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Politically Incorrect, Brainless but Hilarious
claudio_carvalho11 January 2012
The gold digger Elizabeth Halsey (Cameron Diaz) quits her job as a teacher at the JAM High School expecting to marry her wealthy fiancé. However, he calls off their engagement and Elizabeth returns to the school.

Elizabeth is reckless, incompetent, pothead and does not give any attention to the students and her coworkers, and she shows movies to her students along the classes. The envious teacher Amy Squirrel (Lucy Punch) hates Elizabeth and they are estranged to each other.

When Elizabeth meets the substitute teacher Scott Delacorte (Justin Timberlake), she discovers that he is very rich and she flirts with him. Further, she learns that Scott likes big breasts and she decides to have a surgery of silicone-implant. She needs to raise US$ 10,000.00 for the breast-implant, and she learns that the teacher that gets the best scores in the state exam would receive US$ 5,700.00 bonus. Elizabeth changes her attitude and teaches her students to prepare them for the exams. However, Elizabeth uses an unethical means to win the competition and Amy seeks evidences to prove that Elizabeth has cheated the exams.

"Bad Teacher" is a politically incorrect, brainless but very hilarious film. Cameron Diaz performs the most awful teacher of cinema history, the opposite of Sidney Poitier in "To Sir with Love"; Edward James Olmos in "Stand and Deliver" or Michelle Pfeiffer in "Dangerous Minds". Elizabeth Halsey is a slut, pothead, reckless, gold digger, corrupter, cheater, blackmailer and everything that is not good. But I Laughed a lot with this forgettable film. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Professora sem Classe" ("Teacher without Class")
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Bad Teacher, Average Picture, Good review of the Picture
pawanpunjabithewriter23 April 2020
Just watched it. It's just a timepass movie, watch if you have enough time. We are at a lockdown here, so yeah completely free. It has many funny moments, and a story as well. I went in not expecting one. Turned out to be quite decent. The movie picks up brilliantly and the cast have done great job. The two top teachers are remarkable. Students could have been better had they learn from a great classic movie Kindergarten Cop! Average! Go for it if you have time!
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Funnier than the reviews
darklydreamingrahu6 August 2011
Bad Teacher is funny in ways it shouldn't be. Cameron Diaz owns the role of Elizabeth as the foul-mouthed, pot smoking, trashy blonde teacher with a twisted outlook on life. Obscenities and bizarre sexual innuendo roll off her tongue perfectly. Justin Timberlake is hilarious and awkward as Scott. His character is complex and....well he's just awkward....there's no other way to describe it. Lucy Punch is the perfect counterpart to both Diaz and Timberlake's characters as Amy Squirrel. Her over-the-top performance is one you will remember. Jason Segel steals every scene he's in as Russell the equally foul mouthed and dirty gym teacher. Phyllis Smith is an adorable and strange addition to the movie as the confused Lynn Davis, bringing her own brand of corkiness to the plot. All in all, the casting of Bad Teacher is flawless and is really where the movie shines. The punchlines are delivered with punch and the characters are decently developed and complex in their own ways.

There are some setbacks to Bad Teacher which stop it from being a great comedy. The plot devices used to move the story along are unconvincing and overplayed. Character transformations are equally unconvincing, uninspired, and rushed. Some scenes feel forced for the sake of cheap laughs or shock value. None of it though is shocking enough for this to be an effective method of comedy. Sometimes the characters feel a bit too weird even for the universe of strange the movie sets early on. Jason Segel's Russell is the most interesting character in the movie and yet for some reason is greatly underused. He pops up in pointless scenes simply to interject a laugh and then disappears for long stretches of time.

Bad Teacher is a funny movie. The critics have not been so generous with their reviews, but who listens to them anymore anyways? If you are into dark comedies or a raunchy brand of humor, you will find yourself laughing with this one. While the plot devices are forced and some of the humor could have been better with a more subtle approach, overall this is a decent flick to chill out on the couch and laugh with. 7/10
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Let's hope they paid the actors more than the writers.....
diac22824 June 2011
Bad Teacher is a great concept that resulted in a style of humor like most of the Adult Swim cartoons you see today: When the jokes hit they hit well, but when they miss, they miss quite badly. The cast was delightful, but could only go so far with the material. As a matter of fact, it was the cast that saved the movie from being a total disaster by providing their comedic chops, their charm, and their good comic timing that you don't see enough of nowadays. Despite all that however, Bad teacher is a shiny apple with a few rotten parts.

Elizabeth Hasley (Cameron Diaz) is a foul-mouthed, bitter, and quite nasty teacher that is keeping the job only to pay the bills after her rich fiancée dumps her. Facing debt, aging, and loneliness, Elizabeth starts setting her sights on a boob job and on a new (rich) teacher (Justin Timberlake), whom has also captured the attention of a manipulative rival (Lucy Punch). The script was helmed by two veteran writers of The Office (Gene Stupnitsky, Lee Eisenberg) as they use their non-television ratings boundaries to mix plenty of vulgar and raunchy humor with even some tidbits of cruel humor. Unfortunately, their lack of boundaries led to a mediocre script.

