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Calamari by your name
thomasbgleeson19 June 2021
Beautiful animation and a story of live and friendship. This is a wonderful film with a somewhat predictable plot but at a short runtime, it's a pleasure to spend time in this universe. Appeals to all ages and has a unique story telling perspective.
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Somehow reminds me of a good old Pixar times!
danilklimenok17 June 2021
Such a good story! Honest, Kind and simply Intelligent! Nothing irrelevant, nothing boring or whatever what makes people upset about any movie. Great plot and characters, lots of valuable significations. Also, good fun, not like a lot of jokes, but when they come - it's right at the point. Moreover, lots of pleasurable warm summer feelings. And yeah, I'm here not to glorify a motion picture, I'm here since I liked and enjoyed it fully and truthfully.

"Well kaka" :)
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Is it groundbreaking? No, Its Luca!
joostkale18 June 2021
Stop it Pixar! Just stop it! Even the simplest stories are becoming masterpieces in the hands of Pixar. I don't know how they do it. It doesn't take the emotions risks like an Inside Out or Soul, nor is it a masterpiece of a screenplay like the Toy Story franchise, but boy oh boy I love it. Probably, its biggest flaw is also it's strength. It doesn't try to be the next masterpiece. It's Luca. It's a fun crowd pleaser with the typical Pixar emotional moments. It doesn't brake boundaries, but that's okay for me. For what it is, it's perfect! The story is sweet, and the characters are charming and lovely with real development. Yes, the story is a little predictable at times, but it doesn't bother the story much for me. I also love that the villain is the complete opposite of a twist villain. From the moment he pops on screen, you know he's the baddy, and he fits the movie very well. What makes this movie stand out, are the visuals. Holy crap, this movie is gorgeous! Literally the most beautiful movie I've seen this year so far. Also, the score, holy crap. Everything fits with the beautiful country that is Italy. I already know a lot of people will think it fits too much in the Pixar formula, but what can I see. The formula works, so why change it. It has his flaws, and it probably is not the next Pixar masterpiece, but it does work perfectly for what it is.
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I have really enjoyed it (and I come from there)!
paolofurlotti-0859618 June 2021
Coming from a place which is very close to Cinque Terre (where the imaginary Porto Rosso is meant to be part of) I watched the movie with a lot of expectations: well I must say that I have really enjoyed it: the story is nice, the main characters are enjoyable and both the location and the scenery have been well described (assuming we are talking about the '60s).

The soundtrack in the Italian version of the movie was very nice as well.

Well done Pixar!
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Adorable child and adult friendly film
ofersheffer17 June 2021
Just got out of a showing at the first day of screening of this film at a cinema in Israel with my family. Firstly, this film is perfectly made on the technical side. Everything looks beautiful and fully immerses you into the world created as if it were real. Underwater shots as well as shots of the city. The story is not completely unique, a "fish out of water", a story of a character learning and developing -- overcoming adversity as well as self doubt. A classic worth telling and it is a good feel good story with well defined characters, each helping the story move along. I think emotionally, this story gives a lot of things to think about and the communication between characters, Luca and his friends, are very well written and very believable even though we're dealing where the fantasy part (becoming a "sea monster") is an occurrence. If I have to nit-pick, I would say that the film on one hand shows that dangerous things could be dangers but also that it is important to confront your fears -- perhaps in an instance or two it might have been good to add a band-aid or something to make it slightly clearer that a character went a little too far. Overall, though, this is not an issue to worry about. I don't think any kid is going to jump off a cliff because of this movie and I definitely recommend it to anyone looking for good character building with an arc. It is not Shawshank, or Empire of the Sun, but it is a lovely movie. Very happy this was my first film-house visit after the pandemic.
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Santa Mozzarella 🤣 Thank you Pixar
Nodarisan20 June 2021
Really enjoyed. Stunning animation. Loved colors and Italian style. Beautiful scene's.... especially Saturn scene. Story very simple but anyway it's worth it.
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Refreshing Animated film
rish200617 June 2021
Pixar never fails to impress 👌🏻. Another Animated film with an interesting story that will make you stay interested, throughout the film.
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Pixar goes to Italy
ramo14018 June 2021
The animation is stunning and the scenery is gorgeous. It is a simple story (I don't see why some people are really disappointed by that) but beautifully done. The characters are really really interesting and I would love to see more of this world.
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It hit pretty different when you are at the age.
ariqakbar19 June 2021
As always, today animation cartoon always bring so much great details.

