The Social Network (2010) Poster

Justin Timberlake: Sean Parker



  • Mark Zuckerberg : You signed the papers.

    Eduardo Saverin : [almost in tears]  You set me up.

    Mark Zuckerberg : You're gonna blame me because you were the business head of the company and you made a bad business deal with your own company?

    Eduardo Saverin : This is gonna be like I'm not a part of Facebook!

    Sean Parker : It won't be like you're not a part of Facebook. You're not a part of Facebook.

    Eduardo Saverin : My name's on the masthead.

    Sean Parker : You might wanna check again.

    Eduardo Saverin : Just because I froze the account?

    Sean Parker : Did you think we were going to let you parade around in your ridiculous suits pretending you were running this company?

    Eduardo Saverin : [cutting him off; screaming]  Sorry! My Prada's at the cleaners! Along with my hoodie and my 'fuck you' flip-flops, you pretentious douchebag!

    Sean Parker : Security's here, you'll be leaving now.

    Eduardo Saverin : I'm not signing those papers.

    Sean Parker : We will get the signature.

    Eduardo Saverin : [to Mark]  Tell me this isn't about me getting into the Phoenix.

    [Mark scoffs] 

    Eduardo Saverin : [in disbelief]  You... You did it! I knew you did it! You planted that story about the chicken!

    Mark Zuckerberg : I didn't plant the story about the chicken.

    Sean Parker : What's he talking about?

    Eduardo Saverin : You had me accused of animal cruelty.

    Sean Parker : Seriously, what the hell's the chicken?

    Eduardo Saverin : [leans down close to Mark, his voice low and dangerous]  And I'll bet what you hated the most was that they identified me as a co-founder of Facebook, which I am. You better lawyer up asshole, because I'm not coming back for 30%, I'm coming back for EVERYTHING.

    [backs away from Mark slowly, still looking at him] 

  • Eduardo Saverin : Mark!

    Sean Parker : He's wired in.

    Eduardo Saverin : I'm sorry?

    Sean Parker : He's wired in.

    Eduardo Saverin : [picks up marks computer and smashes it on the ground]  What about now? Are you wired in now?

  • Sean Parker : Well, I founded an internet company that let folks download and share music for free.

    Amy : Kind of like Napster?

    Sean Parker : Exactly like Napster.

    Amy : What do you mean?

    Sean Parker : I founded Napster.

    Amy : Sean Parker founded Napster.

    Sean Parker : Nice to meet you.

    Amy : [Surprised]  You're Sean Parker?

    Sean Parker : Ah ha! You see, the shoe is on the other...

    Amy : Foot?

    Sean Parker : Table. Which has turned.

    Amy : I just slept with Sean Parker?

    Sean Parker : You just slept ON Sean Parker.

  • Sean Parker : We lived on farms, then we lived in cities, and now we're going to live on the internet!

  • Sean Parker : You think you know me, don't you?

    Eduardo Saverin : I've read enough.

    Sean Parker : You know how much I've read about you?


    Sean Parker : Nothing.

  • Sean Parker : Drop the "The." Just "Facebook." It's cleaner.

  • Sean Parker : Hang on. Almost forgot.

    [holds a check in front of Eduardo] 

    Sean Parker : Here's your $19,000. I wouldn't cash it, though. I drew it on the account you froze.

    [Eduardo goes to hit Sean; Sean cowers] 

    Eduardo Saverin : [Eduardo pulls back, his eyes wet, but staring to smile]  I like standing next to you, Sean. It makes me look so tough.

    [walks out, escorted by two security guards] 

  • Mark Zuckerberg : Your date looks so familiar to me.

    Sean Parker : She looks familiar to a lot of people.

    Mark Zuckerberg : What do you mean?

    Sean Parker : A Stanford MBA named Roy Raymond wants to buy his wife some lingerie but he's too embarrassed to shop for it at a department store. He comes up with an idea for a high end place that doesn't make you feel like a pervert. He gets a $40,000 bank loan, borrows another $40,000 from his in-laws, opens a store, and calls it Victoria's Secret. Makes a half million dollars his first year. He starts a catalog, opens three more stores and after five years he sells the company to Leslie Wexner and the Limited for four million dollars. Happy ending, right? Except two years later, the company's worth 500 million dollars and Roy Raymond jumps off the Golden Gate Bridge. Poor guy just wanted to buy his wife a pair of thigh-highs.

