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Watchable, but somewhat distasteful storyline basis...
paul_haakonsen30 July 2022
Never heard about "The Moderator" from writers Hicham Hajji and Jonathan McConnell before sitting down to watch it. But since I do believe in given a movie a fair chance, of course I sat down to watch "The Moderator" as I had the opportunity to do so.

First of all, I think the fact that the movie is using the grizzly murder of two Scandinavian women in Morocco back in 2018 as its foundation was sort of improper and distasteful, especially to those left behind after that tragedy. So that left a somewhat foul taste in my mouth.

The storyline itself, if you remove the abovementioned aspect, was actually fair enough. Sure, this wasn't exactly a groundbreaking action thriller, but the movie was watchable enough for what it turned out to be.

The acting in the movie was adequate, and I was surprised to see the likes of Robert Knepper and Gary Dourdan in a movie such as this. And just how or why lead actress Irma Lake was hired for this movie was simply beyond my comprehension. Sure, she was able to throw a punch and do physical fighting, but she wasn't really blessed with much of any noticeably acting talent.

Is it just me, but does it raise an eyebrow when a supposedly dead man twitches an eye?

The music in the movie was actually rather good, and somewhat well composed.

"The Moderator" came and went without leaving a lasting impression on me. And while it is was a movie that I managed to sit through, it is not a movie that I will ever return to watch a second time.

My rating of director Zhor Fassi-Fihri's 2022 action thriller "The Moderator" lands on a four out of ten stars.
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Another film where trailer is better than the actual film.
XueHuaBingYu20 August 2022
Always check the rating on IMDb before you watch a film. When I decided to watch this film, I forgot to check out the rating. As some people said the trailer and poster are traps, I totally agree with them. Yes, the poster really looks good and also the trailer. But the film is not. It looks like amateur and low budget. The fighting scenes are not that good as I thought it would be. Some dialogues and acting are a bit weird. And as I've said in above, the trailer is much better than the actual film. That being said, I like how it ends. It's kind of good.

So, to conclude this review, if they could do better than this, this film might turn out to be just fine.
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This review will save your life
deux-1475429 July 2022
The trailer is a trap. The poster is another trap. Would say it was a waste of money but clearly this movie was made with no budget at all. Such a shame wasting actors like Robert Kneeper or Gary Dourdan in this (intent) of a movie. A lot of plot holes. Lots of inconsistencies. Poor storytelling. Disjointed chapters which does not match even with glue. Fatal mistakes. I mean you can even see the shadow of the cameraman several times. Poor cropped scenes (specially the slow changes with stunt doubles, the killing scenes). The transitions when the actors walk towards the camera O.o. The protagonist lacks of character and thoughness which never showed up. Everything was wrong. I sacrificed myself and had to finish the movie until the end to have the proper arguments to make this review and hopefully save your souls from watching this punishment.
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Wonderfully awful
mlk1829 July 2022
Looking for a top tier suspense thriller? This isn't it. Looking for a classic style "B" movie to make fun of as you choke down your lunch and laugh your way through the adventure? This is definitely it. Stop expecting low budget movies to be perfect in every way and just enjoy them for what they are. Wonderfully awful.
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Terrible and clunky movie
Marco_From_Tropoja29 July 2022
This movie really is awful. The script is completely disjointed and flows like hardened concrete as it cuts from here to there to over there. Don't even attempt to watch this movie as you will undoubtedly regret it.
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Save your time
ajddakar1 August 2022
It's a trap, the trailer. Another trap is the poster. Would argue that it was a waste of money, but it is obvious that there was no budget at all for this film. Such a shame that this (purpose) of a movie would waste stars like Robert Kneeper or Gary Dourdan. Several plot gaps Lots of contradictions. Terrible storytelling jumbled chapters that wouldn't stick together with glue. Fatal errors. Lack of character and thoughtfulness never surfaced in the protagonist. There were many issues. To have the necessary justifications for writing this review and, maybe, sparing your souls from having to see this punishment, I had to make the ultimate sacrifice and watch the entire film.
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Perfect storm for a disaster
lzphoto30 July 2022
Review this film is a waste of time, watching it is worse (guilty as charged), cant understand that someone was duped to produce this movie, The story doesn't make any sense, bad acting, worse screenplay ever, not sure what was the purpose of making this film but it was a waste of time, effort, money and reviewing it.
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A total waste of money and time
kiragrandad6 August 2022
Really bad acting, the two male leaders are good but the rest are awful.

I started watching it thinking It would get better, how wrong I was.

I think it was a case of take the money and run.
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B Grade Action Movie
stevendbeard1 August 2022
Warning: Spoilers
I saw The Moderator, starring Irma Lake-in her first movie; Gary Dourdan-Redemption Day, CSI:Crime Scene Investigation_tv; Robert Knepper-Redemption Day, Prison Break_tv and Michael Patrick Lane-Redemption Day, Dynasty_2017_tv.

