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Welcome to the Darkest Side of Cinema
CinemaClown26 October 2013
Controversial, graphic, violent, unsettling, disturbing, devastating & disgusting but an underrated cinema nonetheless that dares to explore the darkest side of adult industry, there's no denying that A Serbian Film is destined to upset majority of viewers with its gross, sickening & utterly discomforting subject matter which is exactly its motive but looking beyond its on- screen depiction of every taboo, it's also a pretty bold piece of filmmaking.

Set in Serbia, the film tells the story of Milos; a well-past-his-prime porn star who's happily married & has a son but the family is going through financial difficulties. Contacted by one of his former colleagues who has a job offer for him, Milos is introduced to the new director & finally agrees to participate in an "art film" only to discover that he's been drafted into making a pedophilia & necrophilia themed snuff film.

Brilliantly directed, fairly performed, effectively paced, superbly handling the elements of suspense & featuring many deeply disturbing sequences from start to finish, A Serbian Film is certainly not for the faint-hearted or the easily distressed or even a completely normal human being plus its so-called political allegory is nothing but an excuse to justify the pervertedness depicted here as the only reason why this film exists is to shock the viewers in the name of art.

Yet, a story like this needed to surface on the screen not because it has a motive but because it represents a far darker side of world which most people choose to ignore, despite being aware of its existence. On an overall scale, A Serbian Film is an extremely unnerving story about porn industry but is definitely not porn plus it isn't afraid to jump deep into the abyss & bring everything to the surface, which it manages to do in an unflinching manner.

Yes it's going to leave you emotionally scarred & No, you don't have to watch it just for the sake of it. Make your mind multiple times before you hit the play button and for those who think they can handle this stuff, just when you'll be thinking that this sadistic experience is finally over & you're almost out of this dark tunnel, the final line just before the end credits will do enough damage to break all hell loose. Watch it at your own risk.
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Crueler than cruel, darker than dark, more vile than vile entertainment
Meven_Stoffat12 January 2011
Warning: Spoilers
A Serbian Film is an ugly, cruel, nihilistic and depressing movie- one I regret having seen. I definitely recommend you stay away from it- no matter how much you love "shock" movies, or if you can take "sick, shocking stuff". Mind you, I can stand shock movies. One of my top films of all time, Cannibal Holocaust, is a film that is considered a "shock" film, but it's more than just a film with shock scenes, as the ending challenges the viewer to question our corrupt morals nowadays. A Serbian Film does not do that at all, it exists only to subject its viewer to ugly, vile, and repugnant stuff that would make the Saw movies look like a teddy bear's picnic.

A Serbian Film follows Milos, an ageing porn star who has taken a bit of a break from the "biz" live a nice life at home with his lovely wife, a translator, and his son, who is enrolled in singing classes. One day he is called to lunch, where he is offered a chance at redemption- a new porn film. His agent has not much info since the company prefers to keep its details secret, which leads him to question if he should do it or not. After his wife pushes a few buttons, he reluctantly agrees to star in the film and gets good and ready for the shoot.

But things don't sound right- for starters, the man in charge seems to be a little sinister, and the moment the shoot starts, things don't seem right. The shoot is taking place in an abandoned children's hospital, and the whole atmosphere is creepy and disturbing. The situations involved are some of the weirdest he's ever seen. After an oral sex shooting day, he slowly begins to figure something is wrong with the shoot. It isn't until a nightmare he has, and an unpleasant shooting day where he finally decides to to leave the shoot for good. His decision is final after he is shown a video of a newborn infant being penetrated, which the director calls "newborn porn". Then, from there, things get worse as he finds out he has done sick things unconsciously after waking up with no memory.

If you felt uncomfortable reading the second paragraph of the synopsis, I don't blame you, I felt uncomfortable typing it. I decided not to type the rest of what happens since there is absolutely no need to mention such disgusting, demoralizing and repugnant content. I'm sure most of the other reviews on here have done the deed, and without a doubt this film disturb even the toughest and most macho.

I can't come down on the film too hard though, because I'd be lying if I said it wasn't well done. The cinematography is well done and there are some nice, dark and creepy moments here. The acting is pretty good, especially from Milos, and that's where it stops. It's too bad a good concept got wasted on sacrifice of good storyline for sick, disgusting and shocking moments. This takes up half of the film, and is just unnecessary and absolutely demoralizing. Likelihood I'll ever watch this movie again? Definitely never.

To quote Ain't-it-Cool-News' review of "Chaos", "Why do we need this s--t anyways?"
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Why, just why??!!
paulclaassen20 June 2018
There are some films that should never have been made. This is one of them. It is revolting, twisted and sickening. The film was banned in a number of countries around the globe - with good reason! This is an 'art film' in its worst form. The ending was completely dissatisfying. I don't recommend this at all.
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Just a slight warning, can't rate it because it would be unfair.
michaelnobleb-8395525 November 2019
I'm not sure why I'm writing this review to be quite honest. I saw this movie about seven years ago. Since then I've gotten married, had children, had my share of ups and downs, but one thing remains constant. More often than not, I take a few seconds out of my week to think about this movie and the impression that it has left on me. A problem I didn't realize I had until just now in this moment. I came here to check the reviews on a movie to watch with my kids and ended up subconsciously typing this movie into the search bar.

This is just to serve as a warning to people what kind of movie this is. I've seen my share of movies that left me with an unsettling feeling, but none quite like this. Its unnerving in a way that may leave an imprint on your brain if you are that type of person.

