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I just can't....
brett-turpen5 January 2021
I honestly can't believe the woman talking the whole time. She seems like a fraud and trying to get some fame from knowing famous people.
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Another masterpiece from Errol Morris
lkgleeson29 October 2020
Form Errol Morris comes another masterpiece Errol Morris, with a tell-all story of Johanna Harcourt-Smith, a once young, Swiis born, Paris-raised, jet-setting, aristocratic, Jewish woman who cavorted with the high priest of LSD, Timothy Leary. My Psychedelic Love Story is the story of Harcourt-Smith and O'Leary as they circumvent extradition and indulge themselves in daily acid trips for a two-month period before Leary is extradited back to the US, incarcerated, and eventually released. Harcourt-Smith is a compelling storyteller. During her two-month jet setting romance with Leary, she recalls her conversations with Keith Richards and how she encouraged him to go to America and make albums with the Rolling Stones. And, the spur-of-the-moment trips to Switzerland, Afghanistan, France, and back again. Listening to her tell her tale coupled with Morris' use of image inserts of colorful Tarot cards and hypnotic music, I felt captivated and often wondered how could Harcourt have such a vivid recollection of her and Leary's travels on the run from the law. Nevertheless, My Psychedelic Love Story is quite a tale of what seems to have become a largely forgotten part of the turbulent 1970s. Don't fret, however, as Showtime will be airing it soon. Highly recommended!
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theoldman-0594314 December 2020
A major failure by the great documentarian Errol Morris about the recently deceased Joanna Harcourt-Smith. She was the girlfriend of Timothy Leary who, when he escaped prison, joined him on his globetrotting romp to keep ahead of the police. Morris makes a classic error, since he's talking a lot of about LSD, and other psychedelics, he thinks it adds to the experience to keep having "trippy" images constantly mixed into the the story. So photographs swirl and expand and displayed text also bubbles up and just gives you a headache. "Like I'm too high, man." I made it through about 12 minutes.
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It just doesn't add up
greenwriter-972-1496124 December 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Ok. It's a movie about Timothy Leary and LSD. So, when I write that the film just doesn't make sense, hold you 'Duh's' for just a moment. What doesn't make sense and ultimately defeats the filmmaker's efforts to tell a story is the simple fact that the storyteller Joanna, continuously makes the most unbelievable set up remarks leading to any and all 'next moments' with Leary. Be prepared to hear lines like, 'so this man took me to New York' or 'I knew they'd let us in because I was a huge TV star in Lebanon' or the always plausible, 'I had done some modeling in (insert name of major city here) when I was 11'. It doesn't take long before the viewer can't believe a word Joanna says and the entire 'factual examination' falls apart. Joanna's recounting of how she convinced Keith Richards to perform a string of concerts for George McGovern has to be one of the single most confusing and obviously made up on the spot filmed sequences ever made.
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LSD (and the CIA) Is One Heck of a Drug!
MortSahlFan29 November 2020
I wish Errol Morris would stop fake re-enactments - it's a documentary. He started this with "The Thin Blue Line". Because it was so successful, almost every director since the 1980s uses this technique which I'd call anti-documentary. But he picks fine topics, such as Bannon (which is his best one), "American Dharma" which use Bannon's favorite movies as a parallel dialogue or point of reference to the conversation and it's very effective, partly because the movies are so great, and "Fog of War"

I've been involved with this story for decades. I have always had my doubts about Joanna. I think every person vital in understanding the mind, being involved with the anti-war movement, anti-establishment politics in general feel she is a fraud. And if you remember, she says "I lie all the time and have my entire life". I don't know why she then went on to describe her heritage over and over. I do know why. She wants the sympathy and guilt from the beginning to make the rest of the story (for those on the fence) to believe her.

She thinks she's a CIA plant. Many others think she worked for the CIA to get Timothy Leary in trouble and having to actually "cop-out" or sell-out and become a snitch, an FBI informant working with the government.

Why was that so important, even for President Nixon? Because the CIA, etc., know how influential heroes are, which is why the US Government, and in particular, the FBI were trying to deport John Lennon.

