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Superhero Bits: Behind the Scenes of Captain Marvel, Venom Symbiotes & More

Could Disney’s streaming service kill off Agents of Shield? How many views did the Captain Marvel trailer get in its first 24 hours? Why do the symbiotes in Venom come to Earth? What would it take for Ryan Gosling to play Batman? What does Ruben Fleischer think of Venom operating on his own without Spider-Man around? […]

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Tom Rothman Inks Multi-Year Contract Extension As Sony Motion Picture Group Chairman

  • Deadline
Tom Rothman Inks Multi-Year Contract Extension As Sony Motion Picture Group Chairman
Tom Rothman, who oversees all of Sony Pictures’ motion picture operations worldwide including Columbia Pictures, TriStar Pictures, Screen Gems, Sony Pictures Animation, Sony Pictures Classics and Sony Pictures Imageworks, has recently seen his contract re-upped in a multi-year deal.

Rothman came to the Culver City lot via 20th Century Fox in late 2013, where he served as the chairman of TriStar Pictures. In February 2015 he was named to his current role of chairman of Sony Pictures Entertainment Motion Picture Group.

His contract renewal is well-deserved: He’s turned around the studio, with last year’s slate posting the highest ultimate profits in more than a decade. Rothman has continually been known as a studio boss who takes big risks on the screen at reasonable costs. During his tenure, he led his production, marketing and distribution teams to make Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, the studio’s highest-grossing movie in Columbia Pictures’ 100-year history.
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New Marvel Christmas Sweaters Are as Comfortable as They Are Ugly

Merchoid has the new and exclusive Marvel Christmas sweaters that promise to be as comfortable as they are colorful and ugly. The company boasts that they are also fully licensed, meaning that you don't have to feel guilty about purchasing them. Marvel Studios and Disney will be getting more of your money, so don't worry! If you're reading this, then you're one of the lucky remaining half of the population, which means that you can buy one of these ugly Christmas sweaters.

First up is the Spider-Man pair of sweaters. The 'Tis The Season To Be Spidey Sweater is for Marvel fans who are into the edgier movie stylings of Peter Parker. The second design flaunts a a more classic web crawler look, which is called the Swingin' Through The Snow Sweater. Both designs are obviously designed with Christmas goodies including reindeer and snowflakes, keeping that ugly Christmas sweater party alive and well this year.
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Venom’s VFX supervisor reveals the origin of symbiotes in the film

Paul Franklin, the VFX supervisor for Venom, has gone into detail about the film’s new origin story for symbiotes.

There’s plenty of the unknown when it comes to the upcoming Venom movie, especially as it’s a film that doesn’t involve the title character’s arch nemesis Spider-Man. Another is just how the film will present the existence of symbiotes, the specimen that uses Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock as a host.

Well, explaining all to IGN, Paul Franklin, the VFX supervisor on the film, said: “We see, at the beginning of the film, the moment when the symbiotes are collected up by a Life Foundation space probe, which finds them on a comet drifting through space, approaching Earth. And the space probe is out there looking for signs of life, and they can’t believe their luck. There’s life signals everywhere, all across this asteroid.
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Venom Director Explains How The Character Can Thrive Without Spider-Man

For many a superhero fan, Venom is a character whose existence and origins are inherently linked with his old foe Spider-Man, putting some pressure on director Ruben Fleischer’s upcoming film to convince viewers that Eddie Brock and his symbiote alter ego can thrive on their own terms.

Fortunately, Fleischer has seemed consistently optimistic that Venom doesn’t need to be sharing the screen with his most famous enemy in order to be an interesting and entertaining character in his own right. Speaking to Fandango, the Zombieland helmsman recently assured us that the complex relationship between the murderous antihero and himself will be quite enough for one movie.

Venom is a standalone character who has so much attitude, menace and ferocity. He’s also really funny in the comics and in our movie. He’s a really compelling guy that can completely stand on his own. When he’s played by Tom Hardy,
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The History of Bad Ideas – Episode 246: I Like Your Wife’s Chili!