This film's biggest falters come in the form of the script. Despite the promise in the premise and the cast involved, the script was convoluted, and didn't have much structure until the second half. As a matter of fact, the film switches up the pace very unexpectedly when the next act approaches. Pretty much almost all the crude and vulgar humor failed to draw laughs, with one notable exception involving one of the odder "sex" scenes in recent memory. The movie was a great idea not exactly explored upon, and was full of smaller ideas that were not utilized. Many good smaller characters did not get enough time in the script; most notably the students, the gym teacher (Jason Segal) and the main character's roommate (Erik Stonestreet).

Despite the writing being a fickle mess, the cast was superb, from the small roles to the big ones. Cameron Diaz I can honestly say is one of the most underrated talents in Hollywood, because she rarely ever delivers a mediocre or weak performance. She has this aura, this energy that can save the worst of films (See: What Happens in Vegas) and it is no different here. Despite her smoking/drinking/vulgar/manipulative/cynical/cruel/superficial ways, we still secretly root for her to succeed in reaching her goal. Very few actresses can pull off this type of charm.

Lucy Punch, despite having a bit of questionable material, delivers as Diaz's rival. Jason Segal could have helped the movie a lot more if he was in it more often, as he delivered the laughs every time he was on-screen with his wit, sarcasm, and I-don't-care attitude. Television staples Phyllis Smith and Erik Stonestreet were hilarious in the far-too-few moments they were on-screen. The movie does indeed have its laughs, but the potential was so much greater considering all the talented actors involved.

Jake Kasdan as a director doesn't have much of a resume, but he does have the comedic chops and timing, and he proved this with the underrated Walk Hard. With Bad Teacher, he did not have as much good material to work with but could have still helped the movie if he had tightened the first third of the movie better. There was a lot more unnecessary fluff in the first half of the movie compared to the second half. Smaller plot lines were never resolved, certain jokes literally fell off without a punchline, and certain situations were brought up but never explored. Many concepts were also never explored: especially that of how shallow and shady we all become towards each other in the workforce.

Bottom Line: Bad Teacher was a great idea, poorly executed, but relentlessly saved by the energetic cast. This movie could have mixed the dark charm of Bad Santa with the subtle workforce ridiculousness humor of Office Space to become something very, very special. But neither style of humor was dwelled upon deep enough. The first half had its laughs, but was far too convoluted and was salvaged mainly because of the hilarity of Cameron Diaz. The movie definitely picks up later, but by then its too late, the potential was wasted. Either way, you will certainly laugh, you will remain entertained, but will also be bothered by what it could have been.
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Meh...It's Good for a Few Laughs
brando64712 December 2011
First Santa, now a middle school teacher. I feel as if we're on the verge of a new trend of bad *insert occupation here*. Bad toll booth operators, bad samurai deli clerks…where will it end? Anyway, this is the latest from comedy director Jake Kasdan (WALK HARD) and a decently funny movie with some great moments but finds a major problem in its main character. 2011 hasn't been super strong with comedies; there have been some real good ones (BRIDESMAIDS) but most of them have been pretty forgettable (PAUL). This movie is pretty funny but it still ends on the low end of the spectrum. Cameron Diaz is Elizabeth Halsey, a gold-digging narcissist who has somehow made a career of being a middle school teacher. She believes she's found her way out with a rich fiancé to tend to her every need, but it falls apart when he finally realizes she's using him. Elizabeth is forced to return to her teaching job, where she proceeds to care even less than before. She fends off the advances of gym teacher Russell (Jason Segel) and focuses her attention on landing the new substitute teacher, Scott (Justin Timberlake). Elizabeth realizes that the only way she'll snag Scott's attention is a little self-improvement. Not becoming a decent person or anything, just a breast enhancement. From then on, she lies, cheats, and steals her way to the money she'll need for the surgery; and the only one who suffers is the good teacher (Lucy Punch) who just wants Elizabeth to do her job.

In A CLOCKWORK ORANGE, young Alex (Malcolm McDowell) robs, rapes, and commits horrible acts of violence but maintains a charismatic personality that allows the audience to root for him. Elizabeth Halsey in BAD TEACHER, does not. The "protagonist" in this movie also happens to be the least likable person in the film. As a result, the movie comes off as a little backwards. The character we're supposed to support (Elizabeth) is just a horrible person with absolutely no redeeming qualities presented until the final act of the film. And I mean none. She was a gold-digging fiancé, she's perpetually drunk/high on the job, and she coldly dismisses gym teacher Russell's advances without a glance in favor of stalking the new substitute with the massive bank account. It would almost make more sense if the film focused on Ms. Squirrel (Lucy Punch) living out her dream teaching career when trouble-making Elizabeth comes along and steals her thunder in underhanded ways. Punch should be the protagonist, and Elizabeth the antagonist. But it's not; instead we watch as the film's "good guy" punishes the "bad guy" for nothing other than doing her job and doing it well. Oh well, whatever…it's just a comedy after all. Antiheroes can be fun and it works as long as the film is funny, which it mostly is. The movie is good for some laughs, though it's tough to be anything but distant as you watch everything going down without ever really being drawn into the story.

