"90210" There's No Place Like Homecoming (TV Episode 2008) Poster

Lori Loughlin: Debbie Wilson


  • Debbie Wilson : [teaching Annie how to drive]  Okay, remember to fasten your seatbelt, make sure your mirrors are adjusted.

    Annie Wilson , Debbie Wilson : And your parking brake is off.

    Annie Wilson : I got it.

    Debbie Wilson : And?

    Annie Wilson : And... and don't play the radio too loud, don't drive when tired, and don't get distracted by the other kids in the car.

    Debbie Wilson : So, did Ethan finally ask you to homecoming?

    Annie Wilson : [short snort of laughter]  Way to slip that one in. Um, kind of. We're going to hang when we get there, but we're not actually going together.

    Debbie Wilson : Annie. I just distracted you.

    Annie Wilson : Oh, well that was sneaky!

    Debbie Wilson : That's my point.

  • Debbie Wilson : If you ever kiss my husband again, or touch him, or look at him in the wrong way, you and I will have a very big problem.

    Tracy Clark : [sarcastically]  Gosh, I don't know how I would get through the day knowing that you were angry at me.

    Debbie Wilson : Let me define "big problem", just so we're clear: I will hit you in the face so hard, I will knock your teeth out. You enjoy the rest of your evening, Tracy. I know I will.

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