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A great film
kell-bailey4 September 2011
Just saw a sneak peek of Warrior. All I can saw is WOW! Great film. Great performances. The characters are deep and believable and the story will probably have you leaving the theater in tears.

The fight scenes were done really well. I've been cage side at hundreds of MMA fights as a photographer and believe me when I say this is some of the most realistically portrayed MMA action I've seen to date on film.

Tom Hardy, Joel Edgerton, Jennifer Morrison and Nick Nolte all give good performances and I think Nick Nolte had a couple of moments in the film that should be considered Oscar worthy.

I know a lot of people won't agree with me on this and I can understand, but Warrior has bumped Rocky out of my top 5 favorite movies of all time. IMHO (which some of you will consider worthless) I think it's that good.
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Not just for fight fans...
FloppyMeatball27 August 2011
Warning: Spoilers
My girlfriend took me to an advance screening of Warrior because I'm an MMA enthusiast. She told me she did not expect much. She ended up leaving the theater in tears.

The fighting in the movie is almost an after thought. What the movie is really about is a broken family trying to get on with their lives. You have a recently sober father trying to earn the forgiveness of his sons for destroying his family years earlier, one son trying to provide for his wife and children, and the other son trying to earn money for the family of his friend and fellow Marine who died overseas. All of it comes together seamlessly and provides for a truly gripping movie.

It's emotional without being sappy. It's funny without being goofy. It's inspirational without going over the top. It's hard to say anything bad about it. Even if you have no interest in martial arts, you will get something out of this movie.

I highly recommend this movie for men AND women, fight fans and average Joes alike.
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Emotions on par with The Fighter, one of the top combat sport movies since Rocky, one of the best of 2011
Stephen Cook31 July 2011
Every so often you'll come across a combat sport movie that manages to find just the right balance of drama and action – that is, more drama than action. When fights are justified with backstories full of crushing emotion, they become all the more intense and gratifying.

Warrior brings to the table the world of mixed martial arts, where punches, kicks, holds, and everything else goes. The inception of new international tournament "Sparta" puts on a collision course Paddy (Nick Nolte), Brendan (Joel Edgerton), and Tom Conlon (Tom Hardy), all part of an estranged family torn apart in the past by abuse, favoritism, and abandonment. Tom resurfaces in society to enlist the help of his formerly alcoholic father Paddy to train him for the tournament, while at the same time Brendan revisits his UFC training in hopes to win the $5 million purse for his struggling family. The two underdogs face some of the toughest MMA fighters on the planet, but the true struggle appears to lie within them. Paddy battles for forgiveness against the resentment of his sons, Tom fights to prove to himself that he is strong, and Brendan struggles to come to terms with his older family while trying to support one of his own.

The fantastic thing here is two protagonists entering the same tournament. Each brother has his own respectable reasons for fighting, a fact that is sure to divide the audience when it comes time to choose which one to root for. The story truly is gut-wrenchingly powerful and presented in an engaging fashion. Little by little through the film's dialogue, we are allowed a glimpse into the past hardships of the Conlon family, and the characters' motivations for retaining such hatred are revealed gradually. Through the incredible acting talents of Tom Hardy, Joel Edgerton, and Nick Nolte, this confused and passionate chemistry really comes alive. All three actors put up some of the most convincing and heartbreaking performances of their careers; and seeing as how The Fighter garnered so many Oscar nominations, I can't see why Warrior will not do the same. My only beef with the movie is its clichéd climax and rather bleak inconclusive ending, though it still does good to the emotional schism the movie intended to create.

Warrior is one of those sports films with a magical mixture of emotional and physical battle. It's a wonderful story showing how sometimes the world's strongest forces are insignificant in comparison to the troubles of a scarred family. Warrior is without a doubt worth a visit to the theater. One of the best of 2011! And whether you're an MMA fan or not, the adrenaline-pumping fights will have you up and cheering and applauding.