Can't rate it, because it would be unfair, in my opinion. Because no other movie has every left its hold on me like this one, and for that alone it would be rated to high in my mind. Not saying to watch it or not to watch it, just saying be ready for a trip that you may stay on for along time after the ride is over, if not for the rest of your life.
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Throw In As Many Taboo Subjects As You Can In A Story That Had Potential And You Have A Profit
Chrysanthepop19 March 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Without a doubt this is one of the most disturbing movies and the responses it has received have been polar opposites. Some have described it as fascinating and mild-blowing and others have called it torture trash. I was warned about it beforehand but I like to challenge myself once in a while. Now I can watch movies like 'Feed' and 'Irreverible' and be shaken and admired by them.

However, I have mixed opinions about 'Srpski Film' (a.k.a. 'A Serbian Film'). Initially the film does succeed in portraying that people are fascinated about taboo subjects and how they are easily hypnotized by it (even if it's bad to do/look at). However, at some point, nothing is left to suggestion. It incorporates as much taboo elements as it can (such as various forms of rape, newborn porn, bestiality, intrafamily rape, pederasty, paedophilia, fellating someone to death, necrophilia, snuff films) aiming to push boundaries and mashes them into gratuitous hardcore scenes.

The director was aiming for shock value which is expected in this kind of film and most likely he was vouching for a place in the Guinness book for 'most disturbing legitimate film' of all time. The writer has been quoted to say, "This is a diary of our own molestation by the Serbian government... It's about the monolithic power of leaders who hypnotize you to do things you don't want to do. You have to feel the violence to know what it's about." What a clever way to use politics to defend an extreme fake porn-polished snuff-tortureflick.

On the technical side, 'Srpski Film' is very well made. The cinematography, light effect and music are very effective in creating the atmosphere. The acting is also very good. Srđan Todorović does a fine job as retired pornstar Miloš. Sergej Trifunović does tend to be over the top to the point of being a caricature but that was perhaps the intention.

This is not the kind of movie that I would revisit. Though it pretends to raise some questions it only ends up being another pretentious extreme movie.
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Leofwine_draca11 November 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Many films nowadays claim to be the "most shocking ever" and A SERBIAN FILM is such a movie; it only exists in order to offend, but sadly it has nothing to go along with the offensive scenes. It's a cheap, ugly-looking independent production about an ageing porn star who gets coerced into shooting a new movie, but he finds his life spiralling out of control. There's absolutely nothing to recommend about this unpleasant film; scenes of hinted child abuse and the like are supposed to be edgy and shocking, but they're staged in such a ridiculous fashion that they'll have no traumatic effect on any viewer.
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be aware , this film goes into you forever, CAUTION !!!
jacobo8812 August 2011
Im speechless about this movies. if you are a heavyweight twisted , horror extreme movie fan then this one will blow you off. I have seen some heavy ones but nothing compared to this one. I don't recommend it to anybody. This movie is between the limits of art and twisted mind perversion. You should be aware with whom you watch it, and definitely NOT recommended for kids , i would even say now even for young adults. i hope i will never hit the cinemas. I only recommend this movie for really movie addicts who can might see the good side out of it.There is nothing more to write about it. it went beyond of what i can call a movie. ....... extreme sex contend with extreme violence.
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A friendly warning
figueira-g16 August 2012
Consider this not exactly as a review, but as a warning from a friend, in case you haven't seen this film yet and are curious about it. There are already many good reviews here dealing with the cinematographic, technical, cultural etc aspects of this film, so I won't add anything new there. This is not about the film, but about you, the potential viewer.

As many other reviewers, I've seen a significant amount of "extreme" or strong horror movies. Fear and shock are powerful emotions, and films are a safe and entertaining way of experiencing them. Some of them left a deep impression in me, sometimes for a few days, but that eventually vanishes.

With this film, it's a different story. It may leave permanent scars in your mind that will ruin some of the best experiences of your life, such as witnessing the birth of your child or lying in bed caressing a son's hair. Violent and obscene thoughts will keep intruding, and it's scary for me to think how much this can affect some people. If you think that you may belong to this group, don't risk it. There are many good films out there, and you may go on living without watching this one. Otherwise, go and watch it, but just remember that images can not be erased from your brain aftewards.

This is why this is so different. The fear does not come during the movie. It comes after. And it is too real.
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A sick film
Andy-29626 March 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I'm not easily offended, and in fact I like edgy movies, but this film is totally sick. What is sad about it is that the director is not untalented, and for the first hour this seems to be a very good if disturbing movie. Unfortunately, the last half hour goes downhill in the most sickening way. In Serbia, Milos, a former porn legend, currently out of work and living a family life with a wife and a small kid, is tempted with huge money to step out of retirement to participate in a new kind of artsy porn film. He is not told the argument of the movie (as if porno films have such things) and the mysterious director, one Vukmir, seems totally off the rocks. But since he needs the money he agrees to do it. Unfortunately, his misgivings turn out to be very true, since he is soon forced to participate in increasingly degrading acts, a nonstop parade of horrors (including, and I suppose I'm giving some spoilers here, killing a woman with a machete while he is having intercourse with her, the rape of a baby and of his own small kid) for which he will eventually take revenge. As I said, I think there is some talent here, but is so sick that is not worth it. What is laughable is some reviews I read which try to justify this film as a metaphor or an allegory for the rape of Serbia during the war or something like that. Believe me, there is nothing here about that.
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'A Serbian Film' from an academical point of view
Radu_A22 July 2011
I've written a book and some articles about film censorship, so given the controversy looming around this particular film, and its highly interesting release history in the UK (read wikipedia for more), I got my hands on a pre-release uncensored copy. What's very interesting is that apart from some suggestive shots hinting at pedophilia and the extension of the film's most gruesome, unforgettable scene, it's all there, only left to the imagination - leaving me with the question I've come up with whenever confronted with such a case: if censorship leaves certain aspects to the spectator's imagination, isn't the effect even more stimulating?

