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Sex & Nudity

  • Johnny Knoxville kicks a full nude Steve-O in the testicles.
  • Wee-Man helps staple Steve-O's nut sack to his leg.
  • A few references to masturbating.
  • An elk is shown raping a man.
  • A man is briefly shown butt chugging beer.
  • A man walks around with shorts painted over the lower half of his body. His penis and testicles are seen.

Violence & Gore

  • A man kicks a completely nude man in the testicles.
  • A man shoots another man in the nipple with a BB gun (we see blood). Then he gets water thrown in his face and is punched with a boxing glove. It's shown that he broke his nose.
  • A man shoots a firework tied to a stick out of his anus.
  • A bird bites a man's butt.
  • A man gets his ballsack stapled to his legs.
  • A man falls off a bicycle a few times.
  • A man rams his head into another man's fist and is shown with a black eye.
  • A man describes how another man cracked his crooked nose back into place.
  • A man is briefly shown breaking his ankle.
  • A jellyfish stings a man.


  • Severe profanity throughout.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A man shares videos of him under the influence of hardcore drugs.
  • Steve-O smokes his own pubic hair with his hands and then exhales it into Ehren McGhehey's face.
  • Steve-O swallows a condom of marijuana. Poops it out and then proceeds to smoke it.
  • Some members of the crowd are shown drinking alcohol.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Steve O shows multiple clips of many of his daredevil stunts that include gore, nudity, and many disgusting things that might be upsetting for some viewers
  • A man ejaculates into a condom. Another man swallows it in front of his father. He later poops it out and shows his father. Then, they go on stage and he swallows the same poop covered condom with cum inside in front of the crowd. A man pukes on stage.
  • A man climbs up a 100 foot crane and lights off fireworks. Police, firefighters and a helicopter are shown at the scene.
  • A man tries to vomit up a bag of marijuana, he is briefly shown puking up blood.
  • A man cuts off his pubic hair, glues it to another man's face, then smokes it.
  • A man gets into a portapotty that's covered in feces and gets sling shotted into the air.
  • A man lies on rocket engine fuel which is lit and gets burned. He's shown with third degree burns after this. Blisters form all along his body and some blood is seen. He takes a piece of skin that shed off his body and eats it.
  • A man pops some of his blisters, catches the fluid in a cup and then drinks it.

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