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  • A biopic of Temple Grandin, an autistic woman who has become one of the top scientists in the humane livestock handling industry.

  • Biopic of Temple Grandin, an autistic woman who overcame the limitations imposed on her by her condition to become a Ph.D. and expert in the field of animal husbandry. She developed an interest in cattle early in life while spending time at her Aunt and Uncle's ranch. She did not speak until age four and had difficulty right through high school, mostly in dealing with people. Her mother was very supportive as were some of her teachers. She is noted for creating her "hug box", widely recognized today as a way of relieving stress in autistic children, and her humane design for the treatment of cattle in processing plants, which have been the subject of several books and won an award from PETA. Today, she is a professor at Colorado State University and well-known speaker on autism and animal handling.

  • Before enrolling in college, famed animal husbandry expert Temple Grandin visits a cattle ranch owned by her aunt Ann and demonstrates a brilliance for all things mechanical. Once classes begin, the autistic Grandin rises to meet the intellectual challenges -- though the social ones are a bit more difficult. Grandin triumphs over prejudice to become an innovator in the field of animal care, and a lifelong advocate for humane slaughtering practices.


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  • A young, autistic woman sees the world like no other, taking snapshots of the world in her mind, and recalling them without thought. She substitutes human contact for a life of caring for animals, developing humane methods of taking care of livestock destined for the slaughterhouse. Her peculiar communication skills and intelligence shed new light on pre-conceived norms of autism. Misunderstood her entire life, by her peers, her parents, and her teachers, she manages to teach them all new lessons in life. She excels at all levels of school, and eventually becomes a college valedictorian, and even manages to earn her doctorate. Her 'squeeze' machine, hugs her giving her comfort and the love that she is incapable of receiving from human contact. Despite challenges from everyone she meets, she overcomes their fear and loathing of her, and wins them over, throughout her difficult life. She goes on to change an industry - fighting the man's world of the cattle industry as she creates new and humane ways for dealing with cattle, treating them with respect and even saving the cattle industry money.

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