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MPAA Rated NC-17 for extreme aberrant sexual and violent content including explicit dialogue

Sex & Nudity

  • A young boy watches a porn video where a woman steps out of a room and a man follows her. They passionately kiss and she removes her top revealing breasts, he fondles her breasts and kisses them. The woman gets on her knees and performs oral sex on him (we see her head bobbing behind the man's butt.) A man and a woman step into the room and the woman stops the video and says that their son should not be watching his father have sex. The woman and the boy leave the room. The man hesitantly turns the TV back on and the video shows him thrusting from behind into the woman leaning on a motorcycle.
  • A man puts in a tape and sits next to his wife in bed. Moaning is heard and the video shows a woman giving a man oral sex and another woman fondling her breasts. The man thrusts one of the women from behind and she moans. Slapping is heard from thrusting.
  • A woman kisses her husband on the cheek passionately and asks why he hasn't had sex with her like he does in porn movies. She proceeds to slap his face and he exposes her breast. He angrily pushes her on the bed and proceeds to pretend-rape her by thrusting her from behind.
  • A man thrusts on top of a woman and she moans but she falls asleep.
  • A man masturbates in a bathroom, we hear groans and thrusting noises, and he moans until one last gasp and it is implied that he has climaxed.
  • A woman hugs a man and they walk into a room with two men recording. The woman passionately kisses the man, she walks behind him and she caresses his clothed crotch. We see her head moving down and she unzips his pants and leans forward (implying she is performing oral sex), her head moves back and forward and the man moans as he looks at a video of a young girl eating a Popsicle. He stops moaning and it is implied that he climaxed.
  • A completely nude woman is seen walking into a pool and another man caresses her breasts as she thrusts on top of a woman. The man is then seen thrusting a woman from behind as they both moan. He is then seen thrusting into a different woman as they both moan, her genitals are clearly seen for a while.
  • A woman gets on her knees and crawls toward a man and it is implied that he is receiving oral sex. He forces the woman's head off and we briefly see his erect penis.
  • A woman is seen putting her mouth on a man's crotch. She takes her mouth off, he ejaculates and semen is seen squirting onto her face.
  • A man stands completely nude in a room and sees another man (clothed) feeling and inspecting an unconscious woman's naked body, he then squeezes and pats her behind.
  • A naked man walks over to an unconscious naked woman lying on the floor. He turns her over, and we see her naked front (breasts are seen). The woman suddenly wakes up and grabs the man's crotch.
  • A man stands naked in a dark room. He hears a voice, turns around and we briefly see his penis and butt.
  • A man grabs his clothed crotch and masturbates while a woman stands next to him. The man grabs the woman's breasts as she puts her hand on his crotch and jerks him off.
  • A woman sits next to a man in a car while she jerks him off. He leans towards her and caresses and licks her covered breasts.
  • A completely nude woman (her breasts, vulva, clitoris and buttocks are visible) is brought into a room where she is handcuffed to a bed. A man unzips another man's pants and his butt is seen. The man climbs onto her and rapes the woman from behind. The man slaps her on the back repeatedly and the woman whimpers in pain.
  • A man puts a tape in a video camera and sees a woman seductively walking towards a donkey but he turns it off. He puts in another tape and he sees that it is a woman performing oral sex on him.
  • A man watches a tape of himself unconsciously lying completely naked on a table. A man climbs on top of him and thrusts from behind until he climaxes.
  • A completely nude woman is seen sitting on the ground. A man walks toward her and forces her to perform oral sex on him before she chokes softly and dies.
  • A woman tells a man that he must have sex with a young girl. The woman says that her father did that to her.
  • A man asks a prostitute where she is going and she looks over at a different man and he is seen masturbating.
  • A man walks toward a bed and thrusts from behind into someone unconscious under the blanket. The man thrusts more and a masked man comes next to him and thrusts into another unconscious person under the blanket. He angrily looks at the masked man.
  • A police officer unzips his pants and it is implied he is about to be filmed performing necrophiliac rape on a dead child.

