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Season 1

20 Nov. 2006
You Know That Feeling?
Buddy and Stimpson head out for a night on the town, and Buddy tells him about his secret of success and his one nagging failure.
27 Nov. 2006
Like It Was Yesterday
Buddy struggles with the return of Jenny Sellers, the one woman he could never date, while trying to figure out how to win a client who may have the wrong impression.
3 Dec. 2006
Beauty and the Buff
Buddy and Stimpson get unnerved by hearing of Jenny's extracurricular activities and try to engineer a repeat performance.
11 Dec. 2006
Addicted to Love
A co-worker of Buddy's confides in him about her special problem, and Buddy finds out that he might not be the only one helping her.
18 Dec. 2006
Buddy, Stimpson and Jenny step in to the world of on-line dating, with mixed results, but we get to find out what Buddy truly wants out of life.
1 Jan. 2007
Lost in Translation
Buddy and Jenny translate thoughts from the opposite sex for each other, while Stimpson tries to find a way to get in to a party.
8 Jan. 2007
Buddy and Nathan face off in the ultimate bar game - Badass, and Stimpson and Jenny have to pick sides.
15 Jan. 2007
On the Job Training
Jenny takes a special class in the feminine arts that piques Buddy's interest, and he is determined to find one of her classmates.
22 Jan. 2007
Deconstructing Larry
Buddy interviews a new job candidate with a peculiar tendency. Meanwhile the gang is going to Nathan's next ratio party.
29 Jan. 2007
Buddy's sister comes by for a visit and tells the gang about her new job.
5 Feb. 2007
Low Clearance
Buddy, Stimpson and Jenny are interviewed for a security clearance.
12 Feb. 2007
The Girl Next Door
And old friend of Stimpson's moves back to town and causes a stir between Buddy, Stimpson and Nathan.
19 Feb. 2007
Hit Me with Your Best Shot
Jenny has a dinner party with a special guest on the way, causing Buddy to get creative. Stimpson tries to stand up for himself against Pow.
26 Feb. 2007
The Agony of Defeat
Our gang goes to the gym where Stimpson tries to even a score with Buddy, while Jenny looks around for a different kind of score.
5 Mar. 2007
Share and Share Alike
As Nathan continues his classes, Buddy is faced with impact of his gamesmanship and tries to find a better path.
12 Mar. 2007
Periodic Self Exam
Our heroes must find their biggest weaknesses, and it's not as easy for them as it is for the rest of us.
19 Mar. 2007
A Hole in Two
Buddy and Stimpson compete in an office golf game while Jenny has her first solo sales meeting. Their paths cross in an unfortunate way for both.
26 Mar. 2007
First Impressions
Jenny and her old friend reminisce about the first time they met Buddy and he is crazy to know what they said about him. Meanwhile Stimpson is dealing with his increasingly restricted social schedule.
2 Apr. 2007
4:55 PM - 5:00 PM: '24' Parody
Buddy has five minutes to find out who is subverting his efforts to get a bid to Robbie Johnson in this parody of "24."
9 Apr. 2007
Jenny Sellers
In this look in to the world of Jenny Sellers, Jenny debates with her friends how to manage her response to a new social offer.
16 Apr. 2007
G. Stimpson Ergogan
In this look in to the world of G. Stimpson Erdogan, Stimpson is battling with his friends and fellow gamers over who will control a powerful magic object. The game takes an unexpected turn when the magic comes under the control of an unexpected party.
23 Apr. 2007
As the big sales contest between Buddy and Nathan comes to a head, Buddy gets desperate and tries to engineer an embarrassing moment for Nathan in front of a familiar client.
30 Apr. 2007
The Russian Quandary
Buddy and Nathan hold court at the entrance to Nathan's party, where Buddy has engineered a colliding of worlds for Nathan.
7 May 2007
The Sales Contest
Buddy and Nathan battle it out for the big win in the ongoing sales contest. Jenny, who is unimpressed with their performance, is more interested in a looming development between Stimpson and Pow.

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