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Sex & Nudity

  • A boy and a girl run into a restaurant, then start passionately making out until they go into the bathroom. Implied sex. There is moaning heard from the bathroom.
  • A girls bra comes loose in a pool and you see a brief 1 - 2 second shot of her breasts. Very brief.
  • References to a naughty video tape that the couple have recorded in the chemistry lab. We see some of the footage.
  • A woman whispers to a man (which is audible) but then is seen running upstairs implying sex as they reply to their friends saying 'he's gonna read me some dirty poetry'.
  • Several instances of bikini buttocks nudity by the main female character.
  • Two characters lie in bed with with minimal clothes on after making out in a restaraunt.

Violence & Gore

  • Characters do a mario-kart type go-kart race where they dress up as specified video game characters and race around a track as they throw bananas and sling silly string. Sequences where characters crash severly but mostly comical.
  • A scene where 2 characters play mortal kombat with no gore visible.
  • Scene where a character intentionally spikes a ball into another characters face.
  • Scenes where a character punches another character in the face.


  • 17 uses of "shit", 2 uses of "f*ck" (one is bleeped and one is said as efff), 5 uses of "b*tch" 2 uses of "d*ck" 1 use of "p*ssy" and some religious exclamations such as "oh my god"

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Teen drinking but nothing bad. Implied drugs.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A scene where they turn their friend into an ice cream sundae by prank pouring multiple ingredients.
  • Scenes where they jump off of a cliff into the ocean (cliff diving).

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