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MPAA Rated R for horror violence and terror throughout, and for language

Sex & Nudity

  • the movie has a heterosexual couple. sometimes they kiss

Violence & Gore

  • The overall film is about a family staying at a trailer park being attacked by three masked people. There is stabbing, shooting, and other grisly deaths throughout the film.
  • A woman is stabbed in the back twice. The sound of her spine being severed is especially disturbing. Little blood.
  • A man and woman are discovered with badly sliced up faces, ones jaw is hanging off. It is brief and the scene is dark but shown twice and is graphic.
  • During a car wreck, two men are seen badly injured, one with a metal rod going through his abdomen.
  • A girls arms and legs are slashed by a knife during a struggle.
  • A man is slowly stabbed and killed by an awl. Blood shown.
  • During an altercation in a pool, a man is stabbed numerous times in the back, blood quickly spreads through the water.
  • A woman's body is discovered dead, with bloody marks and hand prints all over the walls.
  • A woman is stabbed numerous times with a butcher knife, blood sprays all over the attack and the victim.
  • A woman is shot twice with a shotgun at very close range. The first throws the victim several feet, showing blood spray, the second is an execution while the victim is dying.
  • While inside a vehicle, a victim is struck violently and multiple times with another vehicle, she receives bloody wounds to the head and face as a result.
  • Two cars explode, presumably killing one person.
  • A teenage girl is stabbed in the leg with a kitchen knife by one of the female murderers.
  • A man is impaled with an icepick on the neck (blood shown leaking from mouth ) by one of the male murderers.


  • There are utterances of the expletives, "fuck" and "motherfucker"
  • Many "fucks", "shits", and other lesser words, most is not harsh.
  • There are 15 uses of f*ck, 13 uses of sh*t, 2 uses of b**ch, and 1 use of *ss.
  • One use of the middle finger.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A teenager is seen smoking cigarettes a couple of times, her mother even sharing it with her.
  • Two teenagers find a bottle of hard liquor, propose to drink some of it, but don't.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The film is constantly tense, frightening (to some) and violent. Many elongated scenes of terror and panic while trying to escape a killer. For more see "Violence & Gore".
  • A mom and a daughter alone discover Dollface has entered their trailer. The mom grabs the daughter and runs back behind the counter. Dollface walks towards them, pulls a knife out, drags it along the table, and stabs the knife into the counter. This scene contains a jumpscare.
  • There are lots of spine-chilling scenes such as: surprise kills, creepy behaviour from the intruders and much more.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • Pin-up girl is stabbed with a knife 6 times and blood splatters on her mask.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A mom and a daughter are threatened by a masked psychopath and they run into a bathroom. As the mom pushes the daughter out of the sunroof while the masked psychopath breaks down the door and kills the mother.
  • After a girl witnesses the psychopath Dollface slit a police officer's throat, she gets into the police car and searches for the keys, only to discover Dollface has them and Dollface begins taunting her with them. Dollface opens the door and stabs the girl in the hand four times before the girl kicks her out and grabs a shotgun. She shoots the girl and gets out of the car, unmasks Dollface and finishes her off.
  • A teenage boy is at a pool when the masked psychopath Pin-Up Girl runs at him from behind with a knife. The boy whacks Pin-Up Girl and she falls onto the ground. He tries to unmask her, but she grabs his hand and the boy grabs the knife and begins stabbing her multiple times, her blood spraying on her face.
  • There is a jumpscare which was shown in the trailer. Kinsey hides in a tunnel and yells "leave us alone". Pin-up girl appears from beside her and says "but we've just started".

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