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A wonderfully, well written story
nyharlemeve10 September 2011
This movie is truly, truly OUTSTANDING! I am in complete shock over the performances in this film. Nick Nolte, as usual, gives a gritty, gut wrenching, emotional performance that left me buckling at the knees. One of my all time favorite movies of Mr. Nolte was Rich Man, Poor Man, absolutely a god given talent! The performances of Mr. Hardy and Mr. Edgeron were academy award winning, I would love to see more of them by far! I cried throughout the movie, and when it was over, I could not wait to tell everyone about it. A terrific ensemble cast and movie that certainly should be up for Best Picture!! A definitive Oscar nod for Nick Nolte, and if it were up to me, Mr. Hardy and Mr. Edgeron would walk away with one as well! If you have not seen this movie, drop what you are doing, run to your nearest theater. This movie is truly what being a performer is all about! My hat is off to you all!!!
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A different interpretation of the ending.
Keith_54524 April 2012
Please don't read this if you don't want the ending given away.

I've noticed a lot of people complaining that the ending spoils the film and is clichéd because the underdog and not the better fighter wins.

I'm not suggesting that my interpretation is the right one but my view is somewhat different than the one some people hold. It is perfectly logical to point out that Brendan had hard fights to get to the final and that he would probably have been exhausted and that Tommy has had a much easier route.

However, the point is that he made that route easier because of his rage. Tommy is only the more destructive force because of that. His demons are driving him on because he is lost. He cannot or will not reach out to connect with his father or brother. The point is that the dam is broken when he sees his father in the hotel room raging against Ahab. This is deeply symbolic. I think you are meant to draw the connection with Ahab who was driven by his own rage with the rage of the father which destroyed his family to the rage which Tommy now feels. Even though he is drunk it is no coincidence that his father refers to Tommy as Ahab and bellows at him to stop the ship. At the point that Tommy takes him in his arms and holds him he begins the healing process but loses what makes him such a formidable fighter. Thus he is simply unable to blow his brother away in the way that he has done to every other opponent.

The other crucial point (and you would have to be a younger brother to fully get this one) is that Tommy doesn't really want to beat his brother at that point. He needs to know that his brother loves him and perhaps that he regrets not reaching out to him when they were younger. The fact that he taps out only at the point when Brendan says he loves him is significant as is the fact that he breaks down in the corner before the final round. Had he still been carrying his rage he would surely rather have been rendered unconscious than submit.

In other words, for me it was the perfect ending and the more you think about the film the more profound it seems.

All in my view of course. Which could be a load of old rubbish.
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FANTASTIC MOVIE...can't believe it hasn't gotten more attention. 10/10
nyUconn22 September 2011
Grab your popcorn, buy your soda..and get ready for a great movie.

From start to finish, this movie will have you hooked. There is no weak spot in this movie. The acting is amazing. The story is great. The music is catchy. You will get emotionally invested throughout this story.

This movie will make you FEEL something. This movie will ENTERTAIN you.

This film has great drama, action, and story. I walked out of the movie being so impressed, and in shock how this hadn't gotten more attention or done better at the box office.

This movie is a MUST SEE. And I'm pretty picky. Enjoy.
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The best of 2011 and one of the best ever!
Danes10110 September 2011
OK, Lets talk about the the big pink elephant in the room first. Yes, the movie has a similar storyline from movies of the past. And yes, it may be, to some, "just another fight movie. However, Warrior has the audacity to challenge the cliché's and still manages to stand out from the rest. Bottom line, Warrior is a well written and directed emotional roller coaster that will have you at the edge of your seat. With a star studded cast and top notch acting, the performances were solid and believable. Nick Nolte in particular did a fantastic job with his role and will have you nearly in tears. As the movie progresses you will be torn on what you would like to see happen for the climax of this entertaining thrill ride. Movies with this much emotional power connected to the characters only come around every once in a while. Go see this movie to finish off the summer or forever regret not supporting what is sure to be a classic!
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Loved IT!
cervantese1 September 2011
I had the pleasure of watching this movie last night. I went since its a "guy" movie my husband was the one excited about it more than I was. I must say I was more than impressed with the leading men in this film. It has been a long time since a movie has had me on the edge of my seat, biting my nails as this movie did during the fighting scenes. If you are looking for great acting, family drama, awesome fighting scenes than this is the movie for you. After we left the theater we couldn't stop talking about it. I will definitely go see it again when it comes out. We really enjoyed it! Nick Nolte was amazing, and even my husband I think cried in a few scenes, (last time that happened was during Marley and Me) so I must say this movie is a MUST SEE!
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Best Fighting Movie Since Rocky
wildaboutmovies1 May 2011
I had the pleasure of seeing Warrior at 2011 CinemaCon, walking in not knowing a thing about the movie, other than it was a movie about 'fighting.' And though a MMA movie (Mixed Martial Arts), not boxing, per se, for the genre, fighting, Warrior delivers a much better story than The Fighter, and is on par with Clint Eastwood's Oscar winner, Million Dollar Baby.