  • Eduardo Saverin : Mark. Mark!

    Sean Parker : He's wired in.

    Eduardo Saverin : Sorry?

    Sean Parker : He's wired in.

    Eduardo Saverin : Is he?

    Sean Parker : Yes.

    [takes Mark's laptop and smashes it down on the desk, destroying it] 

    Eduardo Saverin : How about now? You still wired in?

    Sean Parker : Call security.

    Eduardo Saverin : You issued 24 million new shares of stock.

    Mark Zuckerberg : You were told that if new investors came along...

    Eduardo Saverin : How much were your shares diluted?

    [points to Sean] 

    Eduardo Saverin : How much were his?

  • Amy : You don't know my name, do you?

    Sean Parker : Is it Stanford?

    Amy : [playfully]  I should just kick your ass! How do you go to a party and you meet somebody...

    Sean Parker : [Cutting her off]  Amelia Ritter, but you prefer Amy. You're from Orinda. Your father's in commercial real estate, and your mother's ten years sober.

    Amy : [Smiling]  What's my major?

    Sean Parker : Trombone?

    Amy : Really?

    Sean Parker : I remember something about a trombone.

  • Sean Parker : [Looking at the boxes of business cards on Mark's desk]  What's the package?

    Mark Zuckerberg : [avoiding eye contact]  Nothing.

    Sean Parker : [Sean smiles]  Mackey?

    Mackey : Yes, sir?

    Sean Parker : Refresh!

    [Screen shows 1,000,046 members on refreshing the page, all the Facebook employees cheer] 

    Sean Parker : And you're not a hugger, I know.

    [hugs Mark, while Mark resists] 

  • Sean Parker : Your major is French.

    Amy : And yours?

    Sean Parker : Mine? I don't have one.

    Amy : You haven't declared?

    Sean Parker : I don't go to school.

    Amy : You're kidding!

    Sean Parker : No.

    Amy : Well, where did you go to school?

    Sean Parker : William Taft Elementary for a little while.

    Amy : Seriously? You're not like 15-years old or anything, are you?

    Sean Parker : [laughing]  No. Wait, you're not like 15, are you?

    Amy : No.

  • Sean Parker : You're twenty minutes late. You're gonna walk in there and say you overslept and didn't have time to get dressed. They're gonna pitch you. Case Equity is gonna pitch you. They're gonna beg you to take their money. You're gonna nod, you're gonna nod, you're gonna nod, and then you're gonna say, "Which one of you is Roth?" No, not Roth. Manningham. "Which one of you is Mitchell Manningham?" And he'll say, "I am." And then you say, "Sean Parker says, 'Fuck you,'" Walk out.

  • Sean Parker : And that's where you're headed, a billion dollar valuation. Unless you take bad advice, in which case you may as well have come up with a chain of very successful yogurt shops. When you go fishing you can catch a lot of fish, or you can catch a big fish. You ever walk into a guy's den and see a picture of him standing next to fourteen trout?

    Christy : No, he's holding a three-thousand-pound marlin.

    Sean Parker : Yup!

    Mark Zuckerberg : That's a good analogy.

    Eduardo Saverin : Okay, but we all know that marlins don't really weigh three-thousand pounds, right?

    Christy : Have you seen the big ones up close?

    Eduardo Saverin : No I haven't, but I really don't think the guy's holding a marlin the size of a Range Rover. That would be a really big fish and a very strong guy.

    Christy : You think we might be getting away from the point?

  • Sean Parker : They'll hire private detectives who'll follow you day and night. You're a target for high-priced escorts. I can't prove it, but I know they tap my phones. Whatever it is that's gonna trip you up, you've done already. Private behaviour is a relic of a time gone by, and if somehow, someway, you've managed to live your life like the Dalai Lama, they'll make shit up. Because they don't want you, they want your idea.