Emanating from their studio in Cincinnati, Ohio, The History of Bad Ideas sees hosts Jason, Jeff and Blake talk about all things geeky on their podcast. Whether it’s rumours of the latest comic book movies, debating who really is the worst villain of all time, discussing the latest comic issues or just wondering about life in general, you are sure to have a fun time with them! In theory.

If you haven’t listened to the show before – why not? – you can check out previous episodes of The History of Bad Ideas podcast on iTunes and look out for new episodes here on Nerdly each and every week…

Episode 246: I Like Your Wife’s Chili!

The Hobi Gang is at the Cincinnati Comic Expo and nothing will be the same again! The guys are talking the latest rumors of the Venom movie, the relevance of award shows, what
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‘Venom’ Featurette Highlights Tom Hardy’s Transformation Into a Head-Eating Monster

‘Venom’ Featurette Highlights Tom Hardy’s Transformation Into a Head-Eating Monster
Venom will chomp his way into theaters next month, giving Tom Hardy the chance to do yet another weird voice. While Hardy is covered in CGI goo while playing Venom, there’s a surprising amount of practical effects work in the film as well. If you don’t believe that, check out the Venom featurette below, showcasing Hardy’s […]

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Venom battles Riot in new featurette

A new featurette has arrived online for Sony Pictures Spider-Man spinoff movie Venom which includes interviews with director Ruben Fleischer, and stars Riz Ahmed and Michelle Williams, and also gives us a peek at the battle between the Venom and Riot symbiotes; check it out here…

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One of Marvel’s most enigmatic, complex and badass characters comes to the big screen, starring Academy Award nominated actor Tom Hardy as the lethal protector Venom.

Directed by Ruben Fleischer (Zombieland), Venom is set for release on October 5th 2018 and features a cast that includes Tom Hardy, Riz Ahmed, Michelle Williams, Woody Harrelson, Jenny Slate, Reid Scott, Scott Haze, Sope Aluko and Ron Cephas Jones.

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New Venom Featurette Teases An Epic Symbiote Smackdown

The symbiotes are on the loose… well, two of them, anyway.

We are, of course, referring to Venom and Riot, the alien parasites who can be seen duking it out in today’s newly-released featurette. It includes footage of director Ruben Fleischer outlining the raw, tour-de-force performance from Tom Hardy, and how Eddie Brock is able to fuse with the alien symbiote to become Venom, a being so strong and powerful he’s able to tear off a man’s head using only his teeth. Yikes.

He’ll also discover the person he truly is, after he’s sent to investigate the Life Foundation and its bizarre human experiments. Behind all this is Carlton Drake (Riz Ahmed) pulling the strings, though it seems Venom‘s antagonist struggles to nail that elusive work-life balance, ultimately transforming into the monstrous Riot – bulging arms and all.

Three New Action Shots For Venom Find
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‘R’ or No ‘R,’ ‘Venom’ Was Always Going to Be Terrible

It’s been a hard week for fans of the big screen superhero genre. Henry Cavill, the Dceu’s picture-perfect Superman, was fired from the blockbuster mega-franchise in lieu of extending his existing contract. Warner Bros officially started filming the first of their three(?) non-canonical Joker solo movies – this one starring Joaquin Phoenix – confirming beyond a shadow of a doubt that they really don’t have any idea what the Hell it is that they’re doing and that any potential upswing in movie quality will be short-lived aberrations. And the long-rumored changes to

‘R’ or No ‘R,’ ‘Venom’ Was Always Going to Be Terrible
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Venom Soundtrack Score Reveals an Unexpected Ally, Who Is It?

Ludwig Goransson's Venom score doesn't come out until October 5th, but the tracklist has been revealed ahead of the street date and it teases that we'll see an "Unexpected Ally" when the movie hits theaters. As for who, or what, that ally will be, is anyone's guess at the moment, but the alliance appears to happen towards the end of the film. As for the beginning of the movie, it seems that Venom will show how the symbiote makes its way to Earth from space.