Expect a Best Supporting Actor Oscar nod in 2012 for Nick Nolte. And superstar status for Tom Hardy.

Warrior, though a work of fiction, plays out like a true story; two brothers at odds with each other and their father, in the town of Pittsburgh, who resort to prize fighting, one for the money, the other to prove himself a man.
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ctarheel-315-53598611 March 2012
The official trailer itself is a little bit of a spoiler. I didn't even have an IMDb account and made one just to rate this movie. One of the best iv ever seen. First movie iv ever cried during, and i cried twice lol. Whether your a guy who likes fighting movies or a girl who doesn't know what MMA stands for, this movie will blow you away. Seriously, I don't know how anyone could watch this and think it wasn't at the very least, a Very Good movie. It kept me on the edge of my seat, and its also more realistic the most fighting movies. Watching rocky and most box office fighting films, there tends to be over-dramatized punching noises and the boxers seem to fight without attempting to guard themselves. Aside from the realistic fight however, is a very emotional drama which is sure to move anyone who pays attention to the film.
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Best Sports Movie this year. One of the greatest fighting movie of all time
Kris DeCastro6 September 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Over the past few years we've been receiving quite a lump sum of MMA movies due to the rise of the sport. But movies like Never back down, and fighting just doesn't cut it with their cliché man against man rivalry, with their over the top inaccurate MMA-like action. Then there came Warrior. Was it just another MMA movie with over the top hardcore action? Well lets find out.

What pulled me into the movie at first was the trailer. The trailer didn't have hardcore rock or scenes of "You're not the best around here you can't beat me" shenanigans. It had the sense of two brothers trying to solve their own problems while trying to deal with each other and their former alcoholic father through the use of a huge MMA tournament named Sparta. In which revealed in the trailer they eventually have to face each other.

The story of Warrior although is very MMA suited, you will see about more drama than there is action. Not that there is a problem with that, but it's always great to see how everything unfolds. A former MMA fighter now Physics teacher Brendan Conlon (Joel Edgerton) faces financial problems with his house and is slowly getting back into the mix by competing in underground fights. But the education system finds out about his antics, thus for he is suspended without pay. So he uses this to train full time, and compete in Sparta. Whereas former Marine Tommy Conlon (Tom Hardy) a war hero who is suffering through PTSD, decides he wants to fight in Sparta to give the prize money to the family of his fallen friend. Then there is the father Paddy (Nick Nolte) a former alcoholic who is trying to reach out for his sons for forgiveness of being a family wreck. Who in return is being used as Tommy's trainer, bet is being neglected by him as well. Then Brendan although neglecting him as well, is trying to deal with his own problems and has no time for him.

As for the fight scenes of the movie, I can say I am an experienced Martial artist I've trained in several styles. Although I am not a pro MMA fighter yet, I've watched enough fights to actually comprehend how MMA fights are like and the rules and whatnot. Warrior has put in really great choreography of an authentic MMA fight. It was as if I was watching real fights on the big screen. Although there were some over the top moves here and there, most of the techniques portrayed in Warrior are applicable in a real life combat situation.

The performance and screenplay, all were simply amazing. Tom Hardy's performance was astounding, as so was Nick Nolte's. The appearances of Nate Marquardt (UFC), Anthony Johnson(UFC), Erik Apple(Strikeforce), Roan Carneiro(Freelance) and Kurt Angle(TNA) did a really good job being actors of the movie while being able to retain their athletic ability of being professional athletes in combat sports.

