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Holy snowball in Hell, Batman. A GOOD superhero game?
ace1232-17 October 2009
A lot of people rolled their eyes when Arkham Asylum got 9s and 10s across the board from reviewers, myself included. Although it's a dirty little secret of the video game industry that big companies often buy high scores from media outlets, I am happy to say this time, they didn't have to. The game sells itself, and several hours into it, the jaded cynic within me was brutally beaten and tossed from the establishment.

They have done nearly everything right with this game; the only flaw I could find was that it has a final boss and an ending, and thus does not, as I had hoped, continue into perpetuity.

Let me list a few of the game's good points:

1. You don't die nearly as often as in other games. That might sound like another case of the dumbing down of games for casuals, but it does away with cheap deaths like slipping and falling off a ledge (anytime you miss a dangerous jump, you have a brief chance to press the grapple button to escape death). It's good design, in my opinion, something you'll find a lot in this game.

2. The gameplay has been unfairly skewed to be the most fun thing you've ever experienced. Fights against multiple opponents border on poetic at times, as Batman smoothly segues between attacks, counters, and throws. The secrets riddled (no pun intended) throughout the game that can be accessed with specific gadgets require frequent backtracking, but none of it feels repetitive, which is a credit to the devs.

3. The voice-acting is straight up flawless. Repeat: it is without flaw. Every actor is perfectly cast for his or her role, and they deliver their lines very much in character. The long-time voice of Batman, Kevin Conroy, reprises his role as the Caped Crusader, and Mark Hamill sounds appropriately sociopathic as the Joker, one of the best voice-over jobs in the game, and that's saying a lot.

The bad? The game can seem a tad easy at times, as too many obvious hints are dropped when the game senses you're stuck, however briefly. Also, at 12-15 hours, it's a short game, made even shorter by the fact that you can't stop playing. That's nitpicking, though, and if you see these drawbacks as a reason not to buy the game, you've taken one too many batarangs to the head.

TL;DR version: 10/10. MUST-BUY.
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Best game of 2009
kimi-venkat4 November 2009
First of all i am a huge batman fan. I was looking for a batman game for many years and EIDOS has just given the perfect game.

This is the type of game i was expecting after Splinter cell, Hit man and Max Payne..... the game is excellent in all aspects (Story, game play, actions, level designs, graphics).

The story starts with joker taking over the control of ARKHAM ASYLUM leaving batman into a trap. Batman has to save and infiltrate the arkham asylum to stop joker from doing bad to Gotham.Not only against joker but batman also has to fight against his enemies like croc, ivy, bane, scarecrow ....

It is a must play game for batman fans. And if any one is looking out for a best 3rd person action game then they should go for BATMAN:ARKHAM ASYLUM I give 10/10 for the game.. so go buy the game and enjoy it
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The best game of 2009. Period.
Adamant-A29 August 2009
WOW! After months and months of anticipation for this game, it has finally been released and I must say that it not only lived up to my expectations, but has far surpassed them.

The game begins with Batman (Kevin Conroy from the 1992 Batman Animated Series) returning The Joker (Mark Hamill) to Arkham Asylum after an attempt is made on the Mayor of Gotham City's life. Once inside Arkham, Batman, along with Comissioner Gordon, deduce that Joker planned to be caught and returned to Arkham because of how simple it was to catch Joker in the fist place. Not to soon after this, Joker does escape custody and (with help from Harley Quinn) sets all of the asylum inmates free. Batman now must save any innocent doctors and cops as well as beat all of the Joker's henchman to a pulp. Some of Batman's greatest enemies make appearances in the game as bosses (Joker, Poison Ivy, Harley, Scarecrow, etc...) and other great villains are not in the game at all, presumably running rampant in Gotham, but files and trivia on these villains can still be found around the game. Story: 10/10

The graphics are truly a marvel to behold with Batman looking especially excellent, you can see each cut on his suit and even his 5 o'clock shadow, Arkham is enormous and is almost fully accessible, and Harley Quinn has never looked better! Visuals: 10/10

The audio is also brilliant, the game has fantastic music and sound effects that are great and totally unique. Each of Batman's cool gadgets give off sounds that almost make them sound as if they are real. Audio: 10/10

The best part of this game is how you actually FEEL like Batman, solving the mysteries of Arkham Asylum as if you were the real Dark Knight. Batman has such a vast array of gadgets from batarangs to his trademark grappling launcher. The combat in the game is very responsive, the stealth elements fit Batman's character well, and the "Detective Mode" becomes more essential to the game the further you go. The only negative point I can think of is that the game is a bit short, but it is totally satisfying. This is the best comic book game of all time, finally breaking the DC Comics video game curse (though Lego Batman was a pretty good DC Comics game, too). Gameplay: 10/10

Just like how The Dark Knight was my favourite film of 2008, Batman: Arkham Asylum is my favourite game of 2009. Get this game, it ROCKS! My overall score: 10/10

