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Some context may be welcome
A_Different_Drummer16 September 2022
Back when dinosaurs roamed (before the internet), every drug store and pharmacy on the planet offered patrons rows and rows of things called "pocketbooks" which people used to "read" (before streaming media and DVDs). In that specific setting, several bestselling authors stood out because of the multiple books featuring their name. One of those standout authors was Gregory MacDonald (no longer with us) and his fictional character was named Fletch. People loved Fletch not only because he was a cool (often unwilling) detective, but because the style of writing was incredibly concise and different. Short sentences. Things happened quickly. Dialog was briief. Narrative deboned with the fat removed. You get the picture. When the first series of Fletch films was made in 1985, Hollywood cast SNL icon Chevy Chase. He was good in the role. Hell, he was awesome. So here we are in the 2020s when, it seems, everything is being remade except your Aunt Bessie's peach cobbler. (And they are working on that.) Older viewers will inevitably compare Hamm to Chase, and possibly find fault. Younger viewers will be OK with this less edgy, more laid back version of Fletch. But then again they really have nothing to compare him to. ((Designated "IMDb Top Reviewer." Please check out my list "167+ Nearly-Perfect Movies (with the occasional Anime or TV miniseries) you can/should see again and again (1932 to the present))
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There's a new Fletch in town.
DarkVulcan2918 September 2022
I was uncertain about Jon Hamm taking over the role made famous by Chevy Chase, not sure he could pull off the funny sarcastic charm the way Chase pulled it off. But after seeing the movie I gotta say Hamm really knocked it out the park, now he is no Chevy Chase, but does play the part in his own funny way.

The film has a fun little mystery that keeps you invested. And there are other characters that Fletch joyfully plays off of. It's well directed by Greg Mottola (Superbad, Adventureland). Now is it anywhere near a classic like the original Fletch (1985), not quite. But still a fun film, that does not take itself seriously.
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Confess, Fletch features a solid performance by Jon Hamm as the titular comic sleuth and maintains the character's core appeal.
IonicBreezeMachine18 September 2022
Freelance reporter Irwin "Fletch" Fletcher (Jon Hamm) is in Boston investigating stolen artwork for his friend Angela (Lorena Izzo) the daughter of an Italian count who's been kidnapped with the kidnappers demanding the artworks as ransom. Upon his arrival in Boston, Fletch discovers his townhouse rented on his behalf has been the site of a murder which detectives Monroe (Roy Wood Jr.) and Griz (Ayden Mayeri) are all too eager to believe Fletch is the perp despite him calling the police in the first place. Unphased by the possibility of taking the fall for a frame-up, Fletch travels around Boston interacting with various quirky characters and using his unconventional investigative skills to find the artwork and the true killer.

Confess, Fletch is an adaptation of the second in the Fletch series of books written by author Gregory Mcdonald that had previously been adapted with Chevy Chase with an adaptation of the first book in 1985's Fletch, and a wholly original story with Chase reprising his role in Fletch Lives in 1989. In the time since the release of Fletch Lives, there've been attempts at reinvigorating the comic mystery series with various creative teams and stars including Jason Lee, Zach Braff, and Jason Sudeikis, until eventually Mad Men star Jon Hamm landed the role with Superbad and Paul director Greg Mottola writing and directing with the two having previously collaborated on Keeping Up with the Joneses. The end resulted is a nicely entertaining piece of comic mystery fare that maintains the core appeal of the earlier incarnations while still putting its own spin on it.

Jon Hamm is really solid playing the titular Fletch and his laid back slightly sardonic attitude is captured by the pitch perfect timing of Hamm's performance and Greg Mottola's direction who keeps the gags and exchanges quick and rapid fire with the various quirky characters we meet established and utilized without letting them run rampant with line-o-rama or unstructured improvision. Actors such as Marcia Gay Harden, Kyle MacLachlan, and fellow Mad Men alum John Slattery show up to put their own stamp on these character and the exchanges are quite amusing particularly a running gag with Harden's countess where she keeps giving mixed signals as to her intentions when she invites herself to Fletch's borrowed townhouse.