The movie had a unique way making you feel absorbed into the movie, getting to know the characters and feeling attached to them emotionally. Warrior is an emotional roller coaster that will make you laugh, really tense, and even leaving the theater in tears. Whether you are the MMA athlete, fan, trainer, enthusiast or an average movie goer, This movie is for you. Definitely one of the best movies I've seen this year.
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What You Fight For
Jon Ochiai3 October 2011
"Warrior" may be one of the best movies of the year that no one sees. That in itself is puzzling. Mixed martial arts and UFC are in the cultural mainstream; in fact MMA is more popular than professional boxing. Director and writer Gavin O'Connor did the amazing "Miracle" a few years back about the 1980 U.S. Olympic Hockey Team. So he has the touch for inspirational sports stories. In "Warrior" estranged brothers Brendan Conlon (Joel Edgerton) and Tommy Conlon (Tom Hardy) fight each other in the finals of the winner take all mixed martial arts tournament Sparta in Atlantic City. "Warrior" is an inspired story of family, honor, and redemption. I applauded at the end of the movie along with the rest of the audience.

"Warrior" is a paradox of styles as inspired by its leads. Tommy (Hardy) is the AWOL Marine war hero from Afghanistan. He literally tore off a submerged tank door, saving those inside. Tommy plows through opponents with sheer rage and power. He is explosive technique. We witness this as he savagely dismantles world middle weight contender "Mad Dog" Grimes (cocky Erik Apple) with kicks, punches, and throws in an impromptu sparring session. Tommy mysteriously appears at his Dad's door step in Pittsburgh. He blames Paddy (powerful and sublime Nick Nolte) for the death of his mother. Brendan (Edgerton) is the high school physics teacher and former UFC fighter. He and his wife Tess (strong Jennifer Morrison) work several jobs to pay their upside down mortgage. Brendan gets an entry into Sparta to save his family home. He is smart and willing to take punishment to leverage his opponent's mistakes—getting a tap out. Brendan like Tommy has no love for their recovered drunk Dad (Nolte).

At the narrative arc Brendan says to Tommy, "I love you!" And neither will back down. I think O'Connor and writers Anthony Tambakis and Cliff Dorfman at times overstate the family dysfunction. "Warrior" could have been leaner, as strange as that sounds. The mixed martial arts fighting are world class and many of the fighters are MMA stars. Former professional wrestling champion Kurt Angle is fierce and dominating as Russian champ Koba. His match with Brendan is vicious and amazing. "Warrior" authentically gets the brutality and precision of mixed martial arts. Hardy and Edgerton are awesome. I read that Hardy trained intensely gaining 30 pounds of muscle. He broke ribs and fingers. Edgerton tore his knee out during the shoot.

"Warrior" has a gritty atmosphere that is all about character and adversity. O'Connor seamlessly captures this in the simple camera shots and intimate dialog. He generates amazing performances. Edgerton is the delicate balance of compassion and focus. His Brendan is a good and decent man. Hardy has an electrifying enigmatic presence. He provokes a painful sadness and rage in Tommy, for whom honor and family are everything. Nick Nolte poignantly plays their broken father, who is pivotal in the redemption of his sons. Ultimately, "Warrior" is about forgiveness and love. It is one of the year's best.
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A fine sports/fight movie with great performances that deserves a wide audience
inclusus_review18 August 2011
I was lucky enough to catch Warrior at Empire's Big Screen at the O2 in London last week as one of their secret screenings and I have to say it was a very pleasant surprise. It seems it wasn't just me either, eves-dropping on rest of the audience as we left revealed there was an all round endorsement by the crowd. Funnily many of the conversations would begin 'I wouldn't usually go and see a film like that but…' which I can certainly second. I will also avoid spoilers here as I went into this completely unaware and certainly benefited from it.

The film follows two fighters and their families as they enter the big bucks mixed martial arts (MMA) competition, Sparta. It has the usual balance of down on his luck good guy doing it for the family (Joel Edgerton) and a seemingly brutal fighter who is looking for a payday (the suddenly ubiquitous Tom Hardy). Throw in Nick Nolte as a sad, reformed drunk of a father and we have the basic elements of another run of the mill sporting movie. Or at least that's how it starts. It doesn't particularly throw any curve balls to be honest but it does unfold interestingly and we are not given the whole story on a plate which was refreshing. It examines family relationships and regret and faces the terrible truths when some wounds just cannot be healed by forgiveness once it is too late.

