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Work of genius
Danny Liston29 November 2008
Warning: Spoilers
The film, considering it was made on a ZERO budget, is a work of pure art. A must see for any film buff. Seems to be filmed with every shot in mind, framed in a photographic nature with vivid colours and highly stylised locations. It did however take me a few viewings to understand but paying attention to the musical elements and introductory speech it is clear that the narrative and message has been thought about on many levels. Follow the filthy 'pig boy' as he desperately searches with aggression for his place with in this backward society. Looking for a taste of the high life or glamour if you will, Only to reach his demise by the true filthy queen of the town. On a whole, maybe not for every one, but if you fancy something different from a truly unique independent British short film, then this is it!
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Something refreshing...
mikesayor129 December 2008
...So fancy seeing something with wit, humour, and doesn't take itself seriously?? (compared to many British shorts I've seen!). This really was a refreshing watch! When you hear the words 'British Film' your mind may conjure up all sorts of images of over dramatic styling OR the odd football fan with a broken glass. Well not in this film, This offers a rather magical look on at a timeless Britain, From the characters to the cockney accents of the street walkers rolling around the back alleys of a backwards town.

I caught this short art piece at a street festival in London this summer (2008) and I have to say, took me by surprise! - From the moment the narrative is introduced by the British Artist 'Andrew Logan' you are sucked in! - the Film seems to carry a raw elegance along with an all round unique approach to independent film making! What with more British tabloid celebrities than you can shake a stick at (very clever and humorous casting considering the social messages the film offers)- The whole film seems to have a very smart tongue in cheek approach to many sociological points, from Vanity, meat eating, fur wearing and simple sociological hierarchy.

I have seen this short well over 10 times since then and every time i manage to pick up on another level of the screen writers mind. Bravo.

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