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A Film That Needed to Be Made
lavatch31 October 2020
Warning: Spoilers
"The Plot Against the President" is a superb documentary exposé on the workings of the Deep State that sought to remove a duly elected president from office, using lies, fabrications, malfeasance in the legal arena, and complicity from a cowardly media.

The range of individuals interviewed in the film offers first-hand evidence of eyewitnesses to the corruption of the FBI, DOJ, CIA, and other federal agencies that colluded in the Russian hoax.

Like Lee Smith's exceedingly well-documented books, this film offers the historical record of the collapse of our democracy, wherein unelected officials attempted to undo an election. The true hero that emerges in the story is Congressman Devin Nunes, who was relentless in standing by the evidence and stood up to the establishment.

Many jokes were made during the 2016 election when Donald Trump would make reference to "the swamp" of Washington, D.C. This superb film demonstrates just how deep the swamp has become.
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if this is...
ops-5253512 October 2020
Supposed to clarify what really happened in the 2016 election, over alleged russian connections, insider inside insiders inside, crooked fbi bosses and protocols, dizzy dossiers, lured gop's or dpc's, where the cia and nsa and dic, and even pence making a pound against the most alleged poisounous of all, the general over all generals in charge of intelligence ,flynn... well then you must look somewhere else, cause this complicates the simplefact .

if you like documentaries with 100's of different comments of halftruths, have a go, not for me the grumpy old man
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flicklover12 November 2020
I found this documentary by chance because it was not promoted at all upon its release. I get why the major media networks would ignore it. It is very much an indictment if the way that they have behaved in the last 4 years.

It is a very straightforward documentary told from the point of view of congressman Devin Nunes. It chronicles his investigation of the various attempts to link the new Trump administration with collusion with Russia in the 2016 election. It also deals heavily with the framing of General Michael Flynn. The film contends that he was a threat to the intelligence community as the incoming National Security Advisor to the new president. It is pointed out by the very people involved how this man was railroaded and how the FBI obtained FISA warrants through lying and omission. The interviews are very straightforward and informative. It is truly disturbing that the beauracracy can wield the power to ruin someone and undermine a president. But the film takes big issue with the media. How the media was complicit in pushing the narrative of corruption and Russia collusion to hurt President Trump. The way that they took any story that would hurt the President and push it without caring if there was any evidence at all to support the allegations. It is truly disturbing to see a media that is supposed to be a watchdog of the government just push whatever narrative that would hurt a president they hated. I wish the film would have gone deeper and explored the story even more.

I get that most people's opinions on this documentary will depend on their politics but it shouldn't. What seems to have been done here is criminal and shouldn't matter what party you support to see that this whole thing was corrupt and is the kind of thing that shouldn't happen in a free country. Anyone with intelectual honesty should be horrified.

Not be ok with it because you don't like who won in 2016.

Grade: B
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Facts Matter
celt00718 November 2020
Here is a well laid out explanation of how Obama , Clinton , conspired to to use illegal wiretaps ( worse than watergate ) before and during Trumps transition and well into his Presidency . It demonstrates the criminality of the FBI and deep state actors all under the Obama administration and Clinton campaign / DNC .
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First things first
cordenw28 October 2020
It's a political documentary so there's not much in the way of facts that you can rely on. If the very same story was done by the other side, they would be equally convincing with their point of view.

These backroom operatives literally hate each other and will do anything , say anything, lie and cheat and spread bad publicity, to get the results they want.

Now, I look at the current story from the point of view of a lifelong socialist who grew up in poverty back in England. A person who had a justifiable chip on his shoulder because of the terrible inequity in English society.

Bear with me for a little background before I get to the review

Socialism was an honorable pursuit in those days because so many of the underclass were treated like beasts of burden. Feed them and water them and you don't have to do anything more.

So, I was led to believe that a vote for Socialists would even the playing field, would ease the chains of poverty and develop a more just society.

As it took a toehold we saw the introduction of HealthCare, Universal Education, Workplace Reform, Unemployment Insurance and Social Housing... all immeasurably good progressions.

Then socialism lost its way; in taking away some of the necessities that are the individual's responsibilities and assuming them for the State, incentive was nullified. This was compounded by the socialist's inability to manage its reforms properly, tax income just gushed down the drains.

They got so carried away with their anger at the monied classes that they expanded their programs to the point where it was more beneficial for some to stay at home and do nothing. Eventually you didn't even have to leave home to get your benefits.

The biggest weakness was that their anger blinded them to things they could have learned from the capitalists.

This picture became clearer as I grew older and realized that I would get nowhere in this life if I just sat on my ass and complained, so I did something about it.

I got a good job with the Government with unionized protection, didn't like the way the Union was run, so ran for President and was voted in.