Cameron Diaz really is the best person for this role. Not because she's horribly unlikeable (I assume she's not) but because she's got a decent comedic background in her films and she's still capable of pulling off drop-dead beauty. In BAD TEACHER, she's the teacher we all wished we'd had in middle school. She really drives the point home when she volunteers to work the school's charity car wash so she can pilfer funds. The supporting cast in this movie is what really makes it enjoyable. Jason Segel is always great as a lovable schlub (which pretty much sums up his gym teacher character) and Lucy Punch is hilariously eccentric as Ms. Squirrel. I've also got to give credit to Phyllis Smith as Elizabeth's friend Lynn. She's probably the funniest part of the movie as the soft-spoken conservative friend who wants so badly to be as cool as Elizabeth but can't bring herself to commit to the debauchery. Honestly, the main character may be crap but the movie does have some real funny moments. I just don't know if there's enough to save it from fading out shortly after watching it. If it helps, I find the movie is funnier the less sober you are when watching it.
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mildly amoral, refreshingly different.
RetroRick7 October 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Am reviewing this to counter-balance the far too many negative reviews out there. This is a funny, not hilarious, but funny and sometimes cruel film about a bad teacher, who is funny because she is bad. Just like bad santa she isn't being held up an examplar for teaching or a role-model for young women (actually I'm not too sure about that). What she is is an anti-dote to the righteous, touchy-feely, moralising lesson preaching,heart-in-the-right-place films that normally dominate this genre, or at least do whenever there is a female in the lead. God knows the world would suffer if every film was like this, but a little bit of gentle cynicism is good thing in a world that is full of fraudulent fictional xmas cheer. Spoiler: As for the sensitive little boy not getting the girl, isn't about time that movies stopped lying to teenage boys that being nice & sensitive will get you laid.
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Not a perfect movie, but much better than some reviews suggest.
xyz726 November 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Let's face it, the reason many people call Bad Teacher the "worst movie ever shot" is not rational, it doesn't have to do with the movie itself in any way. From the reviews I have read on here the main problem seems to be the moral values in this film leading many "oh so shocked" viewers to give bad reviews, question people's sanity for producing this movie and hate everything about it - whether they admit it's the reason they dislike it or pretend to hate everything about an objectively well crafted film. But this movie is not supposed to teach anyone life lessons, it's not supposed to have some big, moral message about how to live your life in a good way. This is a film for adults. And films for adults do not have to follow certain morals because an adult is expected to judge morals on their own without needing guidelines. An adult can enjoy movies with main characters doing things they would never find acceptable because it's not about agreeing with the character's actions.

Normally, I would rate this film 6 stars, but I rated it 8 to keep some of the irrational reviews on here from bringing the score down too far. It has solid jokes, a mostly good cast, OK direction but also some really bad moments and the main character goes completely out of character towards the end to achieve the usual Hollywood "we need a kiss! FAST!!!" Happy Ending, but overall a good comedy I would watch again with a great performance from Cameron Diaz.
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Diaz shows off her comic chops in this hit-and-miss raw comedy.
george.schmidt27 June 2011
Warning: Spoilers
BAD TEACHER (2011) *** Cameron Diaz, Justin Timberlake, Lucy Punch, Jason Segel, John Michael Higgins, Phyllis Smith, Thomas Lennon, Eric Stonestreet, Dave "Gruber" Allen. Off-putting, slatternly Diaz (never better with her comic chops and full-game here) faces uncertainty after being dumped by her rich fiancé and forced to return to her teaching gig but finds a possible way out in the unlikely goal of saving money for new breasts to woo over dorky new substitute teech (JT ably deconstructing his 'sexy back' image) despite goody-goody colleague Punch (who nearly steals the film) from gumming up the works. While director Jake Kasdan keeps things lively (including a laugh-out-loud seduction sequence involving dweeb testing administrating rep Lennon) the f-bomb dropping screenplay by Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisneberg is hit-and-miss and frankly could have been even dirtier/nastier and funnier. Not an A for effort but a nice try.
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Bad Teacher. Good Film.
anaconda-406589 July 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Bad Teacher (2011): Dir: Jake Kasdan / Cast: Cameron Diaz, Jason Segel, Justin Timberlake, Lucy Punch, Phyllis Smith: She is indeed, bad. She sleeps during class while the students are watching movies. She grades tests using profane vocabulary. To top it off she uses a student car wash to raise money for a boob job. She is played with great flair by Cameron Diaz and the film opens with her leaving teaching to settle down in married life only to be dumped by her fiancée whose mother sees through her greedy intentions. She returns to teaching the following year and sets her sights on a new teacher, played by Justin Timberlake but his affections are being competed for by the uptight Miss Squirrel, played by Lucy Punch. Director Jake Kasdan made the music mockumentary masterpiece Walk Hard: A Dewey Cox Story. He doesn't match that greatness here but he does create a fantastic stage for the comic talents of Diaz who is merciless in her quest for success. She will manipulate and scam until luck favors her. Jason Segel as the gym teacher whom she ignores is well played but flat. Timberlake is quite different as the nerdy teacher unsmittened with Diaz. He will learn a lesson or two that will leave him with no romantic resources. Punch steals her scenes as she competes with Diaz and seemingly wins until her quests for sabotage backfires. Phyllis Smith plays another teacher who befriends Diaz but she cannot steal scenes here the way that Punch seems able to. It is a crude yet often funny take on an individual unable to fit in within an area where she is clearly no good. Score: 7 ½ / 10
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Bad Apple
kosmasp5 March 2012
There is a certain energy in that movie. Especially at the beginning when Cameron Diaz seems invincible she has the time of her life (almost literally). There is a great sequence where she kinda falls down though which sets of the rest of the movie. Unfortunately even though it does make sense for her character, it does loose quite a bit of its pace from that point on.