Also, is it just me or does Batman look an awful lot like Michael Keaton?
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The Dark Knight does it again as his game is now my favorite video game based on a comic.
Aaron137516 January 2010
In fact, this game is probably the first game I have rated a ten and it not be a role playing game. It also saddens me a bit as Spider-man is my favorite comic book character of all time, however Batman has now claimed my favorite movie based on a comic character in "The Dark Knight" and now my favorite video game. Spider-man has made some good games, but nothing as complete. They usually end up missing an element that detracts from game play such as the fact the web slinging kind of sucks as it is just him swinging from nothing and he might as well be flying or the web slinging is great, but the fighting and Spidey's strength is a non factor. This game though combines all of Batman's abilities to perfection as the fighting is fun and satisfying as you clobber wave after wave of Joker henchmen. His gadgets are done nicely as you throw batarangs, set explosive gel, and use grapples to perfection. Then if you are up to it you can hide in the shadows, perch on a gargoyle statue, or hide in the air vents to sneak up and silently take down Joker's men. The story too, is top notch. I enjoyed the opening as Batman once again escorts the Joker to Arkham asylum for the umpteenth time, only this time something seems strange as Joker seemingly wanted to get captured. Well you soon find out that Joker with some assistance from his crazy little gal sidekick Harley Quinn had a plan for escape and soon after the entire island of Arkham is under the Joker's control. Throw in a mad Killer Croc, the insane Scarecrow, Poison Ivy and the Riddler and you have yourself a challenge. Though the game was never really annoying at any point and the game play was quite smooth transitioning from story point and area with ease. You can solve riddles from the Riddler and it is done a lot better than the collecting in most games of this type as the interview tapes and the spirit of Arkham things do not have to be found in any particular order. That and the riddles may be well hidden, but not nearly impossible to find like in a Tomb Raider game. Granted, there could have been a few more villains added to the mix, but I can understand why they did not try to add everyone as that may have detracted from the story a bit. Mark Hammill does the voice of the Joker just as he did on the cartoon and he does it so well that it is scary. Nice to see he found a niche doing voice over work. Kurt Conroy does Batman's voice as he did in the cartoon too. Great game, I would like to see a sequel, but one of even grander scope as I would love to see one in the streets of Gotham, however they could really bungle that so I am also dubious if they did one like that too.
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Really enjoyable game with varied game-play, all of which works really well
bob the moo10 February 2011
I came to this game after finishing the excellent Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood and if I'm honest I did struggle to make the jump. Partly this is my age meaning I'm not as good at switching between controls as I was, but also a reflection on how much I enjoyed AC:B. Once I got over this hump though and got the feel for how Batman: AA plays and works, I got into it very quickly and found a very well designed game that features plenty of colour, plenty of variety and was a good solid challenge without ever being frustratingly difficult (in normal setting anyway).

The game play is impressive; in terms of the straight story you'll be called on to work out how to get to places by using your eyes and the gadgets available to you; you'll have combat where your timing and skills are pushed in terms of pulling of combos, blocking and countering attacks but you'll also have stealth sections against armed foes where you get to be the shadowy Batman - taking them out one at a time and disappearing back into the shadows as your increasingly panicked enemies try and find where you are. These were my favourite sections and I do enjoy the additional challenge mini-games you can do in the same format. Since it is a computer game the story is episodic but it still manages to flow pretty well and be quite cinematic in nature. The cut-scenes are well used and do not come too frequently.

Although not a huge free-roam world like Red Dead etc, Arkham Asylum still has lots to explore and find. The secrets maps help a lot but it still is a challenge and it does add material to the game rather than just charging through the main story. Some of these collectables also add detail and colour to the game - I won't say I listened to all the interview tapes, but the bio files (complete with comic-book pictures) were a nice touch and again added a sense of depth to the game beyond just the story.

I am a fan of Batman but not to the point where I know all the characters, but it was enjoyable to see so many main ones have a large role in the game. The Joker is particularly effective and is well voiced by Hamill but everyone does a good job - Poison Ivy was perhaps the exception for me but that is more down to me not really liking her character rather than a problem with the game. The Scarecrow sections were all great - easy enough to "beat" but the design of them and the flashes into Wayne's tortured psyche were really enjoyable. Speaking of the Bat himself, the game achieves the central goal, which is making it fun to play as the Goddamn Batman! The gadgets are cool, the voice acting is good and there is little more pleasing that pulling off those stealth moves without ever being detected and hearing the fear of the Bat enter the voices and behaviour of the remaining henchmen.

The graphics are excellent. Personally it took me a minute to get used to how much of the screen Batman took up (the view just seemed a bit too close for me) but otherwise it looked great. The Gothic atmosphere is tangible and the detective mode is very useful - the only downside of it was that the detective mode is so useful that you end up running around with it on most of the game - which does rather rob you of the atmosphere and the beauty of the "normal view" graphics; not a massive problem, but a shame for sure.

Overall Arkham Asylum is a really great game. Well designed, looks great, plays great and has a story that engages. The characters are full of colour and are well brought to the screen in terms of looks and voice work while the variety in the game-play means I was using my head, my eyes, a stealthy approach and also having button hammering combat - all of which worked very well together and individually.
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Why aren't all superhero games this good?
brodlimmel6 October 2011
The best, yes the absolute best superhero game ever. Well maybe until the sequel at least but this game here makes me wish every superhero adaptation was this good. This game truly captures what it is like to be the worlds greatest detective. The game comes from the Arkham Asylum comics but it is still it's own original thing as well.