Confess, Fletch is a welcome bit of light hearted escapism and the only downside is the fact that Paramount seems to not have any faith in this film dumping it as a day and date release before premiering it on Showtime later this October. In prior years this is the kind of smaller film that would've come out in late August or early September and been a modest adult skewing theatrical performer, but in this climate where theatrical audiences are more skewed towards "event" and "tentpole" releases meaning smaller films like this are relegated to streaming. Hopefully enough people discover the movie because it's a solid addition to the series. I'm not sure I like it as much as Fletch, but I definitely like it more than Fletch Lives.
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This felt more like a made for TV Lifetime or Hallmark murder mystery.
Top_Dawg_Critic7 October 2022
After the first 15 mins, I lost interest and started getting really impatient and bored. It felt like my wife was forcing me to sit through one of those cheesy Aurora Teagarden mysteries - only this was more inept and boring. It was poorly written and directed, and way too long and dragged out within its convoluted narrative to maintain any interest in the slowly paced albeit normally comfortable 98 min runtime. The humor was stale and not funny at all, the dialogue mostly cheesy and cringeworthy, and even the casting and performances felt called in. Maybe if this had been cut down to a one hour TV-show length run time, I may have enjoyed it. But this was just too bland and messy to sit through the entire runtime. As is says in the film's trailer, There's only one Fletch, and this isn't it.
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The odd chuckle but ultimately disappointing
BongoJustice20 September 2022
I'm a huge fan of Fletch and also of Jon Hamm but this movie doesn't really work. The writers have made a grave error by making most of the supporting cast quirky weirdoes with funny dialogue but this is the wrong way round - the reason the first two movies worked is that FLETCH is that guy and most everyone else is the straight man.

Here, Fletch is just kind of sleepy as he goes from scene to scene (don't look for a plot, there isn't one) being upstaged by other characters - again, literally the opposite of what makes these movies work. Hamm does have comic timing but is just too damn handsome to believe. Re-casting the role is basically impossible but while I get that Hamm would probably have looked silly in the scruffy gear that Chase wore, he's nonetheless just too stylish.

I was interested to read that the third Fletch movie was at one time going to star Jason Lee and be directed by Kevin Smith - I'd imagine that would have been a far better - and funnier - take on the character.
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The droll murder mystery we all deserve
cliftonofun16 October 2022
I may not have read any of the Fletch novels, but I watched the original Fletch movie enough as a teenager that I spent most of my college years quoting it. (Yes, I was the irritating roommate who insisted people watch Fletch with me and then laughed just before every punchline). So what did I think about this long overdue reboot? I laughed just as much when I didn't know which punchlines were coming! Hamm nailed it. The cast nailed it. This was the droll murder mystery comedy that I have been waiting for. They captured the vibe of the original without remaking or imitating anything. Every beat felt familiar and original all at once. If every comedy found this kind of pleasant plot-driven and not-trying-too-hard groove, the world would be a better place. How often do VOD movies get sequels?
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Good fun
ben-mckimm23 September 2022
I really enjoyed this. I've seen the first 2 movies and was prepared for a Chevy Chase replication, but not as good. Jon Hamm somehow managed to keep the character familiar but also completely make it his own. I'm not a huge fan of the original (seen them a couple of times and and liked them but have no strong emotions for them) so I had few expectations but it's clever, it's funny, it doesn't outstays it's welcome and it doesn't try too hard.

It's boardering on being forgettable but that's not a terrible thing. Not every film has to burn itself into your memory and this film does exactly what it should. It entertains for its life cycle.