Justin Timberlake is good in playing kind of against character and does not care about what people may think. Jason Segel is almost underused in this one and even Cameron Diaz did not really have that many great moments overall. And for a movie that tries to stay raunchy, it does even fail at combining that with the funny elements. While deliciously evil at times (and good), it also misses the point half of the time. Not really bad, but not that good either (I only watched the cinema release and not the extended cut)
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nogodnomasters4 May 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Cameron Diaz plays an extremely self-centered individual who is looking for a rich man to marry after her fiancee dumped her because she was a gold digger. (She claims she caught him with the dog and peanut butter.) Teaching junior high gets in her way as she "needs" augmentations to be able to compete with all those Barbie Dolls out there. She uses movies to babysit her class. The gym teacher is interested in Cameron (she don't date gym teachers). Cameron in turn has her eyes on a nerdy substitute teacher (Justin Timberlake) whose family comes from money. He however likes Amy Squirrel.

Meanwhile in class there is a student who could be a young self centered Diaz who badgers a boy who shows her interest, sort of a parallel to her "miserable" life. Lucy Punch plays Amy Squirrel (as a red head) an overly perky teacher who becomes Diaz's school nemesis. Diaz helps the junior high car wash using moves she learned watching Paris Hilton commercials, pocketing some of the money for her "t#t jar."

The movie changes gears when Cameron finds out the teacher whose class gets the best test scores gets a bonus. The outrageous practices of Diaz both as an apathetic and serious teacher is the core of the movie.

F-bomb, nudity(not Diaz or Punch), crude sexual humor, Timberlake dry humping Diaz, bad music, worse poetry, and Lincoln rolling over in his grave.
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This is where we are as a culture
steve-613-65912528 June 2011
Warning: Spoilers
How many millions of dollars went into this which could have been used better in some other venture? Sour premise of a dope-smoking, opportunistic junior high school teacher who skates through her job, looking for a way to fund her breast augmentation job so she can land a rich boyfriend. Ends up committing several felonies & getting a stuffy but honest co-worker blamed for everything (including drug use on school grounds) while she wins the day. The redemption is her hooking up with an angry gym teacher when he proves the affluent guy she's sharking for is a shallow imbecile.

Now, I'm not the sort of person who demands a moral message in every piece of cinema, but really? Who is the target audience here? To whom are the filmmakers attempting to appeal? This is just vile.
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Every school has at least one
Wuchakk6 February 2018
RELEASED IN 2011 and directed by Jake Kasdan, "Bad Teacher" is a dramedy about a slothful, inept middle school teacher in Illinois (Cameron Diaz) who hates her work, her pupils and her colleagues. She has no choice but to return to teaching after losing her sugar daddy and aspires to the lofty goal of getting breast implants. Lucy Punch plays her winsome rival while Justin Timberlake appears as a wealthy eligible teacher. Jason Segel plays the gym teacher who's interested in her while Phyllis Smith appears as her aged, overweight teacher pal.

Do you remember the bad teacher at your school? Every school has at least one, usually more. I found "Bad Teacher" amusing from beginning to end and occasionally laugh-out-loud funny. It helps that the characters are all well-defined & cast and that the story is absorbing. The soundtrack features some quality snippets by the likes of Judas Priest ("You've God Another Thing Coming" & "The Ripper"), Whitesnake ("Still of the Night") and Dio ("Rainbow in the Dark").

