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  • In the cycle 11 finale, the three finalists put their Top Model experience to the test when they shoot their final CoverGirl commercial and print ad.


The synopsis below may give away important plot points.


  • We're down to the final three: McKey, Samantha, and Analeigh.

    Right off the bat, we get Tyra Mail. It's in Dutch.

    Tyra Mail: Makkelik, Fris, Mooi!, Love, Tyra.

    Translation, Easy Breezy, Beautiful. That's right, it's time for the Covergirl commercial.Along with the post, there's a sheet with their lines and they soon find out the first line of the commercial is in Dutch. They stay up all night, trying to memorize their lines.

    The next morning, the girls head out and meet up with Mr. Jay, who brought Whitney along too. She shares with the girls they will be filming their commercial on a boat in the canal and then head across the street to the studio to shoot their print ad. And, for the Top Model, this photo will be featured in Wal-Mart stores across the country.

    Here's the premise for the commercial. The three girls are on vacation, and are taking a cruise when they spot a cute guy on the boat. One by one, they end up kissing the boy, while wearing the peppermint lip gloss.

    Samantha is up first. She remembers her lines but comes off a bit nervous. Mr. Jay reminds her to always have eye contact, and to "do it with confidence and always with a smile." The next take, she nails it. Jay thought she did pretty but it was apparent she was holding back. When it's time to kiss the male model, Samantha confesses, "I hope he doesn't have herpes."

    McKey is up next. She's pretty because her last commercial was a disaster. For the first take, she's gets through her lines but she's very nervous. Second try, she finally gets it down. Jay thought she sounded great but looked a bit nervous.

    Analeigh is last. She was up all night memorizing her lines, but once she gets on set, she blanks out. After four tries, Jay has to feed her the lines. She fights back her tears and finally gets it together. Jay thought it proved that she takes her direction but is worried she couldn't find it for herself.

    Next, they head across the street for the photo shoot. Jay leaves them with Jim De Yonker, the photographer, who will also be directing the shoot.

    Samantha is first. Jim thinks she has a great attitude, but that she needs to be more imaginative for how she presents herself. Analeigh is next and gives off great poses but keeps coming off as too sexy. Jim is impressive by her natural movement, but says there's more to modeling than great posing. McKey is last and of course, does great on her shoot. Jim thinks that McKey is "cuckoo" but you need that to be a great model.

    Off to the first judging. It's time to send one girl home. Tyra tells the girls immediately after judging, the final two girls will head to shoot their Seventeen Magazine cover shot. Addy van der Krommenaker is guest jduge and willl the designer for the final show.

    Samantha is up first. They think her commercial was a bit choppy and looked as if she was rehearsing her lines. Addy felt she looked great and her accent was good but she wasn't very convincing. Paulina raved her photo was adorable, pretty, and charming but Miss Jay thought it looks forced. Tyra tells Sam her smile is not "modelesque" and that she should get in the mirror and figure it out.

    Analeigh is next. They are all shocked that she performed so horribly. Paulina says bluntly, "that sucked." For her photo, the judges think it looks like a headshot, not a Covergirl ad. Tyra scolds her for not closing her lips but Analeigh tells her the photographer thought she looked "too sexy" when she closed her lips. Tyra gives her a tutorial on the difference between looking sexy and pretty.

    McKey is up last. Her take comes out flawless. Addy felt she had great personality but it felt a bit rushed. They love her photo as well. Paulina tells Analeigh, this is a great example of how you don't have to use teeth to smile. Tyra told her that she looked sweet, but some of the other photos looked naughty crazy.

    The judges deliberate and are ready to pick the finalists. McKey is chosen first (making her the only girl to never be in the bottom two). Who will walk the show with her?

    For Analeigh, the judges think she has some of the strongest poses but weakness is her soft, commercial face. Samantha is a girl that in the room looks commercial, but her photo doesn't sell commercial. (Huh?) Samantha has high fashion photos but in person, she's stuck in the mall. If she wants to model, she needs to master the smile in order to make money.

    So who stays? Samantha.

    Tyra tells Analeigh that they think she would be a star actress, who would then get covers as part of ad campaigns and that's the direction they recommend she go. With tears in her eyes, Analeigh says she gave her heart and that's all she could give.

    Without a break, the girls head over to the studio for their Seventeen magazine shoot. Both Sam and McKey are excited to be in the final two and are ready to rock the show. Ann Shoket felt both girls were "astounding" in the shoot, and felt it would be a very tough call to pick the winner.

    After the shoot, they go directly to the fashion show and meet up with Mr. Jay.

    He shows the girls the runway he designed, and calls it a Willy Wonka/Dr. Seuss-ian inspired runway. This hot pink modelesque obstacle course has hills and steps and loops that go around the large room. McKey is worried about the falling on the hills, but Jay assures her the paint is mixed with sand, so as long as they go up on their toes, they'll be fine. But they will need a running start.

    The girls go back stage to get ready and meet up with Whitney, who also will be in the show. Tyra comes backstage to wish the girls good luck, and then makes her grand entrance. Miss Jay makes his own entrance. Walking slowly through the set, with a Whoville-like character trailing behind him on a leash, with a large balloon on his head. When he gets to his seat, Miss Jay pops the balloon and Billy Who runs off. And the show begins!

    The girls struggle to look graceful as they run up the hill and around the long course. It's a long but lackluster show. Perhaps because of the long course, the girls only walk with two outfits. After the show, Tyra tells the girls they "held their own" again the professional Dutch models.

    They head straight to panel. The judges thought McKey looked great on the runway, but could use a little more grace. Samantha also looked amazing and had a strong walk, but they could see the worry in her face. They go through the top pictures of the season and show how strong they've gotten over time. They feel McKey has really found her strength in being tough but feminine, and Samantha really utilizes her whole body when posing. But now, it's time to pick a winner.

    And it's McKey! She jumps and screams and picks up Tyra (she is strong!). Without giving her a break, they tell her it's time for her first photo shoot, with Nigel! And off they go...

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