Really enjoyable and easy to watch.
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I Loathe Sequels/Prequels/Spinoffs/Reduxes/Reimaginings/Remakes
genious-3541316 September 2022
I was dead set against seeing this - not because I hold the original in such high regard. I'm indifferent to it. It was fine at the time but re-watching it a couple of years ago, it just didn't hold up for me. And with all of the great movies to re-watch over and over again (Goodfellas, Heat, anything Tarantino), why would I bother watching this? Well, to begin with: Greg Mottola. And then the cast. And I have to say, this movie didn't disappoint - as cynical as I was. It kept the spirit of Fletch, and the book, but exceeded what I thought I'd get. It's not at all a throwaway comedy - I will probably rewatch this again sooner rather than later. I could yammer on even more but what's the point - it was a good movie and worth watching. So just watch it.
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Hamm Is Great But It Feels Like First 30mins Of Movie are Missing
sumtim3s00n21 September 2022
Overall I quite like the film, Hamm is charismatic and each character has their own recognition and own their role very well. There are fun banters and lots of chamistry between characters to go around.

However I did not like as much the feeling that youre thrown into the middle of the movie in a way,like your ought to know Fletch and his ways. He is already this very defined character with his quirks and ways. Either this shouldve beeen a sequel or there shouldve been a longer introduction because for someone who hasnt read the books it is a bit weird.

Also the story is not bad and feels like one out of the classic movies where it was interesting witty twists and turns that propelled the films not action and explosions. However the story is a bit too convoluted and confusing, with too many turns a bit forced.

All in all, above average and pretty good entertainment but far from excellent. Still I wish theyd make more of these kind of films, fun dialogues, entertaining characters, good stor.
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Hamm pulls it off
yooniverse20 September 2022
I really didn't think Jon Hamm could pull off the role, but does a more than serviceable job here. He captures the spirit of Fletch, although the story doesn't seem to rely on the use the various silly disguises, fast talking, and funny aliases that the original used. Nevertheless, there's enough there to make you believe he's the same Fletch. I sort of liked the fact that Hamm didn't try too hard to make the character his own.

The screenplay could have been a bit more interesting, but still made for a good light-hearted entertainment that'll put a smile on your face as you watch it. I hope this becomes a modest success at the very least to justify another installment.
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Not bad at all.
subxerogravity19 September 2022
So, I'm somewhat familiar with the Fletch movies from the 80s starring Chevy Chase, which I saw before discovering the movies are based on a series of books and OfCourse like most book adaptions, those movies are not true to the source material (what a shocker)

Not sure if this new one starring Jon Hamm is true to the source material or marketed to be. What I saw was not that different from the Chevy Chase films. The big exception was while Hamm's Erwin Flecther used a bunch of fake names to investigate a murder, he's being accused of doing, by a cop brilliantly played by comedian Roy Wood Jr. Who natural looks like the Roger Murtaugh type, Chase's Fletch went a step further by becoming the names he made up as somewhat of a master of disguise in a series of segments in the movie that could pass as Saturday Night Live sketches.

With all that said i can't say either versions are better or worse than the other. All I can say is that both versions are great in their own right, but if you enjoyed the Chevy Chase version, you'll love the Jon Hamm version (unless you are not a fan of the Mad Men star). They both seem to do a good job at making Fletch charming.
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Not even a bit funny. Not mysterious. Not suspenseful. Nada. Nothing.
imseeg19 September 2022
There are comedies and WANNABE comedies. This is (you guessed it!) a wannabe comedy, which simply faills to become even a bit funny.

You know those kind of movies wherein the jokes are in your face, without any subtlety or believability. This is such a movie, wherein the jokes are just too obviously planted in front of me: THIS is a joke. THAT is a joke. Plain and boring.

More bad: the leading character's role is not credible at all. AT ALL. Even if there werent any laughs at least the acting could have been good. BUT it isnt. Bummer.