Yes, 'A Serbian Film' undoubtedly runs for the title of the yuckiest film ever. Yes, it's definitely reveling in the very muck it pretends to criticize, i.e. the complete and total moral decay of our times. I would have very much favored an incorporation of the (presumably Western) consumers of the kind of pornography it deals with, for that remains the film's weakest aspect: the social commentary is quite accurate, but not sufficiently explored.

And yet, 'A Serbian Film' is still unmistakably a piece of art. The technical specs are top-notch for such a limited budget. The acting, especially Sergej Trifunovic as psychiatrist-turned-porn producer Vukmir, is nothing short of (disturbingly) wonderful. And most important of all: the underlying anger appears to be real. I was in Serbia for a festival last year (prior to this film's release), and cannot help but remember how similar some opinions and stories I heard were to the views expressed in this film. That being said, I completely understand why Serbs were outraged at this film. Being born in Romania, which has an equal share of ethical bankruptcy, I must admit that if this had been made in Romania, and called 'A Romanian Film', I would be very very mad.

This is one of those rare pieces of celluloid which will most likely not allow for any neutral point of view, like 'Mondo Can(nibal)e', or Pasolini's 'Salo', or the collected films of Catherine Breillat. The difference for me is that I usually dislike films of this nature because of their wantonly exploitative nature serving no narrative purpose; that purpose, however, exists in 'A Serbian Film', making it all the more disturbing and relevant.
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Nastiest Film Ever...Most Probably!!!
Nightmare-Maker26 July 2010
OK, I finally got round to watching A Serbian FILM.

I consider myself to be in the heavyweight division when it comes to having seen the most hardcore of horror/shock films, i.e, Slaughtered Vomit Dolls, The Gateway Meat, Murder-Set-Pieces, Irreversible, Men Behind The Sun, All the Cannibal films, Nekromantik....you name it, I've probably seen it. Now, I have to say, NONE are as nasty as this beast!

Im not going to say what happens in the film, but even for me, some was hard to watch. BUT the actual film is GOOD!...If you can get through it.

The basic story is about a guy called Milos, who is a retired porn star, who in his day was the best actor in the business. Now he is a bit skint, so when he gets offered one last job, offering him enough money to set him and his family up for life, he just can't turn it down. He asks what the film is about, but the employer is reluctant to tell.....what happens is indescribable!!! Like I said it is very hard to watch in some scenes, but the film is actually really good, and the acting is solid throughout.

You got to think, the poorer European countries, are rife with crime, and money goes a long way. So if you are having hard times and a massive money offer comes your way...How far would you go!

For me 8/10, but I can't recommend it, simply for the content in the film. But if you think you can take it, and can appreciate it for the film it is, go for it!
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In an attempt to be different, arty or jus to shock audiences, sick film makers resort to sick, vile, repugnant, demented stuff......
Fella_shibby7 June 2020
Deserves 0/10.

Three times my reviews got deleted without em containing any spoilers or abusive lines.

This ain't no movie man. For God's sake do not watch or encourage such sick stuff.

How this sick stuff is praised n encouraged is beyond me.

Only followers of Anti Christ may like this, Salo n Trauma (2017) n encourage such stuff.

People associated with this sick stuff needs hospitalisation.
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A milestone for pulp cinema
First, I want to say that I disagree with everyone who argues that this movie is simply made for explicit shock value with no other purpose. I can quarrel this with two simple points: 1. I am a male porn performer myself and immediately found there to be a handful of real concepts, thoughts, and fears to relate with Milos on within the first fifteen minutes of the film (desensitization, your position in a family setting as a pornographer, to take the job or not to take the job, etc). Now, I'm sorry if you have no way of grasping that he is a realistic and admirable character in believable shoes, but he is. The level of relation I found with Milos shocked and impressed me and made me wonder if either that screenwriter had had some personal experience as a porn performer in the past, or instead was just a really intelligent person who was able to grasp it without actually experiencing it.

2. People like this actually do exist! Snuff is not a fictional concept. There are people that are this sick out there - and involving massive sums of money and pornographers does not seem far off at all. If it weren't for people who took the time to make films like this for us, how would we be aware of the twisted possibilities of what could happen to us if we're not too careful? On top of these opening defense statements, there are a bundle of things that make this a fantastic film.

First of all, the cinematography - the look they got in post - the editing - it all looks stellar, tasteful, and comes off as being done by true, inspired professionals. This is probably the best looking and feeling film that exists that could be considered anything even nearing the "torture porn" sub-genre. While I would never call this a straight-up torture porn film, it certainly does feel similar when it delves into it's scenes of sex and violence with "S&M tones" - that's putting it lightly... I would never call this a horror film either. It's FAR too human and psychological to me to be categorized in a genre that has become so stale and brainless. If anything, what separates it from most torture porn is that it's torturing your brain, not just your eyes by seeing prolonged sadistic violence on it's own. There's a lot more to this. It's more like psych-torture.

