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MPAA Rated R for strong bloody horror violence, sexual content, nudity and language

Sex & Nudity

  • A young woman is shown flashing her bare breast multiple at a video camera.
  • A fully nude woman is shown lying on a bed. We see her bare butt, she then turns around and we see her bare breast for a extended period of time.
  • A woman takes her shirt off to reveal her bare breast to a man.
  • We see a couple having sex doggy style, strong thrusting and heavy moaning from both of them. Her bare breast are seen.

Violence & Gore

  • If a scene is in blue , it has no blood or gore. If a scene is in green , it is mildly graphic and slightly bloody. If it is in red , it is very graphic, very bloody and/or very gory. All scenes are in order from beginning to end of the film.
    • A man has his intestines torn out and tries to escape, but is pulled back by his intestines. He is strangled with them then decapitated, very bloody and disturbing.
    • A man has his head sliced in half by a hatchet. Blood fountains from inside his head and sprays everywhere
    • A man has his jaw torn off by the killer. Skin sticks to the bone and tearing is heard. Blood sprays everywhere.
    • A man has his face sliced off with a hatchet. His face is seen sliding off and the blood and bone can be seen underneath before his body falls over.
    • A man is stabbed in the throat by the killer with a large pole. Blood spurts from the wound and the pole can be seen exiting his throat
    • A man is hit in the face 30 times with a hatchet. Blood pours out of his mouth and splatters everywhere as he is beaten. His head is eventually crushed in. Very graphic, bloody, gory and disturbing.
    • A man is grabbed and thrown into water. He thrashes about as his face is shoved into a boat propeller and is mangled up. Blood drifts through the water. His head is lifted out of the water and we see his mangled up head completely carved out by the propeller. Graphic, bloody and disturbing.
    • A man's head is completely cut off when having sex. The bloody stump is visible as blood squirts out everywhere. A woman sees this and screams as she is stabbed in the vagina with a hatchet. She is then stabbed in the back and blood pours from the wound. The hatchet is torn out of her back and blood is seen splattering on a tree. Graphic, bloody, gory and disturbing.
    • The killer uses a very large chainsaw to cut two men in half from the crotch upward. They are seen screaming in pain as blood sprays and splatters everywhere. Their intestines are seen falling to the ground. One man's testicles can be seen briefly but they are bloody and hard to make out. This is the most graphic and most intense scene of the film.
    • A man is thrown out of a closet door. He is stabbed in the back with a hatchet and thrown against a wall. The killer grabs a belt sander and begins sanding the back of his head off. A ridiculous amount of blood sprays out from under the sander. It sprays all over the walls and down his body. His hands are seen shaking violently as he screams in pain. When the killer removes the sander the man's brain is visible. The killer smashes the man in the head with the sander and brain matter flies everywhere. This is the bloodiest, goriest and most disturbing scene of the film.
    • A man looks at his hand and it is covered in blood.
    • A man has his head placed against a wooden table and is kicked by the killer. He is decapitated by the killer and his head slides across the table leaving a bloody trail. His body falls to the ground squirting blood out and the bloody stump is visible. The man's still-living head blinks a few times and this may frighten some viewers.
    • A man fights the killer, shaking an entire building back and forth violently while we hear them fight. Blood then begins splattering out a broken window everywhere and out of other holes in the wall. This is very bloody.


    • This film is FILLED with profanity. Fuck is used numerous times as well as other profane words.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

    • There is smoking in this film.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

    • The killings are VERY graphic and disturbing.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • A woman gouges the killer's eye out with her thumb and some blood is shown but the killer falls over the side of the boat before anything graphic is shown.
    • A man is slowly cut in half by the killer with a hatchet. His waist is seen slowly being cut open and the killer drops his severed legs to the ground. The killer grabs the man's still living upper half and tears him out of his skin. This is bloody and gory
    • A woman hits the killer in the face 17 times with a hatchet. His face is seen being smashed open while she hits him. Blood pours vigorously from his face as blood sprays into the air everywhere. The woman screams as she hits him in the face a final time and his head caves in. This is very, very graphic, very bloody, and very gory.
    • A woman shoots the killer in the face with a shotgun, his brain matter is seen briefly splattering everywhere but the film cuts to the credits before anything overly graphic is seen. It is still very bloody and gory.

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