the big belly being cut open and the doctor puts her hands inside the belly to pull out the babies (there are four) in a very realistic detail. Near the end, there's an incident where blood splashes out the belly and the doctor gets pulled away violently from the operation onto a wall. It's explained later that the doctor punctured the mother's bladder. The mother and babies survive

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Babies are grown in a lab and we see the fetuses throughout the series in different times of their growing process.

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