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Man vs, Woman vs, robot vs.dinosaur!

Don't even try to tell me you havne't wondered who would win in a battle between history's greatest titans. That's right, I'm talking about an epic battle between a robot, a dinosaur, a man and earth's greatest threat of all... a woman!

Man vs. Woman is short film from 2006 directed by Juan Carlos Vargas who has done a tone of FX supervosing for films like SyFy's Annihilation Earth and TV's Lake Placid 3. Vargas also has a really cool sounding project in the works called Elimination about a bunch of actors who audition for a reality show for a million dollars. All they have to do is survive three killers, and each other - streaming live over the Internet. It was in dev in 2010, but we haven't heard since then so I hope we hear more from it soon.


A science-fiction action film about an explosive duel between four desperate scavengers -- a man,
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Trailer hits for SyFy's Doomsday (aka Annihilation Earth)

Luke Goss stars in Nick Lyon's Annihilation Earth, a post-apocalyptic TV movie that was once called Doomsday, but was changed when it was mistakenly taken to be a series based on Neil Marshall's film of the same name (and since we broke that rumor, my apologies).

Anyway, now that that confusion is over and done with, SyFy has given the flick a release date (December 12, 2009) and released the first destruction filled trailer.


An attack on a supercollider puts the planet on a collision course with total destruction.

Annihilation Earth was written by Rafael Jordan and also stars the great Colin Salmon, Xenia Seeberg and Theo Cross.

Trailer after the break.

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Sdcc '09: Meat Train Directors Next is 'Magdalena'

Gale Anne Hurds Valhalla Motion Pictures, Platinum Studios and Top Cow Productions have attached Ryuhei Kitamura (Versus, Midnight Meat Train) to direct and Holly Brix (The Butterfly Effect 3: Revelations, Mile Zero) to write Magdalena. Plot details remain under wraps, however what is known is the basic premise of the Top Cow comic of the same name, about the protector of the Catholic Church who is descended from Christs bloodline and wields the Spear Of Destiny as her weapon of choice. Jenna Dewan (the only good thing about that turd Tamara) and Luke Goss (Doomsday, Hellboy II: The Golden Army) are attached to star.
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Luke Goss Joins Fringe

After a slow start the J.J. Abrams produced series "Fringe" has picked up steam and a hell of a fanbase. Me? I'm still waiting for the cow to get his own spin-off series. But until that happens, we can honestly say the outlook for Season Two is looking pleasantly dark thanks to some genre-fueled guest star power.

Variety reports that Luke Goss, whom you may recognize as Prince Nuada from Hellboy II as well as Doomsday and Blade II, has joined the cast as a guest star. No word yet on how big or small his role will be, but we'll keep our eyes and ears open.

"Fringe" is a television drama centered around a female FBI agent who is forced to work with an institutionalized scientist in order to rationalize a brewing storm of unexplained phenomena.

Stay tuned for more.

- Uncle Creepy

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The 2009 Fangoria Chainsaw Awards Results

  • Fangoria
The votes have been compiled and counted, and the readers have spoken: It’s time to announce the winners in our poll of the best horror films and filmmakers of 2008, as well as how the runners-up placed. Elaborating on our report in Fangoria #285 (on sale now), here’s a complete rundown of how the nominees ranked, in descending order, with write-ins also acknowledged (and don’t worry, fans, we’ll get to Martyrs and Deadgirl next year!):

Best Wide-release Film

Hellboy II: The Golden Army (pictured)


The Strangers

The Ruins


Write-ins: Funny Games; Doomsday; Mirrors

Best Limited-release/Direct-to-video Film

Let The Right One In

Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer



The Living And The Dead

Write-ins: Inside; Machine Girl; Mother Of Tears

Best Actor

Ron Perlman, Hellboy II: The Golden Army

Kare Hedebrant, Let The Right One In

Marc Senter, The Lost

Trevor Matthews, Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer

Leo Bill,
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The Grudge 3 DVD Artwork

  • ShockYa
Columbia Pictures just released this brand new dvd artwork for the upcoming release of “The Grudge 3″ by director Toby Wilkins (Splinter, Devil’s Trade) and starring Marina Sirtis (Doomsday, Shadows from the Sky), Shawnee Smith (Slaughter, Saw V) and Matthew Knight (The Grudge 2). Synopsis: A young Japanese woman who holds the key to stopping the evil spirit of Kayako, travels to the haunted Chicago apartment from the sequel, to stop the curse of Kayako once and for all and save a family who are currently being haunted by her malicious spirit. Stay tuned to for the latest movie news and more from “The Grudge 3″.
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