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Season 8

11 Oct. 2020
Mary Poppins Messaging and Practically Perfect Perceptions
Looking into the perception of your messaging to ensure the intention of that message is heard by the most people possible while staying authentic to your authority and methodology.
14 Oct. 2020
Do not vote if you do not want to vote. Voting is a right.
The toxicity and force placed into telling people to vote has backed fired for many years and in many elections. Taking a more engaging, respectful approach might bring more people to the table, while allowing others to feel less attacked.
25 Oct. 2020
Transparency and accountability in air conditioning repair?
From air conditioning repair to any other kind of repair service, often times the communication is off for both the provider and the customer. With mutual awareness of the others perception, comes a faster resolve and better transparency.
1 Nov. 2020
Strategic patience and pressure when preparing a launch.
By using tactical timing as well as strategic and humble patience while preparing for a launch, it can allow for the right results for you and your product, service or vision to lift off in the most effective way possible.
11 Nov. 2020
Brand messaging mission statement and message methodology
A brand messaging mission statement or brand messaging mandate of sorts from Loren Weisman sharing his views from the culmination of his experiences and education that leads him to approach brand messaging this way.
27 Nov. 2020
Shop local shaming and small business messaging missteps
There is no solid, honorable or professional reason whatsoever to shame someone for not buying something at your shop or at a local shop.
11 Jan. 2021
Amplified authentic opinions and intelligence to consider
When opinions are taken into account for the authority and not just counted for popularity, the results amplify a new level of authentic and authoritative data that can be as helpful for the company as it is the consumer.
11 Feb. 2021
Exploring and engaging autism with Doctor Todd Peter Levine.
Exploring and engaging autism with Doctor Todd Peter Levine. Amplifying the stories and experiences of autism through an engaging podcast format.
18 Feb. 2021
Is PEMF objectively proven or a subjective pseudoscience?
Digging into the vetted, verified and valuable intelligence surrounding PEMF as well as the hearsay, hype and hoopla with Tim Daniels, a well versed and in the know guy when it comes to PEMF Therapy.
22 Feb. 2021
Individualized and inclusive approach to healthy eating.
Sharing an individualized and inclusive approach to eating that honors cultural and personal preferences, Dawn Tucci is a personalized and inclusive health advocate as well as my guest today.

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