This is a B grade action movie about a woman seeking revenge. Irma plays a Russian model-it's not clear what she really does but she knows how to fight pretty good-that has 2 friends murdered in Morocco. She decides to take revenge by taking out the people responsible and gets help from an unknown source-he stays in the shadows but smokes a cigar. Gary and Robert are the Interpol agents trying to catch her after the bodies start dropping. Michael is the main bad guy that Irma is trying to get to. Michael likes to sexually assault girls when he is not having them killed-basic bad guy behavior. The poster of the movie has Irma sitting in a chair with 2 guns and bullets surrounding her on the floor but I don't remember her using any guns-knives are her weapon of choice with an occasional bottle being used. By the end, you do learn who was helping her-the cigar smoker-and it's left open for a sequel but I don't think there will be one.

It's rated R for violence, language, drug use and sexual content-no nudity but sexual assaults are included-and it has a running time of 1 hour & 22 minutes.

It's not one that I would buy on DVD or rent. If you want to see it, I would wait until it comes to tv.
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The amateur movie you wish to watch if you running out of laugh
darabisam29 July 2022
Warning: Spoilers
Bad script, worse acting, worst behind the scene team.

Look at the poster, the main character even doesn't have gun, keep looking at the poster, she never wore that lingerie, still looking at poster?! Yeah nothing related to the movie.

The story was divided into two different subjects not pertinent to each other, too.

So let me warp this for you, enjoy your life and don't touch this.
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I need to moderate this before you go ahead an waste your time.
ed-recordz29 July 2022
Okay, Let's start with the poster. I think that's probably the only good thing about this movie. So, props to the graphic designer though the poster is more like a watchbait. It literally has nothing to do with the content of the film or what you'd expect from it. She's holding two guns with thousands of bullets surrounding her yet she never used a single gun in the entire movie. Oh, and I don't think I remember a single shot being fired in general. So, yeah! I feel tricked by the poster.

Now let's talk about the stroy plot. I think it was written by a 5-year-old. It's cluncky and predictable. Not to mention the endless errors that can't even be fixed by CGI. 7 minutes in it says Miami, FL while it's clearly Rabat, Morocco. I mean they didn't even bother to shoot the first chase scene somewhere where Hassan Tower (the most famous landmark in Rabat) can't be seen.

Next, we head to Morocco where the lead character is trying to avenge the death of her two friends. The cops couldn't be more rediculous. They seem to have graduated from Insp. Jacques Clouseau's academy.

The conversations between the characters can't be more confusing. Two moroccan cops converse in English, next minute the question a Moroccan boy in Arabic. Why? Just why on earth would you do that? You either make an entire movie in English so everyone can undersand it, or keep the original language when it should be. That's why Inglorious Basterds is one of my all time favorite. Tarantino respected every language used in the movie.

My only hope was that it could be saved by Prison Break's Robert Knepper, but he didn't really seem really interested in acting in this film. I think he just got paid to be himself. On a second that, I'm glad he was equally bad. He probably had to lower his standards otherwise the final result would be unbalanced.

Final thoughts: I was hoping that this would deal with the real event that took place in Morocco and deal with terrorists in a Liam Nesson Kind of way, but the movie went into another direction that has nothing to do with terrorism.

I highly don't recommed watching this.
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Internet Trolls
nogodnomasters31 July 2022
Warning: Spoilers
After watching two of her friends murdered on-line, blogger Mya Snik (Irma Lake), aka Moderator 212, goes to Morocco to avenge their deaths. She is a vigilante killer going after men who prey on women. Also in Morocco is a man accused of rape in seven countries.

Irma Lake is a major league babe whose agility and long legs are incredible to watch. However, when she runs, she runs very girly. I can't imagine her getting away from anyone. Since she was wearing a helmet, I would suggest using a body double.

While some of the scenes were good, the plot was not put together properly. There was zero character build-up for Irma Lake. They should have done a hit that she did to demonstrate character and ability. Interpol has an investigation which reads us plot points. Gary Dourdan didn't fit.

Guide: F-word. Rape. Women with pasties.
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Very disappointing
dkrieger-51 August 2022
This movie is very poorly written and very poorly directed.

For those reasons, the characters are simple caricatures. The dialogue is used only to communicate the most rudimentary elements of the person and the story. The action scenes are amateurish at best. I was only willing to watch 15 minutes of this movie.
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Its Good But Its Propaganda
nIGHTmAYOR26 August 2022
Warning: Spoilers
So basically the movie is trying to sell the idea those two Scandinavian girls that were killed in Morocco were not killed by ISIS but rather snuff producers from the west and a Russian girl slash vigilantly slash serial killer killed them all , and now Morocco is safe , look at all those good sight seeing spots , come back soon !

Well I don't blame them if they are that desperate , but I hate watching two hours ads ...

A side notice , the plot holes are more than you can count , you will just stop counting right after they talk about a girl that was raped 24 hours earlier that she lost her case on trial and committed suicide out of shame , so yea they do not preserve a logical timeline either .
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