It's not all family drama though and unsurprisingly it does have a hellova lot of fighting in so even though I think it is enjoyable for most if you can't stomach the violence then don't bother with it. However the fighting is well balanced within the narrative, excellently shot and excitingly edited so we do not get the cliché slow-mo or the epic hour long battle even for the big finale. Some of the fights are brutally quick and even those that go the distance are edited down very well indeed while maintaining that punishing feeling - they certainly had the audience ooomph'ing and wincing along with every slam and punch. There will be blood along with some horrible curdling crunches too.

Aside form the action Rocky (1976) and The Wrestler (2008) seemed to be more about the individual and their demons and while there are elements of that here it really focuses on the (dysfunctional) family drama. Of course it is going to get the obvious comparisons to The Fighter (2010) but I don't think it's a bad thing and that should really be taken as a compliment. I would not be surprised to see it picking up a few awards along the way too. Even if one was to compare the two I think Warrior stands up very well and having the film follow two fighters marks it apart. Like the fighter though the two leads are outstanding and worthy of all the attention they will receive for them. Performances are impressive across the board in fact and it's wonderful to see Nick Nolte back in the frame with a delightful role that he seems to slip perfectly into. (A sorry ex-drunk with a history of violence - apologies Nick!) As well as their acting performances the two main characters are to be complimented on their believable appearance as fighters with some impressive physique on display. Both of our fighters here are easily as believable as the muscled yet high pitched and whiny Wahlberg and certainly must have done a fair bit of training for the role too. Although that wouldn't really be a surprise for anyone that has seen Hardy in Bronson (2008) most will know him from his turn in Inception (2010) which is something completely different. Joel Edgerton too looks different from the roles I remember him in – Kinky Boots (2005) and Animal Kingdom (2010) - as well as his Uncle Owen turn mean this is another impressive transformation.

As much as I love this film there are a few gripes as there always has to be (sorry I've yet to find a 10/10 film!). Props to director Gavin O'Connor who also wrote the story and starred but the direction could have been a bit tighter and its not a movie where every scene is trimmed with a few wasted shots or lazy and obvious camera work. Although performances were all good some of the characters seemed to lack depth and I felt the wife (Jennifer Morrison) was a little underused as I thought Nick's role also seemed to be forgotten about in the final third. These are very minor quibbles but unfortunately the main one is that it's a product of its self - it's difficult for any film like this to avoid the cliché or cheesy ending. A film focusing on two main fighters in the same competition was always limited on outcomes and although Warrior does it's best I'm afraid the ending could have been handled a bit better.

Very enjoyable movie that I hope gets the audience it deserves. Give it a try even if it's not your usual cuppa tea.

8 out of 10
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Clichéd sports movie with some good points
zetes9 February 2012
A very cliché sports story, with so many corny moments that you'll have seen in six dozen other films that it becomes ludicrous long before its end. Yet, in some ways, it's pretty well done, and it nearly overcomes those clichés. Joel Edgerton and Tom Hardy play two brothers who parted ways way back when they were teenagers. Hardy went away with his mother and later joined the Marines after she passed away. Now he has returned to his father (Nick Nolte), a former drunk who drove his family apart. Edgerton didn't like his father much, either, but chose not to go with his brother and mother because he was in love with the woman he would eventually marry (Jennifer Morrison). Both brothers are skilled fighters and have their eyes set on the big prize in a mixed martial arts tournament. The film somewhat succeeds because it's very low-key. Most of the time, it's hard to notice how melodramatic and predictable the story is. The performances help, too (Joel Edgerton was my favorite of the three big characters). After a while, though, we get stuff like a wife who refuses to watch the fight impatiently pacing behind her cell phone, on a table in the foreground, waiting for a call to tell her her husband has won a match. And Hardy's story is beyond ridiculous - he gets invited to the tournament after beating up a trained MMA champion in a local gym - never mind that Hardy, at best, was just a trained wrestler many years ago in high school. Being in the Marines does not give you superpowers. That's just the start of the ridiculousness that ends up, obviously, with the two brothers fighting in the ring (with Edgerton's wife, at this point, of course watching from ringside). I should probably call Gavin O'Connor one of the best directors of the year, because, as over-the-top as all this stuff is (and, believe me, I barely scratched the surface - the movie runs for 2 hours and 20 minutes), it generally doesn't feel that way. If one doesn't look too closely at it, I could imagine it seeming great. But it's not.
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An Emotional Homerun
Jordan Kennerly10 September 2011
Warning: Spoilers
As a teenager, I'm definitely inexperienced in the world of MMA. But this movie is not about MMA, and that is set very clear from the start. Right from the start of the 2 minute trailer. So naturally I was ecstatic to take my seat in the theater.