Not any good then? I cant imagine anyone wanting to have a laugh wanting to see this. But perhaps it is suited for a niche crowd of whodunnit detective fans, those folks might like this, because it all evolves around the plot, which isnt good either, but alas there is a plot to be unfolded that could be of some interest for the folks who love this sort of detective genre...
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Don't expect a Chevy Chase comedy here...
paul_haakonsen16 September 2022
When I sat down to watch the 2022 movie "Confess, Fletch", I must admit that I was expecting it to be a follow-up to the 1985 "Fletch" and the 1989 "Fletch Lives" movies. However, as I perused the Trivia section here on IMDb, I figured out that the movie was not that, but instead about the investigator reporter based on the books by Gregory McDonald. Sure, I was a little bit disappointed about that, plus also disappointed that I wouldn't get to see Chevy Chase return to the role.

If I hadn't read this Trivia section, then "Confess, Fletch" would have been a very disappointing movie for me, because I would have been expecting a comedy character as portrayed by Chevy Chase. However, if you sit down to watch "Confess, Fletch" with the mindset of it being a non-comedy, then it is actually a fair enough movie.

The story, as written by Zev Borow and Greg Mottola, was adequate enough. I am not overly keen on pseudo-crime movies, so it wasn't a movie that brought a whole lot of entertainment about for me. Sure, it was watchable enough for what it was. However, I doubt that I will ever return to watch "Confess, Fletch" a second time.

The cast ensemble in "Confess, Fletch" was good, with the likes of Jon Hamm, Kyle MacLachlan, John Slattery and others on the cast list. Good performances on the screen definitely helped bring the characters to life in a good way.

My rating of director Greg Mottola's 2022 crime comedy "Confess, Fletch" lands on a five out of ten stars.
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a very entertaining ...
ops-5253516 September 2022
Remake on the name fletch that used to belong to chevy chase once upon a time, and the speedy plot , deep secluded humour, and a fantastic binging of jon hamms good old friends, and jon hamms great talent for this kind of crime com edy is just perfect.

Budgetwise it cant have cost much to make this little trivial busquit called ''confess,fletch'' a neomodern edition of sherlock holmes in the american crimeworld that is. So i hope they dare to mae a few more features like this, ms marple of agathae cristie do also have some resemblance to fletch believe it or not and now i can stop, cause the grumpy old man have passed the 650 word limitation for review writing, so now ive done that for you, and that leaves you to make the choice wether or not to see the film. Its a recommend from me anyway.
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Face Palm, Fletch
keikoyoshikawa26 September 2022
I like Jon Hamm as an actor. But I do not like Jon Hamm as Fletch. Honestly, it looks like he's bored for most of the movie and was just phoning it in.

As a third and a revival of the Fletch movies and character, "Confess, Fletch" fails to understand what made the first two films with Chevy Chase worked (though arguably the first movie was much better than the second).

Chevy Chase's a--hole but endearing investigative reporter contrasting and interacting with "normal" people not in on the joke was a big part of why Fletch and Fletch Lives worked. Jon Hamm's Fletch, however, has others playing up their quirks, resulting in Fletch coming off as the most normal person in the movie. That does not work.

The conceit that sees Jon Hamm's Fletch involved in the movie's plot also does not work. In the two previous films, Fletch finds himself involved by chance, and then uses his fundamental decency to ensure the comeuppance of the bad guys. That's not how this version of Fletch plays out, which makes you realize that the titular character is now a very different person.

And unfortunately also much less interesting as a result. Really, there wasn't a good reason to have another Fletch movie, especially without Chevy Chase. No disrespect to Jon Hamm - he just needed a better movie/script to showcase his talent.
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Bland film with flat direction and lead
chris-h-319 September 2022
You get the impression from very the first scene that the dialogue is supposed to zing back and forth, but there is no rhythm to the scene or the performances and it all just falls flat.

It feels like everyone is making a first read through of the script rather than a performance. This is pretty much how the whole film feels. The direction and editing just give no 'go' to the film and so it plods along like a dull police procedural. I was surprised when I looked at imdb that this wasn't the directors first film - it feels like it was made by someone who hasn't found his feet.