Gameplay- This game is flawless you get everything you need to make you feel like you are Batman, you fight like him, get cool gadgets, do a little sneaking around. The AI isn't incredibly smart but when were the henchmen ever smart. The fact they will get terrified as you pick them off one by one that is a truly satisfying feeling. The boss fights aren't that hard except the infamous Poison Ivy fight that is just down right annoying. The game is also great when you set a trap for a henchman and they fall right in it.

Sound- This game sounds amazing the music score is pretty good nothing too notable. But the voice acting is every fan of the animated series cream in there pants. So yes Batman is voiced by Kevin Conroy and the Joker is voiced by the Mark Hamill himself.

Graphics- These look fantastic granted the game is so much easier if you stay in detective mode, but I high recommend just getting out of that and admiring Arkham Asylum and all its glory. What I love is the fact Batman will take damage as the story progresses that is just something story heavy games should have because it adds so much to the game. Plus I personally thing it gives a sense of danger if the hero is getting beaten down.

Story- So the Joker turns Arkham Asylum into his own personal playground but of course he has a more dastardly plan in mind. The player or Batman has to use every tool in his arsenal to stop the crazy clown. In the story you fight The Joker, Harley Quinn, Bane, Poison Ivy, Killer Croc, and there are appearances by other Batman villains as well. This is such a Batman fans wet dream I had a hard time putting the controller down wondering whats going to happen next it is really addictive. The ending sets it up for a major sequel but with how great this game is who would ever complain.

Overall this is in my top 10 games ever. I loved the hell out of this game, if you haven't already played go out and buy, buy , buy it. My rating for this game is Jizz In Your Pants good.
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The Dark Knight stalks onto consoles.
Bleam661 September 2009
Warning: Spoilers
This was one game I was truly afraid of. Not literally of course. Being a fan of the Dark Knight and everything he had accomplished, I was afraid this was going to be another failed attempt at creating him in game. Let's face it, how many memorable Batman games are there? I can't recall any. Now finally, there is one.

We start off with transporting the Joker. Funny how he gave up without so easily. Soon you discover why. After crossing paths with many of his caged thugs, Killer Croc, and various other cameo appearances, Joker escapes your clutches. With the help of his lady friend, Harley Quinn, he is able to keep Batman under observation through the Asylum, and making life a living hell for the Dark Knight.

Now, I knew the story would be great. What I was worried about, as was everyone, was game play. I am so happy to say, the game play is damn near perfect. Each strike, each counter, each glide, it all feels so smooth and fluid. Words cannot even describe the feeling of the combat of this game. While this style may not work in every game, for Batman, it works fantastic. I'll provide an example of the creativity and freedom.

Batman strikes with a punch, back hand, counter, jumps over a thug, waves his cape to blind an armed suspect, take down and disarm, another vicious combination of blows, two more counters, a lift and throw, all in one single combination that flows absolutely perfectly.

It is very simple too. You have a button for striking, countering, your cape, and jumping/running. Now I mentioned it was simple, but it is also complex. As you learn to master it, you can start adding gadgets into the mix, gaining new variations to combat. As said before, my words, and I doubt anyone else's, can truly give this combat justice through words. In essence, try it. Rent this game if you doubt anything about it, and you are almost guaranteed to never wanting to put it down.

There is more to this game than combat however. Much more. In some situations, you have no choice but to fight, but this game revolves around stealth. After all, when is the last time you saw Batman not stalk his opponents into petrification? This is where many of his gadgets will come into play.

I won't spoil all of them. You have the grappling hook, Batarang, and explosive gel to name a few. These alone can help you take Joker's crazy thugs out one by one. However, there is still more to the stealth play.

As you progress through the game, you will unlock experience for various tasks--more coming on that shortly--and gain unlock-ables such as extra stealth play, gadget upgrades, health improvements, and combat bonuses. Utilizing the stealth upgrades are an absolute must. For instance, gargoyles are often littered around a format area, usually with guards armed to the teeth with guns and ammunition, and they are not shy about using it.

Hiding above, scoping out the layout for your use, sometimes an unsuspecting thug will just so happen cross beneath you. Using a certain upgrade, you can grab the thug, and not only disarm him from above, but remove him from the equation all together. Now had you gone down, fists in the air, you'd be dead before you knew what happened. Utilizing stealth from above is just one of many ways. Like combat, there is just no way to truly put in words how excellent it truly is.

I mentioned experience as well. Another great installment in this first chapter. The better you fight, the more experience you get. Taking down thugs in stealth? More experience. Now if you truly want to arm Batman with everything, you will need to go beyond the storyline, and track down 240 Riddler trophies, riddles, and other objectives. There is also another goodies to track down, but I will let you figure that one out.

All in all, this game was made for whether you never heard of Batman, or have been a die hard fan. It caters to everybody who enjoys a good story, excellent combat system--that is easy to use, hard to master--and a whole variety of challenge modes, extras to find, and so much more. At the very least, rent this game. You will not be disappointed. There is a lot of stuff too in this game that.

You will be amazed by the voice acting, the movements, the art work, and the overall complex nature of this vast island you're stuck on. There is plenty of bosses, interview patient tapes, and many shocking moments. I'll end this with a teaser of arguably the best part of this game: Prepare to face your fears...
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Batman Arkham Asylum Greatest Batman Game Ever Created
Terryfan23 September 2015
Warning: Spoilers
When I first got my Playstation 3 one of the first games that got my attention when I play the demo was Batman: Arkham Asylum.