I also found the performances to be perfect for this film. Milos of course steals the show, see-sawing between the calm likable man he is and the primal beast he becomes when "working". Marko was also another standout with his performance - very discomforting with his bitterness towards Milos and his uncontrollable lust for Milos's beautiful wife. While Vukmir and his henchmen were the cheesiest, they still filled their shoes very effectively. Majority of the female characters didn't have much personality, but I believe that was on purpose to go along with the mentality of pornography - and I found it very effective and dreamlike or nightmarish. I couldn't believe how many stunning women they found to cast for such an intense film - it only adds to it's surrealism.

The score was impressive as well. Hard hitting, abrasive, electronic beats almost comparable to a score like that of The Social Network - and just as good. It made me feel even more engaged in the film and the character than I already was beforehand.

Now, I know a lot of people can't handle explicit gore - but the artificial violence itself is a masterful art on it's own! To create an artificial scene of violence and make it believable and effective is a mighty task! And this movie is chock FULL of gut-wrenching ultra-violence! This is something that deserves recognition, praise... even awards. It's not an easy game, kids! I would love to go into detailed descriptions of the groundbreaking scenes, but I'll leave that to everyone else. I've looked through this message board and it's just chock full of spoilers. I'll just say that all the violence is extremely disturbing and realistic, and thus it's very impressive.

Now I admit that I laughed plenty of times as an instinctual defense mechanism in reaction to some of the most over-the-top sequences. What else can I do as a human being? You feel disgusted, or you laugh. It's one or the other. If it were real - I would certainly not be laughing, but it's not - it's a effective emulation of what in reality would be ultimate horror. Because it's SO shocking and effective, I laugh, because I can't believe they pulled it off - or took my brain to this new place it hadn't been before. THAT, is something to admire.

I would never tell anyone to watch this movie. But I will tell you that it is absolutely a masterpiece of it's own kind. Pulp cinema, if I had to call it anything so broad. A lot of people say they will never watch it again. Now, although it scarred me - I don't think I'm going to lock it up and swallow the key. It's too good to never watch again. But, it will be a long, long, long time before I do again... (Unless I have a sick friend who just wants to watch it WITH me THAT bad).

I'd give it a 10, which it very well probably does deserve in the long run, but I just can't bring myself to do it.
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Absolutely disgusting, unnecessary and in NO WAY art or entertaining!!!
hcjv619 March 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Now I LOVE my horror, gore, video nasties, scary stuff etc and have watched pretty much everything there is out there........I heard about 'Serbian Film' and have to admit like most people with my kind of film interest just HAD to see it ASAP purely to see if it lived up to the hype. Well I wish I hadn't now wasted those 2 hours of my life for many reasons. 1) The storyline is basically 'past-it porn star signs up for a snuff film' 2)The film drags and drags on and then there is a disgusting scene blah blah.............. Now if you want to watch a man assisting a woman in the birth of her baby and then straight away drop his pants and start raping it infront of her whilst it screams uncontrollably you seriously need help. That should have put you off even reading any further but if it didn't the main actor finds himself viciously raping his own son who has been drugged........I really am not going to say anymore. If stuff like this attracts you to a film then you have major issues......I don't care about the 'dialogue, the pretty scenery, the atmosphere' blah blah as this film is DISGUSTING and Unnecessary :( I snapped the DVD the minute after ide finished watching it, then put it in a bin bag.....in next doors bin !!!!!
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The dark side of porn.
HumanoidOfFlesh13 July 2010
Let me tell you one thing:I have seen the sickest horror/exploitation movies ever made including "Cannibal Holocaust","Mu Zan E","Forced Entry","The Taming of Rebecca","August Underground" series,"Angst","In a Glass Cage","First Transmission","Despair","Aftermath","Man Behind the Sun","Lolita Vibrator Torture","Martyrs" or "The Untold Story",but some ideas presented in "A Serbian Film" left me speechless.A story of Milos,a former porn star,who accepts the role in utterly sick porn produced and directed by shady Vukmir is certainly disturbing and shocking.The film is well-made and competently acted and the Serbian porno starlets/actresses are truly hot.There are some truly revolting scenes in "A Serbian Film" including rough anal sex/decapitation,infant rape and paedophilia,various beatings and bloody violence.The action is fast,the cinematography is beautiful and the script is filled with despair and resignation.Serbia is shown as a truly rotten and hellish place to live just like in the other controversial Serbian film "The Life and Death of a Porn Gang".Be prepared.Be very prepared."A Serbian Film" will make you wanna get up and vomit!8 out of 10.
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Censorship is the Best Marketing
claudio_carvalho24 July 2011
In Serbia, the retired porn star Milos (Srdjan Todorovic) is married with his beloved wife Marija (Jelena Gavrilovic) and they have a little son, Peter, that is their pride and joy. The family is facing financial difficulties, but out of the blue, Milos is contacted by the porn actress Lejla (Katarina Zutic) that offers him a job opportunity in an art film. Milos is introduced to the director Vukmir (Sergej Trifunovic) that offers a millionaire contract to Milos to act in a film. However, Vukmir neither show the screenplay nor tell the story to Milos. Milos discuss the proposal with Marija and he signs the contract. But sooner he finds that Vukmir and his crew are involved in sick snuff films of pedophilia, necrophilia and torture and there is no way back to him and maybe it is too late to protect his family.

