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Season 3

28 Nov. 2010
Le temps des secrets
French police catch Suzanne after Marcel's resistance operation goes wrong.The new German commander threatens to end the contract with the sawmill threatening Raymond Schwartz's livelihood.
28 Nov. 2010
Notre père
Daniel tells Marcel that their father, who Marcel has not spoken to in years, is seriously ill and on his deathbed as the Communists group plans it's next move.
5 Dec. 2010
La planque
Lucienne is preoccupied with the news of her pregnancy, and seeks spiritual guidance before making a serious decision. A party official from out of town joins the Communists in Villeneuve to help carry out an attack on a German officer.
5 Dec. 2010
Si j'étais libre
Suzanne and Marcel are caught VB in a random roundup of villagers and brought in to be questioned by the Germans. Hortense's secret affair with Heinrich continues and Daniel becomes suspicious.
12 Dec. 2010
Le choix des armes
Daniel investigated the disappearance of food supplies to Villeneuve with the help of De Lever, while both Hortense and Lucienne 's respective love affairs are disclosed.
12 Dec. 2010
La java bleue
The German police have put Marcel under surveillance in an attempt to discover his militants network. Raymond gets an unusual request from his secret business partner.
19 Dec. 2010
Une chance sur deux
Marcel and Communist militants figure out the details and put their plan to assassinate the German Commander into effect. Lucienne agrees to marry Jules, on condition that he be baptized.
19 Dec. 2010
Le choix
In response to the shooting of two German officers, the Germans insist that 20 French hostages be executed in reprisal. Daniel seeks to do everything he can to spare the lives of the hostages.
26 Dec. 2010
Quel est votre nom?
Yvon is arrested by Heinrich Muller, bit refuses to denounce his fellow comrades. Gustave convinced. that his father is in Switzerland Fe CV idea to go alone to join him.
26 Dec. 2010
Par amour
Marcel decides to risk it all and go see his son at Daniel's after he falls ill. Hortense learns that Heinrich will be posted on the Russian front if he doesn't stop the perpetrators of the attack within 24 hours.
2 Jan. 2011
Le traître
Daniel is arrested by Heinrich after helping Marcel escape. Hortense pleads to have him released, bit Heinrich's career is at risk and he must force Daniel to divulge his brothers whereabouts.
2 Jan. 2011
Règlements de comptes
Marcel is now faced with a crucial decision on whether to follow orders or disobey them. Hortense, who is temporarily staying with Daniel to assist around the house, attempts to save their marriage.

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