The story it self was great for me, they cover all of the aspect, bravery, comfort zone, friendship, a little bit parenting. The story succeed every-time they try to make this movie seems have increase tentions, they close it with a good portion of fun. Luca and Alberto shows all we been through with our best friend, separate. But, its not always a bad thing.

That last scene also have powerfull feels. Good job, really good job.
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Not Pixar's typical best
mr_bickle_the_pickle18 June 2021
This is a Pixar film that just didnt really captivate me as much as others. Which isnt to say it was bad. Just kind of a basic story. Boy wants something more out of life. Adventure. Freedom from their hum drum day to day. Its the same thing we have seen before like The Little Mermaid (which is also about a underwater creature) or Beauty and the Beast for example. And I just dont feel like this film did anything really different to make this theme feel fresh. Again, not bad. Just kind of basic.

I did really like Luca and Alberto though. I think they were super cute together. I thought the character Giulia was ok. She had an annoying catchphrase though. "Santa Mozzarella" or "Santa Ricotta" or basically anything cheese. Im sure the writers thought it was cute or funny, but to me it just came off that they didnt know any genuine italian phrases so they just wrote some italian cheeses and want "Good enough". And I dont feel like the film really has any other memorable side characters. I mean the parents were fine - but like a lot of parent characters. As I said...just not super memorable. For me, its Luca and Alberto that really shine and make this movie. Which is a good thing since they are focus of the movie/story.

The animation is beautiful as well - but its Pixar so what else do you expect? And the setting was beautiful too. It really makes me want to go to Italy and have a big bowl of pasta. I really felt transported to that world.

I'll give the film a 7, cause a 6 or lower feels wrong to me. Its definitely not a bad film. Its good for the family. But I was a little disappointed. So I think 7 is fair.
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Enjoyable but had some issues
ConnorAsher18 June 2021
I have to be very honest, I didn't expect much going in and found it more enjoyable than I thought.

The characters (particularly the kids) were really well done and have a lot of personality/chemistry.

I really appreciated the writers including italian cultural references and scenery. I really appreciate it when they show cultural aspects in films.

The style was very unique and animated which I don't mind but I really miss the style and look that most of the original Pixar films had that tied them together. It was kind of a turn off for most fans. The last few films since Coco have been very hit or miss and I believe a lot of it has to do with plot, style and pacing.

Unfortunately, there was nothing really unique that we haven't seen before with the story/plot. Feels very similar to other "fish out of water" stories like The Little Mermaid, Ponyo, etc.

I really wish they spent more time on the build up towards the beginning and ending. So much of this script felt so rushed. The conclusion in particular fell weak and it was a shame because it could have been much better if they paced it right. Stronger emotional pay offs but unfortunately with some of the decision they made, those payoffs seemed very cheap and almost too easy.

Overall, enjoyable film but wish the script and pacing was a bit better.
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Sweet coming of age story
ssliwa2319 June 2021
I feel like I haven't seen a great coming of age story in a long while. This movie definitely brought me back to my younger days with my friends and learning who I am and taking risks.

I wasn't sure about this movie when I would see the ads. I caught it on Disney plus while at the gym and just fell into the story. I wasn't anticipating on liking it so much but I'm glad I did. It's such a feel good summer story. A must see for kids of all ages!
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The animation is stellar as always. The cast is okay.
alammuntasir21 June 2021

Luca is an animated movie by Pixar Studios under Disney.

The animation is stellar as always. The cast is okay.

The story is about some sea monsters who can turn to humans when not in contact with water. Among them Luca and Alberto are two friends. Luca is scared of the human world but Alberto isn't. But both have the same dream. To go to different places in the world with a Vespa.(Vespa are one of the best scooter makers in the world and they are one of the originals). But they didn't have the money. So they went to the human world where they met Giulia. And the story continues on how they become friends and win the competition.

Pixar makes the best animated movies in the world. The level of detail and sense is Bellissimo. Though this is an italian movie. The cast struggled in italian accent. One time they were speaking in italian accent and other time they were in American accent. But the story is awesome. It proves that you shouldn't be scared of what you are be proud of yourself. It also heavily focuses on the value of friendship and sacrifices which is a common theme for Pixar movies. It's not as good as the previous Pixar movie Soul. But definitely a good movie. In fact its am awesome movie. It's a must watch for everybody.

