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Boxoffice Magazine
Bad Teacher is a worthy successor to the benchmark black comedy "Bad Santa" (without being at all the same).
Broader than Bad Santa and less consistently funny, it's still gleefully rude, crude and often a lot of fun.
For all her desk-stashed booze and inappropriately tight skirts, the movie offers Diaz a pretty bland badness.
The movie works-to the extent that it does-because of its sharply un-PC script (credited to Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky) that sometimes feels like a Hollywood rewrite of "Election."
Probably it's a combination of those and other elements that leads to Diaz's bad teacher not being as bad as she might have been and Bad Teacher not as good as it could have been.
What's singularly lacking here is any sense of how to use the underage characters, who, apart from one or two, are a barely distinguishable gaggle.
We're just watching a film try to pass off misanthropic blunt-wittedness as "edge."
Orlando Sentinel
Bad Teacher is a pulled punch, a pot-smoking/kid cussing/teacher copulating farce that is less than the sum of its parts.
Slant Magazine
Despite aping its title in order to suggest quality by association, Bad Teacher has nothing in common with "Bad Santa" -- including, alas, a genuinely nasty sense of humor.
Village Voice
In a role hardly larger than a cameo despite the fact that he's ostensibly the male romantic lead, Segel never tries to hide that he's only here to pay his mortgage - which makes him the most likeable presence on-screen

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