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A Prisoner's Tale
Prismark1016 June 2018
Lynn's conviction is based primarily on evidence from a corrupt police officer. Lynn is looking to appeal his conviction but it will take time and cost money.

In the meantime Lynn is doing bird and he is not doing it quietly. He is told to keep his head down and do his time but Lynn wants to rebel and strike back when he sees other prisoners being abused. He is even planning to escape.

The prison system will not take Lynn's rebellious attitude lying down and are determined to break Lynn down.

There are some similarities to the banned BBC play Scum that was due to be broadcast in 1977. The demeaning and a dehumanised prison system, you even have a scene where a nonce is beaten and then brutally raped by another prisoner.

At the end Lynn looks like a beaten man, even a reduced sentence is not much of a solace for him. Lynn might had been a criminal whose turn it was to face some rough justice. The odds were always against him.

Writer GF Newman has finished his landmark docudrama with a provocative episode.
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