Now Batman is my favorite superhero from DC Comics and I grew up with Batman from the movies to the classic Animated Series the action figures and video games.

Now after so many years we finally got a game that is really what Batman fans have always wanted and Thankfully it does not disappoint.

The plot of the game has Batman bringing The Joker back to Askham Asylum only for it to be all part of The Joker's plan to make this the longest night of Batman's life. With The Joker and Harley Quinn in control of the Asylum Batman has to be one step ahead of them along with fighting the other villains in the asylum like Bane, Scarecrow, Killer Croc, Poison Ivy and others

The writers really took their time to make this game a joy to play and the story line just keeps you interested from the start as it proves to be one of the longest nights of Batman's life.

But Barbara Gordon AKA Oracle helps Batman whenever she can and it gives the game more interest.

Also there are a lot to unlock like Character Bios, Interview tapes, Trophies and more. The only thing I didn't care too much for is The Riddler's riddles while they are for helping you unlock items and maps in my opinion The Riddler serves little to no meaning to the plot just a side mission.

The boss battles will have you on your highest gaming sense my favorite battle in this game is Poison Ivy but you also fight Bane, Killer Croc, Scarecrow and The Joker in the climax of the game. Now you have to do a lot of thinking on how to defeat these bosses.

The game play is really well done with a mix of stealth, action, and puzzle solving which you'll be doing through the game to unlock new combos and gadgets. The game play just spare no expense

The voice acting is just phenomenal. My favorite part is that Kevin Conroy reprise his role as Batman from Batman The Animated Series he is the best voice for Batman he knows how to bring the legend to life and once again he prove to do a successful job as Batman. Also Mark Hamill reprise his role as The Joker and his performance is just perfect you can tell he put his heart and soul into the character making him the best Joker in the animated department. Arleen Sorkin also returns as Harley Quinn and she is quite entertaining for the game she really did a great job as the character.

Also the rest of the cast, Tom Kane, Kimberly Brooks, Dino Andrade, Wally Wingert,Steve Blum,Tasia Valenza, Danny Jacobs, Fred Tatasciore and the others were just perfect fits for their respected characters they voiced in the game.

The Controls work very well for the game. Also the sound and music really matches the Dark Knight.

Now onto the Graphics were are just flawless attention to detail for the level designs and the characters really just gives you the feel of being in Batman's world. It goes to show that a lot of love went into this game and it feels like it was done for Batman Fans by fans of Batman.

The game also gives you chills with the Scarecrow levels which really brings the fear out and gets your skin to crawl. Also you never know what the game will throw at you next. It gives you the feel of actually expect the unexpected.

Seriously if you don't have this game you must get it because it one of the best video games ever created, the Best Batman Game and one of the best comic book games that really is a champion.

With original story, Excellent Graphics, Tight Game Play and Superb Voice acting you will be in for a thrill ride

I give Batman Arkham Asylum an 10 out of 10
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Don the cowl, and bring them to justice
TBJCSKCNRRQTreviews8 October 2013
With a compelling opening that sets the creepy, gritty and bleak tone(with Gothic architecture - tall windows, and gargoyles that you can perch atop, and hang goons from) as you escort The Joker deep into the Arkham facility(which is now a full island, not merely the mansion - albeit that remains part of it), with several stops along the way(such as a doctor checking on him), and you expect that any moment now, he'll break free - he suddenly does, surprising you in spite of the anticipation, takes over, threatens that he'll detonate bombs all over Gotham if anyone approaches the Asylum and has graffiti tagged and a statue of the warden defaced, as you now have to track him down, rescue the hostages taken, fight his army of henchmen - and he may just send some supervillains your way.

Outside of The Killing Joke(which is where the inspiration for his appearance in this comes from) and Ledger, this is the best depiction of him. Hamill, aided by the solid, absurd material(he taunts you, and his goons, as you progress), renders him equally scary and comical - he leaves gift-wrapped, fridge-sized boxes around for you, and you never know where it'll be a bomb, or just a few of the chattering teeth he leaves around. He remains in control, and you are at his mercy. This explains, if doesn't fully excuse, the linearity of this - heightening the isolated, claustrophobic feeling. You can only choose where to go in the hub level of the outside, and when boringly backtracking to gain entry to areas earlier inaccessible. His final plan, while the scope befits the medium, is the one time something in this doesn't fit, as far as motivations go. He is joined by Harley(Sorkin), who's dependent and eerie as ever.

The characters in this are all gotten exactly right. And not everyone will survive the night... making this a tale with repercussions, and while those may be confined to these VG's, it's a notable risk to take. The villains(who all get epic, fitting entrances) are humans grotesquely transformed by tragedy into monsters - you are allowed to delve into their psyche(and their themes are explored) through interview tapes, that, like the story(original, and penned by veteran of the comics, Paul Dini - both ideal; you don't have people comparing it to the work it's adapting or knowing the outcome, and this gets the spirit), have twists, are impeccably paced, and develop the people. This gets right what most licensed ones don't - looking at why it's beloved, and making sure to replicate those elements, with a laser-like focus. Is this the best game ever? No. But in the sub-genre of hero ones, it is. And I retain the right to grant that to one of its sequels, when I get to playing those.