Yesterday, the exhibition of "A Serbian Film" was forbidden in the RioFan Festival by the promoters that claimed in a note that "We deeply regret the decision. "A Serbian Film" is, without any doubt, one of the most polemic films of all times etc." These were the magic words that made me see this film.

First of all, I am against any censorship: a film shall be accordingly rated, with warning advising the theme since only very specific audiences might like it. My wife, for example, is a very sensitive person and would never support watching "A Serbian Film".

This film is indeed sick, violent, polemic, with many transgressions; but "Irréversible"; "Salò o le 120 Giornate di Sodoma"; "Hostel"; "Ichi, the Killer"; "Cannibal Holocaust"; "I Spit on Your Grave" (the original) and many others also are and they have their public and fans.

"A Serbian Film" is one of the most violent, sick and graphic films that I have ever seen, but I liked it. The sequence with the baby is unbearable and hard to see; the scene with Milo's family is too violent and disturbing but absolutely predictable. The acting and make-up are impressively realistic. Certainly a sensitive person will be sick and will not like or even see this movie. The poster in the movie-theaters and the boxes of the DVD or Blu-Ray should warn that this story is recommended to a very specific audience; but censorship, never, since it is the best marketing that a polemic film can have. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "A Serbian Film – Terror Sem Limites" ("A Serbian Film – Terror without Limits")
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I hope this movie gets erased from History!
natea_teodor5 April 2020
I won't include spoilers here, everyone is free to watch any movie he wants. That's free will and Internet is accessible to anyone! But if you decide to watch such "art", then you will be deeply disappointed! Because honestly, that's not even a movie! The first 50 minutes of the movie are just a prologue. You are just "introduced" into the plot, how the main character got tricked to destroy himself. A lot of people recommended to me this movie. They even said "hey Teodor, you should watch this movie, I know you like dark stuff, that's a treat for you."" And today I decided to follow this. I was encouraged by a large curiosity honestly. I watched 50 minutes of it painfully because nothing was happening. They just talked, made plans. And then I was hit by gruesome. I can handle pretty much anything. I am not the kind of guy which sees something gore and I rush to the bathroom to throw up. I really enjoy it actually. Is part of the movie. It is ...... art! But A Serbian Movie (or Film ... or Srpski Film whatever) takes everything to another level. A level of stupidity and gruesome. Honestly, as a personal opinion: You NEED TO BE MENTALLY ILL and have serious MENTAL PROBLEMS to watch this movie and give it 10 stars, to enjoy it! You can't enjoy a movie like this one. That's not ART! That's not A MOVIE! That's SICK! That's a serious disaster. I really really hope they used CGI in this movie. Some scenes are too difficult to watch, even for a "veteran" like me. I watched a lot of crazy movies, but this one is different. And is different in a bad way. It's just... not worthy. You will just waste 90 minutes out of your lives and after this you will just ask yourself "Why???! Why did I even watched this S%(@ and why this movie was invented?? Who is behind this contraption and how does he is not in prison for life yet???""
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Cinema at its most Extreme......I dare you to see this...
grindhouse7410 April 2010
So you think you have seen it all???? Think again, i reckon i have just witnessed the most disturbing extreme movie ever, and you know what, for the first time i have no idea whether to give this film a good review or a bad review, its not a film that you can enjoy, although it was very well made and preformed by the actors, so in a visual and technical term it was impressive.. The premise for this little shocker is simple, a semi-retired porn star is lured back to his profession to do this once in a lifetime shoot so he can make lots of money and secure his family, but he has no idea what the shoot will contain, so we the viewer have a birds eye view in the dark and very murky journey he goes through, as the porn shoot becomes more extreme he begins to realise what he's got himself into and the director has a shocking surprise for his lead actor in what he wants him to do, not to spoil anything (its a taboo busting subject) but lets just say that if you put Cannibal holocaust, Irreversible, Emanuel In America, and Martyrs in a blender, throw a baby in the mix and you have an idea what your letting yourself in for.....I know some people will be very upset watching this film and some people will demand that this film be banned, there are some scenes of extreme sexual violence that will anger some of the mainstream crowd, i just hope that the censors will leave this film the way the director intended.. Be cautious when you see this movie, if it gets a proper release this film will get mixed reviews, it will be sure to divide people apart and thats the beauty of this controversial film, love it or hate it, you will never forget it. I must admit i was relieved that the police never came barging in and arrested me and everyone at the preview...
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Art and/or Exploitation
cyberknight22 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
"Srpski Film" (Serbian Film) is Art, no contest there. I've read some people complaining about exploitation of imagery... I disagree, because it's all fake (very obviously, by the way), so it was clear the director wanted to shock using ideas, not visuals. If it is good or bad, or if I personally like it or not, those are other completely different matters.

The film starts "warm", with a sex scene without actual genitalia shown, then heats up quickly, when it shows that it's a very young child watching it. Immediately after, it cools down with a lot of talking, without anything happening, which was supposed to build up suspense and develop characters, but I, personally, found it pretty boring, after the shocking beginning.

When actual action restarts, it heats up slowly, then abruptly blows up with all kinds of sexual abuse being recorded, including a "newborn porn" (quoted like that), rapes (female and male), "snuff" (sexual mutilation and murder), incest (with a drugged child) and necrophilia (this one, as a final twist of the plot). Genitalia is gradually more explicitly shown (mainly obvious fake phalli, what is good, for one, because it didn't feel like watching actual porn), to the point a man is killed by having an eye socket graphically "screwed"... But at that point, I was so bored that I couldn't care much about anything else that was shown.

