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Why this is one of the best films ever
Movie_Queen518 April 2009
Warning: Spoilers
It is very hard to find an honest, funny, movie that has something for every kind of person in it. Some how writers Justin Hilliard, Arianne Martin and Ryan Hartsell did. They took what could have been an ordinary road trip film and turned it into a true to life journey. Arianne Martin, who not only co-wrote but starred in the film, was absolutely brilliant. She can sling the jokes as well as she can take the hits. And her chemistry with both John Elliott(Alex) and Frank Mosley(Jamie) show just another amazing thing this actress/writer can do. In addition to the great cast and writing this film also makes a connection with the audience. You can feel the pain in Rose and Jamie's hearts when they learn the truth from their own mother as to why she left them. Or understand the reason why Alex brings his fists down along side Jamies after the bartender rapes Rose. Separately or together I hope these guys make more films, because this world could use more real, honest and new ideas.
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The Other Side of Paradise
pat-h-pell20 March 2013
The Other Side of Paradise is a gem of a movie. It made me think, smile, and long to live more in Rose's (Arianne Martin's) quirky world. This has become one of my favorite road movies because of the ways writer director Justin Hilliard reveals his characters. We learn what a silver tongued fast talker Alex (John Elliott) is when he and Rose suffer the consequences in the Truth or Dare game. Jamie (Frank Mosley)is just the very best with dead pan humor. His initial meeting with hotel swingers Heather (Robin Read) and George (Jeff Fenter) is to be relished. Rose and Jamie's crusty father (Jodie Moore) and rejecting mother (Susana Looney) show us why kids can survive in spite of their parents. These people may be dysfunctional and you sure do love them. It should rank right up there with Little Miss Sunshine.
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