NOTE: I saw the censored version, not the unrated one, which is likely gross.

THE MOVIE RUNS 1 hour & 32 minutes and was shot in Southern Cal (Los Angeles & Santa Clarita) with exterior shots done in Illinois (Springfield & Lawndale). WRITERS: Gene Stupnitsky & Lee Eisenberg. ADDITIONAL CAST: John Michael Higgins is on hand as the principle and Thomas Lennon as a school official.

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Bad Teacher, good comedy
Karl Self26 June 2011
I saw this in a special presentation in a cinema full of teachers. And judging from their guffaws they seemed to enjoy the movie.

Liz is a brassy blonde who, at the end of her thirties, is on the verge of fulfilling her lifetime ambition: marrying a rich simpleton. But then his mum calls of the wedding, and Liz has to return to her reviled breadjob as a middle school teacher. To her never-ending amazement, all her other colleagues -- the middle-aged loner, the hippie, the preppy goody-two-shoed apple-cheeked nightmare -- seem to actually enjoy teaching spotty dropouts. The script does an excellent job of lining up every comedic angle of the dreary hell that is school life and linking it together with a fast-paced storyline. Cameron Diaz is excellent because she isn't afraid to actually look old, spent and wrinkled (but never unfoxy), and Phyllis Smith and Lucy Punch also stand out among the excellent cast. Justin Timberlake -- eye candy for the ladies, in case you wondered. The soppy, romantic, test-audience-compatible ending -- best ignored.

This is an enjoyable light-but-dark comedy that everybody who has had anything to do with school life can dig. And I hope that most people here have encountered a school at some part of their lives.
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The voids of laugher speaks volumes
freemantle_uk22 June 2011
Bad Teacher had a strong premise for a comedy, a teacher is really bad and hates her job. It was marketed a raunchy hard-R comedy: sadly it was a film that was lacking, despite the best efforts of the actors.

Elizabeth Halsey (Cameron Diaz) is the bad teacher in question who leaves the profession and forced to return when her fiancé dumps her for her gold digging ways. She returns to John Adams Middle High (JAMS) and sets out to win over Scott Delacorte (Justin Timberlake), a geeky substitute teacher who is the heir to a watch empire. He particularly likes women with big breasts and Elizabeth plans to get a boob job: but needs the money. But Scott himself is attached to Amy Squirrel (Lucy Punch), a quirky caring teacher who gets the best results in school. At the same time Elizabeth has a suitor in the form a Gym/P.E. teacher (Jason Seagel). When Elizabeth finds out the prize for the best school results in the Illinois State Test is a big cheque, she sets about to ensure her class is the best.

The jokes were just lacking through the film. I was in a cinema that was 75% full and there were a lot of teachers in it and I can say with honesty that there was very little laugher, a few chuckles and no belly laughs. That says a lot about a comedy because the point is to make us laugh. I believe one of two things happened, either, that the film was originally going to be a PG-13 film and the producers thought that the film was more marketable as a R-rated comedy, or the more likely that it was cut much of the swearing out to get a PG-13 rating, and failed. Most of the use of the F word in the red band trailer was cut out from the actual film. They were also plot points, like when Elizabeth offered to tutor her students, goes nowhere. The pace throughout was just very slow and Bad Teacher needed more snap.

Acting wise the best performance was Seagel best person the film, having the best lines with his role and the most grounded character in the film. He was simply natural as a gym teacher who just wants to have fun, though he has a dodgy line which makes him sound like a potential rapist. Punch is solid and she is deliberately over the top as a quirky teacher, but she does not have many good lines and Punch has to make the performance as physical as possible. She also gets very screwed over in the film. Diaz does her best but the character is not very well developed and her traits flipped like a switch. Most of the time she is shown as an uncaring person, only interested in herself and only got into teaching for the hours: but at the same time she does help some students and surely she should have cared as some point about teaching. She is also too ruthless, she needed to be a deeper character.

I also have to comment about the actual school On Wikipedia it describes JAMS as a school in a poor area: it was certainly not, it was in a very middle class area. I liked how the kids in the school actually looked normal and not in cliques like the jocks, the nerds, the pretty girls, cheerleaders, etc… They were mixed. But at the same time it seems like that the teachers only have one class: when I was in school the teachers had to teach classes over many years, if they only taught one class then they would have a very short working week.

