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Season 6

30 Apr. 2020
Brand Messaging Podcast Trailer for Wait What Really OK
An Introduction from Brand Messaging Strategist Loren Weisman about The Brand Messaging Podcast Wait What Really OK.
4 May 2020
Brand Messaging Strategy Questions for Brand Discovery.
Brand Messaging Strategy Questions for Brand Discovery. Questions to answer about yourself, your brand and your direction for partners, investors, customers and marketing.
11 May 2020
Subjective and objective clarification for brand messaging.
Loren digs into how the awareness and clarification of the subjective to the objective as well as the intention to the perception inside your brand messaging can increase the authenticity and authority in your delivery.
18 May 2020
Experiencing premature communication needs with your vision.
Are you telling people about your business, dream or vision too soon? Has it become an issue? Sometimes screaming from the mountain tops can create an avalanche of problems.
28 May 2020
Online Reputation Management for your Brand Messaging Optics
Are you staying on top of the temperature and the optics of the perceptions of your tone, messaging and content online?
5 Jun. 2020
Stewarding strategic solutions in opinionated conversations.
Conversations and debates where both people are as as passionate and prepared to share their views as they are to listen and hear some one with differing views and information, can create greater change.
17 Jun. 2020
Authoring an authentic book to spotlight your knowledge
It is very easy to write a book and very easy to publish a book these days. It is also very easy to get it up on Amazon. However, it is not as easy to write a good book and it is not as easy to write an authentic and authoritative book.
29 Jun. 2020
Music Business ghost drumming. Being a ghost in the machine.
Music business ghost drumming occurred very often as well as a number of other session players that were paid to track parts, be silent and have another name credited on a song or album.
4 Aug. 2020
Validation and vetting validity for those you want to hire.
Many are selling exactly what people want to hear but are unable to deliver what they claim. Here are some core touch points to look and look out for.

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