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Comedy: Hannibal Buress On His New Comedy Central Special 'Live From Chicago,' Colorado Pot Laws

Hannibal Buress, the stand-up comedian and former writer for NBC's Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock, recently sat down with Uinterview at SXSW to discuss his upcoming special Live from Chicago, airing on Comedy Central March 29.

Buress, who is best recognized from his numerous appearances on late night talk shows, has recently taken roles on a few well-known TV programs, often playing himself or a version of himself in FX's Louie, Comedy Central's The Awkward Comedy Show and Adult Swim's The Eric Andre Show.

Buress discussed his upcoming special, including some previews of his material. "I talk about drinking, I talk about traveling, I talk about clothes, I talk about food, I talk about traveling," Buress told Uinterview. "I really hit it. I hit everything and there's something for you. There's something for everybody."

Buress even gave his opinion on the new marijuana laws in Colorado. "Good for them!
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Meet The Comedians Of “The Awkward Comedy Show”

Meet the comedians of The Awkward Comedy Show – a documentary film about black comedians proud to refer to themselves as black nerd comics.

I profiled it on this blog yesterday (read that post Here).

At the Apple Store in SoHo, NYC, tomorrow, May 7th, from 7pm to 8pm, they’ll all be there – Marina Franklin, Victor Varnado, Hannibal Buress, Eric André and Baron Vaughn.

The film was said to have been made with the ultimate goal of “changing how audiences view not only black comedians but also black comedy as a whole.”
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New On DVD – “The Awkward Comedy Show” (Black Nerd Comedians Unite!)

The story goes… The Awkward Comedy Show is a new stand-up performance documentary spotlighting 4 African American comics who proudly consider themselves “black nerd comedians.”

Awkward comedians Victor Varnado, Hannibal Buress, Eric André and Baron Vaughn “bring to their routines the arrogant street-wise swagger of computer programming, Shakespearean drama, and playing the tuba,” with the ultimate goal of changing how audiences view not only black comedians but also black comedy as a whole.

Comedian Marina Franklin serves as interviewer, peering into the minds of the performers.

The film is said to “offer an off-stage look at the Awkward Comedy Show comedians as well, with behind the scenes footage and interviews, blended with personal vignettes illustrated by underground comic book artists.”

The 80-minute film aired on Comedy Central on April 9th, and I had no idea! Didn’t see any ads for it that I recall, so I didn’t watch it.
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[DVD Review] The Awkward Comedy Show

The Awkward Comedy Show has lofty goal in mind – it hopes to change how you view not only black comedians but also black comedy as a whole. In a scant 80 minutes, it doesn’t quite reach these heights. It does act as a calling card for five stand-up comedians of varied cultural origins but equal skill on the mike. These are funny people, make no mistake about it, and the best decision director Victor Varnado (who appears as one of the comics) makes is to focus more on their sets than conversational pieces and a few animated sequences that seem to exist more to pad out the running time than to personify the five comics.

Marina Franklin, Victor Varnado, Hannibal Buress, Eric Andre and Baron Vaughn are what the back cover of this calls “alternative comedians.” That’s another way of saying you don’t of them very often. The
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Comedy Central's New Special "Awkward Comedy Show" Premieres April 9

Comedy Central is heading in a new, nerdy direction for the channel's latest comedy special. "The Awkward Comedy Show" will bring a unique category of black comedy to the stage with five distinctive comedians that are sure to bring side-splitting laughs.

Fans can join Hannibal Buress, Eric Andre, Baron Vaughn, Marina Franklin and Victor Varnado as they give their own quirky and eclectic views of the world.

Buress, an asthmatic who almost chose a career in break dancing as opposed to stand-up, spoke with Ahn about his career choice, telling fans, "I would just like them to know that I was a couple of inhalers away from me being a break dancer."

The special, which was also directed, produced and created by Varnado, will premiere on Comedy Central on April 9 at Midnight. Fans that miss the special can download an uncensored and unedited digital album of the show on April
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