Many in that period became cynical and apathetic, even nihilistic. George Carlin would lament this in his great comedy bit-rant "Everybody's a Rat" (check it out), which is the goal of "power", so that you can substitute that loss of soul nutrition by being obedient consumers, and have money become your god, because then you are easily controlled and playing into the hands of the establishment - doing their dirty work for them. As opposed to sacrificing yourself for a greater cause, even the lost causes, as Mort Sahl would and still says (one example of a man who would not sell-out)..

Free speech isn't a fad - it's our 1st Amendment in the Constitution. If someone tells you "You're not allowed to talk about ______" - do it 10x as much. The most important issues are usually the ones that aren't discussed enough (or hardly at all).

The tale of Timothy Leary is a game of chess/chicken. The government let him escape, but used that as leverage. I don't think anyone won. The people lost.
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Something to consider
gabriel20002 December 2020
Is that Errol Morris had intended to use more then just her interview. It was a limitation due to Covid-19. He could have shelved the whole project or did this. Source: The Hamilton Morris Podcast on Pateron
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Dont believe the fake low ratings
ajikude4 December 2020
A must watch. Mind blowing, truthful, daring, real, raw, excellent story telling, not a dull moment. Excellent editing. A true self documentary drama about life and times with Timothy Leary and his lover. Even as a christian dont be ignorant of the other side of tarot cards and crowley mentions. Watch it open minded. Whether you think they are drug addicts, satanists or anti government hippies this documentary drama is mind blowing and well written. Joanna is an excellent story teller and obviously has an almost photographic memory. They should make this into a full feature movie. The story includes espionage, wealth, degradation, drugs, gangs, international financiers, first class hotels, diplomats and more. A definite must watch. I could imagine Bryan Cranston or Jim Carrey playing Timothy Leary in this movie and Amy Adams as Joanna.
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Another Piece of Crap from Errol Morris
arfdawg-11 December 2020
Gos this doc is awful.

Far fetched conspiracy theory that you have to be high on LSD, Mesc and Mushroon all at once to even remotelytake seriously.

The woman who is at the center of this BS is really hard to listen to. She looks like she's 100 and her voice is all raspy.

She'snot interesting and her story is even less interesting.

If you took LSD before you watched this you'd have a bad trip.

Pass on by. Ignore the good reviews.
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While Leary was more of a pop star than a writer
theknownames16 December 2020
He certainly still gets credit in the media . This documentary however is about Johanna and her perspective and experience. I find her to be a very credible reporter of her experience and it's refreshing and kept me watching. While the content is less interesting and the information is of course from her experience, her account is what what held my interest and was at times riveting as it unfurled.
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He was a pop star not og writer
theknownames16 December 2020
Tho one woman's perspective , her woman's retelling of these events feel credible. This is why I give this documentary a 7 . While the content is interesting and it's not necessarily information, but it is her version of events . considering Timothy Larry became the face of lsd he was more of a popstar not an original writer. What kept me watching is her version of events and her believability-it's her experience. Is also frustrating to further see how his behavior negated much of the would be research and use of lsd , setting us back a lifetime for its uses and research. Just my 2 cents
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Forgotten reality
drahmedabdelfattah26 December 2020
What is disgusting is a thug alcoholic criminal like Nixon stop the course of civilisation and psychiatry, PTSD which most of the innocent American youth tortured by it due stupid wars and the formation of drug cartels and human trafficking and age of Epistein and raping of not innocent girls in our third world, but in the land of freedom, in the land who founding fathers saved the world from slavery, and now the only hope in curing our suffering is medicine like lsd and ketamine.
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A tale of a very privileged person who knows no bounds
billsoccer23 December 2020
I was hoping for a little more Timothy Leary to be honest but was treated to the unrelenting self-obsession of this woman. To be fair, I think this filled in some of the blanks (in my mind) about Leary (This confirmed my memory - that he wasted his potential - he was simply a hedonist). You don't need this account to come to this conclusion, but her account is sometimes gripping - her wealth, access to famous people, etc. Always must be in on the action, must not be bored! One wishes for some humility, some wisdom - if just for the sake of the children/grandchildren she left behind. One also wishes there were some attempt to fact check. I don't believe a Freedom of information request was made - just a lame statement to the effect that the CIA was unable to verify any documents (something no agency would do, I don't believe).
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