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  • Given the fact that Earth has off-world colonies and the typical functions of devices incorporating the word "gate" in science fiction, fans of the film Blade Runner (where this phrase originates from) have suggested that the Tannhauser Gate may be a stargate or similar construct. They speculate that as a stargate, it would provide faster-than-light travel between star systems. Given its name, it would perhaps be located near or in orbit of a colony named Tannhauser.

    In the 1998 film Soldier, which is an unofficial 'sidequel' of Blade Runner, Sgt. Todd (played by Kurt Russell) is a veteran of the Battle at the Tannhauser Gate. This fact is based on the text displayed momentarily on a computer screen near the beginning of the film. The screen displays a list of battles that the character has fought in, and the awards that he has earned in these battles. Tannhauser Gate is also tattooed on Todd's arm, along with the other battles of which he was a veteran. Later in the film, when Sandra (Connie Nielsen) notices the names tattooed on his arm, Mace (Sean Pertwee) explains that "Tannhauser Gate was a battle." The original script was to have the film actually depict the battle. However, this idea was cut for budgetary reasons


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