I saw the first Fletch film way back when and while I was never a massive Chevy Chase fan he clearly brought a lot to the role. Jon Hamm meanwhile just doesn't give off any charm or energy at all in any of the scenes and so it makes no sense how people react to him. He feels a bit old for the role too compared to the rest of the cast, as far as it goes.

The locations and lighting are great throughout, the cinematography is fine at times, at other it feels a bit bland too.

Overall I just found nothing really entertaining in the film. Its not a comedy, its has no drama and theres no chemistry between any of the actors.
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The gags were trite, old, and sadly lacking any spark of humour or originality.
lenwenzellw17 September 2022
While watching the film I was thinking to myself that non of the humour was working. The gags were trite, old, and sadly lacking any spark of humour or originality. The only original bit was Fletch's compulsive baring of his feet, and obnoxiously inflicting said feet at the drop of a shoe. The plot was boring, and the villain came off as slightly repulsive, without even a hint of menace. Only due to wanting to see the entire film to review it was I able to stay in my seat while being thoroughly UN-entertained. Otherwise, I would have walked out, and asked for a refund. Save your money, and watch Chevy Chase's take on the Fletch character for an original, and weirdly funny film with lots of classic slapstick.
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Fletch the silly boring
karinahatem2 October 2022
Goodness me, this is an insult to Chevy Chase's movies. The movie was silly and boring, with very poor performance from everyone. Jon Hamm, besides not being funny, he was also annoying as well, and so did rest of the characters. He did a terrible job playing this role.. As the movie itself, story no original, and it was so predictable. If they are planning mother movie, they better get another funny actor, get a better writer and assign a better director. Hollywood has lost it is touch in making a funny movie some long time go. And for the love of God, showing Jon's half naked, isn't going to make the movie any better.
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Very good sit down movie
yodaman-6909218 September 2022
I was not sure what to expect having never seen either the Chevy movies or read the books but I can honestly say I really enjoyed this film. The comedy is funny and not always do in your face. The writing is pretty good. The soundtrack is phenomenal( especially in theaters) the direction reminds me of a classic Peter Sellers movie. It felt cool but also didn't feel too serious. I work in a movie theater so I'm always up for something different and this is different than anything I've seen this year. Not a must watch but a fun one for sure. Go into it with no expectations and you'll come out with a pretty decent cinema experience Or wait to watch it at home.
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Funny script, Need more promotion...
actaction19 September 2022
Funny script, needed more promotion... as it was a well made film with real potential for bringing audiences into the movie theater, but alas studios don't seem to want to get comedies off the ground. Comedy films need solid quality content and aggressive promotion. Jon Hamm is great in the lead and I hope this picks up popularity on video so another sequel with Hamm can be made. Criticism here is I wish Fletch had actually solved the case, but his cleverness was clearly displayed. The cop characters were fun and the mystery had enough going for it to make the whodoneit fun. Nicely done film that took the simple concept and did a lot with it. Comic timing from actors/filmmakers and clever script was most impressive.
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Not Chevy Chase but Jon Hamm this time.
deloudelouvain1 October 2022
Fletch (1985) & Fletch Lives (1989) with Chevy Chase are comedies we all remember if you were young in that era, so to see that after so many years there's a new Fletch movie is kinda an hommage to the character. That said Confess Fletch is different, not bad though, just a bit different. No Chevy Chase anymore but Jon Hamm that in all fairness is enjoyable to watch. Certain other characters (not to mention the supposedly Italian characters) were a bit annoying. I can't help it but when a foreign accent isn't done right I find it cringeworthy and in this case it just sounded bad. But for the rest the acting was decent. Funny passages, not hilarious but entertaining, and a story pleasant to follow. Just don't expect a Chevy Chase comedy.
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B_Truth18 September 2022
I'm a fan of the actor. But he's so completely out of his depth in the role. Shows zero of his charisma and it's just a boring movie that tries way too hard.