And why "Serbian Film"? I didn't know that the main product of export of Serbia was porn... Or is it? Anyway, almost nothing is explained in this film, there is no background for any of the characters (even the protagonist, all we are shown is that he was a porn star, without any story about how he got there and/or why he left, making it hard to feel anything for him or his family when we see him voluntary and dumbly entering the trap, as if he couldn't find any job other than being a porn star...) Everything is just a pretext to shock us with the darkest side of the underworld of porn. I didn't read any reviews about this film before watching it, so I had no idea what it was about, except that it was supposed to be worse (in a good way) than "Salo" (that I also hadn't seen, then). The plot started interesting, about an ex-porn star trying to survive after leaving the business. Unfortunately, the uneven pace and a lot of forced acting put me down on it (like the ominous henchman, as stereotyped as possible, using shades even at night, to hide a missing eye, and the contractor, with his cheesy "mad scientist" talking). The shocks were not so shocking when I couldn't care about the characters. I've seen much more shocking scenes on entertainment films (slashing and slaughtering films, zombie films, war films and whatnot films).

Actually, that's another problem of this film: it doesn't know what it should be. In the beginning, it plays like a "slice of life" annoying sitcom (e.g., "Friends"), then turns into a cheesy dark mobster film, then the second half becomes a formulaic drug-induced delirious gore feast, ending with a comic slap on the face.

This film is not afraid of telling an uneasy story, what is the only good thing about it. Sadly, it's badly told, not because of the ideas or the contents, but because the story is underdeveloped, boring and generally badly performed.
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Pointless, and tries its best to be shocking under a guise Warning: Spoilers
I first watched A Serbian Film uncut once, online, and then after that, it was removed from the site it was on (which was a good job, considering the site is very popular and has an under 18/21 audience). Was I shocked by it? No. Did I find it interesting or thought-provoking? Not at all. Am I a lover of a horror films? You bet. So now you must be wondering, well why did I watch A Serbian Film knowing what it was about then come on here and give it a bum rap. Well. I heard of it through friends and websites, and being a lover of horror movies, and a fan that likes to "have seen it all" I obviously was going to watch A Serbian Film sooner or later. First of, don't get me wrong, it's not the violence in this movie that makes me dislike it, it's how they tried to be so over the top about it, and in doing so, it makes it look like a futile piece of crap. Not including the film's so called "political statement" that is really only a guise for it to show its cheap scenes.

Apparently, the movie is meant to show, or well, be an allegory as to how Serbian people are forced into doing things, am I getting this right or what? How their Government is meant to be controlling & how violent Serbia is? But all I seen was rape after rape in this so called movie that is trying to make this important "political statement", but we know underneath that's just a guise for its cheap exploitative purpose. For those who don't know, A Serbian Film is about this guy called Milos, a retired porn star, who is lured out into a black market porn industry with an offer for money. He has no idea what he will be doing, until he agrees to it, and thus the film begins there. Milos is dragged into various acts of sexual torture and violence. But as with most of the violence in the movie, it's over the top, and obviously, makes it look cheap and flawed.

Sure, I ain't gonna lie, it's reasonably realistic (except the fake penis), but it's just one of those films were it has been so overly done, it's poor and the real purpose behind it is made clear in that. Of course the film seems to have gained a backing now of everyone that thinks it's the most violent movie in history. Well, it sure has a good attempt at this, but no, it's not.

August Underground's Mordum does a far better job, and at least, it's not trying to hide its exploitative purpose like this movie tries its hardest at. A Serbian Film, in my opinion, is not a statement about anything. It's just another over the top exploitation film, which, might have gotten a higher rating from me, if the people who made it didn't make a guise for the over the top scenes in it, which is exploitative.

There's one DVD release of it to date, and it's a UK release. It's not uncut, and I don't suspect it will be uncut for a long, long time. If you like violence, sure give it a go, but please, don't be fooled into this whole allegory about Serbia - it's just another exploitation film.
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So we sacrifice story for shock?
Matt_Layden23 August 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Well, I just watched it and have come to the conclusion that there is no art here whatsoever. Just a filmmaker trying to make a name for himself by shocking people with violence, death and sexuality.

He can say whatever he wants re: his reasons behind the film, but as I mentioned before it lacks any sense of human decency. If you want to see this film because so many people are hyping it up based on the controversy, I'd recommend not to. I'm one to always watch a film if it's ticked enough people off. Cannibal Holocaust and Cannibal Ferox were two of them, I Spit On Your Grave was another. Yet those films are bound by the genre they represent themselves in. Exploitation and Revenge horror. A Serbian Film doesn't fall under these categories. I would suspect that Nicolas Cage would find this film on his quest in 8mm.

Rape, Murder By Penis, Incest, Child Molestation, Necrophilia, etc...these things do not make for a good film, or someone wanting to tell a good story. It's simply someone who wants to take you into a world where these things happen and then excessively push you deeper into a hyper realized madness.

The newborn baby scene wasn't as bad as I expected. Had I gone in not knowing it was going to happen, I might have cringed more. Plot points were predictable, specifically everything that happens in the climax. The actors were mediocre at best. The direction showed some potential, but the subject matter cheapens it, specifically when he also wrote it.