Tom Hardy (Tommy Conlon) delivers a moving and emotional performance of a man who has suffered greatly from the ones he loves, and from the field of battle, an all to real reality for people of today. While the younger Tommy suffered the loss of his mother firsthand, his older brother Brendan (Joel Edgerton)has put together a life that a man dreams of, yet is still haunted daily by his past. Only to have it threatened to be destroyed by the bank. Nick Nolte the alcoholic father of the two, has suffered years of remorse and regret from the abuse of alcohol and the neglect of his wife and children is trying to forge a bond but is meeting a stone wall with both of his sons.

The fighting, though it is very well acted and shot, is not about fighting. It is the physical representation of the struggle between the three men, the struggle to forget and forgive and to move on. The demons that possess all three of these men are of such great proportion, the only way they can be relinquished is for them to come together.

It hits home on such a high level on so many different subjects, that you will be floored into your seat as the credits roll in.

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People are giving it a little too much credit
Christian Holmqvist24 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Okay so I'm also one of those people who "only registered to comment on this movie" and I see a lot of people here being either "OMG! BEST. MOVIE. EVER." or "omg how can this even be classified as a movie.

Well in my opinion this movie is worth a watch, far from the best or even one of the greater movies I've seen but it was watchable till' the end, it didn't at least feel like a 2 hour movie. What follows are my problems with the film and I think you should see the movie before continuing reading. I'm going to talk about the drama, not how this is a rocky ripoff, fight-scenes, the incredible improbability that these two guys would end up in a tournament like this etc.

SPOILER LINE OF DOOM - DO NOT PROCEED Okay so I gave this film a 6 out of 10 and I don't feel it deserves anything more, and nothing less. I'm really baffled to see how so many people see this as fantastic or great drama, the only dram that i felt had any impact on me was the relationship Tommy had with his father because they actually shared scenes with each other and you really could feel Tommys' anger with his father... unlike the relationship with his brother... which is the climax of the movie.

To me it feels like they just throw a lot of negative events into everyones lives and expect me to instantly feel for them and apparently it works on some people but personally i need more than bad news to care for a person. Brendan has money issues, and he's angry with his father for being a drunk and spending more time with his brother than him, Brendan has one scene where he actually talks to his father. One. You can't expect me to feel anything about this come on.

Tommy. His friend dies, goes AWOL, angry with his brother for leaving, angry with his father for being a drunk and he's an ex-marine. Whoa they really just threw everything and anything into this guy to make him likable. He has one scene with his brother where he says that he's mad because Brendan left. That's it. And this is gonna be sufficient for the finale? It ain't. What, all he ever wanted was for his brother to say he loves him and that would make it all okay? I really just didn't get why they ended this film like they did, I've seen some reviews here from people claiming they cried, personally I was in an emotional what the.. statement. Oh yeah, Tommy is fighting because he made a promise to his dead friends wife that he'd take care of them, we know this from 1 scene where he made a phone call and never speak of this again. I mean... what the hell is with this movie throwing so much in it and not developing anything.

The thing I think the movie got right was the relationship Tommy had with his father Paddy. Nick Nolte does a great performance and I really sympathize with him and it was emotional seeing Tommy finally forgiving him, kind of, maybe he just felt guilty I really don't know they just kind of jumped to the climax from there. Anyway it was nice seeing some closure between them.

