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10 Apr. 2009
Black Monday
After Zak touches the mystic Smoke Mirror of Tezcatlipoca, he discovers he's unleashed an evil doppelganger: Zak Monday.
17 Apr. 2009
The Secret Scientists have combined their brainpower to solve a developing global crisis: water supplies in the Middle East are inexplicably turning into salt.
24 Apr. 2009
Cryptid vs. Cryptid
Word comes to the Saturdays of a barbaric new form of gambling: underground cryptid fights.
8 May 2009
The Underworld Bride
As part of Zak's training in his cryptid-influencing power, the Saturdays travel to New Guinea with Ulraj (the young king of Kumari Kandam) to investigate a dinosaur/bat creature called the Duah.
15 May 2009
Ghost in the Machine
When Doc receives a troubling "visit" from what appears to be the ghost of his old mentor, the Saturdays travel to Louisiana's Honey Island Swamp to let Doc finish the work he and his mentor started over 25 years ago.
22 May 2009
Something in the Water
The Saturdays stumble across a hidden city built in the middle of an African lake, but this paradise in being threatened by repeated attacks from the giant, catfish-like Lau.
29 May 2009
Target: Fiskerton
Argost recruits Van Rook and Piecemeal to kidnap Fiskerton, whom Argost suspects may be Kur.
5 Jun. 2009
Once More the Nightmare Factory
To rescue their kidnapped family member, the Saturdays and Doyle are forced to assault Weirdworld itself.
12 Jun. 2009
Curse of the Stolen Tiger
The Saturdays, Doyle and the Bedouin girl Wadi (from "Eterno," currently being babysat by the Saturdays) come across a small Chinese mountain village that's been blighted since the theft of its protector, a Blue Tiger.
19 Jun. 2009
The Kur Guardian
Zak and Doyle, the only Saturdays who know about Fisk's newfound heritage, try to help the big gorilla-cat uncover the secrets of his Lemurian ancestry.
26 Jun. 2009
Food of the Giants
A logging camp in the Allegheny Mountains has been ravaged by what seems to be a man-eating giant Allegewi, and two of the loggers are still missing.
4 Jul. 2009
The Atlas Pin
Argost has stolen from Naga a relic that can ID the real Kur. Rather than get it back herself, Naga delivers an ultimatum to the Saturdays
11 Jul. 2009
Paris Is Melting
When Fiskerton is framed for a series of nighttime attacks on fellow Secret Scientists, the Saturdays are placed under house arrest by Dr. Beeman, Dr. Grey, and Agent Epsilon's "people."
18 Jul. 2009
Where Lies the Engulfer
Zak's been training in the shadowy mercenary arts under Doyle's hand, and now it's time for the final test.
25 Jul. 2009
Shadows of Lemuria
Fiskerton's inherited Lemurian instincts are supposed to lead the Saturdays to where Kur will be revealed, but all they seem to be doing is driving Fisk nuts.
1 Aug. 2009
Kur Rising
At last, the Saturdays have learned where Kur will be revealed: a frozen caldera in Antarctica
7 Nov. 2009
Kur: Part 1
Six months after the events of "Kur Rising," everything has changed for the Saturday family.
14 Nov. 2009
Kur: Part 2
Six months after the events of "Kur Rising," everything has changed for the Saturday family.
21 Nov. 2009
The Thousand Eyes of Ahuizotl
The Saturdays travel to the jungles of Mexico, where a cryptid called the Ahuizotl has been awakened from centuries of hibernation.
5 Dec. 2009
Into the Mouth of Darkness
Sometime in the night, the Airship Saturday's guidance systems get sabotaged, and the family wakes up near an Australian sheep farm and silver mine.
12 Dec. 2009
The Legion of Garuda
A clue from an ancient Sumerian text points the Saturdays to a sect of Indian jadoowallas (sorcerors), the Legion of Garuda.
19 Dec. 2009
The Return of Tsul 'Kalu
Returning home to their demolished HQ to gather up some old Sumerian tomes from Drew's library, the Saturdays are ambushed by Tsul'Kalu, the great hunter and previous owner of the Hand of Tsul'Kalu on the end of Zak's Claw.
26 Dec. 2009
The Unblinking Eye
Tired of being on the run all the time, Zak begs his parents to let the family get back to helping cryptids.

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