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Season 7

25 Oct. 2016
Derrière le mur
Servier and Larcher face trial for collaboration. Gustave's involvement in the black market with Jerome deepens. Lucienne's grief lingers while the identity of Kurt's grave, buried under an alias, threatens to be revealed. Antoine returns from military service searching for work and helps out an old comrade. The Villeneuve council is dissolved and political manoeuvring begins between the Gaullists and Communists. Hortense recovers from her public shaming but becomes increasingly paranoid. Beriot receives an anonymous letter.
25 Oct. 2016
Le carnet
The Larcher and Servier trial continues. Jeannine is disciplined for her collaboration activities. Suzanne takes Gustave in after having him released for an attempted extortion and tries to reacquaint him with his late father, Marcel. Heinrich Müller makes a surprise return but becomes a great disappointment for Hortense. Lucienne struggles to restore some normalcy to her life when she is forced to retire from teaching, at least temporarily. Antoine returns to the sawmill.
1 Nov. 2016
Rue Marcel Larcher
The Larcher and Servier trial continues. Gustave prepares revenge for the US sergeant's betrayal. Müller is arrested by the French authorities but is eventually handed back under pressure to the US military. Beriot's patience with Lucienne is running out. Raymond Schwartz is nominated as the mayoral candidate for the Gaullists. Gustave finally takes action.
1 Nov. 2016
Les quatre du maquis
The trial of Dr. Larcher continues with some interesting facts coming to light. Hortense becomes increasingly paranoid.Beriot gives Luccianne an ultimatum, and Schwartz has an offer to run for mayor. Gustave goes on the run that has a nostalgic feeling. A street and square in Villenueve are re named for Resistance heroes.
8 Nov. 2016
Les devoirs de mémoire
Gustave is offered a way out after a meeting gone bad with Jerome leaves one dead. Marchetti offers some hard truths in court while awaiting his execution, and has an unexpected guest from Palestine. Shwartz gears up for the "celebration of the 4,and the trial for Servier and Daniels fate is deliberated in closing arguments by the defense and prosecution. Antoine reveals a harsh truth at the celebration!
16 Nov. 2017
Prisonniers de guerre
A bloody accident at the sawmill sets off a political firestorm. Directed by Jean-Philippe Amar, 2017.
23 Nov. 2017
In 1945, Gustave's past comes back to haunt him. Directed by Jean-Philippe Amar, 2017.

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