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MPAA Rated R for strong brutal bloody violence and torture, sexual content, graphic nudity, drug use and pervasive language

Sex & Nudity

  • A man and woman lay on a bed together, while the woman is wearing lingerie and the man is not wearing a top. The woman mentions another man's penis and he pushes the woman in the bed and then begins to choke her, but they both laugh.
  • A man calls to a teenage girl on the street from his car, and then has two other men force her into a car. Later, she appears with him and her undresses her to her underwear and bra in his bed. As he begins to become intimate with her, she begins to cry and he is interrupted.
  • A sex scene which shows breasts & buttocks. Both characters are shown fully nude while they make love in bed (without pubic region).
  • During a medical exam, a man removes his clothes and rear nudity is shown in a few shots. It is revealed that a man and a woman are watching him on a television.
  • A man showers with his lookalike and both of their bare buttocks are shown. One makes a comment about the other's penis size.
  • Many people are shown nude at a party. Full frontal male and female nudity is shown.
  • A woman reaches under a sheet and touches a man's penis (no nudity).

Violence & Gore

  • A man is told that his family may be killed.
  • The body of a dead teenage girl is take from a car trunk and thrown on the side of a road.
  • Two men shoot at each other in a crowded room, heading and injuring several other people. When one man drives away several other men shoot at him. One man is it in the face for letting him go, causing an injury with minor blood.
  • A man prepares to cut another man as punishment, but stops when he is told that it will kill him because he is sick.
  • Scenes of war, bombings and explosions, as well as some injured people, are shown in the opening scene.
  • A video featuring what looks like genuine images of torture is shown. This includes a man being whipped, a man's teeth being pulled out, a woman being shocked with electricity while tied to a metal bed frame, and a man's hands being crushed.
  • A man is repeatedly slashed with a sword and is briefly shown being disemboweled, then shot in the face.
  • Several people in a car are shot at. They shoot back and several people are hit. Some blood.
  • A woman is shown on a bed after an implied rape.
  • A man cuts his wrists with a knife and blood is shown spraying from the wounds.
  • A woman jumps from a tall building and lands on the ground below, with blood pooling around her.
  • A man is shot in the groin and a lot of blood is shown.


  • 'C*ck' is said twice.
  • 'F*ck' is said about 60 times.
  • '*ss' is said at least three times.
  • 'C*nt' is said five times by one character in one scene.
  • 'Wh*re' is said at least four times.
  • 'F*got' is said once.
  • 'H*ll' is said twice.
  • The Lords name is taken and been several times, including 'God' said at least five times. A man curses God once.
  • 'B*tch' is said once.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Two men smoke together, one with a cigar and one with a cigarette.
  • Many people smoke and drink in a crowded night club.
  • Many people drink at a large party.
  • A man in a bed surrounded by medical staff is sick and is said to have taken many sleeping pills. He coughs and throws up when roughly moved.
  • The antagonist uses cocaine several times throughout the film.
  • The main character smokes cigarettes often.
  • A man and a young girl use cocaine.
  • There is a lot of drinking, and one of the main characters is often drunk or high.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The entire film has an very intense edge to it.
  • The main antagonist is clearly mentally disturbed and sometimes violently kills people very suddenly.
  • The violence throughout and meant onscreen deaths are difficult to watch.
  • Many threats are made toward people in order to make them comply, and they are Clifton followed out.
  • The suicide scene may be very difficult for some viewers.
  • The main character is being sought after and flees for his life.

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