We all know Serbia is a messed up place, but we don't need to sit through an agonizing film that drags on and on about the so called atrocities. Even if that was the intention of the filmmaker, which I honestly think it wasn't. He is quoted as saying "This is a diary of our own molestation by the Serbian government...It's about the monolithic power of leaders who hypnotize you to do things you don't want to do. You have to feel the violence to know what it's about." Cue my eyes rolling.

As the film ended I was left sitting there thinking to myself, sure some scenes were disturbing, but at the same time they felt empty. The obvious going for shock value loses some of it's appeal as the filmmakers try too hard to push buttons. I'm not saying they don't, they undoubtedly do. This is a film I don't recommend to anyone, not even those looking for something shocking. Not because it's too much to handle, but because it's simply a bad film.

I'll give credit to those who humiliated themselves taking part in this, being an actor is hard. Do the filmmakers have balls for creating this film? Yes and no. For me, I'm fine sticking with Cannibal Holocaust and yes I still want to see Salo. If you want to watch a film that is hard to stomach, go see Martyrs.
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Smells_Like_Cheese28 October 2011
Warning: Spoilers
On the internet one of the films that has had the biggest buzz that I noticed was a movie called A Serbian Film, getting so many bans and claiming to be too extreme to show to any audience. Naturally being the freak that I am love to see the forbidden, I've seen a lot of extreme films trying to test my limits on what I can take. For some reason I did build this movie up in my head to make it a lot worse than I could imagine, which wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. However, this did push my limits and not even with the particular "newborn" scene that is usually the center of attention, keeping in mind that I watched films like The Exorcist and Jaws when I was a child so I know what's a movie and what's reality, it's the ending that killed me. The reason I love extreme films is because I feel that a lot of films are so watered down with the truth and that bad things do happen to good people. It's a hard reality to accept and you don't want to believe it, we close our eyes to a lot of crimes every day. I thought that A Serbian Film was going to be like that, I know the porn industry has been labeled as too extreme for a lot of people to quit or end up dying of disease or drug over dose, but this took it to a much darker level of almost being a snuff film done in a Hollywood way.

Miloš is a semi-retired Serbian porn star with a beautiful wife, Marija, and young son, Petar. Although he is strapped financially and his home life is happy, his biggest problem comes in the form of the jealousies of his brother, Marko, a corrupt police officer who envies Miloš' family life. Seeking one last big payday to make a clean break from pornography and secure his family's financial future, Miloš is intrigued when one of his former co-stars, Lejla, approaches him with an offer to star in an "art film" being directed by Vukmir, a well-connected, independently wealthy pornographer who wants to cast Miloš for his legendary ability to get and maintain an erection. When Vukmir offers Miloš a large sum of money to star in the film, Miloš reluctantly agrees, ambivalent towards Vukmir's insistence that he must remain ignorant as to the plot of the film until shooting begins. Miloš is picked up the next morning and taken to an orphanage where he is supplied an earpiece by Vukmir's driver. He goes into the making of this film realizing that he may of just made the biggest mistake of his life with the director's darker intentions.

It's hard to say if I liked this film or not, excluding the scenes that are extreme, there are some strange moments. Petar, the son, is watching one of his dad's old porn films and his parents walk in and treat it pretty light hearted and when he starts asking them what that funny feeling in his pants was his dad tells him to fix it with his hand. Keeping in mind this is a child who could be no more than 10 years old. The last minute of this film was a little confusing. But all in all, this is a tragic film and I would agree that this film can be way too hard to handle. The ending is absolutely horrific and without giving too much away, just trust me when I say that if you think you've seen it all, you'll still be shocked and sickened. I don't know what the director's purpose with this movie was, I did read that it was his take on the Serbian government, which confuses me even more. I don't know if it was a way of saying they screw around with the people too much? I give the film a lot of credit as it has the kahoniees to go where no mainstream film dares to go. I can see the reason for the ban from several countries. Like I said, if you think you've seen it all, A Serbian Film will still make your mouth drop at least once. To those who think it wasn't shocking, I don't want to know what you do consider to be in bad taste. So if you're curious, just be prepared, I don't even know if I could tell my friends about this film because they will definitely be asking me how I made it through this movie.

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A sad case..
eonbluedan-115 January 2011
I love extreme cinema; I'm a fan of David Cronenberg, Takashi Miike, Gasper Noe (to a degree) and Pascal Laugier, the latter of whom brought us the wonderful "Martyrs". I watched "The Human Centipede" without batting an eyelid, "Saw" and "Hostel" are child's play to me, and so it is fair to say I'm not a prude, and I don't react in an over-dramatic, over-sensitive way to this type of thing. With that point made, I will say now that I would not recommend this film to anybody. Let me begin, though, with a few of the things that I did actually admire about "A Serbian Film".

I can genuinely see (though some would argue this) that there was an honest and sincere attempt here to make a critique on Serbian life; there is a visual metaphor intended, which is why much of the film plays out with a sense of hyper-reality more akin to a David Lynch film (though I stress I am not comparing these two film makers at all). The film is shot rather well in HD, put together professionally, and the nasty, gory parts look pretty convincing. In short, the director does know what he's doing, as far basic film-making goes. The performances were nowhere near as bad as I was expecting for a film such as this, and I can see that the lead man, his wife, and the director in the film, are all probably regarded as serious actors in Serbia. Most notable, the music was well used; the grinding, industrial soundtrack gets under your skin, but would actually work even better if it had been set against more appropriate cinematography; as it stands, it frequently looks like a Nine Inch Nails music video. This brings me nicely to the points that make it so bad.