Personal rating: 8.5/10 Rotten Tomatoes: 89%
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Simple and emotional
pruz-5580118 June 2021
Man it definitely is hard for Pixar to follow up after onward and soul so when I saw luca I had high expectations.

Then I realized that this movie was not made to be like other Pixar greats it was made to show the beauty of life, youth, friendships and what a magical summer can do There was no big twist no big arching plot just a simple story about 2 somewhat simple boys and the meaning of family and relationships

That being said I was quite disappointed with the results mostly because of the ridiculously high bar Pixar has set but after some time I realized that I was on the verge of tears at the last scene so yes even though the plot may be limited the villain may be stupid or heck they maybe could've done alot more with the material it doesn't matter cause once again it wasn't made for that it was made to enjoy after a nice long day with a loved one by your side and embrace the simpleness It may not be a pixar classic but in some ways MAY be a pixar classic.
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Amazing! Definitely watch this 👍🏻
What's people's problem with this? It's wildly colorful, beautiful and witty. It's emotional. Luca makes a pretty good protagonist. This isn't some random cartoon from Pixar that disappoints, it's their usual magic at work again.

Watched this as soon as possible from the release time. Totally worth it. And the characters are not perfect, they have emotional disputes, relationships and faults. It was amazing seeing such a simple story come to life with so much pop, and all the scenes of this movie were so pretty!

I very much recommend this movie for another 90 minutes of classic Pixar fun. Ignore any ratings below 6.
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Pixar nails Italian stereotypes...
Stevie_Deee20 June 2021
As someone who was born in Italy and has lived in Mexico, I was hoping Luca would be to Italy what Coco was to Mexico. Coco nailed the Mexican culture in a vibrant, magical and respectful way and it was loved there. Luca brought out tired Italian stereotypes that weren't flattering. Wish someone would explain to me why none of the title characters are of Italian background. And the exclamations that come out of their mouths - "Santa Gorgonzola" (Saint Gorgonzola), really???

This wasn't a bad movie, but it left me grinding my teeth throughout at the portrayal. Sad to say that this was the first Pixar movie that has let me down.
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Beautiful Movie in Italian Rivera
farhanazhari0518 June 2021
The Story of Luca is Very Good, Animation Movement is so Cute, And Italian Rivera was Beautiful, Excellent Pixar Movie.

Rating: 8/10.
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Don't sleep on this movie
rosedemaris20 June 2021
Adorable, yes a little predictable at moments but also a couple pleasant surprises. The characters are well rounded and I would watch it again. Highly recommend.
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Very nice movie
amerm3-938-45956418 June 2021
Very nice story 😊 I watched it with my daughter and it was amazing experience. Would love to see it again.
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Fantastic Kids Movie - Not For "Sad Sack" Adults
TruthTeller9876518 June 2021
The NY Post has a review for Luca that proclaims it is a great movie for kids and was not made for "sad sack" adults. That is the truest single-sentence review of this movie that could possibly be made. I will admit that this movie is fairly straightforward, more-so than most Pixar movies, but therein lies the charm. It's actually kind of nice watching a Pixar movie that does not take itself too seriously and just floats along with retro-style, gorgeous animation. Pixar has obviously been trying some new things since Coco came out, and that is fine. The truth is that Pixar can only pump out so many "sad sack" movies. If you are a thirty or forty-something whining about this movie, get a clue - this isn't about you! Nor was it made for you. Pixar has, for years, made movies that go over younger kids' heads, despite them being billed as kids movies. No five year-old or even most ten year-olds are going to grasp what is really going on in Inside Out. That is what makes Luca so great. Even younger kids can appreciate it. Bravo Pixar. Keep em' coming.
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Another Masterpiece!
kanhanayak-7218919 June 2021
Again Pixar proves no one can make movie like them. Amazing movie really love it. Love you Pixar.😊
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Just okay
brookenichole-9805421 June 2021
I was really hoping to fall in love with this movie. Unfortunately I didn't. There was something missing within this film. The art was interesting, but nothing like Coco. Everything good was saved until the end. It taught a wonderful lesson about friendship and growing up.