A complete miss and I struggled to even get through it as much as writing more about it to meet the character requirements of posting this review.

Characters I didn't care about. Poor plot. Bad direction.

Damn it another 218 characters still left to be able to post this.

It's boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring

113 left.

Boring Boring boring Boring Boring Boring

54 left.

Wouldnt watch it again if i was stuck on a flight. Boring.
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All these excuses it's not meant to be a comedy, not in the same vein, whatever. Not an 8, maybe a 2 as far as Fletch goes.
rjfromtoronto18 September 2022
There's 9 reviews so far, and what I find hilarious right from the start is how many people have seen the originals, say it isn't the best and give ot a higher rating than the original which was witty, hilarious and bust your gut laughing, yes there were serious parts as well in 1 and 2, which is what some folks on here so far are calling this rendition a pseudo detective movie not a comedy. It's trying to be a comedy, don't know how anybody missed it, wonder if these reviewers actually really watched them and read the book like they say.

This is trying to be Fletch, trying to be funny, that's what I see from the mannerisms, dialog and way they act, they thought they nailed Chevys charm and insoucant attitude. Fail, it's a failed redo with a new story, funny but not funny, if it didn't have Fletch in the title none of us would have watched it be honest.

And for the people saying the originals weren't that great? Try being 18 and seeing them in the theater back in 85 and 9, whole different ballgame sorry, the soundtrack was tight, characters were tight and well played, have no clue how this is rated higher than both with lackluster comments and high review numbers, 8 out of 10 and mediocre? And one guy says he is an elite reviewer? I'm a nobody who likes movies, not fancy but I collect everything and live for the classics, Summer Rental, Uncle Buck, Planes Trains, Fast Times, Easy Money, Blues Bros, Heaven Can Wait, Super Bad, Grandmas Boy, etc etc and watch everything no matter the budget, this is Netflix or Hulu at best and right up there with Birdbox as a future classic (sarcastic and kidding), maybe Hamm should have put on some Levis, told a few ball bearing and maybe sang Zippity Do Da a bit and realize Fletch was as serious as it was funny and it might have been less of a " its not trying to be like the others" movie and been one.
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Movie was ok, until the end
prjctrdwlv16 October 2022
I normally don't watch movies where they use a different character for the role of someone who made the role great, but I thought I would give this a chance. It was funny and had a decent story, but the new actor couldn't fill Chevy Chases shoes if he got lessons from Chase himself.

What ruined it for me was that it got political at the end. The police inspector was at the country club with Fletch and he said "You are lucky, Fletch. You walk around here like you belong and no one notices. Me, they wouldn't even let me in a place like this." He said this "oh poor, poor me" line because he was black. A police inspector complaining that they wouldn't allow him in a country club, making the line political and about a race issue. Strike one.

Then, not a minute later, the inspector's partner, a woman detective, says this to Fletch "Enjoy your white privilege, Fletch." Oooook? And strike 2. This from a female detective who is seemingly white herself, but from that statement make it seems like she is perhaps some other race.

Ok. So that was enough for me to give this movie a 1 star rating, which I initially was going to give about a 7. But you bring politics into a movie and make it about race where there was absolutely NO ISSUE with race and then mention white privilege or any other fantasy that the left likes to dream up to pander to certain communities, then you lose all credibility and your high rating. I was going to purchase this movie and add it to my Fletch library, but because of those glaring political moves, they will not be getting any money from me.
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Good fun
falangsabai20 September 2022
I enjoyed this movie very much. I really did like the original Fletch movies with the great Chevy Chase. Chase brought a unique quirkiness to the character. John Ham has is own unique quirkiness that translates well to this role. The producers respected the back story, and I did not find it difficult to accept this Fletch as the older Fletch. It's basically a murder mystery with very interesting characters, and a few twists and turns Not life changing, but fun. I would most definitely want to see this again, so I've added it to my "keeper" movie collection. I hope that they make a sequel or two. Enjoy!
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