I mentioned the lack of synergy between image and music. The film's idea is exploitation, the music is exploitation, and yet the shooting style is polished and perfect, an awful choice. When you watch "8MM", like the film or not, one of the great effects it has is to make you feel dirty, to get under your skin in the worst way and stay there. Despite the graphic nature of certain scenes in "A Serbian Film", the gore being well done, the music perfectly enhancing that, watching such a good-looking piece does distance you a bit, and dulls the exploitation effect. Now that's not to say that certain scenes didn't get my heart rate up and make me feel uncomfortable, but it was nevertheless not as powerful, due to the chosen film stock and style.

I had no problem with the infamous scenes, as some seem to have. These scenes are graphic, and hugely uncomfortable to watch, not simply because they are bloody or nasty (I can watch that fine); their effect is powerful because of the context, in certain cases the dialogue, and the metaphor that is being laid out. In other words it is the subtext and what the scenes make you feel, as opposed to simply what you are being made to watch, that have the impact. It is only the fact we know this is fiction that makes watching them bearable; you are able to rationalise and know that what you're watching is not real. In what seems to have fast become the most infamous and controversial scene, the idea presented is actually not as graphic as some would make out, the act only really being inferred as opposed to fully shown, but what you see and hear is enough to shred your nerves. Whether you can take the ideas presented without switching off is a case of personal boundary, I suppose, but I would be lying if I said that I did not find the scenes powerful, tough, distressing, and that they didn't drive home the essential cultural premise of the story very well.

The problem occurs close to an hour in, where all sense of that premise starts to get lost. The film quickly becomes incoherent, absurd, and even darkly funny; though not the intention of the scenes, there were a couple of points that made me laugh out loud. The film loses you as an audience, simply because it has no restraint; they try so hard to make something graphic and extreme, hoping this alone, driven by a premise of a political comment, will make the work important and crucial cinema. Instead it becomes ridiculous. So yes the film goes too far, but not in the way a more conservative type might suggest. For all its controversy and nastiness, in my opinion the film's biggest crime was to become silly, which is a sadness, because up to a point, as nasty and flawed as it is, I did understand what I was watching.

This is a film that I wish I could say is not for everyone, but which I admire, as it IS a film of ideas and anger, a volatile reaction to the state's mistreatment of its people, and fascism that has plagued the country's history. Sadly, I have to say that a potentially powerful piece of work was undermined, solely by the filmmakers turning it into parody.
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Every exploitation trick in the book . .
meccanici25 July 2010
Warning: Spoilers
This review contains spoilers - and descriptions of scenes depicted in Srpski Film. A baby is graphically birthed on screen by a large bald man. The mother lies prone, and pushes the baby out into his hands. He then takes down his underwear, and rapes the screaming newborn baby - on screen. A man is shown violently anally raping (onscreen) a young child - his own son, after he is injected with massive doses of a powerful sexual stimulant. The boy - presumably also drugged - lies face-down, bleeding profusely from his anus as the man continues a sustained sexual attack. Evidently, this is art. The thing that bothered me the most about Srpski Film isn't necessarily its use of deliberate shock, and taboo busting scenes designed to offend. It is the way in which Srdjan Spasojevic tries to cover his dubious tracks by passing it off as some kind of artistic political allegory about life in Serbia. I was aware of the fact that I was increasingly annoyed as I watched this film - mainly because the filmmakers use every trick in the book, and obviously some new ones to batter the viewer over the head with aggressive imagery, in order to make enough social fuss to draw in viewers. It doesn't necessarily make it a good film, although it is admittedly well shot, and well acted. It almost reminded me of seeing footage of beheadings on the internet. It's supposed to be profound in some way, but ultimately it is just irredeemable pain and destruction, and contains no social commentary at all. Realistic torture and extremely graphic rape scenes usually make a negative impact on the viewer, because they are horrific and unpleasant subjects. Using babies and children does not make it artistic, independent of your cultural origins - although some people claim that it is art. I saw another review of this film that evidently recognised genuine "art" in every single frame I, like some of the other reviewers - have happily watched horror and exploitation movies for years - but so what? It doesn't make any difference whatsoever. Sub-genres come and go, and the recent tide of shocking torture films are more akin to a test of the viewer's resolve, than the slices of entertainment they used to be. Fair enough - if you don't like them then don't watch. I am a film fan. I definitely love film. I just don't love this kind of film, or the thinly veiled attempts to disguise absolute exploitation as something profound.
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That saying, "Some things you can't unsee.."
shmobbie13 July 2010
That saying, "Some things you can't unsee" is definitely in full affect here. I saw this at the SF indiefest with a small theater packed with people and left utterly speechless. I have seen everything under the sun when it comes to sick and twisted cinema and this tops it all.

What's insane is that this movie is REALLY well made; Some very impressive camera work, disgustingly sharp and mean spirited dialogue, a believable cast and some serious nailbiter scenes. Oh yeah, it's actually got some laugh out loud moments also, but it never takes you away from that feeling of dread and utter disgust.

As a previous review said, there are about 4 scenes that I will never forget in my life. I saw this about a week ago and every time I see the friends I saw it with the scenes come up in our conversations. There are things put on celluloid that I never, ever thought I would see in a cinema in America(or Europe for that matter).

Go into this with extreme caution and a very open mind. I loved it.
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