  • Sean Parker : You don't even know what the thing is yet. How big it can get, how far it can go. This is no time to take your chips down. A million dollars isn't cool, you know what's cool?

    Eduardo Saverin : [Sarcastically]  You?

    Sean Parker : [the scene shifts back to the deposition room]  A billion dollars.

  • Amy : So what do you do?

    Sean Parker : I'm an entrepreneur.

    Amy : You're unemployed.

    Sean Parker : I wouldn't say that.

    Amy : What would you say?

    Sean Parker : That I'm an entrepreneur.

  • Sean Parker : You mind if I check my email?

    Amy : Yeah, go ahead.

    Sean Parker : [logs on and sees The Facebook]  Amy? Amy!

    Amy : Yeah?

    Sean Parker : Can you come out here?

    Amy : Just a second.

    Sean Parker : There's a snake in here, Amy.

    Amy : What?

    [runs from shower] 

    Amy : Where?

    Sean Parker : Okay, there isn't a snake but I need to ask you something.

    Amy : Are you kidding me? I could have been killed!

    Sean Parker : How?

    Amy : By running too fast! And getting twisted in the curtain. What do you need to ask me?

    Sean Parker : I went to check my email and there's a website open on your computer?

    Amy : Yeah, after you passed out last night I went on The Facebook for a little bit.

    Sean Parker : What's that?

    Amy : The Facebook? Stanford's had it for like, two weeks now. It's really awesome except it's freakishly addicting. Seriously, I'm on the thing like five times a day.

    Sean Parker : Mind if I send myself an email?

    Amy : Yeah, is everything okay?

    Sean Parker : Everything's great. I just need to find you, Mark Zuckerberg.

  • Amy : You're a zillionaire!

    Sean Parker : Not technically.

    Amy : What are you?

    Sean Parker : Broke. There's not a lot of money in free music, even less when you're being sued by everyone who's ever been to the Grammys.

    Amy : This is blowing my mind.

    Sean Parker : I appreciate that.

    Amy : I gotta hop in the shower and get ready for class.

    Sean Parker : Bio-Chem even though you're a French major who's name is Amy.

    Amy : You passed.

    Sean Parker : I'm a hard worker.

  • Sean Parker : You know why I started Napster? A girl I loved in high school was with the co-captain of the lacrosse team and I wanted to take her from him so I decided to come up with the next big thing.

    Mark Zuckerberg : I didn't know th...

    Sean Parker : Napster wasn't a failure. I changed the music industry for better and for always. It may not have been good business but it pissed a lot of people off. And wasn't that what Facemash was about? They're scare of me, pal, and they're gonna be scared of you. What the VC's want is to say, 'Good idea, kid. The grown-ups will take it from here.' But not this time. This is OUR time. This time you're gonna hand 'em a business card that says 'I'm CEO... bitch.' That's what I want for you. So where the hell's Eduardo?

    Mark Zuckerberg : He's in New York.

    Sean Parker : Sucking up to ad execs.

    Mark Zuckerberg : He's got an...

    Sean Parker : - an internship? The company's here. A billion dollar company is here. Do you live and breathe Facebook?

    Mark Zuckerberg : Yes.

    Sean Parker : Wardo wants to be a businessman and for all I know he's gonna be a good one but he shouldn't be in New York kissing Madison Avenue's ass. This is a once-in-a-generation-holy-shit idea and the water under the Golden Gate Bridge is freezing cold. Look at my face and tell me I don't know what I'm talking about.

    Mark Zuckerberg : [pause]  Do you ever think about the girl?

    Sean Parker : What girl?

    Mark Zuckerberg : The one... the girl in high school who was... with the lacrosse thing.

    Sean Parker : No.

  • Sean Parker : I didn't wanna spend my twenties as a professional defendant. Who knew? The music industry doesn't have a sense of humour? We tried to sell the company to pay the 35 million they said we owed in royalties, but I guess to them that was a little like selling a stolen car to pay for the stolen gas. So we said 'screw it'... declared bankruptcy.

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