Okay first review and it got pretty long, at least I feel I got what I wanted out and think they should have left some parts out and developed other more and for that, it's worth a 5-6. Not the best I've seen, nor the worst, just something watchable in the middle. If this will be the best drama you have seen, like some people on this site claim it is, guess what? There's so many other movies for you to watch than this one, better ones.
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well if this isn't the American Nightmare
Radu_A4 August 2012
Warning: Spoilers
OK, actually this is a decent sports drama, and I would rate it 6.5-7 if it wasn't for an utterly horrifying plot element that seems to have escaped most people: The main hero of the story is forced into foreclosure of his home by an arrogant banker who weaseled him into his loan in the first place, and now refuses to extend it. His only way out is to participate in a no-holds-barred fight tournament organized and financed by - an arrogant Wall Street banker! Just how sick is that? The people who force ordinary Americans into bankruptcy get the additional kick of watching said Americans get their heads bashed in - and be grateful for the wads of cash they may receive if they make it. Exactly like 'Hunger Games', only there it's criticized and in a SciFi setting, whereas 'Warrior' glorifies this state of things and is set in the present day! Almost as if the US today were some sort of Ancient Rome, where the impoverished should be thankful for their chance to prove their merit in the arena like the gladiators of yore.

Other reasons for me to dislike the film were various plot gaps wider than the Grand Canyon: if a soldier goes AWOL in Iraq - how can he resurface in the US under a different name? Are we supposed to believe that US immigration turns a blind eye on disgruntled young men? Besides the fact that the feat, for which he is so celebrated in the film, is physically impossible (body submerged in water = no leverage).

Then there's the 'Rocky' thing: below-than-average fighter trains for a big tournament and makes it against all odds. In 'Rocky', however, the whole story is about getting there, how to overcome the shortcomings of the body by willpower, and the final fight is a draw, not a victory - because in that film, the emphasis is on keeping it real, and that's what makes it a classic. 'Warrior', however, features totally unbalanced fight sequences; the only difference to wrestling would be the missing name calling, and that it presents itself as a real deal, where in fact anybody who's ever done a bit of martial arts can only shake his head and go WTF.

On the plus side, there's Nick Nolte's great presence in a, however, highly cliché role. But aforementioned plot element, which I perceive as an assault on common sense and civil rights, prompts me to condemn this film completely. If there's anyone in this film who'd deserve a good thrashing, it's the organizer of the Sparta tournament!
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8.3 rating on this movie? how?
arodz_motorsports23 January 2012
Warning: Spoilers
this movie absolutely sucks! the whole plot, the clichés! I just do not understand how this movie got such a high rating! The movie has such a dumb storyline! I am wondering if people are giving it a high rating because of the popularity of MMA? The whole movie is just so full of unrealistic possibilities. From the AWAL Marine who becomes a hero on his way out from IRAQ,who all of a sudden becomes an MMA killer? to the moonlighting Teacher who beats down an undefeated MMA fighter? or How about the two brothers fighting each other for the finale? what are the odds of that happening? I am usually not such a hard critic but the unrealistic high rating made me post this. Please people please rate this movie correctly and not just on MMA Scenes. I would never watch this movie again! I think people should re rate this movie once they clearly see how boring and unrealistic this movie is!
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Overrated classical American feelgood movie
Teh Pwn11 August 2012
First off - great camera-work, hence the 2. Now for the core of the movie - brother vs brother is a fun plot that can be twisted every which way. However as soon as some obviously fake Russian character is introduced with the completely out of place Visotski song playing in the background... the pieces start falling in place. This is a classical American tearjerker feelgood movie. The idea alone of a classic underdog has been made into film 100 times better in Rocky, where not the selfish victory but "all-in" attempt at it is what really counts. A battle that could not be won, yet one does not give up. This is the opposite. What could have been a very dramatic (and believable! and almost heartbreaking!) plot of two brothers pitted against each other is washed down the tubes. For someone who has a moderate interest in MMA it is clear the the ending was completely unrealistic and would have never taken place. This is not 1900's, today people are not beaten to within an inch of their life in the ring. To contrast this to any VanDamme flick - think of this movie being a much better attempt at a fighter movie, minus actual fighters who have no acting skills, but add to it American superiority complex and you have the "warrior". Overrated, and sad to say this "warrior" won in the ring but lost to idealism.
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Awesome flick
brett-762601 April 2018
Short and sweet review. Great acting and really a solid story. Much more than your typical fighting movie. Well worth a few hours of your time!!! Watch it!!! Go watch it right now!
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temrok910 September 2015
Warning: Spoilers
It is not that Warrior is not a good film;in fact, from a point on it grabs you in continuous commitment with your heart pumping fast and helplessly.The truth is that at the start it looks like it wants to be something more than another fighting movie, with the roles of Nolte and Hardy, and the reading of Mobby Dick, some kind of elegy.And it could succeed at it, as the Hardy character-in one of Hardy's best performances-is built masterfully;yet, the other characters of the film gradually become banal, and whats worst-please do not read further if you have not seen the movie-at the end there is the most conservative choice one could imagine, as the winner is the family man who fights in order to pay for the home of his family, whereas the heroic-and anti heroic-veteran, looses everything.One could argue that the end is about reconciliation and the return to the unity of the family;in my opinion, it is a total fiasco that let me down and made me really angry. There should be some other way to discourage violence without letting down the most interesting character of the movie.His defeat is the failure of the film to be anything more than a family fighting movie to watch at home.Yet, for Hardy alone, I would very much like to watch it again.
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If you need some stereotype in your life go and see Warrior
Stojkov15 December 2011
SPOILER: This movie is something new. Everything was so unpredictable, fights, tournament and what an end, totally unexpected, two brothers in the final. What a story!!! Really, I think this film is in top 10, no top 5, worst sport-drama movies in last decade. Do not waste your time. Do not waste your time and money on this film. It is absolute mystery how Warrior reached 8.3 on IMDb. It should be in best case 5, so that people know that they cannot expect any intellectual challenge. So, I guess this is a movie for Ultimate fight fans, because that is the only that it can offer, fight scenes (pumped and not realistic). And believe, this has nothing with a fact that I am a female. I watched Warrior with my brother and husband, both of them shared my opinion. Nothing new, full of stereotypes. OK, I will admit one bright spot. Hotel scene with drunk Nick Nolte character and Tom Hardy character is 3 bright minutes in 140 min of nothing.
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Are you kidding me?
Arnold Jelleybeen8 August 2012
Oh boy! We've got yet another Rocky movie, this time written by an over-the-top hardship pornographer. All this film needs is a girlfriend recovering from heroin addiction, and the pathos of that, and her illegitimate child who needs an operation no one can afford.... The hero will go in the proving ground and battle for the blah blah blah.