The track on the Venom score is entitled "Unexpected Ally" and could very well point to the relationship between the Venom symbiote and Eddie Brock, but the promotional material for the movie makes it seem like they come to an agreement fairly early on in the film. It is believed that the majority of the footage from the trailers and TV spots comes from the first act of the movie.
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The Silent Spider: Tom Hardy’s ‘Venom’ Acting Challenge

When actors sign on to play a superhero, it’s often a “double your pleasure, double your fun” experience. After all, not only do they get to play the superhero, but also the character’s alter ego. For Tom Hardy, getting the lead in Venom was, indeed, such an experience, but he admits it was a little [...]

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‘The House With a Clock in Its Walls’ Tops Studios’ TV Ad Spending

In this week’s edition of the Variety Movie Commercial Tracker, powered by the TV advertising attention analytics company, Universal Pictures claims the top spot in spending with “The House With a Clock in Its Walls.”

Ads placed for the fantasy film had an estimated media value of $5.81 million through Sunday for 1,315 national ad airings on 46 networks. (Spend figures are based on estimates generated from Sept. 10-16. Estimates may be updated after the chart is posted as new information becomes available.) Universal prioritized spend across networks including NBC, Nick and USA Network, and during specific programming such as NFL Football, SpongeBob SquarePants and Big Brother.

Just behind “The House With a Clock in Its Walls” in second place: Columbia Pictures’ “White Boy Rick,” which saw 847 national ad airings across 35 networks, with an estimated media value of $5.33 million.

TV ad placements for Lionsgate’s “A Simple Favor” (Emv: $4.82 million
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Can ‘House With a Clock in Its Walls’ Become the Fall’s First Family Box Office Hit?

Can ‘House With a Clock in Its Walls’ Become the Fall’s First Family Box Office Hit?
The second half of September will be a slow period for the box office, as studios are expecting that “Venom” and “A Star Is Born” will take up most of the audience interest when they arrive in October. That said, Universal and Amblin are sending in an interesting contender in the form of “The House With a Clock in its Walls,” the first PG-rated film from gory horror director Eli Roth.

Based on John Bellairs 1973 Ya novel of the same name, “Clock” is a film that takes several pages from the classic Amblin dark fantasy films of the 1980s, like “Gremlins” and “The Goonies,” designed to give kids a good scare. Compared to the other Halloween titles that will be on offer next month, the film’s fright factor sits somewhere between the sillier “Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween” and the very much not-for-kids “Halloween” sequel.

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Sources Say Venom’s PG-13 So Sequels Can Crossover With Spider-Man

Despite the upcoming Venom movie seemingly having no connection with Spider-Man, I think it’s best that fans take a chill pill before continuing their incessant complaining. Really, after witnessing one badass trailer after another, I pose the following question: Have you ever stopped to consider that it just might be a good film?

For the longest time, we anticipated that the flick would be granted an R-rating similar to Deadpool and Logan, but some surprise came when the studio confirmed that the Tom Hardy-led picture had been stamped with a PG-13. Then again, many productions since the arrival of Alien vs. Predator have shown us the softer rating doesn’t necessarily mean there’ll be much less in the way of violence.

Now, Fandango managing editor Erik Davis is shedding more light on the situation with the following Tweet:

“Hearing from studio sources the reason is so that
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Venom score tracklisting revealed, teases plot

Along with Eminem’s title track, the official soundtrack for Sony’s Venom movie will include the full musical score by Ludwig Goransson (Black Panther), and the full tracklisting has been revealed, which – if you’ve been paying close attention to the trailers and marketing material – gives us a pretty good indication of how the movie will play out.