This is a real treat for those already in love with the property, but no matter how little you know about this franchise, you can appreciate this - it's quite self-contained, and actually serves as an introduction that will inspire many potential fans to get into it. It covers a lot of ground, without bogging down with excessive details. The cutscenes(either in-engine or pre-rendered so it never feels out of place) are cool, short, fast-paced and to the point. You get poisoned by Scarecrow, and have to struggle through terrifying, and sometimes quite personal, hallucinations(think Freddy Krueger). There is some Prince of Persia style acrobatics. The main campaign in this single-player(with 3 difficulties) only title(I'm glad they didn't push for multiplayer, or even co-op, if they didn't think they could make it work) is only 10 and a half hours. The replayability lies in unlocking statues, upgrades to improve your abilities, and challenge maps(in the GOTY edition, there are no less than 20!). That last one comes with international leaderboards, to entice you to do well. It does also highlight that there are essentially only two different playing experiences in this.

The first is the free-flow, hard-hitting martial arts. There is a rhythm to it - like in real life. Try to predict their behavior, and react in time. You have four moves: Strike(your attack), Block(stop another's blow and hit them), Stun(prevent one or two from punching) and Evade(any direction - including "at" them, bunny-hopping over them!). Click a button at the right time, directed in the right direction, and it might not even matter if you're not already close enough(you may automatically get close by flipping over there). As long as you don't miss, spend a full second not doing anything, or take damage(you'll heal after battle - no running away!), you'll increase your "combo counter", and once you have enough, you unlock Throw(literally toss one guy into a few others!) and instant Takedowns(the only time that doesn't take so much time that you can be stopped if seen!). There is no spamming. This is easy to learn, yet tough to master. How well you do translates to XP, and as already mentioned, that's vital.

And the other major aspect is stealth. As you can tell, these are the defining traits of Bruce Wayne's alter ego(along with his smarts - those make it in, without providing something hard to accomplish. This is highly creative - you can hide above(glide-kicking from there - yes, your cape always allows slow, or silent, descent), beside(around a corner, grabbing them from there), even below(from grates, travelling unseen - there are vents, as well), enemies. You can attract them with a Sonic Batarang(you can also throw more than one, there's a remote controlled one, and, like with the Bat-Claw which grabs objects, or persons, out of your immediate reach, there's a key to quick-use it... and auto-aim is actually *smart* in this, and aiming is possible when you have the time).

There is a lot of disturbing, violent content in this, and some blood. I recommend this to any fan of Batman, action and/or sneaking. 9/10
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Best Batman game ever!!!
johnnymacbest26 July 2012
Having played many Batman games throughout the years, FINALLY a game that really gives you the feeling of being Batman with his arsenal of gadgets and fighting styles that is innovative in execution. Batman: AA is simply THE best Batman game ever created. You got all of Batman's rogues gallery that includes The Joker, Poison Ivy, Killer Croc, Bane, Scarecrow, and Harley Quinn; some of which are voiced by fellow "Animated Series" veterans such as Kevin Conroy and of course, Mark Hamill, whose chilling portrayal of the Joker is simply the highlight of the games overall narrative.

In visuals, Arkham Asylum is a beautiful game, with a level of detail that's very impressive with stunning animation and lighting effects. On playing the game, I barely noticed any pop-up and polygonal tearing evident on some games, but not hear. Everything is rendered in crisp and clear clarity and if you have a Hi-Def setup, it's all batty.

Historically, Batman has been relegated to mostly side-scrolling fare with limited set of moves and gadgets. The games were good, but never gave you the feeling of being the Caped Crusader. Now with today's technology, gamers and comic-book fans alike can truly experience the Dark Knight in a way never before seen in gaming. Batman: Vengeance, which I admit is the first game to feature Batman in a 3d environment with aforementioned talent on board and it was an impressive game no doubt. But Arkham Asylum is so much more. It delivers the true experience of being Batman to a T. With stunning visuals, superb voice acting, and an innovative combat system that has you beating thugs like a pro, Arkham Asylum is simply the GREATEST Batman video game ever made. Having just beaten the game, I'm ready for Arkham City.
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An amazing achievement
XavierInVanCity26 August 2009
Warning: Spoilers
This is the single most powerful video game I have ever played.

Let us start with gameplay. The stealth, action and gadget aspects are all top notch. The only flaw here is that the combat is somewhat repetitive. This is the only mark against this otherwise perfect game.

Every villain in this game has been realized and used to the utmost effect. In particular Mark Hamill's Joker is a terrifying beast, who's constant chatter over the megaphones is at the same time disturbing and hilarious.

The single most powerful moment in the game, however, is during one of the confrontations with scarecrow. The reliving of the murder of Bruce's parents genuinely affected me, and made Scarecrow's presence more than another another villain spot.