Overall, a big disappointment.
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Still BAD Even Off-Christmas Time
thesar-21 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I did enjoy Bad Teacher, more than most people and more than Bad Santa. Cameron, whom I've appreciated since her debut in The Mask, did an excellent job of showing that side of dark and selfish, yet actually human. Her character actually took what most people think, whether they admit it or not, out of the mind and into action. She actually did a bang up job, including some, albeit rare, bouts of humanity. I also enjoyed Jason Segel's character and Jason's wit throughout. Sure, overall, she is a "bad teacher" and not recommended to stand (or bend) in front of any student or human, but it's a fun little ride when you leave your brain at the door.
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Fun, but...
neil-47624 June 2011
Warning: Spoilers
You know exactly what you're getting with Bad Teacher - you're getting Cameron Diaz as a bad teacher Elizabeth. In her private life she is looking to hook a rich husband for his money: she smokes, drinks, takes drugs, swears a vast amount and sleeps around. As a teacher she does all that stuff, too: she is also a slacker, can't be bothered to remember her students' names, steals, abuses the kids... The list goes on and on. There is a plot of sorts, which involves Elizabeth trying to get money through fair means or foul (mostly foul) for a boob job in order to hook rich substitute teacher Justin Timberlake, and the efforts of by-the-book but irritating teacher Amy (Lucy Punch) to foil her, but the title pretty much says it all.

I must confess to enjoying it. A lot of it is pretty funny, Cameron Diaz clearly has a ball and is both funny and sexy (the car wash sequence is both at the same time), and Lucy Punch also does well with a character who spirals into mania as she fails to be able to do something about what she, and she alone, sees happening (I particularly liked the references to an unexplained incident in her past). So I was entertained throughout.

Now to reservations.

One is the fact that the central character is sociopathic - her every action is driven by "What's in it for me?" It's not so much that she gets away with it - that happens in real life all the time, and it's not exactly unknown in movies either. It's more that the final sequences promises some sort of redemption, and that simply doesn't happen in real life. Oh well, perhaps I'm just reading too much into it. It is a comedy, after all.

And two is that, with the exception of Jason Segel's gym teacher, not a single one of the adult characters behaves remotely believably at any point in the movie, which makes suspension of disbelief a difficult trick to pull off.
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Bad Teacher ?? Maybe. Bad Film? Absolutely
mmccord912630 June 2011
I know others will disagree with me, but this has got to be in the running for the pick for the Razzies this year. What a pathetic piece of crap. The storyline was boring and the jokes either over-the-top, or, worst, not even close to funny. It never fails to amaze me when really bad ideas not only get to be screenplays, but they actually wind up getting produced. And...Timberlake's character...what was he thinking when he took this role??? Yeah, Diaz is still a hot body and all, but even that couldn't save something so downright dumb. I won't bother with any spoilers; it's not worth the effort. Save your money. This one will simply insult your intelligence. I would give it a minus one if I could.
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Bad, Terrible, Awful Teacher
estebangonzalez1014 September 2011
¨She doesn't give an 'F'¨ I don't know what is worse: Cameron Diaz's character as a teacher, or the movie itself. This is really a very bad movie, terrible. It's supposed to be a comedy, but it really doesn't have many funny moments. Yes there is a couple here and there, but in a 95 minute long movie you expect much more laughs. This raunchy comedy had a whole lot of raunchy, but no comedy whatsoever. I really hated this film, and expected a lot more from Cameron Diaz, Justin Timberlake, and Jason Segel who have done much better movies in the past. I can't blame it on them because the script they were given was really poor, but then I ask myself why would these actors want to be in a movie with a script as bad as this one. This isn't the first time that Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg fail as screenwriters in a comedy. These are the same guys that were responsible for the Year One fiasco starring Jack Black and Michael Cera. Director Jake Kasdan, however, has done far better in the past with funny films like Walk Hard and Orange County. Bad Teacher was a huge misstep for him, and for everyone else who was involved in this project. This could very well be the worse film of the year in my opinion. Cameron Diaz might not give an F, but I definitely will give this film an F for being the disaster it was.

Elizabeth Halsey (Cameron Diaz) is not your typical High School teacher; she's not interested in her students, she smokes pot before class, and she tries to avoid teaching as much as possible. The only reason she became a teacher was because of the long summer vacations. This is her last year at the school anyway because she is getting married to her wealthy boyfriend and can now enjoy life. The only problem is that her mother-in-law points out how she is only interested in his money so he leaves her with no wedding. This means Elizabeth will have to teach yet another year until she can find a wealthy man to marry. She becomes interested in the new substitute teacher who seems to come from a wealthy family, Scott (Justin Timberlake), but he has just broken up with his long term girlfriend and doesn't feel ready for a relationship yet. Elizabeth has a rival: it's another fellow teacher named Amy (Lucy Punch) who seems to get along really well with Scott. Amy also seems to point out Elizabeth's method of teaching and tries to get her more involved with the kids. Russell (Jason Segel) is the gym teacher who has always had a thing for Elizabeth, but she never pays attention to him because he doesn't have any money. Elizabeth is more interested in winning over Scott's affection (and his money) so that she can get away from school as soon as possible. She will do whatever it takes to do this even if it revolves on getting her breasts done in order to get his attention.

