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loved it
caslon7614 December 2008
Warning: Spoilers
i really really liked it. The best part was the tag match and the diva title match, the rest was okay but that was the shows's icon. better than wrestlemania-yes better than no way out-YES better than Royal rumble-yes better than total nonstop action wrestling-yes. it was so awesome and cool best wrestling show period. argue if you want but i don't like wrestling, this is the only wrestling event I've liked. i really liked it so much i could go on and on but it was good! epic yes i believe this was epic, so epic i loved it! thats epic for you it makes you love stuff! anyways very cool!!! very very hot(diva match) but yes the best wrestling show ever! so epic and cool and hot!

this truly was when wrestling was on to something!
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Some memorable moments
gridoon201814 March 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Others have covered this PPV more extensively, so I'll just mention those things that stood out as most memorable to me:

  • It's ironic that the ECW Title match between Mark Henry and Tommy Dreamer is easily surpassed in "extremeness" by just about every other match on the card (!), but especially by the first two I will mention below. It is also the worst out of the 8 matches included.

  • The Chris Jericho vs. Shawn Micahels match gets pretty bloody.

  • The John Cena vs. JBL "NYC Parking Lot Brawl" is something different, and I was even a little bit shocked about how far it went, especially when JBL sets a car with a barely conscious Cena in it on fire! The ending was also utterly surprising.

  • CM Punk and Batista appeared to have genuine in-ring chemistry, and their match was not nearly as one-sided as I feared, but it suffered from a poor ending.

  • The storyline behind Edge and HHH's match was incredibly silly, but the match itself had lots of back-and-forth action....until another half-hearted finish.

  • Natalya and Michelle McCool are both extremely good-looking, and can also do submission moves. In fact, their match ends with a tap-out (after lots of moaning) instead of a pin, something which I found refreshing and sexy.
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Okay Show, but done with little effort
jts04054 January 2009
Great American Bash 2008 was held on July 20, 2008 in Uniondale, New York. It really showed that there was little effort put behind creating this event.

Match 1: The Miz & John Morrison (c) vs Jesse & Festus vs Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder vs Finlay & Hornswoggle in a Fatal Four Way match for the WWE Tag Team Championship - This made for a decent opener at a pay per view such as this one. The Miz & John Morrison are a good tag team, but this WWE Tag Team title reign has gone on long enough. I was hoping that Jesse & Festus or Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder would take the gold in this one. In the end Hawkins pulls Jesse off the top rope for the win. Hawkins & Ryder start their first run as Tag Champions, ending a long 250 day reign of Miz & Morrison in the process.

Match 2: Matt Hardy (c) vs Shelton Benjamin for the United States Championship - Something seemed off with Matt Hardy during this one. He seemed to be walking on his toes the entire match almost like he was injured. This wasn't built to be exciting because it was announced before the event began just so they could have enough matches. We all were expecting Hardy to retain, but Benjamin moves out of the way from his signature legdrop off the top. Benjamin retaliates by hitting the paydirt to claim the United States Championship. Average, yet sort of dull match that could have been better.

Match 3: Mark Henry (c) vs Tommy Dreamer for the ECW Championship - I really like Tommy Dreamer, but hate to see him used as a jobber like he currently is. Everyone expected Henry to retain because he just won the title a month before. This was a dull, lousy match with no entertainment involved. Dreamer begins to get the upper hand, but Colin Delaney all of a sudden jumps ships and turns on Dreamer. Henry ends up picking up on were Delaney left off and hits his World's Strongest Slam for the win. Nobody cares about Colin's heel turn, nobody cared about him in first place.

Match 4: Chris Jericho vs Shawn Michaels - This really was the first excellent match of the night. Michaels sold the injury well in this one. He kept favoring his eye, but still fought back at the right time. Jericho busts Michaels open after nailing him repeatedly in the eye. In the end the referee stops the match and hands Chris Jericho the win. With this win Jericho seems thrilled, but continues to pummel Michaels. A great match once again from both men. I enjoyed this out of all the previous matches.

Match 5: Michelle McCool vs Natalya to crown the first Diva's Champion - SmackDown has a Diva division no better than Raw does. These two pulled a stiff womens match that just could have been done on a SmackDown instead of a pay per view. McCool beats Natalya to be crowned the first champion. Jericho comes out while McCool celebrates just to inform us that Shawn Michaels will never wrestle again (yeah right).

Match 6: CM Punk (c) vs Batista for the World Heavyweight Championship - These two didn't get the right amount of time to really build up the excitement for their battle at the Bash. They carried a decent, but not memorable match at best. They both give a great battle for the title, but in the end Kane attacks both men resulting the match in a no contest. Kane keeps asking us 'Is he dead or is he alive'. Punk still is champion after a nice match.

Match 7: John Cena vs JBL in a New York City Parking Lot Brawl - A fantastic hardcore battle. Cena and JBL do some things that make your jaw drop. After scoring two wins at Judgment Day and One Night Stand Cena finally drops to JBL in this memorable match when JBL slams him onto the hood of a car for the pinfall.

Match 8: Triple H (c) vs Edge for the WWE Championship - Both of these men didn't begin to feud until the last week before this show. Triple H gets under Edge's skin and makes his wife Vickie Guerrero resent him. These two have an epic battle for the WWE Championship. One of the better matches of the night. Triple H really uses the cheating against Edge, when his wedding planner and his wife both interrupt causing Tripe H to retain.
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Awesome WWE PPV
kyle-mcdonald4 December 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Well all I have to say about the great American bash is that it was awesome Because every match was great not a thing that was out of place everything was excellent, The only match that was not good was the divas match but they were hot so that is good. The best match was HHH vs. Edge and The CM Punk vs. Batista was also great. So make sure that you see WWE the great American bash because it is awesome.

Match Ratings:

(WWE Tag) Hawkins & Ryder vs. Miz & Morrison vs. Jesse & festus vs. Finlay & Hornswoggle **** out of *****

(US Championship) Matt Hardy vs. Shelton Bejamin ****1/2 out of *****

(ECW Championship) Mark Henry vs. Dreamer **** out of *****

Y2J vs. Shawn Michaels ***** out of *****

(Divas Championship) McCool vs. Natalya ** out of *****

(World HeavyWeight Title) CM Punk Vs. Batista ***** out of *****

JBL vs. Cena ****1/2 out of *****

(WWE Championship) HHH vs. Edge ***** out of *****

Match Results:

Hawkins & Ryder Defeated Miz & Morrison, Jesse & Festus, Finlay & Hornswoggle (WWE Tag)

Shelton Benjamin Defeated Matt hardy (US Championship)

Mark Henry Defeated Tommy dreamer (ECW Championship)

Y2J Defeated Shawn Michaels

McCool Defeated Natalya (Divas Championship)

CM Punk Fought Batista to a Double DQ (World HeavyWeight Title)

JBL Defeated Cena

HHH Defeated Edge (WWE Championship)

Overall Rating: ********* out of **********

****1/2 out of *****
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