The points above, combined with beautiful graphics and animation and an engaging, dark storyline, make Batman: Arkham Asylym game of the year material for sure. A must play for anyone.
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The Best Batman voice ever!
hanifmuhammad9224 March 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Batman has never been more of bad ass! Batman Arkham Asylum is one of the finest outings for the caped crusader. Not only is it a top notch game with excellent attention to detail and amazing production value it is also an absurdly fun game to play. I couldn't even begin to count the number of hours I spent with this Masterpiece. I've beaten the main story several times and I suspect that I will continue to do so in the future. It's by far one of the best video games that I have ever had the opportunity of playing. The Game begins with Batman capturing the Joker and delivering him to the Asylum. Through a sudden turn of events we discover that The Joker had been planning his abduction all along. He takes over the Asylum with the help of Harley Quinn. Now it is up to the gamer to take back the Asylum as Batman. The Best part of it all is that it contains The voices from the animated series. These are both the quintessential actors for the roles. AS much as I enjoy hearing other actors portray the characters There is simply nothing that comes close to the chemistry between Conroy and Hamill. It's so magnetic that it draws the audience into the story like few games could.

The Gameplay is addictive and deceptively easy to grasp at first hand. Right from the start of the game Joker frees the thugs from black gate prison and it's up to you to take them out. To put it mildly The Arkham fighting system is Genius! I've never played an action game with a combat system that made you feel like such a bad ass It's just so simple and yet it looks so cool. There will be moments in the game where you'll find yourself fighting against a dozen to twenty guys at a time and all you have to do is alternate between the attack and counter buttons to dispose of them. But the thing that makes the combat so addictive is that it's easy to learn but insanely difficult to master.

The Other major corner stone of the game-play of Arkham Asylum is predator mode. During these sections of the game Batman will find himself in a room with several men patrolling it armed to the teeth with guns. With all the ass you've been kicking in traditional combat it's easy to forget that you're just a man but these sections of the game do a Masterful job in humbling the gamer. Once you get the hang of this aspect of the game you will truly feel as if you are a force of nature as you find ways to split the group of enemies apart and take them down one by one before anyone of them understand what's going on. There are a number of ways to do this which makes the process overwhelming. It's easy at first but towards the end of the game you'll find yourself in a room with twenty armed guards and you not sure who to take out first. Thankfully Predator is fast paced and aggressive thanks to detective mode. Detective mode is Batman's link to the Batman computer providing by his trusted partner Oracle and is useful in practically ever section of the game. It's basically X ray vision and it allows Batman to see threw walls and buildings as well as isolated armed henchmen. With this feature you will surely see enemies coming from a mile away and will have plenty of time to prepare for your next attack. The best stealth take downs are the inverted ones that you can do from the overhead interior gargoyles. Hanging enemies upside down while they scream in terror simply never gets old. This feature becomes the most enjoyable when the enemies fear meter builds up. At a certain point they become so frightened they begin to shoot into the air randomly. So despite the challenge the predator aspect of the game truly gives you the opportunity to feel like Batman and that perhaps is the highest praise that anyone can give it.

One of the best things about the game, aside from The fun game-play, Dark atmosphere, and great graphics are the memorable clashes that Batman has with some of the super villains in the Asylum. My personal favorite are the haunting dream like sequences with Scarecrow that pop up during certain moments of the story. There are simple no words to describe How Phenomenal this part of the game really is. My favorite moment was when Scarecrow's toxin actually forced Batman to be taken throw the murder of his parents all over again. I actually cried in that moment. No other video game has made me feel that way and I've played Shadow of the Colossus. That is all.

