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  • Prince John pays a long-awaited visit to Nottingham, and he is out to make mischief. With Gisborne and the Sheriff assigned a royal mission, it surely spells the end for one of them. Meanwhile, Robin is up to mischief of his own, but who is the lucky woman?


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  • The megalomaniacal Prince John, pretender to the throne of England, is travelling the land, greasing the palms of noblemen in a bid to win their loyalty and the throne, as the drama continues. Prince John needs all his subjects to love him, and any that he suspects don't had better beware.

    When Prince John arrives in Nottingham he has Gisborne dragged to his camp and makes him an offer he can't refuse: kill the disloyal Sheriff and then step into his shoes. What could be simpler?

    Prince John basks in the adoration of the crowds in Nottingham, but his mood changes when he realises that Robin Hood is still at large. He notices Gisborne's beautiful sister, Isabella, who immediately flatters the devious Prince and pledges her loyalty to him.

    Elsewhere, Robin and the gang realise that Prince John is trying to usurp his brother, King Richard. They set about robbing the gold Prince John's been amassing, they then have to employ all their ingenuity to undermine the gathering of nobles Prince John is entertaining at Nottingham Castle.

    Meanwhile, the dastardly Prince has set the Sheriff and Gisborne against each other.

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