However, what this movie lacked was character development and storyline. Also something that makes me emotionally attached.

Overall, it's an okay movie.
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it's just okay... and that's the problem
JoeyLeblanc8518 June 2021
It's a nice movie with an interesting premise, but it doesn't go deeper than that. The story is simple, and it could've been handled beautifully if only they didn't spent most of the screen time stabilizing this underwater world and the boys friendship, which is beautiful, but sometimes takes completely the focus of the story, that doesn't develop in any way. I wan't to say that the movie felt flat by the second act... but the movie doesn't feel like having more than one act at all, it seems like just a long ''short story''. There is absolutely no character development in any character of the movie, really, Giulia's father is the one who changed the most by the end of the movie, but that didn't matter because they don't manage to show us HOW or WHY, instead they keep showing us how Italian kids like soccer, pasta, watermelon and ice cream. There is no moment of tension or suspense in any part of it, and every fight in the movie seems unimportant as they manage to get the two characters forgiving each other almost immediately. There was so much potential to a great climax, that never happened, it could never happen with a villain like that, he is totally mishandled and just pathetic (not in a good way) and you just know from the moment you put your eyes on him that he won't be threatening at all. It's a nice movie, the real sad thing about it is that it could have been so much better . 6.5/10.
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Pretty average, but interestingly stylized film
jcmark-6672528 June 2021
Disney rehashes pretty obvious story elements from its other oceanic based films The Little Mermaid and Moana as well as The Fox & The Hound; there just isn't much novelty to the story. While I love the actors involved (Jack Dylan Grazer really shines as one of Disney's most seamlessly funny comic relief characters), they did a much worse job than a film like Coco of blending languages in a way that is both appealing and purposeful, especially with the choice of American actors.

While the film has some fun Studio Ghibli vibes in the style, it takes a half-baked approach to doing a more foreign style film because they still want to appeal heavily to their U. S. base audience. I love the director's work in this project, especially as the one whose personal life heavily influenced the interesting summer friendship dynamic. The design of the movie is pretty great, but the overly simple plot and overtly familiar story trends make it more narrowly appealing to a much younger audience than it could have been. It carries the extraordinarily dumbed down adult trope to a level I haven't seen since 90s Nickelodeon. While the aim seems to be to promote a theme of nondiscriminatory inclusivity, the simplistic nature of the film mostly serves to dampen a lot of credibility to the motivations of its characters.

I have read comments from people elsewhere that they were unsure of the film's quality within the first 10 minutes, but soon came around to really enjoying it. However, the awkward and rushed start can definitely serve as an off-putting exposition that doesn't draw the viewer into the story.
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Beautiful and Endearing- Luca is one of Pixar's best
aidanratesmovies18 June 2021
Although there are similar elements throughout the film we have seen in other animated works- Luca never has a problem with being unique- and is perhaps one of the most colorful and nostalgic Pixar films to date. I watched Luca with the thought it wouldn't be a very good film. I had heard many positive things about it, but never anything too grand, and there were plenty of negative reviews comparing it to Pixar's 2015 film The Good Dinosaur which I hated. Not only was I pleasantly surprised as I hoped the film would do for me, but Luca is so incredibly tender and sweet I was crying far more than I have before in any Pixar film. Some complaints I have about the film are mainly its structure, nothing that doesn't work, but it feeling a bit familiar to other films like it- and some predictability issues because of it. That being said though, I nearly enjoyed every second of this movie despite those facts. As where many animated films struggle to stay fresh and copy off other films, Luca is simply conveying is story in a familiar format- which thankfully is executed far better than most. The character have a lot of depth, and there is such an underlying theme of fun and kids being kids, it makes me nostalgic for days where all that mattered was a smile or a laugh. Pixar beautifully captures this energy with its touching screenplay and its stunning animation , as well as through the voice performances of its main three young characters. The animation is very different than Pixar's usual schtick, which I enjoyed. There are so many beautiful and colorful scenes throughout, its nearly impossible to not smile while just looking at the film! In the end, I thoroughly enjoyed Luca and all its qualities- it may be a bit familiar, but it works very well as it is, and certainly made me care and smile more than most films this year- which after all- is the most important thing a film can do.

My Rating: 9.7/10.
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