There is little I can say about Batman Arkham Asylum that hasn't been said already. It's just an amazing game and is certainly deserves it's game of the year award. It will be forever cherished in my memory as one of the finest renditions of the character of all time! A timeless classic and one of my absolutely favorites!
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A great game; a true masterpiece
danielloe2 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
*WARNING MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS* Batman Arkham Asylum is the first game in the Arkham series, and it is a great game. In some ways I have more respect for this game than any of the others, because when this game was made, superhero games weren't a sure thing at all. The other three are all good, sometimes even great, but there was never as much doubt about whether they would be any good. Asylum is a lot different than all of the other games, which gave you an open world, a main story, and various side missions which you could do at any time you wanted to. In here, all you have is the main story, with the one sole side mission of the Riddles. Also, calling this an open world is a bit of a stretch, you can't go everywhere, you're confined to one island, which makes this game a lot more tense. Batman, alone, in an asylum full of psychopaths who are all organized by the Joker. I know the later games had similar elements, but this was by far the scariest of all the games, particularly in this aspect. Later on, it's just standard procedure by that point, here, it was original. I know citing originality as a point in the favor of the first game is pretty lame, but hey, it is true. Now let's talk cast. Kevin Conroy is a great Batman, one of my favorite Batman actors, and Mark, he's great as the Joker. He also doesn't rip-off Heath Ledger at all, he's a completely different take on the Joker. Now let's talk about the bosses in this game (yes there are other cast members but those are the ones that really stand out). I really liked how you go through different sections of the game, where you're working against one particular super villain, like Joker, or Poison Ivy, or Scarecrow. It was always, okay, I'm going up against this guy, and you would go through several missions where that's who you were working against, so each villain got plenty of screen time. Even Bane who was just there for the one fight still got enough time to shine (because that fight was great). I know the Titan Joker thing ruffled a lot of feathers, but it didn't really bother me all that much. It served to contrast Joker and Batman even more. I didn't like the actual fight all that much, but the idea was okay. Oh, and I just want to say, I have to admit, I've never really liked the ending of any of these Arkham games as much as what came before it. I don't know why, but I just always seemed a little disappointed in the resolutions (more on that in future reviews). The game play is also really great. You feel like Batman; you get to sneak around, surprise henchman, and then take them down. I really like the stealth missions, those were really fun and tense. That's not to discredit the free-flow system, I loved that system as well, I liked being able to bounce around from one thug to the the next and keep hitting them; I just think they needed a little more variety in the enemies (which we got in later games). I also really liked the gadgets, which were all useful and helped you get past all kinds of obstacles, or just get Riddle trophies. In the end, this was a great game, and I would strongly encourage you to check it out. I know praise for Arkham games is pretty generic, but they earned it.
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A truly amazing work
moudekerk30 June 2015
Batman: Arkham Asylum is an excellent game by Rocksteady. I give it a full 10/10 because everything about it is perfect. It introduced a unique style of hand-to-hand combat that would stun players and be used in future Arkham games. The realism of the fighting is pretty good as well. The plot of the game is both epic and within boundaries. From the point of entering Arkham you will find that the environment is immersing and large. The amazing open world gives this game it's most key point to it's success: it's atmosphere. This is what really shapes up the game for me. The atmosphere makes you feel awesome yet somewhat eerie and disturbed. The boss battles have been called "just OK", but I think they are well put together and fun. The rouges gallery in this game is just great. You see many of your favorite Batman villains and can read up on many more by solving interesting riddles related to villains. The graphics are also very good. The Asylum has a very modern and dark tone to it, adding to the overall feel of the game. With Batman's load of gadgets, you'll have endless fun. Of course the street fighting combat is fun and well-recognized, the predator stealth combat is also great. If you beat the game, you'll most likely want to beat it again. Also, if you want to do something other than the campaign, there is a long Riddler challenge with collectibles and riddles hidden all over Arkham as well as fighting challenges to do. Overall, this an absolutely great game that you should play if you haven't.
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love it
Braden969 August 2009
i may have only played the demo but as far as i can tell the controls are flawless the graphics are excellent the game play makes you feel like batman you actually need to think about your actions as one screw up can make the game impossible the stealth is very Metal Gear Solid and the fighting is that of the upgrade fight of matrix reloaded all in all if it lives up to the demo it will be among the finest games i have ever played my only problems with the game is it's no butcher bay or Metal Gear Solid and the fact that that you have to map out your actions i should also point out that the enemies set path and strategies constantly change making even the demo different every time i highly recommend
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Game of the year
swedzin3 October 2012
Or, perhaps, of the decade. When I first saw a few trailers, I wondered will I be ever able to play this game? It looks so good, so demanding, so well done... I was wrong, fortunately. This game is an amazing experience, without a shadow of doubt, one of the best games ever to come out in the world of video games. Paul Dini wrote this amazing piece of art, from comic book mythos and he adapted it in video game.

Now, the game looks terrific, graphics are outstanding, the gameplay is easy, and well adapted to any player, but not that easy if you are willing to try hard game. We have a big return of voice actors Kevin Conroy as Batman, Mark Hamill as Joker and Arleen Sorkin as Harley Quinn, from the old animated TV series. Other well-known voice actors as Steve Blum, Fred Tatasciore, Cree Summer, Adrienne Barbeau and Tom Kane are also here, and they all did a great job. Overall voice acting was amazing.

The Batman character looks amazing, the whole concept art is good, you can easily notice that some things were taken from the films, from Nolan's and Burton's for example, and it's all mixed pretty good here. The story is solid and is not just another comic book episode. It also have some pretty dark and scary tones. Also, a really good soundtrack. Playing with Batman is cool, you feel like you are Batman, you are doing things that he is doing in comics, or films. You also have locked bonus stages. It's pretty cool to use batman to beat the living crap out of anyone who stands in your way. And to mention the usage of all Bat-gadgets. Get this game and try it. You'll love it!
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Extremely Great Batman Game With A Trapped Plot-Line And Interesting Gameplay (And Yes...I Review Video Games Too)
cccockrell24 November 2018
Have you ever wanted to experience Batman through his point-of-view? How about focusing on taking down some of Gotham's notorious villains? Well, this is a game for you then. Batman: Arkham Asylum has you playing as Batman himself. As to what everybody thinks, Batman is the caped crusader that dons his cowl at night to take down bad guys. However, this game centers in one place. Arkham Asylum suddenly gets taken over by the Joker while other villains join him. Now it's up to you to play as Batman and protect Arkham Asylum from any danger.

Can this game ever be any more awesome? The answer would be probably not, because this first installment in the Batman: Arkham series has a great story and a great gameplay! The story also gets more intriguing and intense when Batman gathers clues to take down the Joker. Also, I must say one thing. In the rest of the Batman: Arkham series, you have more freedom. You could venture out across Gotham (or Arkham) city to fight criminals and to take down villains. In Asylum, you can only stay at the Arkham Asylum facilities. Most people can criticize that the first installment is less interesting, but I don't think that way. This game was absolutely phenomenal (story-wise and gameplay-wise)!