It was this seminal moment in my life that I realized that the Union Organization was more cruel to its members in many aspects, than the Employer itself was.

The executive were all driven by blind hate. The most radical of them were intractable nutters and after a couple of years of this I surfaced as an unapologetic right winger, they never forgave me for it.

This background is just to lead you up to the side I fall on when it comes to reviewing this Doc.

Even though I think President Trump and his backroom boys have played some dirty pool (and some of them are real scumbags), I am convinced that the Democrats (and the Press) have been unable to come to terms with his election and would do whatever it takes (legal or illegal) to discredit and unseat him.

They are driven by that same blind hate that has driven them from the start and biggest casualty is the country as a whole.

With this current sitting, the animosity overrides every decision and it comes through loud and clear in the movie.

I really don't know who to believe, there's nobody got up on the lectern and provided a vision for the country or a set of beliefs we can aspire to.

It's all "he said, she said" and a country without a compass.
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Superb documentary offering concise summation of Democrat corruption
Paynebyname27 October 2020
This is a very well produced documentary featuring interviews from all the major players in the disgustingly corrupt attempt to oust the duly elected President of the United States.

It goes through the whole episode in a linear, easy to follow narrative that lays out, time after time, how deceitful the Dems were and how complicit the Media was in pushing this steaming pile of BS.

Well worth checking out.
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What will happen?
WKYanks2 November 2020
Only one indictment?

Some need to go to jail here.

A sad state of affairs for the USA.
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Democracy Dies In Darkness
Instant_Palmer12 October 2020
Applying the Washington Post slogan, every American should see this documentary to gain perspective and greater understanding of the "Russian collusion" narrative devised and manufactured to undermine and impeach President Donald J Trump.

Truth and justice were never served in that undertaking, and the cost paid by us all rocks the foundations of what makes America the greatest society in History.

Regardless of ones' political views, the truth of who was involved, the money trail, disregard for ethics, and manipulation of disinformation by political leaders and a largely biased news media deserves illumination for our all sakes, lest our Democracy indeed fades away into darkness.

Well-paced and avoiding tedium, this is a well-made documentary and is highly recommended viewing.
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big_asapper7 May 2021
Warning: Spoilers
Fun to watch for comedy so in that it's a ten. Feels like fresh air now.
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Rogue Intelligence Gone Amuck!
morebon26 October 2020
Oustanding Coup d'état Documentary on the greatest crime against the President of the United States, Donald Trump, and the American people. Excellent detailed reporting of the fabricated Steele dossier, rogue intelligence (FBI and various institutions) and deep state ops (including Rice, Clinton, Obama). Absolutely fabulous production of the truth about this deceitful Russiagate phenomenon! Cheers!
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Documentary of the century
lisbethinsydney24 October 2020
Devastating expose of the Swamp in action and a chronicling of the heroes who fight the good fight against the diabolical manipulation of a power hungry cabal. Make up your own mind, but only after you've seen The Plot Against the President.
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A hard watch to be honest
tracy-9732025 October 2020
Warning: Spoilers
I found this fascinating but at the same time rather sad that certain factions within the government deem themselves to be above everyone & responsible to no-one! The hate that them combined with media to discredit genuine hardworking government officials is quiet frankly the most un-patriotic thing I have ever seen & they all seriously need to be held accountable, just like they would've burned trump if they had found anything to do with Russia but they have nothing but never came out and said they had nothing either!
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Pure stupidity in movie form
ianjustfloors6 December 2020
From start to finish it's subjective,one sided , non contextual and pure speculation.

There is nothing remotely passing as testable facts and has been produced for an audience of one person only.

File under alex Jones related junk
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More Blame game with nice editing..
Znoodles5 December 2020
Devon Nunes as "intelligence"? As a California resident, the blatant lies & violence provoking retoric is sickening. Anyone can splice "facts" together & produce a documentary. Anyone else curious as to why the "star" of the show isn't listed in the credits? This man & his flat out lying & cheating has been voted out of office. Stop with the conspiracy theories! Enough is enough! Who doubts there is corruption in government? Not me.
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Explains a lot that the media doesn't take the time for
hydrocilator3 November 2020
Very interesting to find out the players behind all of the information and misinformation coming out of Washington DC and mainstream media.
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Great Mockumentary
dramafreebri3 April 2021
This was hilarious. It had all the key players, Sidney Powell, Rudy Guilliani, some guy in silhouette with an altered computerized voice. There were a lot of people telling the "truth" with no evidence to back up what they said. Just believe them, although they have no proof. Take their word for it. Ha!
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This is not a documentary, it's propaganda believed by those who lack critical thinking skills.
SeaBassEon21 November 2020
Trump asked Russia's help to win the election on national TV. And they did. Who in their right mind asks another country to meddle in elections? Tyrants, dictators, madmen, ignorant and cheaters.