The movie really doesn't know where to head. At the beginning Cameron Diaz's character is so hateful but later out of nowhere she begins to have a conscious and is nice all of a sudden. On the other hand Lucy Punch's character seems so nice at first, but then turns up being mean. It's like they switched characters so the movie could find a decent ending. These changes in character can't happen all of a sudden without explanation. The movie is full of stereotypes and it completely fails as a comedy. It is too bad because Jason Segel, Cameron Diaz, and Justin Timberlake have proved they have great talent, but none of them are able to stand out and save this movie. Timberlake's character is perhaps the worst of all. I had no idea where the director was trying to go with his character. Diaz is just way too mean to be likable. Segel on the other hand is perhaps the most decent character in the movie but he really has no screen time and it's hard to see how he could fall for someone like Diaz. This is really one of the worst films I've seen all year, and can't remember any funny moments in the movie. I was expecting a lot more from the cast and found the 95 minute movie way too long. It's hard to like a movie when you are supposed to root for a highly unlikeable character such as Elizabeth Halsey. I could care less what happens to her.
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I Thought This Movie Was Hilarious!
thornethomas70723 May 2016
I don't get what people's problem with this movie is. It's a Black Comedy Meaning the humour will be darker then most comedies. The movies name is Bad Teacher For God Sakes! I knew when watching this movie for the first time it was going to be vulgar but that's okay because I'm 23 and I'm of age!

Anyways, Cameron Diaz was Hilarious! She played the best I don't care about anything or Anyone kinda woman ever! She was a total obnoxious nightmare. She played it perfectly and I loved it! It was so funny, the whole movie was just so ridiculous and crude!

Overall I think it was a great movie and I think the whole point of the movie was to make everyone cry with laughter, I think they accomplished that! It was Hilarious and I personally love movies that don't take themselves to seriously, They make for great times!
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HIGHLY underrated!
kdishron13 July 2011
Warning: Spoilers
So, this movie was released in theaters around the same time as Bridesmaids. ALL anyone could talk about was "Omg Bridesmaids is amazing! Bridesmaids, Bridesmaids, Bridesmaids!" So, I ventured to the theater and bought a ticket for Bridesmaids. It was funny, but not incredibly so. Kristen Wiig is one of my favorites but I found her character lackluster and felt she could have done it better. ANYWAY, later, I decided to go see Bad Teacher out of complete boredom. I didn't know what to expect, I wasn't a Cameron Diaz or Justin Timberlake fan. Actually, I only really was excited to see Phyllis from The Office.

This movie was hilarious! Oh my gosh, how could I ever dislike Cameron Diaz? My view completely changed about her! She doesn't hold back, she delivers and has perfect comedic timing and brings insane positive energy to the movie. If it wasn't for Cameron, this movie may have been so-so. I say this because her character is very unlikable and shallow and rude on paper. Cameron brings charm to this character and doesn't necessarily make her likable, but just makes her hilarious! So funny!

The other actors are great as well, especially the woman who plays Mrs. Squirrel!

Go see it! Ignore the bad reviews! Decide for yourself!
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BAD is the only thing right in the title.
DarkVulcan296 July 2011
I'm not against this type of story, but it throws everything at you, and comes across like it was trying too hard, makes the jokes feel very forced, and when it does that, the humor just dies down. Bridesmaids was a lot funnier, at least the jokes in that didn't come across like it was trying too hard.

Liz(Cameron Diaz) a junior high school teacher, who does not want to be a teacher, but is because she has nothing else to go too. She shows her class movies, so she does not want to deal with them. Then a nerdy substitute teacher(Justin Timberlake) comes in the picture, who appears to have a lot of money, and Liz will do anything to land him, and does not care who she has to hurt.