I didn't collect all Riddler trophies and riddles, but that's okay. I look forward to moving on with Batman: Arkham City! I give Batman: Arkham Asylum a 10/10 for its adventurous gameplay and plot. I also give credit to the makers of the game for giving a complete accurate aspect of Batman. So far, Batman: Arkham Asylum is my favorite superhero game of all time! This game was awesome!
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The Second best Arkham Game
pet-3072113 November 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I enjoyed this game a lot when it first came out, i thought that is was the best Superhero video game, but then after the sequel came out Batman Arkham City (my most favourite Arkham Game) it moved to second place on my list of Arkham games, but the game is still awesome after all these years, the characters were memorable, the story is good and Arkham Asylum just looks good, the only problems I have with this game is the Riddler trophies and the boss battles, the Riddler Trophies have always been an annoying thing in the Arkham games so this really isn't a problem but the reason this isn't my most favourite Arkham game is because of the boss battles, TITAN Jokers boss battle was easy, all you had to do was defeat his henchmen and then drag him down with the batclaw 3 times, Killer Croc's boss battle wasn't that hard and didn't really seem like a boss battle because you didn't have to fight him, you would just crawl around the place collecting whatever you were supposed to (i forgot what you were supposed to collect) and then throw batarangs at him when he would jump out of the water and try to attack you, then later when you finish that you have to wait for him to stand on top of where you planted the explosive gel then detonate it and you have beaten him, the final boss battle I hated was Bane, because he was just basically a TITAN henchmen, besides that the game was good
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This is my favorite Batman game of all time
jeffordslm30 August 2018
My favorite game of all time is Batman Arkham asylum
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If this were written for the big screen, it would make for a great Batman movie.
Batman: Arkham Asylum broke the conundrum that is licensed video-games: in an industry full of innovation and equal-parts shovel-ware, video-games based on longstanding properties like Batman usually tend to fail and fall hard (like Superman 64), the Arkham series proved that you can make a fantastic game franchise comparable to the likes of Grand Theft Auto, Legend of Zelda, Halo, Uncharted or Gears of War. This makes the case for video-games telling great stories comparable to (and even surpassing) a Hollywood blockbuster, and showing that gaming can make way for industrial breakthroughs like this.

Batman is one of the few superheroes to break ranks in all forms of media and succeed in doing so.
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Great game
85122227 March 2018
Greetings from Lithuania.

"Batman: Arkham Asylum" (2009) is an amazing game. I've played and went all of it and also collected all Riddler trophies first time in 2018 on a remastered version. I absolutely loved it. Setting are great, controls are nearly perfect, combat system is very fun, graphics were good even by these days standards. Story was good, characters were sharply written and here you can really feel your self as a Batman as you can take down on your enemies by multiple approaches.

Overall, "Batman: Arkham Asylum" is a game that everyone should play and beat. This is a pure classic.
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What a damn game.
gagechesteeen15 February 2018
This game is without a doubt one of my top ten favorite games... ever. The sequel is up there, as well. The story is gripping, the atmosphere is dripping with detail, and the gameplay is unmatched. This was a great first game from what would turn out to be one of the best video-game series in history.
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Best one in the series!!
BatmanFunReviews201821 October 2016
Warning: Spoilers
You control Batman as he fights to subdue The Joker and his fellows when they seize control of the forensic mental hospital. Batman Arkham Asylum is easily the best game in the whole series that fight sequence with Batman and Bane or Joker turning into half Bane and half Joker is easily the best thing about the whole video game also having Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill back as Batman and Joker is a dream come true both of them are great and they give 2 great voice over performances. I also loved the whole detective mode and the scenes with Scarecrow especially when Bruce becomes a little kid again and he walks over that long street and then you have to run away from Scarecrow and basically end the nightmare by hitting him with the light of the Bat signal which truly makes sense to me. In the end of the day Arkham Asylum is still one hell of a Batman Game.
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Superhero mayhem done very well.
Rob_Taylor24 March 2015
Warning: Spoilers
First off, I'll qualify this review by saying I'm not a big fan of the superhero genre, yet even I was favourably impressed by this (now 6-years old) game.

Since many others have already reviewed Arkham Asylum, I'll simply list what I liked and disliked about the game.

What I liked:

1. A nice power progression as Batman recovers various equipment and improves his abilities.

2. Decent graphics by today's standards.

3. A reasonable story that served the game well.

4. Exceptional voice acting, especially from Mark Hamill as the Joker.

5. When you are defeated by a villain (or his henchmen), there is a little scene with said villain coming out of the shadows to mock you mercilessly.

6. A "normal" difficulty that is actually challenging (especially in boss fights)

What I didn't like:

1. Rather on rails. There really is only one way to finish the game and complete the "levels".

2. Stealth is a little underutilised since to finish a level you must "secure" the area (i.e. beat every bad guy up).

As you can see, a lot more things I liked than disliked. Considering I played it six years after release, it has held up very well. If you are after a bit of superhero action, you could do far, far worse.
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jason-mcavoy12 November 2013
This game is brilliant! The story is compelling, and it will make you want to play through to the very end. The Challenge mode is outstanding! The combat system is one of the best I have seen in a very long time! The characters position in the story are put in at the right time, it make the player feel a sense of relief that they don't have all of these enemies coming at them at once... unless playing on higher difficulties. I my self have played through the game, and had an amazing experience with this one. One bad thing I do have to say about this game is that some of the boss fights, even though playing on a lower difficulty, it is still quite hard to overcome the challenge of beating this superior enemy. Take the Poison Ivy boss battle for example when trying to dodge her pant spores the controls seemed much more stiff than when fighting a simple thug. But otherwise a Brilliant adaptation to the Batman Games History.
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