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  • Two couples are enjoying their summer at the beach, but when the grown son of one couple arrives, it surprisingly stirs something in the husband of the other couple, will the forbidden feelings end badly?

  • A group of friends rent a magnificent house by the sea to spend the summer together. The arrival of Shary and Diego's son David sets something off in everyone, especially Matteo, an accomplished psychoanalyst who is married to Francesca. David's lonely and enigmatic uncle Leonard senses the reasons behind the dangerous tension, hidden beneath layers of silence and friendly banter. This vacation will indelibly mark everybody's life.

  • While vacationing on the Italian Riviera, husband and father Matteo (Massimo Poggio) does not know what to do when he finds himself attracted to his best friend's college student and model son, David (first time actor Thyago Alves). Things get very interesting very fast, because David seems to share Matteo's lust. Matteo's wife (Maria de Medeiros) is confused, and although she can not pinpoint what is going on, she can feel that something is all of a sudden different in their previously happy marriage. Finally, David's uncle Leonard comes for a visit, and wading through the tension, silence, and disarming banter, Leonard thinks he knows what is happening. Is he right?


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  • Two couples of friends, Matteo and Francesca, Diego and Shary go to see Wagner's opera, Tristan and Isolde. By chance, they encounter Leonard, Shary's younger brother, who is briefly passing through Italy. Leonard is still profoundly marked by the death of his girlfriend. Shary insists he come stay with them in the beautiful villa on the beach that the two couples have rented for the summer. Matteo, a 40 year-old established psychoanalyst, is married to Francesca, with whom they have a 5 yearold daughter, Elena. Matteo,, has a solidly happy, although not explosively passionate relationship with Francesca. Diego is an eternal child, who with great difficulty chose to become a lawyer; at a very young age he discovered that Shary, the American girl he was dating, was pregnant with his child. After David was born, Diego and Shary got married, broke up, then got back together. Theirs is a passionate but unstable relationship. David, having grown up in the United States, where he now goes to boarding school, comes back to Italy after five years to spend the summer with his family. Davids arrival deeply unsettles Matteo. Trying to escape his growing obsession, Matteo escapes to Rome to treat one of his patients, Giuliana. The delicate balance between friends has been upset. The growing tension seems to corrode the two families. Cracks appear in Matteo and Francescas relationship. Old disagreements between Shary and Diego flare up. It is as if everyone knows the truth, but is afraid to confront it. Leonard, having tried in vain to warn his sister and deter Matteo, decides to take off, leaving the main characters to their inevitable destiny.

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