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80s Style Slasher with Katie Tabitha and Lizzy Oh Yes
support-2503222 August 2020
Fun. Gore yes. Girls yes. Heavy Metal music yes. Love this movie. It's totally thrasher style and even though it's new it feels retro. Looks really cool. Great performances for a low budget horror, that's rare. Giving it a 9 because Stu should have thrown the super model in the pool!

Great movie for some flower on a Friday night if you know what I mean.
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Metal, Mayhem and Monsterous Mega Babes!
TheDonJuanDeMarkoXXX23 October 2020
Gary Orona and Tabitha Stevens have come together to make a film that pays homage to the true slasher films that began the genre. The mixture of rock star Lizzy Borden and his style of metal, acting and delivery is what best describes this film. There is allure with a twist, as we see Tabitha Stevens in a role that shows us she is not just a one dimensional actor and model. This "queen of erotica" leaves you scratching your head and rubbing your eyes, as you have never seen gore this beautiful. The plot is modern as can be and features players from all realms of the entertainment world and we are talking hungry actors, starving artists and that is what makes a film, I do not care what genre it is. This is a perfect pick for Halloween 2020.

I give this film and seven out of ten because it is a solid film. The visuals are stunning, enough so that you can taste the gore. This is a company that showcases what movie magic is. Frankie Pozoz is wonderful as our main "influencer" and one thing that makes this film shine is how you will be rooting for the bad guy. You want to see these people die! Every horror film once contained the wonder that is in this production. You will be enamored, you will be grossed out with set details that feel like a rusty screwdriver against your skin. "This film is psychotic" proclaimed my porn star girlfriend as we watched with a bucket of popcorn holding our pee as if we were at a movie theater. Now that is what you call getting lost in the moment.

In closing, Lizzy Borden steals the show. His demonic character will have you creeped out and Tabitha Stevens, she will make you see things you have never saw before. To see the bad guy so beautiful and so repulsive at the same time is exactly what this horror film is. You really should watch this film, you will not be disappointed.
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