Violence & Gore

  • A woman on her knees cries as a man slaps her in the face several times. Another man then punches the slapper.
  • A man turns an unconscious woman over and we see that she is completely nude, her body is covered in cuts, and her face is badly burned.
  • A newborn is raped, some of it on-screen.
  • A man wakes up with blood on his chest.
  • A man urinates and blood comes out, he winces.
  • A man rapes a woman by thrusting her from behind. The man slaps and punches her on the back 7 times as she whimpers in pain. A man hands the man a machete and he stabs her on the neck with it and decapitates her, she gasps softly in shock. He continues to rape her dead body until he is forced off.
  • A completely nude woman is seen on the ground, her arms hoisted above her with chains, with blood seen dripping from her face down to her chest for a few seconds. A man filming opens her mouth and we briefly see that she has had many of her teeth removed. He then sticks his penis into her mouth, she chokes softly in pain before she dies.
  • Two men step out of a car and swiftly break the necks of two men who were beating up another man.
  • A man stabs a villain once in the neck with a syringe needle and she falls back on a bed.
  • A man walks into a room and four villains are seen bloody and dead on the floor.
  • A man thrusts behind into a mostly unconscious male character and blood is briefly seen leaking down his leg.
  • A villain stumbles into a room, bleeding from her left chest and vulva. She falls to the ground and dies.
  • A man slams a villain's head on the ground a few times, he winces. A pool of blood is seen underneath.
  • A woman bites her rapist in the neck, he bleeds and briefly yells, she then proceeds to beat him over the face with a motorcycle helmet (he is unconscious, but his face becomes covered in blood). Seen for a few seconds before the camera moves away.
  • A man sees three villains and shoots two of them several times in the chest, killing them, and strangles the other. He then sees that the strangled one is missing an eye and proceeds to thrust his erection into the empty socket. The eyeless one is silent and drops dead after a few seconds.
  • A man punches a bloody woman once in the face/head to knock her out, we only hear a punch sound and see him punch at the camera.


  • All expletives are used via subtitles, as the film is in Serbian.
  • Approximately 67 uses of 'fuck,' 11 of 'shit,' 5 of 'pussy,' 4 of 'whore,' 3 of 'bitch,' and 1 of 'cunt.' It's worth noting that the protagonist abstains from almost all the profanity.
  • Homophobic and racist terms are occasionally used.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Cigarette smoking is also seen
  • Main character appears to be out of control due to drugs for much of the movie.
  • Drugs play a role in the film. A man is given a hypodermic shot of a mixture of cattle aphrodisiac.
  • Milos sometimes drinks whiskey.
  • A bag of weed is briefly seen on the floor in one scene.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The beheading-rape scene is very disturbing and graphic as well, a woman is violently sodomized and beaten, she is then decapitated and the man continues to rape her dead body.
  • This film is extremely disturbing and it's characters such as vukmir are some of the most evil characters to be on a movie screen ever. This film shows extremely brutal violence including rape and sexual torture, child abuse of the worst kind and necrophilia.
  • The 'uncut' version has an extremely graphic, sustained scene involving the rape of a newborn baby. This scene is only (heavily) implied in the 'cut' version but is still very disturbing.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • Two men are sitting in a room and one of them starts up a video of a woman giving birth. A man then pulls the baby out of her, the newborn is then raped. One of the men leaves and then the other yells the words "newborn porn"
  • The main character is tricked in to raping his ten year old son.
  • (Uncut version) A man is filmed having anal sex with what appears to be a much younger person who is face-down on the floor and covered with a blanket except for the buttocks and legs until bleeding is visible on them. He is joined by another man wearing a hood who is similarly having anal sex with another similarly-covered person who is also face-down. The thrusting is violent and continues for a couple of minutes until both men climax, at which point the film director removes the hood and coverings to reveal that the man has raped his own son and his wife has been raped by his brother.

Violence & Gore

  • The film ends with the father raping his ten year old son and his wife being raped by the father's brother. The wife, son, and father then embrace in a bed and kill themselves with a gun through the chests. No impact shown, blood is seen.
  • A man is shown beating another man in the head repeatedly, then rapes him by penetrating his eye socket with his bloody penis.
  • A man holds a gun in bed with his wife and child and a gunshot is heard from outside. The three are then seen dead in bed with blood. They are then shown surrounded by cameras and lights and it is implied that the police officers at the scene are going to film necrophiliac porn with their corpses.

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