Cameron Diaz comes across like she trying to do Seth Rogen, but was not memorable, Cameron Diaz I think is a very talented versatile actress, but this was not her best work. I also hated the lack of creativity with the rest of the characters, Justin Timberlake is so null and void. I thought Diaz and Timberlake would have good chemistry,cause they used to date, but there scenes seemed awkward. Jason Segal, who I thought was gonna be the funniest one, but he was just as dull as Timberlake, probably all the comedy was sucked out of him, after coming off the set of How I Met Your Mother, if Bridesmaids is still out, go see that one instead.
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Bad Teacher (2011)
SnakesOnAnAfricanPlain12 December 2011
This is a movie I should probably hate. I say this because Diaz is our protagonist and she is a real bitch. Perhaps it's because I'm a teacher myself and can kind of understand her frustration at times. Still, she uses men for money, doesn't try hard at her job, is a drug user, etc. All attributes that should make me hate her. And yet, I don't. Her character doesn't even learn that many valuable lessons. I suppose it was due to the well constructed world around her. The other characters (minus Segel and Smith) just seem so fake, or happy in that annoying kind of way. They are all smiles and sunshine to the point of naivety. Segel works as the sarcastic guy that realizes how fake his job is, but makes an effort to enjoy it. Most of the humour revolves around Diaz doing things that students shouldn't, but I found it had me giggling a lot. I'm also pleased that it didn't become too preachy. Rather than turning Diaz into a wonderful caring and hardworking teacher, she just kind of learned to be happy with where she was in life.
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Not much of a comedy
Floated218 December 2012
Bad Teacher is one of those comedies that terribly misjudges the reverse appeal of its central character. Cameron Diaz plays Elizabeth, a middle-school teacher who's only serving time until marriage releases her from the necessity of doing anything but pamper herself. Then her fiancé breaks up with her and she has to begin her seduction scheme all over again, getting a fake-boob job and making contact with colleague (Justin Timberlake). Lucy Punch plays a bright-spark teacher who becomes her rival. What the film fails to see is that Elizabeth's not "bad" in a funny way – she's venal, grasping, rude, lazy and ignorant. Loathsome, in fact, and not funny. Jake Kasdan, once a promising director, doesn't have a clue how to make it work. The trailers have made the film seem it was more comedy oriented. ==================================================================== ==================================================================== ======

As a rewatch (09/14/17') opinions remain same for film. Cameron Diaz does carry the film but overall not much humor is in the film as it isn't as funny, more so mean spirited and predictable. Although some entertaining scenes.
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I think I'll be excused
StevePulaski3 July 2011
Bad Teacher is a hit and miss comedy, with a fair number of laughs, but a fair number of plot holes and questions. Before I even thought about this movie after seeing it, I went and watched Bad Santa for the first time. Both films have a similar premise with the lead character being unpleasant and offensive. But Bad Santa was written with a more style of dark comedy, and let's not forget, with a corrupt childhood and a "whatever" attitude, Billy Bob Thornton's character had a perfectly good reason to be "bad" and mean. Cameron Diaz has none other than she is just mean-spirited and has chosen to pursue a miserable lifestyle.

Elizabeth Halsey is our main character, portrayed by the lovely Cameron Diaz. Elizabeth is a teacher had a normal school, and comes home one day to her fiancée and finds out that his mother has convinced him to call of the wedding. Planning to possibly spend the rest of her life staying at home since her fiancée was rich, Elizabeth must return to the school where she shows her class movies every day while she naps at her desk.

Seeing the attractive substitute teacher Scott Delacorte (Timberlake), Elizabeth makes conversation to learn he has just gone through a breakup with a woman with large breasts. Elizabeth decides to under-go a breast enlargement surgery, a costly but rewarding surgery, to be more self-appreciative.

The main rival in the film is Amy Squirrel (Punch), another teacher in the building. She believes that Elizabeth is a fraud, scamming the school out of money (to pay for her surgery). There is also a strange attraction between Jason Segel's character as the gym teacher. The movie's biggest fault is it focuses more on Elizabeth's sometimes funny, sometimes not antics instead of building up the attraction it should with Jason Segel's character. When the film ends, we feel that the film itself didn't know how to end and just thought up something out of the blue just to give the film some sort of sun-shiny ending. The end would've been better, if we got more of a relationship between the two.

Another problem is that the students are never developed enough. The film has several students that speak to Miss Halsey individually, but it seems it can't make up its mind which one it wants to focus on. We have the brown nose girl and the sensitive kid who writes poetry and is crushing on the girl way out of his league. We get brief scenes with them, but we never see Elizabeth talk to one of the students very much. In Bad Santa, Thornton was always talking to kids and, despite his sour motivation, he was optimistic about the loner he picked up along the way.

The backstory isn't big either. If Cameron Diaz is such a miserable hack behind the desk, why did she take up teaching in the first place? How did she become a teacher? Does the principal never come in the classroom to find that Elizabeth is sleeping while the kids watch Scream? While I liked Diaz in There's Something About Mary and other things she has done, in this, she is just barely likable.

The jokes are funny. But boy does the writing fail it. When the jokes are funny, they are really funny. When the jokes fail, they fall flat on their face and are cringe inducing. The dry humping scene between Diaz and Timberlake is awkward, and is useless. It doesn't cause any advance in the plot or accomplishment among Diaz's part. It's simply there to have some sort of sex scene in a movie titled Bad Teacher.

Bad Teacher is cute, but ultimately not as dirty or as funny as it should be. The relationship between the characters is forced, no one on screen seems to be doing their best, and the screenplay, like I said, can be good but can really bad. A comedy that had potential, also had a really good movie it would be compared to for its lifetime. The result; Santa will live on while the Teacher will need an attitude adjustment.

Starring: Cameron Diaz, Jason Segel, and Justin Timberlake. Directed by: Jake Kasdan.
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