The women ogle pectoral definition and the men clench their fists and swing their shoulders. Really, this film just rehashes all those old 1970s buttons and levers to try to make us root for the fighter and his noble cause. There's nothing new here and in a year or so it will have slipped from the top 250 to a more reasonable middle-of-the-pack seat on the list.

Most sports movies have a set pattern to some extent and almost invariably involve an underdog, a villain, and a subplot of some family issue. We expect it and it's the variations on these themes that make or break a movie. This is all cliché stapled to a newish sport.
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Absolute Trash
mreman181219 December 2011
This is a formula movie which makes no sense at all and merely sets up conditions that will supposedly tug at your heart strings. It's difficult to give the reasons for my conclusion without putting in a spoiler. The plot is thin, the characters unbelievable and the ending is absolutely ridiculous.

True, we enjoy movies as a way to escape reality for a little while but how so much money can be spent making a movie as bad as this is beyond any logical thought. I suppose if you are a teenager and like flash bang violence without any thought to reality then this would be the movie to see. Afterwards you can go beat up some grade school children and buy a trophy for your efforts.
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an 8.3? 8.3? 8.3? 8.3? 8.3? But no, it can not be, there is no way...no, no, no, no, I will not accept sheeples' scores Warning: Spoilers
See, back in the day about 10 years ago, when the Good the bad and the ugly was rated 7.7 and Barry Lyndon was rated 7.5, people were more sensible. This movie is ONE BIG Cliché, OH MY GOD, other than Nick Nolte's performance, everything else was violently cliché. See, back in the day, there's no way in hell this movie would be at 8.3, probably low 5's.

See, here is how the director got such a high score from the sheeple. First you got to have a touching subject that ends not in tragedy but happiness: father son mad at each other then make up, let's see that covers about a quarter of the viewing audience. Next brothers make up, another quarter at least, next economic struggle, mortgage foreclosure, another quarter at least, next drug addiction, trying to cope, serve in the military, oooooo, National Pride!!! more boost to the score, more BOOST!!! More sheeple voting 8 or higher.

My eagle eye sees everything, few can escape the sharpness of my intellect.
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