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Season 5

1 Oct. 2013
Travail obligatoire
The new mayor of Villeneuve has come out openly in support of the worker program that drafts young French men to be sent off to Germany. After Raymond's young brother-in-law is drafted he must decide to either comply or flee to Switzerland.
1 Oct. 2013
Le jour des alliances
While on the run from the authorities, Antoine and his new friend Claude end up hiding out at a barn where they meet another draft dodger. At the school, Lucienne is becoming suspicious of the new singing teacher, Marguerite.
8 Oct. 2013
Naissance d'un chef
Marie confronts Antoine and the other objectors at their mountain camp She tries to persuade them to join the Resistance. Marchetti is faced with being exposed for the murder of a German soldier after the case is reopened.
8 Oct. 2013
La répétition
Antoine leads his group in combat training for future action much to the frustration of his fellow companions. Hortense tries to persuade Heinrich to undergo an experimental operation that could relieve his constant pain.
15 Oct. 2013
Marcel and Suzanne head into town to warn a Resistance operative of his imminent danger at a huge risk of their own safety. Back at Antoine's farm, Antoine reports his capture of two German soldiers, one who is wounded and requests a doctor.
15 Oct. 2013
Le déménagement
Marcel, battered after repeated interrogation and torture, wakes up in a cell with Marie's son Raoul; Antoine's group, under Claude's direction and insistence, practice theater in order to distract themselves from boredom.
22 Oct. 2013
La livraison
Antoine agrees to help Marie free the captive Resistance members with a desperate and daring plan. Antoine must convince Raymond to help them.
22 Oct. 2013
Les trois coups
The rescue operation succeeds but at the expense of one of the prisoners who remains in German custody. At the school Lucienne attitude towards Marguerite changes drastically after she discovers Marguerite's secret.
29 Oct. 2013
Un acte de naissance
Marcel and Daniel are reunited in a prison cell after Daniel was arrested by the French Militia. Hortense looks after Gustave at Daniel's home when a surprise visitor comes knocking.
29 Oct. 2013
L'Alsace et la Lorraine
Antoine decides to hold an 11 November remembrance parade in Villeneuve as a gesture of defiance. The Germans are lured out of the town by a diversion and the police are temporarily neutralized by the Resistance. Lucienne and Marguerite sabotage the radio communications at the school.
5 Nov. 2013
Le jour d'après
Following the parade, townspeople are rounded up. Müller and Chassagne compete to get Antoine first. Marcel is marked for execution. Marchetti interrogates Lucienne and Marguerite. Suzanne attempts to free Marcel but the price is too high. Chassagne is arrested.
5 Nov. 2013
Un sens au monde
Marguerite is pressured into betrayal. Marcel and Chassagne become acquainted. Servier's wife gives him a lesson in politics. Beriot gets a warning and is tasked with taking care of Marguerite. Marcel and Chassagne are executed. Antoine and most of the group evade capture.

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