1. Space Exploration

2. Symbiotes Arrive

3. First Contact

4. Eddie’s Blues

5. Run, Eddie, Run

6. What’s Wrong With Me

7. Panic at the Bistro

8. Humans… Such Poor Design

9. Self Defense

10. Pedal to the Metal

11. Eyes, Lungs, Pancreas

12. You Want Up?

13. Venom Rampage

14. Annie, I’m Scared

15. Parasite

16. Unexpected Ally

17. Battle on the Launch Pad

18. You Belong With Us

The Venom soundtrack is set for release alongside the movie on October 5th.

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See Also: Venom officially rated PG-13, tracking $65 million – $85 million domestic opening weekend

One of Marvel’s most enigmatic,
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AMC Theatres to Launch ‘A Star Is Born’ Two Days Early at Dolby Cinemas

  • Variety
AMC Theatres is launching “A Star Is Born” two days early for 7 p.m. shows on Oct. 2 at 115 of its Dolby Cinemas.

AMC announced the promotion on Tuesday. The chain said ticket prices vary by location. AMC value programs, including AMC Stubs A-List and $5 ticket Tuesday, may not be used for the event.

Warner Bros. will begin preview showings of the Lady Gaga-Bradley Cooper musical drama on Oct. 4, then go wide with the film on the next day. The soundtrack will also be released on Oct. 5.

The movie received a warm reception at its Venice Film Festival premiere on Aug. 31 and at the Toronto Film Festival. That’s led to “A Star Is Born” becoming one of the awards season’s frontrunners.

A Star Is Born” is the third remake of the 1937 film about an alcoholic musician who falls in love with an up-and-coming singer. It’s also Cooper’s feature directorial debut.
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New Venom Featurette Promises An Edgy And Dark Movie

The Sinister Symbiote is almost upon us, and don’t we know all about it.

Kicking the week off in style, Sony Pictures premiered not one, not two, but three high-res action shots for Venom yesterday, in which Eddie Brock found himself up shit creek without a paddle. And now, to keep the momentum going, the studio’s released a new featurette which finds the cast and crew filling us in on what to expect from the highly anticipated release when it drops into theaters next month.

Among other things, director Ruben Fleischer points out that this isn’t your typical comic book movie and is instead something much darker and more edgy, which will certainly make fans happy to hear. True, the film’s been slapped with a PG-13 rating, but it’s becoming pretty clear that they’re going to push things to the limit – with the possibility
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New Venom Poster Assembles The Cast as Venom Looms Over The Golden Gate Bridge

Hey look! It’s another poster for Venom! This one features Venom looming over the Golden Gate Bridge in San Fransisco and also features Tom Hardy, Michelle Williams (The Greatest Showman) and Riz Ahmed (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story).

The posters for this film actually have been pretty decent. But, Sony Pictures still has yet to show us something that actually gets me excited to see the movie. I’m going in with super low expectations, so maybe the movie will surpass them.

The movie was inspired by the 1993 six-issue Venom: Lethal Protector comic miniseries. The story followed Venom moving to San Francisco after he and Spider-Man made a truce. Once in San Francisco, Venom is hunted down by the Life Foundation, who wants to study the Venom symbiote so they can use it for their own evil purposes. From it, they create five new symbiote spawn including Scream,
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Venom Threatens to Take a Bite Out of San Francisco in Powerful New Poster

It won't be long now before Venom is tearing apart movie screens across the country. Sony's first Spider-Man spin-off will be in theaters this October, and the studio is really turning up the heat as we head into this comic book adaptation that centers around an anti-hero who likes to eat brains and other body organs. They've unleashed two very different, yet equally cool, posters to help celebrate the impending release.

The first poster is perhaps the cooler of the two. It sure does have a lot going on, and is very busy. Front and center is the deadly symbiote that overtakes and posses Eddie Brock. He's the size of Godzilla, looming over San Francisco as the town prepares for a rocket launch. We also see the iconic Golden Gate Bridge in the background. Under Venom we see Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock. He looks tough in his black
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