We have this person who has been a con artist all his life. He cheats, he lies and he steals. He fails at all his business attempts. He breaks records of lies per day since fact checkers exist. He shares conspiration theories and throws accusation without any shred of evidence. All he is is a reality TV star. He sells a brand name, that's it.

He hides his academic record and claims to be a genius. He hides his tax returns and claims to be a savy businessman and a billionaire.

Just look at Trump's fake university. He charged 35,000$ per person after one conference and gave nothing to them. No course, no follow-up, no nothing. He got sued and was about to lose 400 millions but settled for 250 millions (even though he always said that he never settles when sued).

He only ran for the election for the publicity. That's how he makes money. He did not think that he would win and had no interest in running the country. Even if he had lost the 2026 election, he still would have benefited greatly from the exposure. But he won (with way less vote than his opponent) and will be known as the worst president ever.

He never cared about democracy and prefers to be friends with dictators from around the world than be friend with long time allies of the US like Canada, France and NATO.

Those who rate this a 10 are Trumpists and/or conspirationists. No one who has a minimum of critical thinking skills would consider this heap of garbage information.
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Worst comedy I've ever seen
just-woot4 August 2021
BAD! SAD! This is the worst comedy I have ever seen. Try as I might, I could find nothing socially redeeming about this "mockudrama". Simply one of the worst movies ever made. Unbelievable acting, pure schlock. Don't waste your time on this stinker!
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These people are still walking the street, unpunished
Akodi18 October 2020
This documentary spelled out clearly in chronological order how attempts were made to overthrow the President.

I'm amazed that after all this evidence, not a single person has been questioned or indicted regarding this coup attempt.

To anyone dismissing this remember it's all fun and games when it's against someone you dislike but history tells us these things will quickly turn against someone you do like, then it won't be so entertaining.
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Plays out better than any blockbuster
chuckles5518 November 2020
All true Americans should watch this documentary. The truth behind the media lies..
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Just saw that in 2021.
redder41529 January 2021
I've just done watching this documentary, and I must say...... this is realistic and brilliantly reality show because everything in it shown the exactly what had happened in United States within 6 months ago and all the way to 3 years before that.

I've noticed those who rated this as "10" were explained with accuracy facts, with excellent logic and using critical thinking skills.

While..... those who rated this as "1" was just simply talking negative with no fact.

I would suggest anyone, with open-minded, to watch this and think for yourself; it's totally worth it.
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Very interesting to see the truth about the media manipulations
rrr65112 October 2020
Warning: Spoilers
The media has the capability to totally distort news by adding their opinions and creating half truths and calling it news. It is fascinating to watch them change the news to fit their agenda. But is is also very sad to see their manipulations.
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We will never know the total story...
ritor2230 October 2020
You have to be slightly politically twisted to follow who did what when. What drove the chain of events to get us where we are today. In a nutshell Trump was not supposed to win under any circumstances. In hindsight the Democrats had 4 or even 8 years to groom a better successor and instead they bet all their money on a very flawed horse. Hence the 2016 miracle or disaster...depending on which side you are on. Trump winning exposed so much of the way America thinks and works. Normal people like us feel as though what happens in the upper echelons of Govt doesn't really affect us. We need to think again. We have given up so much control to our Govt and have allowed the Intelligence Agencies to tighten its noose on our freedoms. Trump will either go in 2020 or 2024. If its 2020 those Intel Agencies can and will claim victory. After that things will return to normal and all will be quiet and happy. Its simple really...all we have to do is work and obey. Oh yes, by the way, it can always get worse...
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What a Joke
mackeymary-98-47870821 December 2020
Not a documentary. It's a Bad attempt at Trump and family wanting to rewrite their version of US history. This is all it is. Trumps version. Very sad, actually, to see the length they went to try and brainwash the public with this unfounded garbage.

You will only like it if you believe in conspiracy theories and Lizard people. Now the whole world knows what Donald and family have been up to for ALL of 2020 while the United States has been fighting to survive. Mr Trump put out a movie. Sorry. It doesn't work. And, again, Donald Trump is a LOSER on another front. No Oscar here Donald. You lose again.

It's sad Donald Trump doesn't understand what art Film is, and he's using it to exploit Americans, again.
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Dark to Light
silversurfer-9856012 October 2020
The truth will be called a lie by those that who are afraid of the truth. Smith has been doing a great job at exposing the truth for 3 years now. As a former intel officer in counterintel, I have researched everything. This documentary comes close but does leave out other truths the public is not ready to know yet.
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